The Slaver Gets His Wish Chapter 6

The Slaver Gets His Wish Chapter 6

The Slaver Gets his Wish Chapter 6
The Outing; Dinner and beyond

Once again, banshee was between Loreena’s legs, but now Loreena had her panties pulled to one side of her vulva, and banshee was gently licking her. “Yes, darling, stick your tongue inside me…that’s nice. Now don’t forget my clit, it needs a little kiss.” Loreena arched her back as banshee sucked her clitoris. banshee’s hands stroked the inside of Loreena’s thighs. They were both moaning pretty good.

“Okay, lick harder and faster…”Loreena instructed, and banshee did as she was ordered. It wasn’t long before Loreena ground her pussy into banshee’s face, Loreena had one hand bracing her on the seat, and she held banshees face between her legs with the other. “AHHHH, FUCK YEAH! YEAH YEAH YEAH,
“Loreena came long and hard. Finally, she let banshee come up for air. banshee gasped, wiping Loreena’s juices from her lips with a washcloth I handed to her.

After Loreena had a moment to compose herself, she pulled makeup out of her tiny handbag. “Let me fix you up.” Loreena lovingly returned her makeup back to the way it was before banshee had sucked off Oliver and her Uncle Joey and given Loreena a little satisfaction as well. Soon, we pulled into the parking lot of a high end restaurant. Everyone in the parking lot gawked at the pink limousine we were riding in.

Inside, the hostess looked us up and down, knowing our destination just by the girl’s outfits, but she waited for me to give her the passphrase. “I hear your wine selection is exquisite.”

“Would you like to tour the cellar?” Counter phrase.

“Do you have Amontillado?”

“Why, yes sir, we do, right this way.”

Loreena had been here before, but never as a trainer. banshee’s eyes went wide when we were led to a cleverly concealed antechamber between the last booth and the kitchen. The hostess pulled out a proximity card and swiped it in front of a sensor that had been camouflaged as part of the brickwork. The wall seemed to break in two, and there was a stairwell leading down to the cellar of the restaurant.

“Enjoy yourselves,” the hostess said as we started down the stairs.

It was a Saturday, so of course the place was hopping. The smell of sex permeated the air, almost as heady as the smell of good food. There was another greeter at the foot of the stairs. A little older than Loreena, but still fine looking, she was chained to the ceiling and floor, allowing her to be assaulted from any angle. Her breasts were raked with red marks. She was spread eagled, and someone had lodged a rather large plug in her cunt, held in place by rawhide cleverly tied to the inside of her left leg. Her dyed purple hair was in a pony tail that had been tied to an o-ring over her head, forcing her to stare at the ground.

“my Master has instructed me to greet you. i am jem. You are welcome here at the cellar. Would you like to hurt me before entering the party room?” It was customary to hurt the greeter slave, a show of dominance. Loreena hardly hesitated, reaching out for jem’s left nipple. She squeezed it as hard as she could, pulling at jem until her breast turned a bright red.

“thank you, mistress,” jem said through the pain.

“banshee, bite her other titty,” Loreena ordered. banshee took the other slave’s nipple in her mouth and nipped it. Loreena gave the back of her head a good swat with the ruler. “Hurt her!”

she bit down in earnest and jem winced. While they were busy torturing her tits, I investigated her asshole. So far, if it had been violated tonight, it didn’t show. I inserted a finger dry…she relented. Soon I was fucking her ass with three fingers and no lube. I grew bored after a bit and looked around for some tools. There was a toy box near the door to the party room. I dug around until I found rusty railroad spike. Curious.

Loreena had banshee biting jem’s clitoris now while she continued to amuse herself by slapping jem’s bright red tits back and forth. “Do you like that, jem?” Loreena asked viciously.

“Yes, mistress, hurt me some more.” she requested through clenched teeth.

I pulled out my cock and forced some piss through my hard on onto the railroad spike. Lubed with my piss, I put the blunt end against her asshole. “I know you can’t see this, slave, but I just pissed on a railroad spike, and I’m about to put it in your asshole,” I whispered in her ear.

“Yesssss, please,” she hissed. I didn’t bother working it in easy, I just shoved. her body shuddered in pain. The railroad spike disappeared into her rectum. I was sure some other imaginative Master would enjoy retrieving it with forceps. My fingers came away with a little blood where the spike had ripped her sphincter.

“Here, lick your blood off of my fingers,” I told her, shoving my fingers into her mouth. She suckled at them.

“I think we’ve done enough damage,” I estimated. “Let’s get to the main event.” You could see the palpable fear on banshee’s face. If we could be so cruel to the greeter slave, then how bad was it going to be for her? At this point, I was really curious about her behavior at the boutique, so I wanted her fear to be palpable. Then, maybe we could get the truth out of her.

Beyond the heavy oak doors was the party room. I had picked a great night for us to attend. The centerpiece was amazing. Four girls, not one of them could have been over fourteen, had been lashed together with bondage tape. Someone had gone through the trouble of finding four slaves so alike in looks that they could have been quintuplets. They were inverted and suspended, their legs spread wide, lashed ankle to ankle and wrist to wrist so that they formed a sort of human box. They had been gagged and blindfolded. In neat calligraphy across each ones stomach was a description of a fondue dip. Upon closer inspection, I realized stainless steel cups, five inches in diameter, had been forced into their pussies and the dip was in these cups. Specially designed steel plates, I could only assume welded to steel butt plugs, held the food that was to be dipped in the fondue.

Two were savory, vegetables and a Swiss cheese dip, table crackers to be dipped in spinach dip. The other two offerings were sweet, strawberries and milk chocolate, and lady fingers paired with caramel. It was a work of functional and very sexy art.

Loreena took a strawberry, dipping it into the chocolate in the slave’s pussy. “Mmmmm, the strawberries are really sweet!”

Two slaves were going from table to table, making mixed drinks. One of the slaves knelt on a cart that held all of the drink makings underneath. Her rectum was being used as the shaker. I watched as they made a daiquiri. The slave taking the order poured the non-alcoholic ingredients into a funnel in the other slave’s asshole, whom then shook her ass. When she was satisfied that the drink was well mixed, she knelt upright playing with her own tits as the other slave put a glass under her asshole. They were very good at their job, not one drop was spilled. Rum was then added to the drink and given to the customer. I was going to have a pappa doble.

“J, how are you?” Lorne came over and shook my hand. He left his slave at his table. He had been eating off of her.

“I’m good, Lorne,” I said.

“Training a pair?” he asked.

“It’s a little more complicated than that,” I said. “Can we talk later?”

“Oh, yeah, good seeing you.” Lorne went back to his meal.

We found our table near the back of the room. Being in these surroundings, with my peers and their slaves, I forgot myself for a moment and started to remove banshee’s clothes without asking Loreena. “J.” she admonished.

“Oh, yeah,” I said, stepping away from the slave. She handed me banshee’s clothes and I hung them up.

For the first time in her life, banshee stood naked before a room full of onlookers. There was more than one pair of eyes staring at her luscious young body. Loreena produced a tube of lipstick, and, kneeling in front of banshee, she very deliberately made a large V on banshee’s belly, the bottom tip of which barely touched the top of her slit. There were a few gasps, and the people that hadn’t been staring were now.

Tears formed in banshee’s eyes. Humiliation? Fear? Good.

“Get on the table,” Loreena ordered. banshee first made the attempt to back up and lay down, but Loreena swatted her ass.

“No, crawl up onto it. These people want to see what’s between your legs.” Loreena instructed. Good little slave that she was, and despite shaking in fear, banshee did just that. Once she was on the table on all fours, Loreena made her spread her legs, then her pussy lips. A few people came over to examine her. They all congratulated me.

“Fine specimen.”

“That’ll fetch a few million,” Lorne remarked when he came over to look at banshee’s hymen.

Nobody made comment about the nature of our three way relationship, and all questions and remarks were directed at me. That was good. Respect was hard to come by.

Finally, the inspection was over, and Loreena and I at opposite each other.

“On your back, now, slave. But keep your legs spread,” Loreena told her.

Soon, food came by, served dim sum by a slave that had been covered in latex except for her head. I took a small plate of dolmas and a serving of spanikopita. Loreena started with a caesar salad. The drink mixers were about to come by when a slave came running up to our table. She was a petite thing, with bleach blond hair that had been slicked back with cum, most likely.

she knelt. “my master sent me over with a message.” she addressed me.

“Speak,” I allowed. Loreena was about to get huffy, I could tell.

“my master wants me to tell you that loreena shouldn’t be training the new one.”

“Oh? Why not?” Loreena asked sternly.

The slave wouldn’t acknowledge her.

“Okay, why not,” I asked finally.

“my master wants me to tell you that loreena’s Master isn’t dead. my Master says that since he is still alive, she is still a slave. she cannot be training if she isn’t free.”

Astonished, I looked at loreena.

“….uh, uh, I thought he was dead….” was all she could offer.

To be continued.

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