The Slaver Gets His Wish Chapter 7

The Slaver Gets His Wish Chapter 7

The Slaver Gets His Wish Chapter 7

Loreena is returned to training.

Karl brought over his blackberry. “Here, Abdul is on the line.”

“Hello?” I said into the cell phone.

“J! I hear you have my property!”

“Where are you?” I asked.

“I was in Afghanistan. But now I’m in back in Dubai.”

“Rumor has it the Pakistani Army took you and your Taliban buddies out,” I said. “loreena told me she had to suck off an entire US Army platoon to get back to the States.”

“Tell me, J, have you ever had to…how do you people put it…’lie low’?”

“I suppose I have. So, we have a little bit of a dilemma, don’t we?” I pointed out.

“What is that? she’s bought and paid for!”

“she’s been living free for the last year and a half. I’m not sure her will is in the state you want it in. she’s become quite the defiant one lately.” loreena went red with rage.

“How dare you!” she started to hiss at me over banshee’s prostate body.

“Can you hold the line, Abdul?” I asked.

“Of course, J.”

Karl was wearing a coiled whip. I pointed to it. “Do you mind?”

He smiled savagely. “Of course not,” We exchanged the Blackberry and the whip.

“loreena, strip,” I ordered. Her lip quivered as she stood up from the table. There was a hitching post with handcuffs about ten feet from our table. she disrobed, tears coming to her eyes. I snatched the schoolmarm glasses from her face and spat in her eyes. “How dare you assume your Master is dead without proof.” I grabbed her wrist and hauled her over to the hitching post.

I handcuffed her in place and unfurled the whip. “Karl can you put Abdul on speaker so he can hear this?”

“Yeah,” he clicked a button on his Blackberry.


“I can hear you J.” he answered.

“One for every month, week or day, Abdul?”

“Oh, I think one for every day I was in hiding might kill her. How about one for every week?”

loreena’s eyes went mad with fear as she calculated in her head. Seventy-nine. she wouldn’t be any good to anyone for at least a week.

“You can’t…” she pleaded.

“Count them out, cunt,” I ordered. I put all my muscle into the first lashing, making the whip crack violently as it cut into her right ass cheek.

“whwhwhwh …” Blood leaked from the wound running into her ass crack.

The second was just as hard, this time her left ass cheek.


The next three came in rapid succession, and she finally screamed.

“loreena, you disappoint me,” I told her. “My slaves don’t scream unless told to do so.” I could hear Abdul chuckling from Dubai.

I whipped her another fourteen times before my arm needed a break.

“Sixty left. Who’s next?”

“I’ll take a turn,” Karl offered. Lorne came over.

“I’m after him.” Lorne staked his spot.

Garrett was one of the biggest guys I had ever known. His mother had been Kenyan, and his skin was that rich ebony of true African lineage. His voice was an avalanche rumble as he sauntered over “I’m after Lorne,” he announced.

“Okay, that’s enough, fifteen each, I’ll take the last fifteen. Go to it.” I said.

It was Karl’s whip, so he knew how to make it sing. Every strike was in a new spot, each drew the exact same triangular wound, every wound bled. Unbelievably, loreena was still counting them out.

What Lorne lacked in finesse, he made up for in imagination. “Okay, slave, time for tits.”

“noooo….please,” she begged even as she turned, knowing that to disobey could add up to additional
lashings. Lorne lashed each of her boobs five times. Her nipples stood at attention as though desiring the touch of the lash. She counted those out, too.

“Okay, spread em, slave,” Lorne ordered. she couldn’t do it, she collapsed, dangling from the cuffs. Lorne looked at Karl, who in turn looked at his slave girl, who was still kneeling by the table where banshee lay.

“Go spread her legs for her, sprite.” He ordered. sprite rushed over to the post and pulled loreena’s legs apart as well as she could. Once she was out of the way, Lorne flicked out the last five underhanded, aimed at her pussy. she jumped as each lashing bit into her sex, but she was beyond counting.

Lorne gave the whip over to Garrett, but before he could start, I told him “Wait.”

I approached her and lifted her chin. Her breathing was ragged. I pulled out my cock, and aimed the head of it at her face. She woke as soon as the torrent of piss hit her nostrils and mouth. I pissed all over her face and tits, and she recovered enough to stand to get her weight off of her bleeding wrists.

I cupped my hand and finished peeing in it. “Open” I told her.

she opened her mouth, and I poured the piss in. “Drink.” she swallowed.

“Okay, Garret, go for it,” I said, not really sure if this was going to kill her.

Garrett didn’t care about anything but wounding virgin flesh, so he concentrated his blows on her arms and legs. Each crack of the whip caused her to shudder in pain, but she no longer made any noise as he laid three stripes on each arm, four on her left thigh, and five on her right.

Garrett handed me the whip.

“Abdul, this lashing really belongs to you. I’m not sure she can take much more. What do you want me to do,” I asked Karl’s Blackberry.

“Finish it. If you kill her, I’ll buy that cute little one you’re training now,” Abdul said with disdain.

I think that statement saved loreena’s life. I was still hesitant about parting with banshee. I turned loreena around and finished the punishment on her back, but my strikes weren’t even close to the same as the first nineteen I had administered.

“You going soft, J?” Lorne asked.

“I need to work out more, my arm is out of shape,” I lied.

“Abdul, let me put her through a ‘refresher’ course, and I’ll have her back to you mid-summer, sound good?” I offered.

“That’s fine, J. I don’t suppose you have a loaner?”

I laughed. “No, sorry Abdul, no loaner.”

“I’ll be in touch,” he said. The Blackberry went dark.

I took loreena off the hitching post. The cellar has a standing nursing staff, and two women came over to take her.

“I predict she’ll need to recover for at least a week and a half.” One of them said as she looked her over, injecting her with some antibiotics and morphine. A gurney was brought over, and I picked up loreena and put her on it.

“Deliver her to my house when she’s recovered,” I instructed. The other nurse had me sign some forms promising payment, and then they took loreena away.

Back at the table, I sat, taking banshee’s hand in mine.

“May I speak?”

“Yes,” I said

“Is she going to be okay?”

“Yes,” I said.

“I’m scared,” she stated.

“You should be,” I returned.

“But i’m glad i’m yours again.”

I smiled.

To be continued…

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