The School For Sex

Jade opened her eyes, but the room was too dark to see.  She tried to move her arms, but they were bound above her head.  Not tight enough to cause pain, but enough to keep her immobile.  Could she move her legs?

"Damn!"  She was tied spread-eagled.  "What the hell happened?"  She tried to remember, but her head was foggy.  "The party.  The last thing I remember is the party."

The lights flashed on.  "Oh God!"  Looking down at herself, she saw that she was nude.  Standing in front of her was a somewhat familiar face, though she couldn't quite place him.  This really surprised Jade.  It wasn't like her to forget a man that sexy looking.

"Nice to see you awake."  His smile was dazzling.

"You want to clue me in to what's going on?"

"You don't remember?"

"Not a thing."

"Not surprising.  Saying you were wasted, would be an understatement."  He chuckled as he came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"God!  Look at those eyes."  She thought.  "That's it!  Those emerald green eyes."  She had met him at the party.  Mark?  No – Matt.  Matt with the eyes that made her wiggle in her seat.  He smiled as the look of recognition crossed her face.

"Starting to come back to you?"  He asked.

"Well, you are anyway."  Her voice softened.

"Do you remember our conversation about education?"  She shook her head.  "As I recall."  He said.  "Your idea was that teenage boys should be educated in the anatomy and pleasuring of women, while losing their virginity, so they would know how to make love to a woman from the start.  She smiled.  Jade knew her idea well.  She had always thought that early sexual experiences for the majority of women were lousy, because most young boys had absolutely no idea of what they were doing.

"A school for sex."  She said.

Matt nodded.  "And you said that you wanted to be the practice model, so I took it upon myself to put your plan into action.  To test out your theory."  Into the room stepped an adorable young boy.  "Jade, meet Brian.  A 18 year old virgin about to embark upon an adventure into unknown territory."

"You're not serious!"  Jade became agitated.  "OK, game's over.  Untie me."

"All in due time.  Brian, come over here."  Nervousness began to overtake Jade.

"Untie me or I'll scream!"

"I was hoping that you wouldn't chicken out on me, but this was your idea and I really think you should carry it through.  So if you scream, I'll just have to gag you and that won't be any fun.  Now just be quiet and I'll untie you when I feel you're ready."

"Fine, I won't scream.  But I won't cooperate either, and he's not going to learn much from an unresponsive woman."

Matt just smiled.  "Now Brian, first is the kiss."  Matt leaned over and gently put his mouth on hers.  Nothing – Jade remained motionless.  "OK," he said.  "We'll come back to the kiss.  Now I want you to feel the softness of her skin."  Matt took his hand and caressed her arm up to the shoulder.  Brian followed on the other arm. Their hands felt great, but she refused to let them know that.  "Next, bring your hands down to her breast."  Brian's touch was like a feather.  It was as if he was afraid she would break.  "Don't be shy." 
Matt said as he showed Brian how to tenderly knead them.

Jade didn't move a muscle, but her nipples started to harden and belied her actions.  Matt smiled, took her nipple, and squeezed it.  Brian followed suit.  Brian watched as Matt brought his mouth down to her breast and ran his tongue around her erect nipple, fascinated, as it grew even larger.  Jade trembled involuntarily.  He teased it with his tongue and the feeling went right between her legs.  Her breath quickened and it was all she could do to suppress a moan.  Matt sensed she was weakening and was curious to see how long she could maintain control.

He explained to Brian.  "Normally, your lover would be responding with pleasure by now, but since our beautiful Jade here refuses to give us the satisfaction of her enjoyment, we'll just have to continue and pretend that she likes all this attention.  Now it's your turn."  Brian bent down and sucked greedily.  "Don't just suck."  Matt explained.  "Use your tongue to play with her nipple."  Then he bent back down.  The sensation of both breasts being sucked was delicious.  Matt giving one nipple gentle bites while Brian was attempting to suck her entire breast into his mouth.  Jade knew she couldn't hold on much longer.

Matt removed his mouth and started kissing his way downward.  Slow, wet kisses moving down her stomach, making her head spin.  Brian didn't need instructions; he just followed Matt's lead.  This boy was definitely a fast learner and an excellent student.  Jade was unable to suppress a whimper.  Matt knew now was the time to take the next step.

"Now comes the most important lesson of all."  Said Matt as he smiled at the glistening dampness of Jade's skin.  "This, Brian, is a pussy and I want you to learn everything you can about it."  He spread her wide apart to show the boy her loveliness.

"It's so wet," breathed Brian.

"Look closely."  Said Matt.  "This is her clit.  Go ahead.  Touch it."  Jade's clit stiffened under his finger.  "Now feel every part of her pussy and notice how differently each part feels."  Jade's breathing was getting heavy and her fists were clenched.  She no longer was able to, nor did she want to, hold back and Matt knew it.  "Well," he said.  "It seems Jade meant it when she said she didn't want to do this, so I'd think we'd better stop."

"NO!"  Screamed Jade.  "Oh God!  Please don't stop."

"Now she's ready to be untied."  As Matt released her arms, she grabbed Brian's head and pushed it between her legs.

"Eat me."  She panted.  "Suck my pussy."

"Not so fast."  Said Matt.  "I want to you to take your time, to explore every inch of her pussy with your lips and tongue.  Pay attention to the way her body reacts to the different things you do to her."  Brian needed no further prompting.  His tongue found it's way in, and he delighted in the taste.  Jade grabbed Matt and brought his lips down on hers.  He kissed her hungrily, his tongue probing hers while his hands played with her tits.

Jade could take no more.  She broke the kiss with a scream.  Her hips bucked wildly as she pushed herself into Brian's mouth.  Her body shook.  Her juices flowed freely and Brian couldn't get enough.  He pushed his tongue up into her hole to drink all her sweetness.  Jade fell back on the bed, spent.

By now, Brian's cock was ready to explode.  He got on top of her and she guided him into her dripping pussy.  Jade gasped as he entered her.

"Easy."  She whispered.  "Take it slow."  But the feeling of Jade's hot pussy was too much for Brian's virgin cock.  He couldn't hold back.  His cock began to throb and then exploded.  His body shook with pleasure, and Jade tenderly pulled his face towards hers, giving him a long, slow kiss.  "Congratulations sweetheart.  You have just learned the basics of making love and Baby; you have got the potential to become a phenomenal lover.  Brian got up off her and sat down on the floor.  She knew she would have more of him later, but right now, she needed more fucking.  "Hey Matt."  She said.  "My pussy still needs more, so why don't you bring that big cock of yours over here."  Matt went over, untied her legs, and brought her onto the floor on her hands and knees.  He got behind her and shoved his cock hard into her still wet pussy.  "Your cock is so fucking big."  She said.  "That's it.  Fuck my pussy hard."  Matt rammed his hardness into her as he felt her body begging to tense.  As she came, her muscle contractions were so strong, Matt thought she would push his dick right out.  He kept pumping deeper and harder.  Jade came again and again, but she still wanted more.

She looked over at Brian, who had been watching the whole scene and whose cock was once again erect and ready to experience more pleasure.  "Come here sweetheart."  Brian walked over and put his beautiful young cock in her face.  She wanted to take her time and have him experience a teasingly slow and exquisite blowjob, but that would have to be saved for another time.  Right now she was hot and insatiable.  She greedily took his cock in her mouth and just swallowed.  She was sucking Brian just as fast and as hard as her pussy was being fucked.  She couldn't stop cumming.  Her juices were running down her legs, soaking Matt's balls.  She could feel Matt's cock throbbing inside her and she knew he was ready.  With one deep thrust he pulled her hips against him and came.  Jade could feel him pulsing, stretching her as he filled her pussy.  She took Brian's cock deeper into her throat and sucked until he also exploded.

Exhausted, they collapsed on top of each other.  Brian promptly fell asleep, while Matt held Jade in his arms and stroked her breast.  "Well, teach."  He said.  "I think our first lesson went real well."  She smiled playfully and smacked his leg.

"C'mon, get up," and she led the way into the kitchen.  Jade got 2 Coke's and handed one to Matt.

"You know."  He said.  "We could really have some fun with this.  And we would be doing a service for the men and women in this town."

"Of course.  Don't you think they should learn how to please a man?"  Jade looked up at him.
"You're serious, aren't you?"

"Weren't you?"  He asked.

"No…  Yes…I don't know."  He came around behind her and started kissing her neck.

"Just think of the pleasure you'll be giving and getting."

"Well," She mused.  "There is this real cute bag boy at the market…" 

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