The Teacher Chapter 1

The Teacher Chapter 1

The Teacher
Her hair was blonde and cut to her neck; her eyes were the coolest blue. Her form was that of an angel and he loved her so, his only problem was that she was his English and drama teacher. He had always had a place in his heart for Miss Denver. The way she laughed gave him a warm feeling inside. The passion that she put into her teaching and her charity work made him love her even more. However she was a teacher and he was a boy in the 5th form, how would he ever let her know? He sighed and stood up to go to French probably his least favourite lesson.
As he sat through an hour and a half of his French teacher moaning on about the subjunctive clause he started to drift off and dream about her……. He was in her room in the English block alone when she entered, “Fed” she said “I want you know” he grinned and embraced her and their lips met”……. “Mr Philips can you tell me what this construction is?” said Mr Scurvy the French teacher snapping Fred out of his daydream, he sighed and answered.
Later that day Fred walked into triple English and eagerly awaited the arrival of Miss Denver. When she walked in he was once again under the spell of love. All through the lesson he listened to her beautiful voice as it so artfully lead them to learn more about the poems of such crap poets as William Wordsworth. Never mind how bad the poets were, all he cared for was miss sitting at the front of the class her small but beautiful breasts completing her perfect though petite frame. At the end of the lesson he regretfully left for home, leaving behind the one thing he cared for most in the world.
On the bus home he sat listening to his I-pod and decided upon one thing: he must let Miss Denver know how he felt about her otherwise he would simply die inside. When he got home he booted up his laptop and began to formulate a plan.
The next day he got off the bus eagerly awaiting the technical briefing that he would be having with her for the up and coming school play. After becoming the student director of lights it was his job to design the rig, so he had to have a meeting with the director who in this case was Miss Denver. After the meeting Miss Denver took him into the drama studio in the schools English block to show him what he meant. When they were alone and in the studio on the stage he started to say “miss I know I shouldn’t but I really” “I know what you are going to say Fred, and I do too. I am going to take you on a trip with a few others from drama class, or at least that is what we will tell your parents in reality we will be spending some time at mine. Now be a good boy and do exactly as I say”
When he left the school his heart was racing, she loved him too!!!!! Even more he was going to get to see her in less than a week during half term. When he got home he told his mum and dad that miss Denver was going to take a few of drama class to Franc for a week to have a look at some French acting, all expenses paid by the school s the drama department had never gotten such a chance before. After his mum and dad agreed Fred rushed to his room and immediately began to think of what she could possibly want to do with him.

Part 2
He woke up. The alarm clock showed 5.30 am, “damn I’m early”. As he reached for his clothes he remembered the day before. Surely it was all a dream. “I can’t be true, can it?” he said to the mirror. He went down stairs and ate his breakfast alone, “awww damn I forgot mum and dad have gone to California for the week, damn them.” As he prepared to leave he thought to himself how can it have been true if it’s still only Tuesday. Then it him like a brick, “aww crap how can my parents have agreed if they aren’t in the country” Despair settled on his shoulders and with a sigh he left the house to catch the bus.
When he arrived at his school he realised with a heavy heart who he had first for first period. Miss Denver entered the room like an angel borne on wings of radiant beauty but for once Fred was not overjoyed to see her, more….. disappointed. As he sat through her lesson trying not to feel down he noticed that Mrs. Denver was looking bemused whenever he was not looking at her. At the end of class, she said “Fred could you stay behind for a quick word” Fred sighed “Yes Miss”…
When the rest of the class had left she closed the door and said, “Fred I love your enthusiasm in class but I noticed you were looking particularly down this morning is there any reason for this, uh, depression?” “No miss no reason I guess it is just I have been really busy recently that’s all.” “Ok Fred well I hope that our drama lesson will cheer you up, no get along to computing or Mr. Costa will kill me”. He left the room feeling a bit better that Mrs. Denver cared for him. As he went to computing he was full of hope that the drama lesson after lunch would cheer him up.
Drama was everything he had hoped for and more, with the usual combination of fun and learning Miss Denver ensured that they all had a great time and learned lots too. By the end of the class Fred was feeling much better and had forgotten about his dream the previous night. Just as they were leaving miss Denver asked him to remain behind for a minute to discuss the lights for a charity event the coming Wednesday. When the others had left and she had explained her plans to him he wrote them down in his notebook and proceeded to leave, just as he was going she spun him around and kissed him hard on the lips for a good minute.
When she pulled away she turned round and said “oh god what have I done, I’m so sorry I should have never done this, oh god.” “no miss it’s ok, I, I’m just going to go now ok?”, “Yes fine look I’m sorry I should not have…..”, “don’t worry miss ill see you tomorrow, but please don’t worry about it, I enjoyed it” and with that he left with a smile.

Part 3:
Fred did not see Miss Denver again till their lesson on Friday before their lunch break. When he walked into the classroom he caught Miss Denver's eye. In response she simply smiled yet to Fred it could have been a holy angle giving him the light of god, he immediately felt uplifted (in more ways than one). During the lesson he was even more attentive than usual and he scored an a* in the essay he wrote during the class. At the end of the lesson which was the final triple on Friday afternoons miss Denver asked him to stay behind for an additional lighting meeting at 5 (school finishes at 4 for Fred) as she was unsure as to the general cover in scenes 3 through 7.
At 5 he went in to the drama studio to wait for Miss Denver. He knew she had gone into town for some grub but still she was 5 minutes late. After another 5 minutes had elapsed she entered the room in a loose frilly shirt and a short skirt, the whole attire was in light blue and showed off her form perfectly although she did look slightly bulkier then usual around the hips and chest. She strutted over to him and pulled him into a long kiss. He parted his lips and let his tongue explore her mouth as she did the same. After 5 minutes they surfaced for air panting heavily.
She pulled him into the lighting box and locked the door behind them “come on we don’t want to be found now do we”, but before he could reply he pulled him into another long kiss. When she was done he opened his mouth to talk but she pressed one finger to his lips. “No” she said “no talking” and pushed him into one of the comfy swivel chair in the box, “now then its time u did something for me Fred” he nodded in reply in complete awe that this was happening. She stripped off her shirt, leaving her two small but stiff breasts sticking out in his face.
As he comprehended this situation she lay down on the floor and commanded him “suck them Fred” he lay down next to her and took her right nipple in to his mouth and began to suck while slowly rubbing the head with his tongue. She moaned loudly to his caresses. He switched to her left and began to knead it with his teeth while still sucking. “Ooh Fred yes, ooooh yes” as his hand travelled to her crotch she pushed him off, “not yet Fred, nice try but not yet, for that I’m gonna make you wait. And with that she stood up, and put her top back on, and ushered him out to wait for his dad to pick him up. “I’ll see you on Sunday Fred” she said.
Those words and the memories of what he had just done played through his mind all the way home. After dinner he could not get any sleep, she plagued his mind constantly; eventually he fell asleep due to sheer lack of energy at 3 in the morning.
When he woke up he felt all fuzzy and disorientated. When he had washed he remembered what had happened and realised that this time it was no dream but reality. Suddenly feeling much better he relaxed and enjoyed spending the day on his Xbox while thinking of Miss Denver. He could barely contain himself in anticipation for the next day when he would see, her, his own angel and daemon all wrapped into one sexy package.

Part 4:
He woke up slowly clawing aside his bed covers aside and fell out of bed. “Breakfast hun” came the inevitable call from downstairs. He groaned and got washed in preparation for the inevitable and damning prospect of doing some work. After he had eaten his food, his dad smiled, “so you ready to go do your lighting thing?” then he remembered, “oh yeh sure.” After, he raced upstairs to get changed, and also to mentally prepare himself for the prospect of having to spend 3 hours in the presence of an angel.
When he arrived at the school he steeled his nerves and strode into the Drama Studio with his head held high. “Morning all” he said, and so the meeting went on. He could have sworn that Miss Denver was deliberately flirting with him the whole time. That swish of hair, that wink, that oh so charming laugh, it was driving him nuts. By the end he was dying for a release and when everyone had left he hung behind, “to ask her about that piece of coursework”. He waited for her to leave the office and then when she came out she grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and before he could say a word dragged him off to the lighting box.
She released him and still not letting him talk pushed him against the wall and smiled. “how long have you got?” she asked, he looked at his watch and stammered “4 hours”, “excellent” she replied and as he opened his mouth she shoved a handkerchief (a clean one) into his mouth and before he could act grabbed a piece of duct tape and slapped it over his mouth. She twirled him around and grabbing his wrists with surprising force she procured a length of rope and tied his hands behind his back. He “mphhhdddd” in consent and she took it as such smiling gleefully at the apparent bulge in his pants.
“Now you’re gonna see what you signed up for” she whispered in his ear. He gulped in anticipation as she finally tied his legs together and stood back to admire her work, “my my my aren’t you a pretty one?” she purred and bent down and began to gently stroke the bulge in his trousers (pants for the Americans). He moaned through his gag, “so you like that do you” she crooned. She moved away and began to take off her top that was doing such a poor job of concealing her beauty. Beneath it to his shock and awe was a leather corset and by god did it look divine on her. The way it nicely pushed her breasts up and made them even firmer had him to the breaking point, she smiled “want more?” he nodded. She bent down and began to remove her jeans slowly, tantalisingly, she slipped them down her luscious hips. Beneath was a tight black latex thong all that stood between him and his dreams (wet ones included).
She straddled his chest and placed a strip of black ribbon over his eyes. He gulped what would she do next? She tied the knot secure behind his head and while doing so pushed her breasts into his face. He felt them on his cheeks as he smelt her musk, like pure pleasure to his heightened sense of smell. She leant back and began to caress his chest through his clothes causing him to moan in ecstasy. She lifted his shirt and began to caress his chest with her nails, lightly scratching along his ribs and catching on his nipples causing him to shudder with pleasure. She stopped and he moaned in compliant, “ah, ah, ah, your mine now” and with that she began to tickle him lightly at first but slowly increasing in intensity. He spasmed in joy wondering between flashes of pure pleasure when this would end?
She pulled the blindfold off and stood up, towering above him, and placed a foot on his chest, “now, because you angered me on Friday I think this is all you are getting, call it punishment but that will come in time” and with that she flashed him a look of playful evil, he flinched, and when he looked back she was gone.

Part 5.
He lay there in the dark alone for what seemed to him like hours. At last he heard footsteps approaching and the door creaked open to the lighting box. She knealt down next to him and removed his bindings and finally the gag. As she tore off the strip of gaffer tape over his mouth she spoke, “freed you must never mention any of this until I specifically give you permission too, ok?”, “yes” he replied with in a hoarse tone, “Yes what?” “Yes miss”, “good boy now take this water and go home, you are going to need the rest”. With that he drank the water gleefully giving thanks for the coolness of it on his parched throat. He clambered into his dads waiting car and went home to get some much needed sleep.
The next day school went as usual, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life managed to keep Miss Denver off his mind. As the school day drew to a close he went to the drama studio to get his bags. As he pushed open the door he was greeted by Miss Denver. She smiled and pushed him against the wall and greeted him with a deep kiss. Their lips met and his parted allowing her tongue to explore the cavities of his mouth. After what seemed like a day they surfaced and she hugged him close and handed him a letter with the school seal upon it. “Open it when you get home Fred, now go home and I will see you tomorrow” and with that she shoved him through the door to the bus park and locked the door behind him.
When he arrived home he rushed up to his room and opened the letter: dear parent your son has been invited on a gap year course with our own Miss Denver touring the theatres of the world, please find enclosed a permission slip………, thank you and we hope to see you soon, regards B.P.Trout headmaster. He read it again and again not believing his luck, he just hoped he had her to himself on the trip. And it was only in 3 weeks!
The three weeks went quicker than any others he could remember in his life, Miss Denver avoided contact with him, much to his disappointment and he finished up his time at the school. He would certainly miss it allot.
The day had finally arrived, his mother drove him to the train station to London to catch the train that would take him to Miss Denver. All through the journey his anticipation built, what would happen next? When the train screeched to a halt in Kings Cross he leapt off and was greeted by a smiling Miss Denver who led him through the security and into the car park. She indicated a car and told him to get in and he did. As they were driving along she said “no talking Fred, but here you must be thirsty have some water” he took the offered bottle and drank in gulps till it was nearly all gone, refreshed he set the bottle down and began to look at where they were going. As he did so his vision began to swim and he became light headed and dizzy. “Ughh” he moaned and slumped against the seatbelt next to a grinning Miss Denver “now, Fred, you are mine at last.”

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