The Poker Game_(1)

The Poker Game_(1)

Poker, that’s all my husband thought about lately. I know it’s the new thing, its on TV and everyone wants to be the poker champ. But he was now having his four friends over every Friday, Saturday and even Sunday nights just to play poker. When they got done it took me all week to clean up and air out the house, just to have him do it again. Don’t get me wrong I liked his friends but enough is enough. I was tired of just watching them drink, make passes at me and fill the place with smoke. Maybe if my husband won once in a while it wouldn’t have been so bad, but half way into the game he always drank so much, that I doubt he could even see the cards he had. After he hit that point he always started to say things about me, telling his friends, I had a nice ass, or you should see her tits, and he would go on like that. His friends often copped a feel when I served drinks or put some snacks on the table.

One day during the game I ran out of beer, it would have been better if I marked the deck of cards with the way they carried on, no beer how could I run out. It looked like I was going to have to go to the store and get some more; I didn’t feel like doing it so I said, “hell real men would drink whiskey anyway”. The guys thought that was a great idea and saved me from going out, fortunately we had some whiskey in the house. Later that night after four or five shots my husband got a little more insensitive with his talk about me. He was saying things like, I had a nice tight pussy, and enjoyed giving head. I was happy the whiskey had one more effect on him, he passed out. The game want on without him, but now the guys made a point of feeling me up when I got close to the table. When I bent over to put a drink on the table one of them slipped his hand up my dress and touched my pussy. I didn’t know which guy had done it but I made a point of staying clear of the table the rest of the night. After the game was over and everyone was gone, I realized my pussy was still tingling from that touch and my panties were wet. That had been a Sunday night game so I had till Friday to clean house stock up on beer and think about that touch.

Friday night rolled around, I told the guys we had lots of beer tonight so I wouldn’t ran out this time. They said they had enjoyed the whiskey even more, (I thought right, maybe it was the extra feels they had enjoyed even more) but I didn’t say that, I had a plan. How about each time a guy wins a hand I give him a shot, the losers drink beer. How does that said to you guys?

Funny how you can see lust in a man’s eyes, and I saw it in all of theirs as they happily agreed, the only one that didn’t want to agree was my husband. Good thing they talked him into it or my plan and their lust would have stopped there. Everyone started off with a glass of beer, soon wonder of wonders, my husband began to wins hands, one after another. It didn’t take long before all that whiskey got him to start talking about me. He got a little more vulgar as he went on, talking about my pussy and how good I was in bed, that I really knew how to suck a cock, and I was better then any whore when it came to sex.

Less then half way into the game he passed out, the guys helped me get him into the bedroom then went back to the game. The guys decided to change the rules and stopped taking shots when they won a hand. Without my husbands loud mouth the game grew quiet, till one guy asked if what my husband said about me upset me. I smiled and said why should it, its true, and walked off into the bedroom. In the bedroom I could hear them talking about me, it was, all sexual in context and very dirty. I let them talk as I changed my dress, to put on something more appropriate for the rest of the night.

I walked out of the bedroom, wearing my long white silk robe. The guys looked up, I got little smiles but not much else. Then I pulled the cord on the robe and it opened, their jaws dropped as they saw what I had on under the robe. I was wearing a sexy white baby doll, a pair of white thigh high stockings and a pair of white high heel slippers. The baby doll was detailed with lace at the top and bottom, which stopped just above my knees. Everyone still got a good view of my pussy, because my baby doll was nearly transparent. Not only was my pussy easy to see, so were my tits and nipples, they were hard and pushed out against the thin fabric. The fact I had used makeup to darken them didn’t hurt the view one bit. I stood there and looked at all their big smiles and the bigger bulges in their pants; guess they liked what they saw.

“Tonight, I get to serve you drinks dressed like this I said, as I closed the robe, the smiles grew weak, or maybe, if my husband has won all your money, we can play a new game called poke-her, I told them as I opened the robe".

All the money got pushed in front of my husband and the card game was over for the night.

The guys, all four of them were very happy to loss at cards, being young and very horny my new game would be more fun.

They started to get up and I stopped them, no this is a card game I’ll deal I told them. I removed my robe and walked to the table, picked up the deck of cards. Getting this close I knew they could see that my pussy was clean-shaven. They all smiled; well actually they leered at me as I shuffled the deck of cards.

“How do we play”? One asked.

It’s easy, I deal face up, the first one to get a queen can fuck me but if I deal myself an ace, I lose.

“What do you mean you lose”? He asked.

If I get an ace before one of you gets a queen, then you all get to do whatever you want with me, see I lose you win. I told him. Boy did that get some big grins. After mixing the cards I started to deal, a ten, a jack, a nine, a duce, and then when I flipped my card over, wouldn’t you know it, it was the Ace of spades.

“You lose”, they all said at one time.

I pouted, and said, “guess I do, well what do you boys want me to do”?

One of them quickly said, “Your husband always talks about how good you suck a cock, why not start there”.

I bent down unzipped his pants and pulled out his nice hard cock. Getting on my knees I began to lick it, then stopped and asked the others, “Doesn’t he also say how nice my pussy is, aren’t any of you going to try it”?

That started a small argument as to who would be first. I stopped licking the cock again, and asked them “If my husband had ever told them I had a very tight pussy, and I could make a guy think he was fucking a virgin”?

“I think he did, why”? One asked.

“Because I promise you that it will feel as tight for the last guy as it does for the fast, now stop arguing and fuck me,” I said.

I went back to licking that nice cock, and before I opened my mouth to really suck it, a hard cock pushed into my pussy. I kept my pussy tight as that cock rammed in and out of it, my head was moving up and on the cock sucking it like a pro. I felt it twitch, and knew he was getting ready to shoot his load in my mouth. I pulled it out, to his dismay, He said he wanted to shoot his cum in my mouth and have me swallow it.

I told him to remember what my husband had said about me, squeezed a pressure point on the head of his cock and returned it to my mouth. That pressure point stops a man from cumming, postponing it so he stays hard and lasts a lot longer.

The guy fucking me had his hands under my baby doll and was busy squeezing my tits while he continued to ram his cock into me. He shot his load into and moved up to my face, he was replace quickly as a longer cock began to fuck me. I alternated sucking him and the other guy, his tasted better, as I sucked off my own pussy juice from it. I could feel the first one getting ready to shot his load and let him this time. Most of his hot cum shot down my throat, what didn’t I happily swallowed. With him done for now, I concentrated on the one that had fucked me. Sucking hard his cock started to grow and get hard again. He was nice and hard by the time the one in my pussy exploded sending more cum into me.

I sat up and suggested that I sit on the next one; I got no argument on that request, the guy got on the floor held his cock so it was standing up straight and said, climb on honey. I did, I lower myself down on his cock and as it slide deep into me he said, “damm you are tight” I moved up and down a little before I called the guy I had just sucked over, and told him his cock would feel real nice in my ass. Not only did he follow through on my suggestion, it had gotten the third guy to come over my asked me to suck this cock. With my pussy and ass sufficiently filled I was more then happy to have his cock in my mouth. I knew that I was showing them that my husband hadn’t lied about me; I was as good as any whore when it came to sex.

I was keeping my very tight and the added pressure from the cock in my ass made the whole thing feel incredible. I was so busy thinking about those nice cocks in my pussy and ass I was surprised when the one I was sucking began to cum in my mouth. He held my head as cum squirted into my mouth, drinking it all I continued to suck on him till he became totally limp.

The cock fucking my ass picked up speed, he began to drive his cock in and out of me faster and faster. He grabbed my waist, held me tight to him as his cock started to jerk and erupted inside of me sending his hot cum deep up my ass. I rode the guy on the floor for ten more minutes before he was ready to deposit his load in me. He grabbed my hips and used them to move me up and down so he could get his cock as far into me as possible. With him in control it didn’t take before his cock exploded in my pussy. He pushed me off and I rolled over on my back, I looked around to see if anyone had a hard cock for me. The first guy’s cock was out only hard it looked bigger now then before. I looked at him and said, “Fuck me”.

He responded by burying his cock deep in me with one fast move, as his cock disappeared deep inside me the guy I had rode walked over. Looking up I saw his cock hanging down over my face, I opened my mouth and let him put it in. It was slimy and coated with his semen and my pussy juices the combination tasted nice. As I sucked him, my pussy was being pounded hard with a fast rhythm that allowed this cock to get great depth each time it slammed hard into me. The cock pounding me hard and fast keep going for quite a while after I had finished licking the cock that had been at my mouth. I felt him tense up and know he was ready to fill me with more cum, but before he unloaded it he grabbed my nipples and twisted them. I bucked wildly when he twisted them; he twisted harder and I bucked more, then one final twist and he unloaded his cum into me. I felt the hot liquid flow inside me, adding to the other cum that had filled my pussy earlier and exploded in one gigantic climax.

His cum that hadn’t filled my pussy was soon in my mouth as I sucked every drop from his cock before I licked it and his balls clean.

I was breathing hard from my climax when another one climbed between my legs and began fucking me. Tired from all the great fucking I already had didn’t stop me from making my pussy tight nor did it keep me from enjoying this fuck. He was slamming his cock all the way home in my wet pussy. Each time he thrust hard into me, I thrust back just as hard, forcing his cock as deep in as possible. When he unloaded his load deep in me and rolled off another replaced him. This process went on till each one had fucked me at least one more time. Each time one was done I sucked it till I had cleaned off all my juices and their cum.

When all of them were to weak to go on, we all just stayed on the floor catching our breath. Lying there they started to tell me how right my husband was, my pussy had stayed nice and tight even after all the fucking. My sucking was without a doubt, the best any of them had ever had.

When everyone was rested enough to get up they got dressed and were ready to leave. Before they went I asked if they had liked my white baby doll they all agreed it was great. I told them my red baby doll was even sexier, the one I planned to wear tomorrow night, if my husband won again, that left them with real big smiles as they went out the door.

After everyone left I took half the money and put it away, leaving the other half on the table. Then played with the cards a little more to practice my dealing. I was real good at stacking a deck and putting an ace on the bottom. I wasn’t bad at dealing off the bottom either.

Getting in bed I reached over to feel my husbands cock, even soft it felt nice. I knew if I sucked it, it would get hard without even waking him. I thought about it for a minute, I had just had four guys fucking me did I want more? That’s what I was thinking as my mouth closed around his soft cock.

In the morning when my husband woke up and came to the table he saw the money laying on it. He asked me why it was there, “Honey that’s what you won last night, don’t you remember”? I told him.

“No, I think I drank to much whiskey, I better stay with beer” he said.

But Honey, that’s why you won, you played better after you had those drinks, I think that whiskey brought you luck.

He looked at me and said, “You really think so”?

I’m sure of it, you never won before and look at all that money you won last night, what else could it be?

Maybe your, right do we had any more whiskey in the house?

“Yes, I bought a case this morning, don’t worry we won’t ran out, not for a long time” I happily told him.

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