The Portrait, Part 4

The Portrait, Part 4

This is another one of those long extravaganzas, sort of a grand finale. Sometimes, once you get into them, the temptation is to really push it to the limit, and it's hard to know when to stop. Enjoy!


On the afternoon of the art show/party, Esperanza walked to Meg Morgan’s home from the nearby bus stop, dressed in faded jeans and a short, red top. Senora Denton had told her not to worry about her clothes, that she would be provided clothing suitable for her role as a server. She had never been in this part of town before, and she looked around in awe at the mega-mansions with their lush landscaping and imposing architecture. Someday, she thought to herself, maybe I’ll live in a neighborhood like this.

She had been back to the Denton home once in the two weeks since she had first been seduced by her teacher’s husband. She had returned for another sitting the following week, and she and Michael had fucked and sucked until they were both utterly spent. Michael had worked on her nude portrait after that, nearly finishing it. Two days later, he had picked her up at a local shopping mall, and had taken her to a secluded beach with an ice chest full of wine coolers. They had drank and sunbathed, soaking up the sun, and then Michael had made exquisite love to her on the big beach blanket, first licking and kissing her pussy until her body responded with a tumultuous climax. Then he had fucked her slowly until she came again and again, all over his deeply embedded cock. Finally, he had straddled her chest and she had eagerly sucked his cock until he was on the verge of orgasm. Just before he came, he had backed up, stroking his slippery cock as she held her breasts together with her hands. He had spewed his copious semen all over her luscious teenage titties, covering her nipples with his sperm. She had never actually watched a man come before, right out in the open and up close like that, and she had found it so exciting that she had raised her head, held her breast upward with her fingers and licked his syrupy come from her nipples, one by one. Then she had gathered his remaining come with her fingers and licked it off as he watched, amazed at what this precocious little nymph had managed to learn about pleasing a man in such a short time.

Esperanza traced her upper teeth with her tongue-tip as she knocked on the door of Meg’s house, vividly remembering the taste of Michael’s semen, seeming even now to taste it on her tongue. After a few moments, Meg’s maid, Miranda, answered the door. Miranda, a cute brunette who spoke Spanish, greeted Esperanza warmly, showed her in and led her to a nearby room, where costumes of various sizes were hanging on a rack. “Look them over and find something that fits,” she said. “I’ll be right back to make sure you’re okay.”

Esperanza looked over the costumes and selected one in her size. It was a short, black dress with a button-down front, form fitting down to her waist, but loose and pleated below that. It was very low cut, and Esperanza saw that there were several black push-up bras and panties from Victoria’s Secret hanging from the rack. Excitedly, she took her clothes off and began to try them on. She had never worn clothes like these, never dreamed she would ever do so, although she had gazed longingly at them in the store windows. The thought of wearing them in a house full of adults made her feel mature and sexy. She quickly found a bra and panties that fit her, and she slipped the dress on, inspecting herself in the nearby wardrobe mirror. The dress hugged her voluptuous shape tightly, and the tops of her breasts bulged over the cups of her bra, accentuated by the revealing dress, and swelling with every breath she took. A pair of black high-heeled pumps completed the outfit. Esperanza was glad her mother and father would never see her in it.

One by one, the other six girls that Holly had recruited appeared at the door, and soon all of them were naked, giggling, trying on clothing and telling each other how sexy they looked. Holly had chosen them from among her poorer students, and most were either black, Hispanic, or Asian. After awhile, they were all dressed for the party, with makeup applied, and Miranda instructed them on their duties. They were to cater to the guests, look sexy, be polite, maybe even a little bit flirtatious, and above all, to keep the drinks flowing freely.

The guests began arriving at 7:00, dressed to the nines, the men in tuxes and the women in slinky evening gowns. Meg, performing her hostess duties, greeted them at the door, dressed in a fabulous backless designer gown worthy of Oscar night. It put her big, unfettered breasts clearly on display beneath sheer black material that concealed nothing. Esperanza and her nubile friends quickly supplied the guests with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails from the bar, in the process receiving many leers from the men and a few disapproving glances from their trophy wives. The guests began to mingle, drink, and to admire the various works of art arrayed on easels throughout the ground floor of the mansion.

Michael and Holly arrived soon after seven. Holly was wearing a white sequined gown with white gloves and pearls. She looked like Eliza Doolittle at the Embassy Ball, but without the tiara. Meg met them at the door, giving Holly a kiss on her cheek and Michael a too-friendly hug. Michael tried to act nonchalant as Meg pressed her body against his, intensely aware of the pressure of her breasts against him, and her thigh sneaking between his legs to rub against his hidden cock. Holly gave Meg a look that would have killed her had she seen it. Then Esperanza appeared, greeted them, smiling shyly, and took their drink orders. Holly was thoroughly shocked at the girl’s appearance. “I don’t know what Meg Morgan is thinking, dressing high school girls like that!” she whispered. “She said black dresses, but I didn’t expect them to look like little teenage whores!”

“Oh, relax,” replied Michael. “What’s the harm, their parents aren’t here, just a lot of people they’ll probably never see again. I think she looks fabulous!”

“You would,” said Holly with a frown.

Esperanza reappeared with Michael’s scotch and Holly’s vodka martini, smiling at them as she handed them their drinks, and then moved quickly away to serve the other guests. Michael sipped his drink, gazing after the girl and watching her twitching ass, and Holly took a big gulp of hers. She wasn’t much of a drinker as a rule, but she was determined to have a good time no matter how much of an asshole Michael was to her, and getting a little tipsy seemed like a wonderful way to start. She gulped down the rest of her drink and looked around for one of the girls for a refill. She gestured to a pretty 16-year-old black girl named Kyesha, who came over and greeted her teacher, and then went to fetch Holly another martini.

Michael stared at Holly, wondering just what she was up to, and then decided he didn’t really care. He told her he had to go mingle with the other guests, and walked off into a cluster of rich society wives. Holly watched him go, secretly glad of an opportunity to go see if Lester had arrived. She had not been alone with the drama teacher since their frantic encounter backstage at the high school, and Holly couldn’t wait to once again feel his big black dick buried deep within her. She wandered off, looking in various downstairs rooms, but so far, at least, she was unable to locate her secret lover.

After searching several more rooms, Holly found herself alone in a room containing several paintings, one of them by her husband. She stared at it, wobbling a little on her high heels from the effects of the alcohol. It was the portrait he had done of Esperanza, she saw at once. The girl’s face conveyed a combination of youthful beauty and unbridled sexuality. And she was nude, she saw with a shock, her body in an erotic, languorous pose that seemed to silently welcome her unseen lover into its delectable sexual pleasures. My god, she thought, Michael had painted her in the nude! A 15-year-old girl! How could he possibly have convinced the young Mexican girl to pose for him that way? And yet, despite her outrage, she found herself strangely drawn to the portrait, and she felt the first stirrings of arousal between her legs as she gazed at it.

And then, suddenly, the light dawned in her head. He had FUCKED her! A child!! She had sent one of her students to him, wanting only to help her, and the son-of-a-bitch had seduced the poor, innocent girl, fucking her in their own home!

Holly walked unsteadily out of the room, unable to comprehend Michael’s terrible betrayal, forgetting, in her anger and confusion, her own sordid affair with Lester. As she went back to the bar, her alcohol-numbed mind raced. She would show him, she thought to herself as she downed another drink. She would pay him back.

The party continued, and the liquor flowed like a river, gradually loosening the inhibitions of the guests. Even the cocktail waitresses found ample opportunities to sneak a few gulps in between serving the guests. Kyesha, in particular, being no stranger to alcohol, had managed to finagle two shots of tequila from the bartender by giving him some nice long looks at her barely concealed breasts. Unbeknownst to her naïve teacher, Mrs. Denton, the high school junior was anything but innocent. She had, in fact, been working for some time as a prostitute while she was in school, arranging dates on her cell phone between classes. This party absolutely reeked of wealth, and Kyesha had quickly figured out that there might be opportunities for her to make a little spending money on the side. She had already been felt up a little by some of the male guests, and she had given them nothing but encouragement.

Jonathan Van Stolk, a 50-year-old banker who was a millionaire many times over, had been admiring a neo-romantic landscape in one of the rooms off the main hall when Kyesha returned with his Jack Daniels. Jonathan, whose 25-year-old wife was off chit-chatting in another room someplace, was the type of man who considered all women, of any age, his playthings. He openly stared at Kyesha’s budding breasts, and snuck a hand down to grab a clandestine feel of her full, round ass as he lifted the drink from her tray. “Damn, you’ve got a sexy ass!” he whispered, enjoying his exploration of her youthful flesh. Kyesha responded by easing her own hand down the front of his tux pants, her fingers closing around the shaft of his cock beneath the thin material. Slowly moving her fingers upward to caressing the head of his erect cock with her fingertips, she stood on tiptoe and tilted her head up to whisper in his ear. “Mmmmm, someone’s been thinking bad thoughts. You looking to take the edge off, baby?”

He moaned quietly as she squeezed his aching cock. Had he heard her right? “Follow me,” he said, and quickly led her to the bathroom adjacent to the room they were in, making sure they weren’t seen, and locked the door. As he leaned against the marble countertop, Kyesha returned her hand to his pants, stroking the outline of his rigid cock as she looked up at him. She had found in her profession that negotiations generally went smoother if she kept her hand on a man’s cock. “I’ll suck your dick for a hundred,” she said, matter-of-factly. “Or one-twenty, and you can cum in my mouth. The price goes up from there.”

Jonathan stared at the sexy black teenager, thinking to himself that they sure don’t make them the way they used to. “Done,” said Jonathan, reaching for his wallet, pulling out the bills and placing them on the countertop. Kyesha immediately went to her knees and began unzipping his pants. He helped her, undoing the clasp on his pants, and together they slid his pants and boxer shorts down to his ankles, freeing his average-sized but rigid penis.

“Nice,” she murmured. Her fingers slid beneath his balls, cradling them with her hand as her lips glided down over the helmet-shaped head, taking it into her warm, wet mouth.

Kyesha was already a very accomplished cocksucker for her age, considering it preferable to fucking and finding that most of her clients wanted it, probably because their wives wouldn’t do it. Women are so stupid, she thought. Soon she was slurping noisily on his shaft, bathing it with her saliva and taking it all the way back into her throat. Her full lips descended all the way to the base of his cock, pressing against him as she seemed to swallow the head, almost gagging on it. She parted her lips with his cock still stuck deep in her throat, and was able to extend her tongue and tease his balls with it for a few moments. Then her head began to bob, and he moaned as she nursed hungrily on his cock. He raised his glass of Jack Daniels and drank what was left of it, while his other hand drifted down to her hair, which was pulled back tightly. Grabbing the knot of her short ponytail., he stood up straight and began to saw his cock in and out of her willing mouth, slowly fucking it. “Ohhh, jeezus, that’s it, suck my dick, baby.”

“Mmm-hmmm…” she said, teasing and coaxing his balls with her long fingernails, hungry for her reward. Too soon, Jonathan found himself unable to control the building pressure in his balls, aroused to the bursting point by the vision of this teenage black whore sucking his cock and loving every second of it. He stopped fighting it and groaned, his balls contracting and unleashing a torrent of hot come into her eager mouth in heavy, thick spurts. Kyesha fondled and squeezed his balls, coaxing pulse after pulse of semen to erupt into her welcoming mouth, her full lips pursed tightly, not letting any of it escape.

Finally, Jonathan was done, and Kyesha slid her lips back up over the head of his flagging cock. She smiled up at him, showing him his white come pooled on her tongue, and then swallowed it as he watched. “Yummy!” she said, licking a stray droplet of semen from her lower lip. She tucked his cock back into his pants and stood up, picking up the money from the counter. “Thanks, sweetie,” she said, smiling. “Tell your friends out there that I’m available.” She pulled her red lip gloss from a pocket on her uniform and refreshed it as he watched Then she unlocked the bathroom door, looked out to make sure the coast was clear, and walked out into the corridor to resume her duties, leaving Jonathan with a dazed look on his face.

Lester arrived at the party at about 8:00, greeted by Meg at the door. “Hi Lester, I’m glad you could come!” she said. Lester stared at the voluptuous redhead’s big tits beneath the sheer dress, and his cock gave an involuntary lurch in his pants. Jeezus, he had forgotton how fucking gorgeous she was! Thoughts of Holly temporarily fled his brain as he drank in Meg’s magnificent body. “I wouldn’t miss it, Meg,” he replied, staring pointedly. “Your donations to the drama program have been very generous.” His interest in her body was not lost on Meg, and she quickly made up her mind to satisfy her curiosity about Lester, and about black men in general. She reached out and took his hand, guiding it to her left breast, letting the backs of his fingers rub against her nipple through the dress. “Meet me in half-an-hour, in my bedroom,” she whispered quickly. “Turn right at the top of the stairs, last door.” Then, without another word, she eased away from him and disappeared in the crowd of guests.

Lester stared after her, thinking about sinking his throbbing cock into the wealthy widow’s neglected cunt, and then wandered off in search of a drink. He found it, in the form of Suzi, a slim 15-year-old Vietnamese girl and a classmate of Esperanza’s, who took his order and headed for the bar. Lester couldn’t help but admire Suzi’s cute little ass as she walked away. She had starred last year in the “Miss Saigon” production, and Lester had always found the girl attractive, but seeing her in that uniform made him consider her in a whole new light. He wasn’t normally the kind of guy who would screw his students, knowing the kind of perils that kind of thing presented for a teacher, especially a black one, but oh, to fuck that sweet little nymphette!

Suzi quickly returned with his drink, and he took the opportunity to tell her she looked terrific in her uniform. Suzi blushed and thanked him. She didn’t realize at that moment that she had another admirer, one that was more inclined than Lester was to act on his interest in her.

Vance Johnson had met Suzi a few minutes earlier at the bar. A veteran of the Vietnam war, Vance had long ago developed a taste for the young Vietnamese girls who had frequented the GI bars in Saigon, most of whom were hookers. Now he was a successful businessman who had made a fortune in real estate, and was free to indulge his preferences when it came to sex. Money could buy anything, he knew. And with a little luck, it would buy Suzi’s tight, teenage pussy.

Michael found himself talking to Midge Frederick, in the room where she was admiring Esperanza’s portrait, not yet having associated it with the girl who had just taken her drink order. Midge was a tall, willowy 25-year-old blonde socialite, a former lingerie model, fortunate enough to have attracted the attention of a very wealthy man. Sam Frederick was in his 80s, unable to satisfy her prodigious sexual needs, or even try, for that matter. Midge was just waiting around for him to die so that she could inherit his megabucks and be truly free. In the meantime, she was a regular on the local party circuit, usually, as tonight, coming to them alone.

“It’s such an erotic pose,” she was saying to Michael as she gazed at the picture. “Such a young girl, but there’s a sensuality about her expression that belies her youth. In fact, she looks for all the world like she’s just been made love to. It’s amazing how you were able to capture that.”

Michael stared at Midge, surprised at how frankly she was speaking to him. “You can do wonders with the right model,” he said, and started to turn the conversation to his post-impressionist role models. At that moment, Esperanza found them, carrying her drink tray. She walked up to them, and Midge looked closely at her as she took her cocktail from the tray, then back at the picture. Esperanza glanced at the painting, and turned quickly back to Midge, her face flushed.

“Thank you,” said Midge, her eyes widening with sudden recognition.

“De nada, senora,” said Esperanza, quickly turning to flee the room.

Midge turned to Michael accusingly. “It’s her!” A hint of a smile curled the sides of her lips.

Michael nodded slowly, unable to supress a grin. “She’s one of my wife’s students.”

Midge giggled suggestively. “And all you did was get her to take off her clothes, and then you painted her portrait, right?”

“Of course!” replied Michael, with a straight face.

Midge wasn’t fooled, not having been born yesterday. She laughed again, and then her expression became serious. She leaned close to Michael, stood on tiptoe, and whispered in his ear, accentuating each syllable. “Michael, trust me, I don’t care if you fuck your models, even the teenage ones.” The way she said ‘fuck’ caused Michael’s cock to lurch powerfully in his pants. Midge reached down and closed her fingers around it, stroking it slowly. “Look, I’m absolutely dying for a stiff cock. What do you say we find a nice private spot and have ourselves a quickie.”

Michael hesitated. He had been hoping for an opportunity to get Meg alone, and maybe Esperanza too. Both of them, however, were busy with their respective duties at the party. Midge, on the other hand, was available, a bird in the hand, so to speak, and she was certainly eminently fuckable. He nodded his head, and led her out of the room and down a long hallway, trying doors.

They soon found themselves in a dark garage, where several gleaming vehicles were parked. One was a vintage Rolls-Royce. Midge smiled and pointed to it. “Nothing but the best. Accept no substitute.”

Michael grinned. “You know, I’ve always wanted to do it in a Rolls.” He opened the door and they both climbed into the back seat.

Midge immediately fell to the task of freeing Michael’s stiffening penis from his tux pants. Finally succeeding in getting his pants and shorts down around his ankles, she bent down and took his engorged cock into her mouth, her head bobbing as she sucked on the head. Her lips and tongue felt marvelous as she took more and more of him into her mouth, slurping softly in the quiet car, careful not to touch him with her teeth.

“Ohhhh, baby, suck it!” he gasped as her mouth engulfed him, his hand resting in her silky hair.

After a minute or two, she raised her head, panting a little, her saliva oozing down onto his cock. “Did she suck your dick?” she asked. Then she plunged her mouth down on his cock again, sucking hungrily.

“I’ll never tell,” moaned Michael, thinking to himself that this girl had probably sucked off a lot of photographers in her time. He wondered how young she had been when she started doing that.

Soon, he felt a growing tingling in his balls, and began to fear that he might not be able to hold back. He gently lifted her head from his aching penis. He had other plans for his pent-up load of cum. “That’s enough for now, Midge. Bend over the front seat,” he said. “I want to have a taste of your pussy.”

Midge readily complied, climbing over the plush upholstery of the seat back. Her dress was long, but it had a slit that went all the way up the side of her hip, and Michael had no difficulty exposing her thong panties. Reaching up, he slid his finger beneath the string that led down between her magnificent ass cheeks, and pulled it aside, exposing her dewy cleft. She was a natural blonde, he saw, the sparse blonde curls shaved to permit her to wear the skimpiest of swimsuits. Leaning forward, Michael slid his tongue out and lightly caressed just the outer edge of her labia, wiggling his tongue against it, licking up and down her slit. He explored with his tongue, lightly parting her labia and slipping deeper into her wet folds. She moaned softly, her words betraying her urgency. “Oh, god, don’t tease me!”

Michael, though, wanted to savor the moment, and savor his pleasant exploration of her delicious model’s pussy. His tongue slid down and he lightly teased her clit, encircling it and nudging it wetly, then fluttering over it with the back of his tongue. “Mmmmmmm, such an artist!” she whispered.

Gradually, he increased the pressure of his tongue on her clit, lapping at it and occasionally suckling it with his lips. Then, unable to resist tasting her depths, he stiffened his tongue and drove it deep into her vaginal tunnel, his nose pressing between the lush cheeks of her perfect ass. Midge squealed with pleasure. “AHHHHHHH!!!!! That’s it, baby, tongue-fuck me!”

Thus encouraged, Michael slide his wet tongue in and out, loving the taste of her pussy, and dying to shove his cock in it. After a minute of two of this pleasant work, Michael slid his tongue out and upward, over the sensitive ridge of flesh between her vaginal opening and her tightly puckered ass. His tongue caressed it, bathing it with his spit, as she whimpered with pleasure. Then he stiffened his tongue and forced it slowly against the resistant muscle, gradually working its way inside. “Oh, my god!” she gasped, loving the feeling of his tongue burrowing into her ass. “Yesss…fuck my ass with your tongue.”

Again and again Michael speared his tongue into her tightly-clenched anus, as she wriggled back against him, wanting more of it.

Finally, he withdrew his tongue, kissing the firm cheek of her ass. He was ready for the main event, and so was she. He sat back on the plush seat, and Midge climbed over him, on her knees, straddling his cock. “Scoot down more,” she whispered. He moved down further, positioning his cock at the entrance to her vagina. She reached down between them and grasped the shaft, pulling her thong to the side again with her other hand, and guided his cock head between her lips, slowly sinking down on it. Letting go, she rested her hands on his shoulders, letting her pussy adjust to the delightful presence of his thick cock inside her.

“Ohhhhh, Michael,” she moaned. “You have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve had a really good fuck by a man who knows what he’s doing.”

“You should have told me,” said Michael, as she began to move on him, her muscles gripping his shaft, her pussy almost seeming to suck on him. “My wife works days and I have a lot of time to myself.”

“Mmmm, I’ll definitely consider that,” she giggled, slowly fucking herself on his cock as if it were a big dildo. “Meg offered to loan me her pool boy. But she says he has a skinny cock. I hate that.”

Michael stifled a moment of jealousy, imagining Meg’s employee shoving his cock into the gorgeous redhead, but the delicious wet grip of Midge’s pussy quickly banished the thought. She began to rock her hips, putting exquisite pressure on his cock and stimulating her clit at the same time.

Slowly, she increased the tempo of her fucking. The way her pussy gripped his cock – it seemed to Michael almost as if she were giving him a wet, slippery hand job, stimulating every nerve ending along it’s rigid length. He reached up and untied the string at the back of her neck, and the straps of her dress came down, revealing her full, braless breasts. He fondled them as she rode his cock, feeling her nipples stiffen against his palms. Then she leaned forward and shoved one of her soft tits in his mouth, and he sucked hungrily on her taut nipple, feeling it stiffen against his tongue.

Once again, Michael felt himself getting close to coming, and he sensed that Midge was also nearing her orgasm. But he wasn’t quite ready, not yet. He reached for her ass and slowly lifted her off of his rampant cock. Somehow knowing what he wanted, Midge positioned herself on her hands and knees, rolling the window down (it was an older model) so that she could lean out of it. Michael quickly moved up and positioned his cock head at her entrance, once again admiring her fabulous ass, and drove it deep inside her beckoning cunt.

“OHHHH, god, yes, fuck me hard!” groaned Midge as his balls slapped her clit. “I need it so bad! Make me COME!”

Michael was only to happy to oblige, and he began to fuck her with long, hard thrusts, maintaining a steady, driving pace, jolting her body each time. Relentlessly he pounded his cock into her receptive pussy, her clit sending frantic, electric bursts of pleasure the length of her body.

“Oh, fuck, you’re pussy is so fucking tight!” moaned Michael as he pistoned in and out of her with mounting fury, his balls beginning to draw up tight against the base of his cock. “Ohhh, jeezus!”

Midge felt her own orgasm begin to surround and engulf her as his engorged cock skewered into her. “Yessssss, give it to me Michael! I’m gonna COME! UHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Michael threw his head back and a cry was forced from his lungs as he drove his aching cock all the way into her velvety depths. His come raced up his imprisoned shaft and erupted in Midge’s wildly clasping cunt. “OHHHH, FUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!”

Midge’s body exploded as she felt him flood her vagina at last with hot spurts of his semen. “OH!! OH!! UH!!! UHH!!” she screamed, her pussy spasming rhythmically with each pulse of her orgasm as she came all over his cock.

Michael sagged against her as the last of his come oozed from the tip of his cock into her drenched pussy. Midge gasped for breath, slowly recovering from the intensity of their furious fucking. Finally, Michael slid his cock out of her and sat back, while Midge sat down next to him, reaching over to gently stroke it.

“Mmmmmm, that was nice, Michael,” she said, as she fondled him pleasantly, his come oozing out of her pussy to soak the rich upholstery. “I'm definitely going to buy some of your paintings. One in particular. And now that we’ve been…ummmm….formally introduced, I hope you won’t be such a stranger. There are lots of places in my house to fuck without my husband knowing.”

“I may just take you up on that, Midge,” said Michael, feeling his cock already coming back to life. Feeling his resurgence in her hand, Midge immediately slid down and took it once again in her mouth, tasting his sperm as she sucked him.

After a few moments, she eased her head up and let him escape for a moment. “And Michael…be sure and bring your pretty little model along.” She grinned salaciously.

Michael groaned as she ducked her head again and sucked him deep into her mouth.

Kyesha, meanwhile, had completed her third blowjob of the night, word having got around that the black girl was not only available for a price, but was also a seriously talented cocksucker. Now she was approached by Vance Johnson. He led Kyesha to the side, bent down and whispered in her ear. “Look, sweetie, if you can convince that other girl, Suzi, to do a threesome, I’ll give you $600 to split between you.”

Kyesha frowned. Suzi was her friend, but she wasn’t sure she knew her well enough to ask her to have a threesome with her, for money. But she also knew that Suzi wasn’t a virgin, had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and that she had to work in her parent’s dry cleaning business to make what little spending money she had. Also, Suzi was the only one of Kyesha’s friends who knew she was a hooker and didn’t seem to disapprove. Suzi had confided in her, in fact, that her own mother had been a prostitute for a time back in Vietnam. Kyesha thought there just might be a chance. “I’ll see what I can do, baby,” she whispered, and drifted off to look for Suzi.

She found her serving drinks to a cluster of women, and pulled her aside so that they could talk privately. “Look, Suzi, I know you don’t do this kind of thing,” she whispered. “But….there’s a guy here who wants to have sex with two girls. He specifically asked if you could be one of them. He’s got a thing for Vietnamese chicks, I guess. He’ll give us both a lot of money, $300 each.”

Suzi stared at her, wide-eyed. “Kyesha, I’m not like you. I don’t know if I could do that!”

“Sure you could, Suzi. Listen, it’s nothing you haven’t already done with your boyfriend. Just think of it like that, and you’ll be fine!”

“I don’t know,” said Suzi, hesitating.

“And besides,” said Kyesha, looking directly at Suzi and smiling, “I’ll be there. C’mon, it’ll be fun!”

Finally, Suzi’s resistance evaporated, succumbing to her sense of adventure. She could use the money, that was for sure. And the thought of doing a threesome was actually very exciting to her, once she got used to the idea. More than that, she found herself very aroused at the thought of making love with her friend Kyesha. “Okay, tell him I’ll do it,” she whispered.

“Great!” said her friend, bending forward and kissing her quickly on the lips. “Listen, I’ll go scout out a room. Then I’ll tell this guy where to meet us, and come and get you. Thanks, sweetie, you won’t be sorry, trust me!”

Esperanza carried her drink tray into the billiard room, seeking the couple who had ordered drinks from her a few minutes before. She found Eric and Tiffany Nielsen there, but was astonished to see both of them naked, their clothes scattered on the floor. Tiffany, a young brunette accountant, was on her knees, her lips parted, as Eric held her head and methodically thrusting his large cock in and out of her greedily sucking mouth.

A year before, Tiffany had introduced Eric, her second husband, to the swinging lifestyle she had been immersed in during her first marriage. He had quickly become as hedonistic as she was, both of them willing to do almost anything to give and accept pleasure, with multiple and varied partners.

Esperanza stood frozen, fascinated at the sight of Tiffany sucking Eric’s cock with such wanton abandon. The show was not destined to last long, though, since Eric turned his head and saw the sexy Mexican girl, stopping his slow thrusting into Tiffany’s mouth. “Well, well, what have we here?”

Tiffany let his cock slip from between her lips, and stood up, without a shred of self-consciousness about her naked body, smiling at the wide-eyed girl. “Oh, my goodness, isn’t she lovely?” she said.

Esperanza hesitated, embarassed. "I….I brought your drinks."

Before she could react, the couple had walked to her and stood on either side. Eric took her tray from her and set it down. “What’s your name, darling?” said Tiffany, her hands moving to the buttons on the front of the girl’s dress.

“Esperanza,” she answered, wondering if she should run for the door and get away from these strange people. But she had been told to please the guests.

“How lovely,” murmured Tiffany. “Esperanza, would you like to have sex with us? Eric and I just love pretty young girls like you.” As she talked, Tiffany had unbuttoned most of the buttons on Esperanza’s dress, exposing her surprisingly large breasts surging over the cups of her bra, and now she slid her hands under the dress and into the girl’s black satin panties. Eric, meanwhile, had done the same, and his hand was now inside her panties in back, sliding into the cleft of her ass.

“Noooooo….” moaned Esperanza, without conviction, suddenly excited by the movements of Tiffany’s and Eric’s fingers. “I…I am supposed to serve the guests…”

“Oh, they won’t miss you for awhile, sweetie,” said Tiffany soothingly. Her fingers rubbed across her clit, and then slid into the folds of her pussy, feeling her wetness. “And, in a way, you WILL be serving the guests. Oh, look, Eric, she’s already dripping wet.”

Esperanza felt her knees buckling, along with her resistance, as the couple continued to fondle her. Tiffany’s fingers slid into her pussy, moving slowly in and out, as Eric pressed his fingertip against her anus, pushing it against the tight muscle, feeling it stretch to admit his fingertip. Esperanza gasped, nearly falling as their fingers slid in and out of both of her holes. Nobody had ever put their finger there. Tiffany smiled knowingly at Eric.

Eric withdrew his hand from Esperanza’s ass and reached around her from behind to clasp her breasts. Meanwhile, Tiffany descended again to her knees, reached up under her dress, and slowly slid her panties down over her ass., letting them fall to her feet. Esperanza lifted one foot and allowed Tiffany to slip her panties over one shoe, leaving them around her other ankle. And then she gasped as Tiffany pressed her face between the girl’s legs, and began to lap hungrily at her wet pussy. Eric held her to keep her from falling as Tiffany’s tongue licked and caressed Esperanza’s sex, teasing and fluttering against her sensitive clit. “Ohhhh, god, yes, lick me there,” she moaned, letting her legs part to allow Tiffany more access to her.

“She loves to lick pussy,” murmured Eric in Esperanza’s ear. “Do you like how she does it, sweetie?”

“Yesssss,” sighed Esperanza. “Oh, Dios mio, she’s going to make me come…”

“Mmmm…” said Tiffany, raising her head for a moment. “She tastes heavenly, Eric.” Quickly, she returned to her work, lapping at Esperanza’s cunt with increasing pressure, then fluttering her tongue over the girl’s naked clit like the wing of a butterfly.

“AAAHHHHH, SI!!! UHHHH!!!.” Esperanza whimpered, her breath catching in her throat as the brunette woman drove her closer and closer to her impending climax.

“That’s it, sweetie, come for me,” whispered Eric in her ear. Tiffany sucked on her clit, then lashed it hard with her tongue, and Esperanza stiffened, all of her muscles drawing taut.

AAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!” she screamed, bucking up against Tiffany’s mouth as her orgasm crashed through her, the intense waves of pleasure wrenching her body, held tightly in Eric’s arms.

Slowly, she came down, shuddering from the force of her come, Tiffany still gently lapping at her sex. After a few moments, they picked her up and deposited her on the pool table, still in her unbuttoned dress, her head dangling over the side.

Eric stood by her head as Tiffany climbed up on the table. “Open your mouth, sweetie,” he said, stroking his thick cock until it was fully erect, aiming straight out at the level of Esperanza’s mouth. Slowly, he guided it between her lips, and slid it deeper, until the head lodged in the girl’s perfectly aligned throat. Esperanza immediately closed her lips around its girth as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth, the head nudging her throat each time.

“Ooooooh, that’s it, Eric, fuck her face,” whispered Tiffany lasciviously, watching his cock slide in and out as she reached out and fondled Esperanza’s drenched pussy lips. “Esperanza, let your throat relax. Eric won’t hurt you, I promise. Just relax and try to keep from gagging…you can do it!” She slid three fingers into Esperanza’s vagina, fucking them wetly in and out, her thumb gently rubbing her clit.

Eric slowly pushed his cock deeper in Esperanza’s throat, and the girl began to relax and let it penetrate deeper. She fought back the gag reflex, making swallowing movements with her throat muscles, wanting to be able to do this so that she could please Michael. Soon, Eric’s penis was lodged in her throat, so deep that Tiffany could see the outline of it on the girl’s slim neck. Finally, he withdrew, as Esperanza coughed, drooling saliva from her mouth down her cheeks and blinking back tears. When she recovered a little, Eric again thrust forward, sinking his stiff cock deep in her throat again. Esperanza found she was becoming more accustomed to the unnatural presence now, and her arousal surged as she realized proudly that she had succeeded in deep-throating Eric’s cock. Eric began fucking her mouth in a slow, steady rhythm, while Tiffany slide four fingers into her stretched pussy.

A few minutes later, Eric felt himself beginning to lose control. “Ohhhhh, FUCK, gonna COME!” he shouted.

“Oooooh, yeah, baby, pull it out and come all over her pretty face!” said Tiffany eagerly. Eric quickly slid his cock out from between Esperanza’s lips, and began to stroke his dick furiously. Within seconds, a thick burst of come erupted from the tip and cascaded over Esperanza’s upturned, teenage face, covering it with a thick rope of semen. Then a second, more copious spurt added it’s volume to the first, and he continued to bathe her face with pulse after pulse of his viscous come. Esperanza moaned, loving the feeling of the warm, thick wetness on her skin, ever since Michael had introduced her to it at the beach.

At last, Eric’s orgasm began to wane, and he slid his fingers upward along the shaft, forcing out a last thick ooze of semen, which dropped slowly down into Esperanza’s waiting open mouth. Happily, she gulped it down.

“Good GIRL!” whispered Tiffany, admiring Esperanza’s sperm-covered face. “I envy the man you marry, sweetie, because you just might fuck him to death!” She leaned forward and began to hungrily lick his sperm off of her face. Eventually she reached Esperanza's lips and they kissed softly, their tongues caressing each other and sharing his come.

They left her there on the pool table, and when she finally roused herself and climbed back down to the floor, they were gone. She buttoned the buttons on her dress again, and looked around for her panties. They were nowhere to be seen.

Holly gulped down yet another vodka martini, her fifth one, feeling her head beginning to spin. She thought maybe she needed to go lie down for just a bit before seeking out Lester, whom she still had not seen at the party. She walked up the circular stairway on unsteady legs, thinking she would find a back bedroom where she could rest. Walking down the corridor, she peeked into a few of the rooms, looking for one with a bed. Finally, she opened the last door at the end of the hall, and here eyes flow open in astonishment. On the bed on her stomach was the owner of the mansion, Meg Morgan, completely naked, her lush, round ass raised in the air with two big fluffy pillows beneath it. And over her, with his long, glistening black cock skewering in and out of her upturned pussy, was Lester Stevens, the drama teacher!

Lester had waited an appropriate interval, sipping on his drink, checking out the student waitresses, waiting impatiently for his tryst with Meg Morgan. Finally, checking his watch, he ascended the staircase, following Meg’s directions, and soon found himself at the doorway to her bedroom. Closing the door, he found his hostess sitting at her makeup table, in a long sheer robe that concealed nothing, through which he could clearly see her thong panties. She turned to him as he walked over to her, and smiled. “We’ll have to hurry, Lester, I mustn’t neglect my guests too long. But it’s high time I had that big black dick of yours in my pussy. Now, let me see it in all its glory.”

“Anything for a patron of the arts,” said Lester, quickly taking off his tux. Meg gazed in frank admiration as he stripped down to his boxer shorts, revealing his smooth, hairless body. Then he slid his shorts down to reveal his thick, dangling cock.

“Ohhh, heavenly god, I can’t wait to feel that monster inside me!” said Meg, reaching out and lifting it with her hand. Lester moved closer to accommodate her, and Meg wasted no time stroking his cock to full erection with her fingers, barely able to reach all the way around the thick shaft. Undaunted by his size, she slid his foreskin down toward the base, exposing the glistening head of his cock, and bent forward, taking him slowly into her mouth.

Lester sighed as Meg engulfed his penis, sucking on him hungrily as she stroked the long shaft with both hands. Her tongue swirled around the head as she sucked, teasing the sensitive underside. After a few minutes, she let go of him with her hands and reached for his, drawing them up to the base of his cock, and wrapping his fingers around it. He got the message, gripping the shaft in his fist as she let him escape from his mouth for a moment, trying to catch her breath.

“Stick out your tongue,” he said, slowly stroking his cock in front of her eyes. She did as he asked, extending her tongue beneath the head, and Lester proceeded to slap his cock wetly on her tongue several times, delighting in her look of adoration. She was worshiping his cock, he thought triumphantly.

“Stroke it for me, Lester,” she said, panting excitedly. “Jerk off into my mouth while I suck on it.” Her mouth plunged downward again, taking it deep into her mouth. Lester moved his closed fingers up and down the shaft, slowly masturbating into her nursing mouth, his fingers beginning to hit her lips as she managed to take him deeper and deeper into her saliva-filled mouth. Slurping sounds filled the air as she bathed his cock with wetness. It was all Lester could do to keep from pumping out a big load of come into Meg’s greedy mouth, but he desperately wanted to fuck this big-titted white bitch while he had the chance. He reluctantly moved back and slid his cock from between her lips, trailing thick ropes strands of saliva between them.

“Get on the bed,” said Lester, in command now. Meg rose from the ottoman and shrugged off her robe, staring at Lester with a look of undisguised wanton lust. Wearing only her thong, she moved up onto the bed and lay down on her stomach. If that’s how she wants it, thought Lester. He climbed up behind her, reached up, and grabbed her thong at the sides. Meg raised her ass to let him take her panties off, and he slowly slide them down over the full round cheeks of her delicious ass. Leaving her thong around her thighs, he reached for a big decorative pillow and slid it underneath her, then a second one, leaving her with her ass obscenely uplifted. Lester grabbed the full moons of her ass and spread her wide with his hands, then bent forward and slid his tongue between the wet folds of Meg’s fragrant pussy. She gasped as his tongue slid deep inside her, then withdrew and slid slowly up into the cleft of her ass, across the sensitive little pucker of her asshole, and on up between her cheeks to her lower back.

“Ohhhh, god, Lester, lick me like that! Get me all wet so you can fuck me!” groaned Meg, raising her ass even higher off the bed. Obligingly, Lester lapped at her with his big tongue, feasting on every square inch of her sensitive flesh. He lapped at her labia, up and down her wet folds, and then lashed his tongue against her quivering clit, wanting to torture her until she begged to be stuffed full of his big black dick. He didn’t have to wait too long.

Moaning as Lester’s tongue slithered all over her cleft, probing at her sensitive asshole, Meg surrendered to her need for him. “Nnnnnnnn, Lester, don’t make me wait….stick your cock in me and FUCK me now!”

Lester moved up, grabbed his cock and guided it to her dripping-wet sex, moving it up and down between the parted lips of her sex a few times as she squirmed against it, finally positioning the head at her entrance. “Here it comes, baby,” he said. And with that, he thrust his hips forward and sank it inside her vagina to the hilt with one powerful lunge, his balls slapping against her nakedly exposed clit.

Meg gasped as he drove his huge cock into her, her body jolted by his powerful thrust, the smack of his balls against her clit sending an electric surge of pleasure the length of her body. “UHHHHHHHHYESSSSS!!! FUCK me!!!” she begged him.

Spurred on by her words, Lester began to saw his glistening cock in and out of the beautiful redhead, his hands grasping her ass cheeks roughly. “Yeah, you like that black dick, baby?”

“OHHHH, god, yes, don’t ever take it out!” she groaned.

Lester let go of her ass with his cock deeply embedded, and raised his big hand, bringing it down on her ass with a stinging SMACK!!, making her soft flesh quiver with the impact. She squealed with the impact, clawing the bedspread with her fingernails, and he raised his hand to do it again. Meg turned her head and sobbed the words. “OOOH, yes, spank me hard, you big-dicked, black FUCKER!! I’m such a bad girl!!”

Lester continued to smack her luscious ass, first with one hand, then the other, as she wriggled against his buried cock. Finally, he quit spanking her and leaned over her, resting on his arms as he begin to piston his cock in and out of her cunt with a mounting fury, the sound of their flesh smacking together filling the room. That was all it took for Meg to come, her body exploding in an orgasm of gargantual proportions, wrenching her body violently as he continued to drive his cock into her. Meg sobbed as he drove her into two more climaxes in quick succession, leaving her quivering and trembling as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

At last, Lester slowed his pace, and paused, breathing heavily. Meg turned her head, her voice urgent, her words sounding to Lester like those of a ghetto slut, so tawdry for a woman of her stature but leaving no doubt about what she needed. “Lester…fuck me up my ass!”

Lester sat up, almost out of his mind with lust for this rich white whore. He gathered the saliva in his mouth and let it drool down into the crack of her ass, oozing over her tight asshole and spreading the moisture with his thumb. He knew from the way his thumb easily penetrated her ass that she was no stranger to ass-fucking. Quickly, he slid his cock out of her pussy and repositioned the head at the entrance to her ass, and pushed forward, holding the shaft tightly in his fist. Meg groaned as he forced it past the resisting opening, but she soon felt it ease past it and slowly sink into her rectum. The pain was overwhelming at first, but Meg’s body gradually adjusted, as she had known it would. “UHHHHH, yes, that’s it, Lester….fuck that big black cock into my ass!”

Lester gazed down at his cock, partially embedded in the rich widow’s tight ass, and thrust forward, sinking it another inch into her, her ass like a tight, hot fist gripping his shaft. He leaned forward and grabbed a hank of her red hair in his fist, yanking her head up as he sank his cock deeper and deeper in her, as she cried out loud, not caring now who heard her.

Slowly now, Lester began to fuck her in earnest, plunging in and out of her violated ass like some kind of fucking machine. Meg squirmed back against him, wanting now to make him come, to spew his hot fuck juice into her ass in thick, heavy spurts.

Suddenly, Lester threw his head back and sucked air in threw his teeth. “UHHHHFUCK YEAHHH!!!” he cried, his balls contracting and sending pulse after pulse of semen racing the length of his cock and erupting in her tightly-clinging ass. Lester’s cock felt like a fire hose with too much water pressure, as if there wasn’t enough time for all his come to escape and empty inside her. For her part, Meg went into heaven as she felt him empty his balls, flooding her ass with soothing, pulsing warmth.

At last, Lester collapsed on top of her, his cock still spasming and oozing sperm into her ass, as they both gasped for air, utterly spent.

Holly stumbled down the hallway, sobbing, her head spinning, both from the drinks she had poured down her throat, and the obscene tableau she had just witnessed between Lester and Meg. She had watched the entire scene from the doorway, watched as Lester had fucked the red-haired hostess with his big, gleaming cock…HER cock, she thought to herself…until Meg had climaxed over and over again. Watched as she had spanked her ass and heard her cry out, pleading for more. And then…watched as he stuck his big, black cock in her ass and fucked her until he filled her bowels with his come!

How could he, thought Holly through her drunken fog. She had thought SHE would be the one sneaking off with Lester and letting him use HER more-than-willing body for his pleasure. Even now, she was wet for him, aroused beyond belief from watching the lewd fucking as if it were a porn film. Now she was left with nothing. David didn’t want her, Lester didn’t want her, nobody wanted her. Suddenly, she burst through a door at random, saw a bed there, walked in and fell on it, her body racked with sobs, and soon passed out in a drunken stupor. She had left the door open.

Esperanza retrieved her drink tray and resumed her duties, minus her panties, trying to look and act as if nothing had happened. Within seconds, though, a large, muscular man in a tux found her in the kitchen, and without any hesitation, suddenly bent her over the island, pulled up her dress, undid his pants and slid his big dick into her sopping wet pussy. Esperanza was too caught by surprise to resist, and by the time she gathered her wits, the man was slowly fucking in and out of her, his balls slapping against her clit, and whatever resistance she had in mind had completely evaporated. She moaned as she gripped the handles on the sink, bracing herself against the hard thrusts of the stranger’s cock, his balls bouncing off her clit. Within seconds of the assault, she was coming, her pussy clasping his rigid penis with successive spasms as the waves of orgasmic pleasure held her in their grip. The man thrust into her a few more times, hard, and then threw his head back and groaned, spewing his sperm into the teenager’s eagerly clasping pussy.

As Esperanza slowly began to regain her breath, shuddering in the aftermath of her intense come, he abruptly pulled out of her drooling pussy, only to have his place taken by another man, who sank his slimmer cock into her without so much as a hello. After a few strokes, he slid his slippery, sperm-covered cock out of her and pressed the head of it at the entrance to her ass. Gripping it by the base, he slowly forced the head past the tight opening, ripping her of her anal virginity the way one might pluck off the wing of a butterfly. Esperanza cried out, pleading for him in Spanish to take it out. Gradually, though, the pain eased, and soon the man was calmly fucking his cock in and out of her with relative ease. Esperanza, once the pain had lessened, discovered that she actually liked having a cock in her ass, and she soon began to thrust back against him, wriggling against the deeply embedded organ.

“Ohhhh, yes, senor, fuck me like that!” she moaned. He pressed her downward and began to fuck her hard, loving the feeling of his cock gripped by her incredibly tight ass. Soon, he cried out and pumped his pent-up load of come into Esperanza’s obscenely violated ass. When he finally pulled his shrinking cock out, his sperm oozed out and down over her labia and clit, mingling with his predecessor’s thick white come.

Darryl Carter wandered along the hallway, looking into the many rooms, hoping to find Kyesha so that he could arrange to fuck her someplace. Instead, looking into one of the bedrooms, he found Holly passed out on the bed in her sequined gown. He quietly closed and locked the door, debating in his mind an alternate plan, one that wouldn’t even cost him any money. Finally, he made up his mind. Sitting down next to her on the bed, he nudged her shoulder gently. Holly moaned softly, but did not awaken. “C’mon, sweetie, let’s get you out of those clothes,’ said Darryl soothingly. He unzipped her gown all the way down the back, and slipped it off her shoulders, tugging it off her as she murmured softly into the bedspread. Soon, with minimal help from Holly, he had her gown off, leaving only her satin bikini panties, her garter belt, stockings, and shoes. She wore no bra. He gently turned her over, and saw that she was still unconscious. He sat staring for a few moments at her slim, delicate body, her blonde hair the color of wheat, her small, firm breasts. Then he bent forward and licked slowly around one of her small nipples, before taking it into his mouth and gently sucking it. Instantly, despite her condition, her nipple sprang to life, becoming hard as a pebble. She moaned softly in her sleep and arched her back as he suckled her nipple, then moved to the other one, bringing it also to life in his mouth.

Releasing her nipple, Darryl moved down and patiently unfastened the clasps on Holly’s garter belt that held her stockings, one by one. That done, he reached up and grabbed her panties, and slowly eased them under her ass. There was no way to know what Holly was thinking or dreaming about, but she nevertheless raised her hips and let him remove her panties, sliding them down her legs and untangling them from her high-heeled pumps. Darryl paused again to gaze at Holly’s thoroughly delectable blonde pussy, her labia dewy with wetness, now exposed to the cool air in the room. Suddenly, Holly moaned, and her slim hand drifted down between her legs, her fingers gently rubbing her pussy, parting the wet folds, touching her tiny clit. She raised her legs, bending them at the knee, and slowly stroked her naked flesh as Darryl watched intently, his cock rigidly erect in his tux pants. Quickly, he stripped his clothes off and stood above Holly, watching her as she slid two of her fingers into her yearning pussy, still oblivious to his presence and unaware that she was naked. She thrust her fingers inside her vagina, then slid them out, glistening with her nectar, and rubbed her clit with them. Finally, she brought both of her hands up her body and squeezed her breasts, pinching her aroused nipples between her fingers.

Darryl couldn’t hold back any longer. This girl was just too deliciously fuckable to pass up. He crawled between her legs, slid his tongue forward, and began to lick Holly’s luscious pussy with long, wet strokes of his tongue. She moaned and squirmed against his tongue, but made no move to stop him. Her pussy tasted heavenly, like strawberries and cream. He stiffened his tongue and delved it inside her, tasting her warm essence as it flowed from deep within her, fucking her slowly with his tongue as she writhed against him. Then he let his tongue slide upward and teased her clit as she gasped. He watched her face as he lapped at her tiny clit, seeing no signs of consciousness, even when he gently sucked it into his mouth.

It was time. He raised himself over her, grasped his cock and guided it to her drenched pussy, positioning the head at her entrance. Ever so slowly, he moved his hips forward, sinking his stiff cock into her, inch by slow inch. At last, he was buried in her to the hilt in her snug little cunt, gazing down into her face.

Holly, in her drunken delerium, thought she was dreaming. She felt a man’s cock slowly penetrate her pussy, stretching her exquisitely. God, it felt so good! She murmured sleepily. “Lester…”

“No, it’s not Lester, sweetie,” said Darryl quietly, loving the feeling of his aching cock imprisoned in the exquisitely tight pussy of this cute little blonde. “But whoever he is, he’s a lucky man.” Slowly, he began to fuck her.

Holly’s eyes flew open as she suddenly regained awareness. “Oh my GOD!! Who are you???!!”

“Does it matter?” said Darryl, his voice warm and reassuring, even as his cock slid slowly in and out of her vagina. “I found you here, and, well, you looked like you might be in need of some loving.”

Holly started to protest. She didn’t even KNOW this man! But the thought suddenly penetrated her confused brain that whoever he was, this man was absolutely right. At that moment, she needed nothing more than a nice, stiff cock sawing in and out of her pussy. And his cock felt wonderful there. She suddenly realized she didn’t even care who he was. All that mattered is that he had a cock, and it was skewering in and out of her yearning, wet pussy. “Mmmmmmmmmmm…..yessss,” she said softly, gazing up at him. “I am…just keep fucking me like that, nice and slow.”

“Oh, I will, baby, count on it,” said Darryl, sawing in and out of her eagerly clasping pussy in a slow, steady rhythm.

Holly’s legs slid up around Darryl’s ass as she closed her eyes, concentrating on the joining of their bodies. Too soon, Darryl quickened his pace, driving in and out of her, building quickly toward his orgasm. And too soon, she felt him stiffen, and felt his cock flourish inside her. “AAAHHH, FUCKYEAHHH!!!!” he groaned, his come spewing into her in hard, thick pulses.

“Noooooo, not yet, I didn’t COME!” moaned Holly. Her orgasm hovered just beyond her reach. She needed more!

But Darryl was past caring. He had gotten what he came for, he had gotten off. He quickly slid his shrinking cock out of her, stood up and started to put his clothes back on, as Holly’s hands flew to her sperm-drenched pussy and began to rub it frantically. Then, through the swirling the confusion in her mind, she heard a voice at the door.

“No sweat, man, I’ll take it from here,” Darryl turned, fastening his tux pants and giving the newcomer a high-five.

“She’s all yours, man,” he said. “Enjoy!”

The new arrival quickly slid between Holly’s widely splayed thighs, and before she could protest, he drove his cock into her sopping cunt with one hard thrust. Holly gasped with pleasure, happy now that the void in her pussy had been filled by yet another stiff cock. Her new lover began to fuck in and out of her in a steady rhythm as she felt her arousal begin to build anew.

Darryl finished dressing and walked to the door, where a third man was standing. “I guess you’re next,” said Darryl, and the man nodded and winked.

Kyesha and Suzi entered one of the spare bedrooms and closed the door behind them. The nubile black slut had told Vance Johnson where to find them, but had asked him to give them a half-hour or so before he came in, winking at him salaciously. Now the two girls were alone together.

“We may as well get comfy, sweetie,” said Kyesha. “He’ll be here soon.” Suzi hesitated, but then began to unbutton her dress. Soon she was down to the black Victoria’s Secret bra and panties, while Kyesha stripped down to nothing. Holding her hand, Kyesha led Suzi to the bed, and they faced each other, on their knees. Kyesha smiled at her friend. “Suzi…I really, really appreciate your doing this. You’ve always been such a good friend to me. I can’t think of anyone else I could have asked.” She paused, gazing into Suzi’s almond eyes. “And you’re so beautiful.” She raised her hands and placed them on Suzi’s face, admiring the Vietnamese girl’s delicate Asian features. Then, Kyesha leaned forward and softly kissed Suzi on the mouth. Suzi started to back away, surprised, but Kyesha had awakened something within her, something she was only vaguely aware of herself. She sighed, her lips parting, and she returned the kiss warmly. Soon their tongues were touching, then wetly twining as the kiss deepened. Kyesha reached behind Suzi and deftly unhooked her bra. They broke their kiss, panting slightly with excitement, and the black girl slid the bra down Suzi’s slim arms.

“Mmmmm, your breasts are so pretty, Suzi…” murmured Kyesha, raising her hands and nudging Suzi’s tiny erect nipples with the backs of her knuckles.

“I wish they were bigger, like yours,” whispered Suzi, her hands hesitantly rising to touch Kyesha’s breasts, sliding her fingers over them, feeling her friend’s arousal. “Do you think I should have them done?”

“Don’t you dare!” said Kyesha, bending her head. “They’re perfect,” she added, closing her lips around one delicate nipple and suckling it. Meanwhile, her hands slid down and caught Suzi’s sexy panties, sliding them down over her slim hips, leaving them around her thighs.

“Ohhhh…:” murmured Suzi, shivering as pleasure surged from her nipple straight to her pussy, already wet with her excitement.

Kyesha let go of the young Vietnamese girl’s turgid, sensitive nipple, and kissed her again, letting her hand slip down Suzi’s body. Her fingers slid into the delicate folds of Suzi’s thoroughly wet pussy. Suzi, sighing with pleasure, took her lead from Kyesha and followed suit. Soon the two young girls were rubbing each other’s pussies as their breasts rubbed softly together, their nipples stiff as they nudged each other.

Vance Johnson watched from the doorway, his cock aching at the sight of the two teenage girls making love to each other on the bed. He stripped his clothes off and joined them on the bed, eager to plunge his fat cock into any or all of the holes these two might offer him.

Kyesha took the lead in orchestrating the session, because of Suzi’s inexperience. She told Vance to lie back on the bed, and then told Suzi to get on the other side of him. Suzi, being a quick study, readily got the idea, and soon the two girls were licking up and down Vance’s upraised penile shaft. He watched as they made love to his dick, their tongues caressing him on either side, gliding up over the flared, circumcized head. The girls met each other there and kissed, their tongues teasing each other, and then returned to the business at hand. Turning their heads, the kissed the shaft on opposite sides, their lips parted and almost touching each other. Then they began to move up and down the shaft together, their tongues sliding along his sensitive flesh, Suzi barely able to suppress a giggle.

After awhile, Kyesha guided Vance’s cock between Suzi’s lips, stroking it with her fingers as Suzi dutifully sucked on it, her head bobbing. Kyesha slid down between his thighs and began licking his balls, her long tongue slowly sliding around them, exploring every nerve ending with just the tip of her tongue. Vance groaned as she sucked his balls into her wet mouth, one by one, then releasing them to continue her patient tongue-bath. All this time, Suzi sucked happily on his cock, humming contentedly.

Vance, as much as he loved the feeling of both girls making love to his cock, had a different idea. “Girls, I want you to get in a 69, and lick each other’s pussies. Get each other nice and wet.” He moved back so that he could watch, leaning against the headboard, stroking his stiff, wet cock.

Suzi and Kyesha needed no further prompting. Kyesha lay on her back and Suzi quickly crawled over her, sliding her hands under Kyesha’s lush butt and straddling her face with her legs. Kyesha wasted no time – she raised her head and slowly ran her tongue the entire length of Suzi’s clean-shaven pussy. Suzi moaned as Kyesha lapped at her, seeming to know exactly how to give her pleasure. Returning the favor, Suzi lowered her head and began to lick the black girl enthusiastically, tasting for the first time another girl’s pussy. She loved it.

Vance watched as the two teenagers made love to each other with increasing abandon, clinging to each other as they licked and sucked on each other’s clits, sliding their tongues inside each other. A few moments later, they both came in a frenzy of cries and gasps, their bodies seized in the exquisite, pulsating grip of their huge mutual orgasm.

Vance couldn’t wait a moment longer. He moved up behind Suzi and brought his stiff, aching cock to within an inch of her bare, wet pussy. Kyesha, seeing it, reached up with her fingers and guided it into Suzi’s beckoning cunt, and he slid into her velvet depths all the way to his balls. Suzi groaned with pleasure, and Vance began to thrust in and out of her marvelously tight pussy in a slow, steady rhythm. Kyesha, meanwhile, extended her tongue and began again to tease and caress Suzi’s quivering clit with the tip. Suzi moaned helplessly and drove her tongue deep inside Kyesha’s pussy, thrusting it in and out, fucking her with her tongue.

Vance Johnson was in GI heaven, reliving his years in the service, his cock once again immersed in the wetly clasping pussy of a teenage Vietnamese girl. And as he slowly fucked her, another teenager was eagerly licking and sucking on his bloated balls, causing the sperm to build up in them to the bursting point. He began fucking Suzi more powerfully, jolting her body with each forward lunge, driving inexorably toward his climax. Suzi, too, was nearing her second orgasm, as Kyesha alternated her tongue between Vance’s balls and her clit, and Suzi frantically sucked on Kyesha’s clit in an effort to bring her friend to her climax at the same time.

Moments later, Suzi’s youthful gymnast’s body convulsed in an orgasmic frenzy, and Kyesha, too, felt her body explode, shuddering helplessly. Vance slammed his throbbing member into Suzi’s cunt for the last time, and sent pulse after thick pulse of come into the girl’s welcoming vagina, filling it to overflowing.

They held that way for a long time, Vance emptying the contents of his balls into Suzi’s spasming depths. At long last, they were finished, and Vance reluctantly eased his spent cock out of Suzi’s vagina. Quickly, Kyesha began to lap at Suzi’s well-fucked pussy, as Vance’s viscous sperm flowed out of her into the black girl’s mouth. She gathered it on her tongue and gulped it down hungrily, as Suzi gently licked the folds of Kyesha’s pussy.

Holly Denton convulsed in yet another shattering orgasm as the latest in a long string of men spurted his syrupy come into her overflowing vagina. She had lost count of the number of times she had climaxed, her body erupting in ecstasy each time. She had no idea how many men had spewed their come into her. And still they came! Some of them had bent her legs back and slid their cocks into her asshole, slippery from the huge quantity of semen flowing out of her cunt, and fucked her there until they came. Others had straddled her chest and had her suck their cocks until they came in her mouth, or all over her face. Some had come back for seconds, wanting patiently for the chance to plunge their dicks into all of her holes. And she had finally found Lester, or rather, Lester had found her. Recovered from his ass-fucking of Meg, the black man had joined the crowd waiting their turn to participate in the gangbang, not knowing who the recipient was. When he saw that it was Holly, her body and face drenched in come, he had gladly shoved his huge black dick in her sperm-soaked asshole and fucked her as she frantically rubbed her slippery clit. After she had climaxed yet again, he had pulled his cock out and sat on her tits, jerking off until he spewed his thick come all over her lips and tongue. She loved it all, and had begged for more!

Finally, as the line of men finally dwindled in the hallway, Michael stood in the doorway, gazing with disgust down at the slutty, sperm-filled and splattered body of his wife. Yet another complete stranger was even now sliding his cock in and out of her drooling pussy as she came yet again. Disgustedly, he turned his back on her, and went off in search of Esperanza.

He found her in the study, on her knees, noisily sucking Darryl Carter’s cock as he lay there, resting on his elbows and watching her. Behind her, another man had his cock deeply embedded in her lush, tight ass, sawing it in and out of her as she wiggled her butt playfully from side to side. As Michael watched her sadly, she raised her head, letting Darryl’s cock escape, and gripped the shaft with her fingers, stroking it quickly. At that moment, he began to spew come in thick ropes, surging upward like a geyser. It was as if it was happening in slow motion, Michael thought. His semen burst upward and splattered against her parted, sensual lips, pulsing again and again, then cascading down and bathing the head of his cock and oozing down to her stroking fingers, covering them with it’s slippery warmth. Esperanza lowered her head and took him back into her mouth, sucking hard as he pumped the last of his come into her welcoming mouth. She was beginning to adore the taste of come, even more than she adored fucking.

Watching her lips being bathed with sperm quickly sent the man whose penis was sunk in her tight ass into orgasm , and he began pumping her ass full of his come, his cock pulsing wildly as his balls emptied themselves in her. As his climax began to ebb, Esperanza released Darryl’s cock and began to lick the syrupy sperm from her fingers.

Michael couldn’t bear to watch any more, and he slowly turned to depart. He walked back out, and went to the bar, past the writhing bodies on the floor, in various states of undress, and began to pour himself drinks, hoping to kill the pain within him.

By now, the party had progressed to the point that the unbridled fucking and sucking, which had been going on for the most part behind closed doors, had spilled out into the open. Clothes were discarded along with what was left of the party-goers inhibitions. Everywhere one looked, stiff cocks slid into mouths, into assholes, tongues lapped at pussies, come spurted everywhere, as people fucked in pairs, in threesomes, in every combination.

Kyesha had long since given up on making any more money for herself, since so many of her classmates were doing it for free. She had simply decided to fuck her brains out for the rest of the night. She was now sitting on one man, his fat cock deeply buried in her well-fucked pussy, as three men stood around her, taking turns shoving their cocks into her mouth. She sucked them each in turn, stroking the two neglected ones with her hands. Then, as if on cue, all of them began to stroke their wet cocks within an inch of her upturned face. A moment later, they began to spurt their come on her lips, tongue, cheeks and forehead, bathing her chocolate-brown face with thick, white sperm that oozed down her skin in slow-moving rivulets.

Near her, Suzi straddled her drama teacher, Lester Stevens. Her snug pussy was impaled on his big black dick, while another man slid his cock in and out of her previously virginal asshole. Another man stood in front of her while she slurped on his fat cock, her body trembling from her repeated, almost nonstop orgasms.

Two more of Holly’s students, a Salvadoran girl named Lillian, and a white girl named Vanessa, from a trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks, lay on a couch together, licking each other’s clits. An art critic from the local newspaper stood above them, sliding his cock in and out of Lillian’s tight pussy, just above Vanessa’s face. Suddenly, he groaned, pulled his cock out and came, his come splattering Vanessa’s face. Quickly, she opened her mouth and he guided his wildly pulsing cock between her lips. She sucked it hungrily as he emptied his balls in her mouth. Her fingers stroked his spasming cock, pumping out every last drop, and then letting it slide down her throat.

Meg Morgan lay on her back while Darryl Carter slowly fucked his cock between her tits. Very soon, his balls went numb and his cum erupted all over her face, drenching it with ribbons of semen. His place was quickly taken by another man.

Upstairs, Vance Johnson's balls tightened as he pumped yet another big load of come into Holly Denton's upturned, sperm-filled ass.

After several drinks, Michael reeled out of the house, his head swimming. He ignored the orgy going on in the main room, and lay down on one of the lounge chairs by the pool, dimly remembering his fucking and sucking session here with Meg. It seemed so long ago. He tried to drown out the sounds of fucking still coming from the house, and soon, he fell asleep.

He awakened to the dim, cloudy vision of Esperanza, kneeling naked between his legs. She had come to him! His clothes were off, lying beside the recliner. And Esperanza, beautiful Esperanza, was lovingly sucking on his erect penis, her head slowly bobbing.

Esperanza, having been fucked by a half-a-dozen stranger’s cocks, licked to orgasm by four different women, after having felt hot come repeatedly gushing into all of her holes, had finally extricated herself from the party and gone in search of the one man she really wanted, the man who had opened her eyes. She had finally found him by the pool, seeming very lonely, and had determined to make up for his wife’s outrageously slutty behavior. She knew Holly had been fucked by most of the men at the party — Esperanza had even sucked on several men’s cocks as they stood in line, keeping them hard as they waited to fuck Holly. Now she was determined to take Holly’s place, to always be there for him, in a way Holly had never been there for him. With sperm oozing slowly out of her pussy and ass, she slurped hungrily on his slippery cock, her mouth filled with saliva. After a few moments, she let him escape, and slowly stroked him with her fingers, his cock so wet that they could slide up and down the shaft easily, gliding up over the sensitive head once or twice. Then, once again, she took him deep into her mouth, practicing the technique Tiffany and Eric had tought her, almost swallowing Michael’s swollen cock. Her fingers caressed his balls, gently coaxing his delicious come from them, wanting nothing more than to taste it as it flooded into her mouth.

Michael slowly regained awareness, loving the warm wet suction of her mouth on his cock. But it was not enough. He wanted to be inside her. He sat up, reached out, and gently held her face with his hands, lifting it off his dripping wet cock. She smiled, saliva and pre-come mingling on her lower lip, and climbed up to straddle him, so that they were facing each other with her legs on either side of his hips. She guided his penis into her sperm-flooded pussy, and it slid in easily into the sloppy wetness. He hugged her and kissed her, their tongues twining as she moved slowly on his cock, squirming so that they could both enjoy the sensations to the fullest. She looked into his face, and murmured softly in Spanish. “Te amo, Miguel. Te quiero.”

“I love you too, Esperanza,” said Michael.

They fucked like that for what seemed an eternity, quietly, taking their time. After a long while, it occurred to Esperanza that there was one last gift she could give to Michael, her lover, who had made all of this possible. She had given the same gift to others that night, and one had even taken it without her permission, but this was different. This meant something. She raised her body until his cock nestled between her labia, reached down, and guided the head of his cock to her ass, virginal before that night, still oozing semen from the men who had fucked her there. Easing down, Michael’s wet cock easily penetrated her, and she sank down on him, burying him deep inside her, feeling no pain, only fulfillment. Still sitting that way, facing each other, she slowly moved on him, squirming her body as he held her, his hands moving down to grasp her soft cheeks. Her muscle gripped him tightly as they rocked back and forth, and she whispered softly in his ear for him to fuck her in her ass.

“I will, sweetheart, I will,” he said, as their bodies merged, loving the feeling of her tight, slippery ass stroking his cock, almost sucking at it, drawing the come from his swollen balls.

“Give me your come,” she murmured in his ear, in her accented English. “I want to feel it.” Her movements increased in urgency, undulating on his embedded cock.

“Ohh, my sweet Esperanza…UHHHH!!!!” he gasped, driven over the edge by her words. Suddenly, he was erupting in her ass as she moved on him, lovingly milking his come from him. He captured her lips and kissed her fervently, their tongues caressing, as pulse after thick pulse of sperm filled her ass, joining the semen of the other men. Esperanza clung to him, loving the feeling of sperm pumping once again into her deliciously impaled body. She would never go back to her old life, she knew. This was what she was meant for.

Gradually they came down, their breathing returning to normal, holding each other and rocking slowly together for a long while. At last, they eased apart, and Esperanza lifted herself from Michael’s cock, slipping out of her ass along with a quantity of come. She smiled at him and moved down his body, taking his spermy cock into her mouth. Patiently, she sucked it and licked it, until it was clean. When she was done, they quietly put on their clothes, Esperanza still without her panties. Then, picking their way through the living room, they reached the front door, where Miranda, still in her maid’s uniform, was on her knees, eagerly slurping on Jonathan Van Stolk’s rigid cock.

Meg and Midge lay nearby, slowly fucking each other with a huge double-ended dildo. Meg looked up as they passed and smiled. "Good night, Michael. I'm sorry we didnt' get to fuck again. But Midge tells me that she's going to buy all of your paintings."

Midge smiled happily, looking from Michael to Esperanza and back. "And Michael, don't forget my offer. Call me!"

"Bye, ladies," said Michael. "Great party, Meg. Thanks!"

At that moment, Lester Stevens walked over, kneeled down, and guided his glistening black cock into Midge’s open mouth, suspending further conversation. After a moment, the bartender straddled Meg's face and fed her his cock as well. Miranda turned her head a little to look up at Michael and Esperanza, winking at them. Jonathan groaned at that moment, and they saw Miranda’s throat working as she drank down his wildly spurting come.

Michael and Esperanza moved past the writhing bodies and walked together out the door into the night, holding hands.

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