The Portrait – Part 1

The Portrait – Part 1

Michael Preston awakened with an ache in his head, made worse by the insistent knocking on his front door. Unshaven and badly hung over from last night’s drinking, he slowly got up and walked over to answer the door, wearing only his khaki pants and no shirt. As was often true when he was like this in the morning, his cock was rock hard. His wife Holly, a teacher and student counselor at a high school across town, had already left to teach her Summer School classes, and would be gone all day. She had gotten on his case last night about getting some paintings done – Michael was a fledgling artist with lots of talent, but somewhat lacking in the motivation department. He had told Holly for the umpteenth time that inspiration and creativity were things that could not be forced, but he knew she wasn’t buying it. What a fucking cunt, he thought to himself. Their marriage had been on the rocks for several months, and they hadn’t had sex in weeks. Fuck it, he thought, maybe I’ll feel like painting later. After a bloody mary. Or two.

Standing on the porch when he opened the door was a young Latina, maybe 15 years old and less than five feet tall, dressed in a thin, cheap, clinging minidress that did nothing to conceal the aggressive thrust of her surprisingly large breasts. Her dark hair cascaded down over one shoulder as she stood there, looking shyly up at him.

“What do you want?” asked Michael impatiently, his head still aching dully.

“The senora…she said…I pose for you…and you pay me?” Her English was heavily accented. Probably snuck across the border last week, he thought to himself. Then he remembered. This was one of his wife’s liberal do-gooder reclamation projects. She was forever trying to improve the lives of her impoverished students. He was supposed to pay her $50 to sit for a portrait.

He was about to tell the girl to get lost, when he began to look at her face and body more closely. She was truly lovely, now at a point in her life before the onset of womanhood, when she would ruin her body having babies and getting fat. Her beauty would soon fade, he thought sadly, but for the moment, she was striking, with a strong facial structure, a voluptuous body, and dark, flashing eyes he knew he could capture on canvas. Yes, perhaps he could work a little today, he thought.

“Yes, come in,” said Michael. “Follow me.” He led her through the house to a back bedroom he used as a studio. The room contained his easel, a couch in the center of the room, and a day bed against one wall.

“What’s your name?” he asked, as he motioned for her to sit on the couch.

“Esperanza”, she replied, smiling shyly. “Hope”, he thought to himself, translating. How beautiful it sounded in Spanish.

“That’s a very pretty name for a pretty girl, Esperanza” said Michael. “Why don’t you take your sandals off, and just lie back, kind of on your side, and put your hand there, on the front of your dress. Yes, like that. Let your hair almost cover one eye.”

“Thank you, senor,” she replied, smiling. Her teeth were perfect, almost impossibly white. Then her expression lapsed into a frown. “My dress….I’m sorry it is so old and plain. My father can’t afford to buy me nice things.”

“That’s all right, sweetie,” said Michael. “I’ll make you look very pretty. Now try not to move.” Michael slowly arranged her to his liking, moving her limbs, her head…until he was satisfied with her pose. He stepped back to his easel and began to sketch.

But something was wrong. Her face was somehow lifeless, lacking depth. He paused, and she noticed. “Is there something wrong, senor?” she asked anxiously.

“No…I think…I want you to be….sexier,” said Michael. “Perhaps if you unbutton the top few buttons of your dress?”

She hesitated, a little unsure of herself. But she had seen paintings that revealed much more of women’s bodies. And she was very anxious to please this man, this husband of her teacher. “Si,” she said, finally, her fingers moving to her buttons. Slowly, almost teasingly, she unbuttoned them, one by one, until the top of her lacy bra was revealed, barely covering her firm breasts.

Michael gazed at her and felt a powerful lurch in his loose pants. God, to fuck this little tart, he thought to himself. Holly had to be out of her mind to send him someone like this! Oh, to feel those full, sensuous lips wrapped around my dick

With difficulty, he banished the obscene thought for the moment. “Esperanza, why don’t you slide your dress off your left shoulder? And….wait here, I want to get you some lipstick.” He rose from his chair and walked to the bedroom, returning with a tube of his wife’s deep red lipstick.

Taking it from his hand, she carefully traced her full lips with the lipstick, making them glisten brightly, wetly. Then she slid her dress off her shoulder. “It is good, senor?”

“Yes…that’s nice,” replied Michael, thinking to himself that he was slowly molding her into his ideal, not of a girl, but of a young woman. His cock throbbed insistently in his pants. Once again he began to sketch.

But it was still not right. There was something missing, something in her expression. He wanted to paint her in a way that exuded a smoldering sexuality, as if in the afterglow of orgasm. He gazed into her dark eyes, and had a wild, insane thought.

“Esperanza, do you trust me?” he asked quietly.

“Si, senor, of course,” she answered demurely, her eyes questioning.

“I won’t hurt you. I would never hurt you. I only want to get you to look a certain way.” He walked slowly to her and stood over her. “Please don’t be afraid. I know what I’m doing. I want to take off your panties.”

“Senor!” she exclaimed, shocked. What was this crazy gavacho thinking? There was only one reason anybody ever wanted to take off her panties.

Michael feigned sudden anger. “Fine!” he said, pointing to the door. “You don’t want to work with me, you don’t have to.”

Esperanza burst into tears. “No…por favor, senor…do not send me away. I just did not understand. Please, I will do whatever you want me to.”

Michael’s features softened. “Shhhh…it’s all right, trust me,” he said soothingly, reaching out and touching a tear on her cheek. “I’m sorry I was angry with you. You want me to paint a beautiful portrait, don’t you? One that will make you look sexy, like a grown woman? That people will gaze at admiringly, and that they will pay lots of money for? That will make them desire you?”

“Si…” she said, still hesitating. What did her panties have to do with his painting, she wondered to herself.

“Then do as I say, and I promise, you will adore your portrait,” said Michael. Esperanza looked doubtful, but finally, she leaned back on the couch in acquiescence. Michael knelt before her, slid his hands slowly up her smooth thighs, up under her short dress, and she lifted her hips to help him. His hands reached the sides of her skimpy panties, and he eased them down her legs, and untangled them from her feet. She made no move to close her legs or cover her naked pussy, and Eric gazed at it with mounting excitement. The girl may be innocent, he thought, but she’s definitely worn some skimpy swimsuits this spring. Her dark pubic hair was shaved, except for a small line that extended upward a little way from the top of her cleft. He could see the lighter skin where her tiny bikini bottom had covered her.

His hands slid slowly back up her thighs, caressing them, until they again reached her hips. “Esperanza…scoot down just a little bit more.”

Obediently, the girl complied. She was becoming excited herself now, her breathing more erratic, as she watched this grown man gazing at her exposed pussy, and she felt a sudden warm wetness there. She scooted forward, with the help of his big hands, until her firm, round ass rested on the edge of the couch. Michael moved his hands underneath her thighs, and gently pushed them upward and apart.

Esperanza had no idea what her teacher’s husband would do next. She only knew that she liked him staring at her pussy and admiring it. She was thrilled by the fact that this handsome man seemed to find her beautiful, that he was attracted to her. But she was completely taken by surprise when Michael bent slowly forward, extended his tongue, and traced the length of her pussy with the tip of his tongue, caressing her outer petals lightly and glancing wetly off her clit when he reached the top.

“AHHHHHH!!!!” she gasped in shock, a jolt of pleasure slamming through her like a powerful electric surge. “OH!! You mustn’t, senor! It is wrong! The priest….”

Michael looked up and held a forefinger to his lips. “It is not wrong, Esperanza. Doesn’t it feel good? How can something that feels so good be wrong? I will make you feel good, and then you will look as I wish you to look.” He bent his head again and lapped at her, teasing her labia lightly, delving gently between her folds. God, she tastes heavenly, he thought.

Esperanza gasped again, her mind swirling as the intense pleasure enveloped her body. None of the boys who had fucked her back in Mexico, wrestling in the back seats of rusty old automobiles, had ever concerned themselves with her pleasure. None of them would ever have dreamed of licking and kissing her there. All they had ever wanted to do was stick their cocks in her and pump away for a few seconds until they came. But this man was different. He seemed only to want to give HER pleasure! She had never dreamed that her body was even capable of feeling like this. She clutched the fabric of the couch with her fingernails as Michael’s lips and tongue explored her, licking her, slipping inside her, slowly thrusting in and out, as if it were a tiny, wet cock.

“Ahhhhh, senor….Dios mio, it feels so good!” Esperanza had never felt this way. Her body felt like every nerve ending was about to explode. She moaned and whimpered as Michael’s tongue returned to her clit, slowly encircling it, nudging it, and finally lapping it with increasing pressure. He pressed her legs farther up and apart with his hands, bending her almost double, and suddenly drove his tongue as far up her teenage vagina as he could, bobbing his head and stabbing her with his tongue.

“OHH!!! Uhhhhhhh, si! Si! SI!!!” she cried, squirming against his tongue as her arousal spiraled upward. Michael’s lips and tongue seemed to know just how to drive her insane, to take her places she had never gone, never imagined. His tongue thrust slowly in and out a few more times, tasting her sweet honey. Then, withdrawing his tongue, he fastened his lips around her clit and suckled it before releasing it and lashing it with his tongue.

And that was all it took. Esperanza clutched his head and forced his face against her wet pussy, her body jackknifing upward as her climax engulfed her, seizing her and holding her suspended like that, wave after wave of pleasure crashing through her, over her, swirling all around her. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! UUUUHHHHNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!”

At last, her orgasm released her from its tight, delicious grip, and she fell back, trembling and trembling. Michael lightly caressed her pussy with gentle strokes of his tongue as she shuddered violently from the primal force of her come.

“Ohhhhhhh, senor…,” she murmured breathlessly, her eyes closed. “Bueno…. so good…” Michael licked her patiently, soothingly, letting her gently descend. Now he would paint her they way he had seen her in his mind.

Esperanza, though, had other ideas now, as her head gradually cleared. The portrait was forgotten now. She must repay this man for giving her such intense pleasure. She quickly fought down the thought that he was her teacher’s husband, that it was sinful, that she would have to confess it to the priest. All that mattered now to her was to use her body to give him the same furious, pulsating ecstasy he had given her. She would give herself to him fully. She reached down and cupped his face with her hands, drawing him upward and causing him to look up into her dark eyes. “Senor…” she whispered urgently. “Fuck me now.”

Michael stared at her, his eyes widening. This girl was not quite the innocent virgin he had taken her to be. She was BEGGING him to fuck her! His cock lurched powerfully in his pants. What man could resist the obscene invitation of the beautiful teenager spread before him. Quickly, he stood up, unfastened his pants and slid them down, stepping out of them. Esperanza stared in fascination at his rigid cock, so much bigger than those she had seen before. Those were boys…now she would be made love to by a grown man, a man who had made her feel like a woman for the first time in her life.

He took her by her upraised hands and lifter her to her feet…then picked her up by her waist and set her down on the bed. Immediately, her legs spread wide in open invitation. Her pussy glistened invitingly with his saliva and her own flowing wetness. He moved between her legs and positioned his aching penis at the entrance to her beckoning pussy. She looked up at him as he paused, her eyes imploring him.

Michael needed no further encouragement – he slide his cock into her in a single, hard thrust, burying himself in her to the balls. Her snug pussy felt heavenly as her muscles clasped his thick shaft tightly, and she moaned deliriously. “OHHHH, SI!!!!” She raised her legs and slid them around his ass as he began to thrust slowly in and out of her, holding himself above her with his arms, marveling at the feeling of being inside the tight, wet little cunt of this delectable Mexican goddess. She never took her eyes off him as he fucked her, and she never stopped urging him onward. To Esperanza, this was yet another a revelation: a sex act that lasted longer than two minutes flat, long enough for her body to respond. Twice more she erupted in orgasm, her fingernails clawing his back as her pussy nursed on his deeply embedded cock.

Michael, however, held back, not wanting this to end so soon, wanting more. After awhile, he slowed his pace, as she looked up at him questioningly, and then he slowly rolled to the side, his cock still buried deep in her luscious tunnel. This was another new thing for Esperanza…the boys in Mexico had known only one way to fuck. She was a fast learner, though, and she quickly moved up over Michael and straddled him, on her knees, sitting up straight with his cock deep inside her. Her fingers moved to the buttons on her dress, and she quickly undid them, pulling the dress up over her head. Then, reaching behind her, she unfastened her bra and freed her full, tawny breasts, her large, puffy nipples brown and distended.

She had sunbathed without her bikini top on, Michael observed, seeing that she had no tan lines there. Perhaps he would take her to the beach one day, he thought. Michael reached up and fondled her breasts, her nipples stiff against his palms. She moved slowly on his cock, rocking her hips, exploring these new and thrilling sensations. Her pussy seemed to suck on his cock as she moved on him, as if she were trying to milk the hot, thick come from his sperm-bloated balls. Michael fought to keep control, to keep from unleashing a torrent of semen into his newfound teenage lover. Just a little longer!

A whole new world had opened up to Esperanza. Her arms languidly moved up over her head, crossing there as she arched her back, stretching, and fucked herself on his cock, her body slowly undulating to and fro, trying to maximize his pleasure as well as her own. Her hair cascaded down over her face, almost hiding her sultry eyes, her pouty lips, as she patiently moved on him. After awhile, she lowered her arms and placed her hands on his chest, raising her body until just the head of Michael’s cock nestled between her labia. Then slowly she began to move up and down, just a little, her inner labia caressing and bathing just the ultra-sensitive flared head of his cock. She teased him this way until Michael thought he couldn’t stand it a moment longer…and then, seeming to understand that it was time, she plunged downward as his hips thrust upward, sinking his cock all the way inside her again. He grabbed her lush ass with his big hands and drove upward again and again now, pistoning in and out of her fast and hard, as she met his eager thrusts with her own, their bodies smacking together as they drove each other toward their mutual climax. Her cries of pleasure rose in a crescendo, until they were a series of high-pitched squeals, punctuated by his thrusts. “Oh! Oh! Si! UH! UH! OH!! OHH!!”

They came together, Esperanza screaming in ecstasy as Michael groaned aloud, driving his cock deep within her and pumping a huge quantity of his thick, hot sperm into her wildly clasping pussy. She bent forward and he took her in her arms, holding her tightly as she trembled, his cock still spurting inside her, flooding her with come, soothing her with its creamy warmth. She kissed him as their orgasms began to subside, their tongues caressing each other for a long while they both basked in the glow of their coupling, her pussy spasming around his cock, feeling his answering throb.

At last, they let each other go reluctantly, and Michaael’s spent cock slid wetly from her oozing vagina. They lay that way for a while, regaining their breath. Then, he rose from the bed, reached for her hand, and quietly led her, on wobbly legs, to the couch, arranging her as before. Still naked, he moved back to his chair and beheld her. He saw now the raw sensuality barely hidden behind her innocence, the nascent lust lurking beneath the girlish face. He saw the disheveled hair, the slash of smeared red lipstick on her sultry lips, the nipples that begged to be suckled, the glistening wetness of her parted labia, with just a hint of his sperm lingering there. She was now a girl becoming a woman – that had been the image he was seeking.

His cock surged again at the sight of her, lengthening and thickening, and he saw her glance drift down to it. She was perfect now. He began to paint.

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