The Seductress-Eileen

The Seductress-Eileen

Jacqueline LeClare, "Jackie" to her friends, stopped at the edge of the group of people massed around the swimming pool in the apartment complex. The notice left in her door had said it was an informal opportunity for the residents to meet each other, but she had no idea there would be this many people. But then Americans always are amazingly social with people that they may have never met before, she thought. Looking around, she decided to edge up a set of steps leading to the second floor of one of the buildings adjacent to the pool, to look the crowd over before plunging in.

About halfway up she stopped and turned and looked out over the crowd. Okay, from up here it wasn't quite as bad as from ground level, maybe only 50 to 60 people instead of the hundreds she had first visualized, but still a lot of people to meet. It looked to be a pretty typical crowd for an apartment complex like this, mainly 20 and 30 year old men and women, but with an occasional person (mostly men) who could be in their 40's or even 50's. As she stood gazing out on the crowd, a couple, probably in their late 20's or early 30's, brushed by her. "Sorry," the woman called after them as they hurried on down the stairs and into the crowd. Since they were both reasonably attractive and well-dressed, especially for an occasion like this, she followed them with her gaze. They went by the pool and up onto a small platform at the opposite end of the pool where there was a cluster of tables. That's when Jackie first saw her…a young redhead in a white sundress, probably 20 at most, at least 10 years younger than the man and woman who had just brushed by her as well as the other couple sitting at the table with them. Her instincts told her the redhead was the one she was looking for…She descended back to the ground, then slowly worked her way into the crowd, greeting each person and chatting for a minute or two with each of them.

It wasn't long before she had become the center of attention for three reasons. First, she was exceptionally beautiful, a veritable Venus. Her long black hair flowed down her shoulders and halfway down the back of the yellow sundress she was wearing. She was not as amply endowed as many of the women at the party, but the combination of her breast, waist, hip, and buttocks size were in such perfect proportion as to render her even more attractive than the other women. In addition, she had full red lips and bright blue eyes that twinkled as she smiled at everyone she greeted. Second, her voice was a tinkly set of chimes, perfectly pitched, that combined with her light French accent to fall like music on even the most deadened ear in the crowd. Finally, each person she talked to was made to feel like she was only there to see them, even if she spared each only a minute or two. The way she lightly touched each person, male or female, on the arm while talking to them with her twinkling eyes focused on each individual face made them feel like they were the only person she was aware of. Almost all of the men and more than half of the women fell a little in love with her on the spot. And when she left each person in turn, she would wrap her arms around them and give them a quick hug and a little kiss on the cheek before moving on to the next person, leaving a slightly dazed person behind her.

Eventually she reached her target, the table with the five people around it. A sixth chair appeared as if by magic when she approached, and she took her place at the table. One of the men leaned over towards her, "What would you like to drink, my dear?"

"I thought this was a non-drinking area, here by the pool, " she replied.

"When you own the property, you can break the rules as you like," he replied, then winced as he was elbowed by the woman sitting next to him. "Oh stop it, Bill. She's not going to be impressed that easily." The woman smiled and extended her hand to Jackie. "I'm Mary Osborne, and this tactless man is my husband Bill. We are the owners of the apartment complex, but the rules have been waived for everyone tonight. This is Cindy and Dave Wallace, old friends of ours since high school who are our business partners in this and some other ventures, and this is my niece Eileen O'Hara who has an apartment here too. Welcome to our little party."

"I'm Jacqueline LeClare. Since I just moved in two days ago, I'm glad to get this chance to meet some of my new neighbors."

"That's right," Mary replied. Turning to Bill, "Jacqueline is our new tenant in apartment 204. How do you like it here so far, Jacqueline?"

"Please, call me Jackie like all my friends do. I really haven't had much time to look around, I'm still finishing unpacking. Even though I have moved many times, I still find it takes me days to get settled in."

"Why have you moved so much?" Bill asked, earning himself another elbow from Mary. "Ignore him, please, Jackie, he asks more questions than a kid does."

Jackie laughed, "It's okay, I'm used to that question. I'm a free-lance writer and photo-journalist, travelling around from city to city and state to state, taking pictures and collecting stories for a book I'm trying to write about local bands, bar bands i guess you could call them. One of these days I'll finally settle down and pull all of it together, but for now I'm still collecting pictures and stories."

"Maybe while you're here, Eileen could show you around to a few of the local nightspots."

"That would be great, if you don't mind," as Jackie turned her attention to the up-to-now silent girl.

Eileen shrugged her shoulders. "Sure, it'd be something different to do."

"And maybe she'll put you in her book," Bill added, drawing an exasperated sigh from Mary and a laugh from Jackie. "Maybe I will at that. But now I need to go do some more unpacking, if you'll excuse me?"

"Of course, and maybe the six of us can get together for dinner soon, after you feel more settled," Mary replied.

"That would be wonderful," Jackie replied. Standing up, she moved from person to person, giving each of them a hug and a kiss on the cheek as they stood with her. When Jackie reached Eileen, she dragged a fingernail across the small of Eileen's back with her hug. Eileen, startled, turned her face directly towards Jackie (just as Jackie had planned) and their lips met for a few brief moments before Jackie stepped back. "Oops, sorry about that," she said to the slightly flushed girl, but with a twinkle in her eye that implied otherwise to a knowing observer. "And now I must go, but I'll see you soon." She turned away from the table and went over to the next table to say her goodbyes, before working her way back through the crowd, exchanging more hugs and kisses as she went.

Bill turned towards his niece, "Well, it looks like she really likes you, Eileen. Do you like her too?" As the embarrassed girl turned red, Mary gave Bill another sharp elbow. "You're just jealous she didn't kiss YOU on the lips," she said, and laughed along with Bill and Dave. Cindy didn't laugh, but a thoughtful expression passed over her face for a moment as she looked at Eileen out of the corner of her eye. She leaned over and gave Eileen's hand a squeeze. "Just ignore them, honey,"she said, "They're all worse than children."

Eileen pushed her chair back from the table. "I'm going back to my apartment," she said in a voice that sounded like she was about to burst into tears. As she hurried away, Cindy turned to the others. "You should all be ashamed of yourselves."

"We were just teasing her a bit, Cindy," Bill protested. "But I'll go apologize to her and see if she'll come back."

"No," both women said at the same time. Mary continued, "You can go apologize to her in the morning, just let her have some time to herself for now." The four of them continued to talk and drink, but every once in a while Cindy glanced in the direction that Eileen had gone with that same thoughtful look on her face…


Eileen let herself into her apartment, then went into the bathroom to splash water on her face. Even though it was only slightly flushed now, she felt like her cheeks were still burning. Her uncle surely couldn't know how close his comment had struck to her heart. Surely he couldn't tell that her lips had been starting to respond to Jackie's lips when Jackie stepped away. "I'm no lesbian," she thought furiously, but she remembered how soft Jackie's lips had been against hers and she was disturbed by the thought. She paced back and forth, then decided she would go to Jackie's apartment to apologize, forgetting in her confusion that Jackie had triggered the movement of her head in the first place. Shutting off her light, she left her apartment to go over to Jackie's apartment…


Jackie moved around her living room, tidying up quickly, then putting on some soft music and spraying a little perfume into the air. The group at her table had no way of knowing, but she had intentionally set out to kiss Eileen like that. She had been seduced by a neighbor girl when she was 14 and had had her first sex with a boy shortly thereafter. In the 16 years since then, she had actively seduced over a thousand men and women, although for the last 10 years she had mainly concentrated on women, probably 95% of the time. Men were just too easy to seduce, she thought, and she enjoyed the challenge of the seduction as much as she enjoyed the sex that went along with it. If she had played her cards right tonight, there should be a knock on her door just about now…and there it was. Moving over to the door, she peeked through the peephole and there she was…Eileen, the target of tonight's seduction.

"Oh, hello, Eileen. I didn't expect to see you here tonight. What can I do for you?", while making no move to invite her in.

"Can I come in to talk?"

"Well, I'm a little busy right now, but I guess it will be all right. Just excuse the mess," as she stepped out of the doorway to let Eileen in, then closed the door behind her quietly and locked it. "What did you want to talk about?"

Eileen blushed, "Could we sit down, and could I get something to drink?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, where are my manners? Go ahead and have a seat on the couch. I was about to have a glass of wine. Would you like some?"

"Yes, that would be fine." Eileen walked over to the couch and sat down. Jackie looked at her for a moment and she blushed again. As Jackie went into the kitchen, she was already smiling inside. "I've got her," she thought to herself as she poured two glasses of wine from a bottle in the refrigerator. "But I'm going to let her seduce me instead." She walked back to the living room and handed a glass to Eileen, then stood in front of her.

Eileen took a large drink from the glass, then lowered it. It trembled in her hand as she looked around for a place to set it down. "Hey, take it easy on that," Jackie warned her. "It can go to your head pretty quick." Eileen lifted the glass again and gulped down the rest of it.

"Could I get a little more, please?"

"Yes, but take it easy, okay? I don't have to go anywhere tonight and you don't have to either, so you don't have to drink it that fast." She went back to the kitchen and refilled Eileen's glass before returning to hand it to her. This time, Eileen took a small sip before looking around again. "Is there someplace I can put this down?"

"There should be a coaster on the endtable beside you. You can set it there. Now what did you want to talk about?"

"Oh, sorry. I'm a little nervous coming here." She laughed shakily as she set her glass down. "Could you sit down so I don't have to talk up to you?"

"Of course." Jackie stepped forward and set down on the couch a couple of feet away from Eileen. She turned to face her, drawing one leg up under her cat-like as she faced the girl. Eileen moved to face her, the blush returning to her face.

"I…I wanted to apologize for kissing you on the lips like that. It was an accident, I swear."

Jackie laughed gently. "Is that what you are so nervous about? It was just a little kiss on the lips."

"I just didn't want you to think I was making a pass at you. They were teasing me about it after you left, Bill and Mary and Dave, like we were a couple of… a couple of…"

"Lesbians? Is that what you are trying to say?"

Her face brick-red now, Eileen nodded her head. Jackie reached out and took her hand. "Just because we kissed for a few moments doesn't make us lesbians. Lots of women kiss all the time and it's just a kiss. Kiss me again and I'll show you."

"No, I can't…"

"It's okay, Eileen, it'll be just a simple kiss. I'm as straight as you are, and there's no harm to it. Now kiss me," as she leaned towards the blushing girl. Eileen leaned towards her, and their lips met in a quick peck before Eileen leaned back, her lips trembling.

"Now what kind of kiss was that, Eileen? Is that how you kiss your boyfriends? Come on and kiss me the right way. No one will ever know…" She leaned forward again, squeezing Eileen's hand gently. Eileen closed her eyes, then leaned forward again to meet Jackie's lips in a longer kiss. After a few seconds, her lips softened and begin to move over Jackie's still lips. About fifteen seconds later, her eyes flew open, then she leaned back.

"You've go to try too," she accused Jackie. "That was like I was kissing a stone statue. Now kiss me again."

Jackie smiled to herself at Eileen taking over as the aggressor. "Perfect," she thought, "Now she'll drive the seduction from here." "Like a statue? I thought you were afraid to kiss me, that you would be a lesbian if you did?"

"You're right, a kiss is just a kiss sometimes. Now kiss me again." She leaned forward, and Jackie leaned forward to meet her lips. This time she let her lips soften after a few seconds, their lips moving gently together. After almost a minute, Jackie broke the kiss off by leaning back, a slight smile on her face. "Was that better?" she asked softly.

"Oh God yes, that was much better. I didn't know a kiss could be tender…did you like it too?"

Jackie shrugged, "It was okay, I guess…"

"Only okay? Then how about this?" as Eileen leaned forward, this time cupping Jackie's face between her hands as their lips met again. As Jackie's lips moved with hers, she opened her mouth slightly and pushed the tip of her tongue out to slip back and forth along Jackie's lips. Jackie made a token show of resistance, then let her lips part. Eileen slipped her tongue between Jackie's slightly trembling lips, then stopped for a moment. As Jackie's hands came up to cup the back of Eileen's head and pull their mouths together more tightly, Eileen pushed her tongue into Jackie's mouth and began exploring the wet warmth inside. She teased her tongue lightly around Jackie's, making her draw in a sharp breath from Eileen's mouth. "I can't believe how sweet she tastes", Eileen thought as her tongue continued its exploration of Jackie's mouth.

After a couple of minutes, she leaned back again, panting slightly. "Was that better than okay?"

Jackie nodded her head, "Yes, and I can tell you liked it a lot." She looked down at Eileen's chest, where her nipples were poking out against the top of her sundress and smiled. Eileen followed her gaze down, then grinned guiltily, "Okay, you got me…" Looking over at Jackie's chest, she frowned slightly when she saw that Jackie's nipples weren't showing. Pouting, she asked, "Didn't you like it? Your nipples aren't showing like mine are."

Jackie looked down too, "That's funny, usually they stick out more than an inch when they get hard. It drives the guys crazy when they see them…"

Eileen thought to herself, "More than an inch? I've got to see that…" and with that thought, the last remnants of her resistance to what they were doing disappeared. Leaning forward again, she molded her mouth to Jackie's again, no longer bothering to ask if it was okay. She pushed her tongue into Jackie's mouth again, and this time Jackie pushed her tongue back into Eileen's mouth. As their tongues began a slow erotic dance together, Eileen raised her right hand to cup Jackie's left breast. Jackie tried to push it away, but Eileen persisted until Jackie relented, her hand resting over Eileen's as she squeezed the small but firm breast gently. She could feel Jackie's heart beating fast, then felt Jackie gasp again when she moved her hand to slide it under the thin dress and cup her bare right breast. She only had time to feel the hardened nipple drag across her palm once before Jackie pulled her hand away and leaned back, breaking their kiss.

"Eileen, I don't know…", she began before Eileen laid a quieting finger on her lips.

"Shhhhh, it's okay, no one will ever know." She looked deeply into Jackie's eyes, then leaning forward again, she kissed Jackie's trembling lips again. As Jackie's lips responded to her kiss, she ran her hands behind Jackie's neck and quickly untied the top of her sundress. Placing her hands on Jackie's shoulders but never breaking the kiss, she lowered Jackie to the couch while her fingers slipped the front of the sundress down, exposing her breasts and the hardening nipples mounted on them. She broke the kiss off and lifted her head up a few inches, gazing deeply into Jackie's eyes, before plunging her head down to wrap her lips around Jackie's right nipple.

AS Eileen's lips closed around the hardening nipple, she was surprised to find that it was both hard and yet rubbery at the same time, not unlike the head of an erect penis. But there was no salty taste, just a sweet taste, "A taste of strawberries?" she thought, not knowing that Jackie had rubbed a little juice onto her nipples in expectation of this moment. She swirled her tongue around, still trying to decide if her sense of taste was fooling her. As her tongue pushed against the stiff nub, it bent over, then sprang back against her tongue when she moved her tongue back. Delighted at this, she started flicking the nipple back and forth, eliciting a moan from Jackie. "Suck on it, baby," she moaned, and Eileen hurried to comply.

Eileen sucked gently at the nipple as her hand cupped Jackie's breast, pulling it upwards to her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the hardened nipple again and Jackie moaned, then moaned again even harder as Eileen gave it a little nip with her teeth. She arched her back, presenting her breast more fully to Eileen's warm wet mouth. She ran her tongue over her suddenly dry lips, her gasps and moans spurring Eileen on as she continued to lick and suck at Jackie's breast. After a few minutes, Eileen kissed her way across Jackie's chest to her left breast, then resumed licking and sucking until she brought that nipple up the same quivering hardness as the other.

Jackie was quivering with delight as her mind drifted back to the night so long ago when an older woman named Lori had shown her the difference between just having sex and making love. Lori had also started just like this, with long soft kisses in a slow rhythm that had inflamed her senses like never before. She drifted along in a dreamy reverie as Eileen continued making love to her breasts.

Sensing that she could now do whatever she wanted, Eileen wanted more but was unsure how to proceed. She tried to move her hand between Jackie's legs, but her own body was in the way. She reluctantly lifted her head from Jackie's breast, causing her to moan out,"Noooooo, don't stop." Eileen leaned forward and kissed her lips gently, "In a minute, baby," she whispered back as she slid off the couch to kneel on the floor beside Jackie.

"Yes, this is will work better," she thought as she lowered her mouth to the firm-peaked breast in front of her, at the same time laying her hand on the inside of Jackie's right thigh. "Her skin is so warm, so velvety soft," she thought as she began stroking her fingertips up and down the creamy skin. With each stroke she drew ever closer to the panty-covered mound still hidden under the yellow skirt.

Jackie was trembling inside, about to be driven mad by the cool fingertips that were sending bolts of heat up her legs and into her pussy. "If she doesn't touch me soon, I'm going to scream," she thought. But she restrained from reaching down to grab Eileen's hand to hurry her up, she had to let Eileen move at her own pace. She bit down on her lower lip to hold her cry of frustration in as the side of Eileen's fingertips brushed against her panties, then slid away again.

From that briefest of contacts, Eileen was shaken at the heat of Jackie's pussy through the damp silk. "I've never been that hot before," she thought, but she also felt a thrill in knowing that she could so thoroughly arouse Jackie. Lifting her head from Jackie's breast, she kissed Jackie again, and as their tongues wrapped together in another passionate kiss, she moved her hand to cup Jackie's mound through her panties.

"Ohhhhhhh yes that's nice, not like a man at all," Eileen thought, "Instead of a hard hot rod, it's like a pool of hot fire." As she slid her fingers lower, "no balls either…" She ran her fingers lightly up and down Jackie's mound, gathering herself for the next step. She drew her fingers back up to Jackie's stomach, then pushed them under the waistband as she started back down again. A small patch of curly hair tickled her fingertips, then her fingers were sliding between Jackie's puffy lips. Jackie moaned against her mouth as Eileen stroked down to her tight hole, circled it lightly, then slid her fingers back up again. With each stroke of Eileen's fingers, her pussy lips swelled and opened further. After several strokes, Eileen added a light rub over Jackie's clit to her stroking rhythm. As Jackie's arousal grew, Eileen stopped her stroking for a moment and pulled her mouth back from Jackie's.

"Ohhhhhhhh Godddd, don't stop now," Jackie gasped out, "I'm almost there." Eileen smiled down at her, "I won't baby." She ran her fingers back down Jackie's lips one more time, then pushed slowly against the tight hole with her right index finger. Her fingertip slipped in and Jackie bit down on her lip again to keep from crying out with sheer delight.

"This feel like when I've fingered myself, but different too," ran through Eileen's mind as her finger probed deeper into Jackie. Her finger felt like it was being swallowed up by hot oil as she inserted it as deeply as she could. She gave it a little wiggle, then started sliding it back out. Jackie's muscles were gripping tightly at her finger, not wanting it to leave. After a couple of strokes she stopped, "I've got to get these panties out of the way." She slipped her hand out of Jackie's panties, drawing another groan from Jackie, before pulling them to one side with her left hand, then plunging her finger back into Jackie.

She fell into a slow stroking rhythm, her finger slipping in and out like a well-oiled piston as Jackie began thrusting her hips up to meet Eileen's finger. She moaned and gasped, no longer caring if the whole world heard her, only wanting this feeling to go on and on. Her orgasm was building rapidly when Eileen pulled her finger out.

"Nooooooooo," she heard herself moaning, as if from a great distance, then she felt Eileen's lips crushed against hers again in a quick kiss, before moving to kiss both her breasts again. She felt Eileen's warm breath move downwards across her rib cage, then disappear. Eileen's hands moved to the waistband of her panties, and she reflexively lifted her hips as the hands tugged them down in one smooth motion.

Eileen leaned in to peer at the fully aroused pussy spread front of her. "I did that?" as she looked at the fully open puffy pink lips, glistening with the juices of Jackie's arousal. She moved her face closer, taking in a deep breath. "More seductive than any exotic perfume," she thought as she took another deep breath. She stuck her tongue out, then made a long slow lick tentatively up the pink flower in front of her. Jackie shuddered, a small orgasm sweeping through her at the first touch of Eileen's tongue. "Sweeter than any wine," Eileen thought, "I should have tried this long ago."

She explored Jackie's pussy slowly, her tongue daintily caressing every fold and crevice as she ran it up and down. Jackie's moans and gasps were like the sweetest music in her ears as she continued to lick up every drop oozing from Jackie's pussy. Jackie's moans deepened as Eileen's hungry lips danced up to her clit, wrapping around it gently. She started sucking at it, her lips literally pulling Jackie's hips up off the couch. As Jackie's cries of pleasure intensified, she pushed her finger back into Jackie's tight hole again. Bending her finger slightly, she felt around, "Ahhhhhhh there it is" as she felt the slightly ridged muscles of Jackie's g-spot under her fingertip. She stroked back and forth across it as she sucked harder at the stiffened nub between her lips. A few seconds and Jackie stiffened against her as a huge orgasm crashed through her trembling body, her body arching up in a stiff bow before collapsing back onto the couch. She cried out and fainted….


She awoke to Eileen's tears falling on her face, Eileen's lips kissing her frantically as she begged her to wake up. Lifting her head shakily, she said, "I'm okay, baby, I'm okay. I just wasn't expecting anything like that." She wrapped her arms her arms around Eileen and pulled her down to give her a long tender kiss. "You're fantastic, so much better than I dreamed." She kissed Eileen again, "Just let me catch my breath a minute." The two lovers lay on the couch, arms wrapped around each other as they continued their soft kisses.

"Okay, baby, now it's your turn," Jackie said as their lips parted again. "But let's go to my bedroom where we'll be more comfortable." They rose, and hand in hand they walked into the bedroom, exchanging kisses as they went, the door swinging shut behind them as Jackie stretched out her free hand to pull on it as they went by…..

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