The Show

She was laying on her back on the bed. Hands and feet tied to the wrought iron bed posts so that she was spread eagle and exposed. Naked except for a blindfold he had left her there for some 15 minutes, her anticipation growing to a fevered pitch as she waited and imagined.

When his hands caressed her naked flesh she almost screamed, having caught her off guard it was like electricity coursing over her. He was not gentle but nor was he rough. As he grabbed and felt and pinched and caressed, he was simple enjoying himself. She moaned at the pure way he used her body for his pleasure. There was no ceremony, he simply reached out and took.

As his fingers explored her inner folds of her pussy, he was checking her for wetness. He murmured approval at how wet his pussy was and she grinned. Yes, his pussy, and it was dripping wet for him. His finger tip flicked over her clit and she groaned and felt a tiny climax ripple through her.

He became more intent, exploring his pussy with two fingers, sliding them deep into her and wiggling them. She gasped and couldn't breathe for a second until he stopped. The sensation so intense it made her mind stop thinking and her body release control. He laughed and took his fingers out of her and from the sucking sounds, he was tasting her and enjoyed it.

As she waited she heard him move down and around until he was standing on the other side of her. She could feel his presence there next to her, like a big area of warmth in her soul. His pussy was dripping down the crack of his ass and she almost giggled at the tickle. She didn't however, she was such a good girl, she stayed quiet for him.

When his fingers smacked her clit, flat and hard, the popping sound and sudden sting made her yelp. The second spank brought nearly the same reaction from her. It hurt so good as he paddled his pussy, the wet cum splattering off her. Her body quivered as another climax shook her.

Then he stopped and was silent. He was still there, she knew that, she could still feel him, but he was totally silent. Then his fingers spread her open roughly and felt around inside her. He withdrew them quickly and then they were back.

Again and again he dipped his fingers into her and again and again he stopped. It was frustrating and yet erotic. He was just using her and that thought made her get even wetter then before. Finally he stuck them in and rubbed them all around and pulled them out and didn't touch her again.

She had no idea what he was doing until she felt the weight of him climbing onto the bed. Then the weight of a leg on either side of her head gave her a clue. His feet were on her chest and he was kneeling down, straddling her face. She heard the sound almost like slapping and knew it was his hand on his own cock. Grabbing her mouth he pulled it open and then pulled her tongue out. She stayed exactly as he posed her, tongue out, waiting.

She felt his shaved balls brush against her tongue several times as he rocked back and forth, tickling his balls with her. He pulled down her blind fold so that she could look up and see his hand on his cock, stroking himself inches from her eyes. He rubbed his balls across her tongue again and moaned, a tiny drop of precum appearing on the head.

He paused his stroking long enough to take the precum on his finger and then rub it on her cheek. He laughed and started jacking off faster. her pussy was dripping wet, she was so entranced by the show, she had to remind herself to blink.

Faster and faster he jacked off over her face, the sound like applause now as he got closer and closer to cumming. He slid forward slightly and began to tickle his asshole with her tongue. His balls rested on her nose as he swiveled his hips to give himself a tongue job with her.

She was moaning along with him as he got closer to cumming, watching the first drips coating his fingers along with her cum that he had used for lubrication. He was covered in her juices as he jacked off, she could smell his pussy all over his cock.

That thought was almost physical to her, almost like knowing what he had been doing penetrated her and fucked her in time with his stroking. She was moaning a constantly deep moan now and felt his pussy aching, getting close to cumming. She didn't understand it, nothing was touching her but she felt it all, felt herself building to orgasm.

He shoved his ass down and forced her tongue into his asshole and started to growl as his cock began to shoot a spray of cum into the air. He stroked harder and faster and growled savagely as the cum showered her face and head as it fell back out of the air.

Still stroking fast and hard he reached back and spanked his pussy again and then slid two fingers into it. Growling and stroking he pumped more cum out and it drizzled down onto her face.

"Cummmmmmmm" he growled and she could not resist. She screamed and his pussy sucked his fingers hard and she came.

The orgasm was a surprise and ripped through her body like a wild fire. His fingers kept fucking her and intensifying it until she was screaming and thrashing against her ties. Covered in his cum, she felt her own cum puddeling under her ass, a big wet puddle that grew and grew. Finally she felt the last waves wash over her and she was able to breathe again. She felt him next to her…gently caressing her as she came down.

She looked at him and he leaned over and kissed her. She loved the taste of herself in his kiss as his tongue slid into her mouth. She moaned and tried to lift her head to kiss him harder but he pulled away and chuckled.

Bye bye." He said and pulled the blindfold back up over her eyes and she was in darkness again. She felt him leave the bed and then silence. She waited in silence, on her back, spread eagle.

Hands and feet tied to the wrought iron bed posts so that she was spread eagle and exposed. Naked except for a blindfold he had left her there for some 15 minutes, her anticipation growing to a fevered pitch as she waited and imagined.

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