The pros and cons of breathing

The pros and cons of breathing

"Our next peice of merchandise is a young Ameircan boy, 14 years of age. You can tell by his smooth black hair and deep blue eyes that he is defintantly a high peice of precious work. There is, as you can see, no excess body fat, he has a lean body and is in very good condition.

On stage was a young 14 year old boy. Two broad men sorrounded him. One held up his face for the crowd to see, the other held open his legs for them people in the crowd to become arroused. You could tell by the distant look in his eyes that he was well sedated. It was even possible that Evan didnt know the he was being sold as a profit he just sat there dazed.

The man spoke on clearly and entergetically.
"Evan is, of course, a virgin, as well as his tender front. The man holding open Evans legs moved his hand along the length of his dick and begin to rub it up and down slowly before he got to the balls and began to tickle them with his finger. Evan flenched and tried to jump back but with no pervail. Some of them men in the crowd hooted and hollard as they held down their arising erections.

"Evan is defintly beautiful as well as his face, all of you men in here can see what an oppritunity this is, to have a chance to posses such an innocent child. So with that i will start the bidding at 65 million."
The crowd sat silent for a moment, but it didnt take long for the entire buliding to burst out with spontaneous prices. "69 million." yelled someone.
"72 million" "75 million." "78 million!" "85 million." Once again the crowd went silent.
Some of the men in the crowd was staring at the hightest bidder who was decent looking. While some of the men took the opprituinty to rub their buldges under the table from the arising pain from staring at the black hair blue eyed beauty.

"I hear 85 million, well that is certainly a high bid, may i take the time to say this is the highest bid ever made for anyone. This price proves how beautiful Evan is.
85 million…sold!!!
Evan looked up dazed and sick to his stomache, but he didnt have much time to think on it before a group of men closed in around him and everything suddenly went black.

"Please stop.!"
Evan was bent over on the bed with his ass in the air while some man held one of his hands forcefully behind his back making it impossible for Evan to move.
"You're a virgin arent you, see im being gentle with you." he leaned forward and kissed Evan on his right cheek. He flinched.
"You dont understand your position well so im going to half to teach you."
The man squeezed onto Evans hand and quickly inserted one his fingers in Evans rosey tighy whole.

"You really are a virgin how captivating." Evan groaned out in pain, if he got sick from one finger in his ass imagine two. The finger seemed to plunge forward in his ass at a great speed…it was dry, hard, and long. Evan felt the finger swirling around inside him he had to fight from throwing up.
"I just wanted to hear you cry out in pain."
The man leaned over and driped some lubricant on his hand
he rubbed on Evans man hood soothing it with his now wet hand. The feeling of the man rubbing and tickling his balls made him feel sick. He wasnt gay he wasnt, he was just a child.

"It feels good doesnt it Evan, just admit it, you like me probing around inside of you…should i suck you off?"
"No more..please." the innocence in Evans voice just made his captor even more horny than usual..hearing Evan plead with him was a turn on.

The pain that swallowed him incresed everytime the finger slammed inside of him and made a wet sound.
"Your so beautiful" the man said.
"I cant just settle for my finger pleasuring you i want all of you."
Evan tried to wiggle away but way overcome when the man threw himself ontop of him. He felt a hand grabing and jerking away at his dick. The sensation hurt and he was begnining to get hard. He felt his dick throbbing entergetically as the man massaged him lovingly.
"I want all of you." He flipped Evan over on his stomache and licked his nipple.
He went lower and lower kissing each part of Evans lean body untill he finally opened his mouth around Evan's dick and took all 6 1/2 inches of it in his mouh. The warm sensation and the spit moving back and forth on his dick felt good. The burning sensation now arising in his dick again was to great, he couldnt even bring himself to fight the man off. He wasnt gay, he wasnt he hated the sensation and the man doing this to him…but at the same time he had never felt like this before.

His dick began to jerk back and forth back and forth as Evan tried to pull away but he was held down.
"It feels good, you like it, you feel it comming, let it all out."
Evan grimaced as his body convulsed in pain. He let out a cry of pain that echoed in his pain. Thick white liquid spill from the mans mouth and onto Evans dick. he licked and slurped on it.
Before he knew what was happening he was tasting his own sperm, the man had shoved a finger full in his mouth and then swirled it around as he let his tounge play with Evan's tounge. Evan pulled away and threw up. That was absolutley gross.

As he threw up he hurled himself across the room and ran for the door. Quick like a fox the man had Evan by his black hair and already had him pinned against the wall. He could kick and scream all he wanted he wasnt going anywhere.

"Come on Evan we're not done here." He shoved his hands down his pants and ripped them off while pinching Evan's nipple. Evan accidently moaned out which was meant to be a cry of pain.
"Stop!" Obviously he didnt hear a word he said because in seconds he threw Evan on the bed, he stood over him and covered him with his body while Evan cryed out in protest.

"85 million can replace our son James!" "No but it can replace our home, if everything goes according to plan someone will come and take him back and we will get a bigger profit. I have a word that he is still a virgin that will go far."
"You made our son a sex slave, do you understand that you sold him, along with his innocence!"

"Dont worry Evan will be well taken care of, but we might not see him again, i doubt if they will give Evan back!"

"Evan is now a peice of merchandie ready for anyone to buy him."
The pros and cons of breathing

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