The Trainer

"I've just about had with you, Cassie," Jason said evenly, "now get the fuck in the kitchen and make me some supper, and mean right now!!!" Cassie looked over at her husband of eight years, and with a shrug of her shoulders she replied, "If you want something to eat, go make it yourself, are your legs broken or something!?!" That was the last straw as far as Jason was concerned, now his wife was openly defying him on just about every issue that came up, not even counting the humiliation she had been causing him in the bedroom, where for the past three months she had completely shut him off with not a bit of sex any way shape or form!!! He calmly got up out of his chair and retired to the den where he picked up the phone and dialed a number, after waiting several moments, a deep strong voice on the other end of the line answered and after a brief exchange, Jason made an appointment for ten p.m. later that evening!!! As he hung up the phone he smiled to himself and said out loud, "Okay, bitch, now we'll see who's the fucking boss around here!!! At precisely ten o'clock the front door bell rang and Jason quickly got to his feet and went to answer it!!! He was stunned at the appearance of the man who quietly entered his foyer, as he was almost six and a half feet tall and weighing well over two hundred pounds, Jason immediately felt insignificant and small in the giant's presence!!! Nervously Jason stuck out his hand and said, "I'm Jason Bricker, I'm the one who made the appointment, but like I told you on the phone, it's for my wife, ya see she's been nothing but a pain in the ass lately and I want you to…….." The giant raised his hand and shut Jason up by saying, "You may call me Master John, and there is no need for you to explain anything, your wife needs training and that is what I intend to do, now if you'll show me where I can get set up, we can begin!!!" "How about the den," Jason asked meekly, "it's pretty sound proof and it's out of the way, by the way how long is this gonna take!?!" "It will take as long as is needed," Master John replied, "and the den will be fine, lead the way!!!"

"Who was at the door, Jason," Cassie called from the living room!?!" "Uh, it was nobody, just a guy needing directions, that's all," Jason lied, "I'm going into the den to get some paper work done, I'll seeya later, okay!?!" Once inside the den, Master John opened up a large hard cover suit case and began setting up and apparatus that even Jason could see was designed to hold someone in a spread eagle position!!! After another ten minutes of assembly, Master John took off his jeans and shirt to reveal an outfit of skin tight black leather, which was quickly followed by a black leather head cover that had only slits for his eyes, nose, and mouth!!! Jason's blood ran cold at the mere sight of the gothic figure, and when Master John said, "Get her," he almost felt sorry for her, but quickly went to the living room to get his unsuspecting wife!!!

"Whataya mean I gotta sign some more tax returns," Cassie said irritably while taking a drag of scotch while he led her to the den, "I though we sent them in last month!?!" "Uh, we did," he said quickly, "but we're filing an amended return, it has something to do with capital gains on some stock we sold last year, it will only take you a minute!!!" "Okay, okay,"she shot back while pushing open the den door, "let's get the show on the, what the hell is going on in here," she exclaimed while recoiling at the sight of Master John!?! Jason quickly closed the door behind him, blocking Cassie's only avenue of escape before offering, "Well Cass, I'd like you to meet Master John, he's gonna teach you some manners, and I hope for your sake you take everything he says to heart, cuz I don't think he's gonna take any crap from you!!!"

A fast glance at the gleaming chromium frame and the accompanying leather bindings were enough to make her skin crawl, and for once she was stunned to silence, but only for a moment as she demanded, "I don't know who or what you are, asshole, but if you lay one hand on me, I'll have you fucking arrested, is that clear!?!" Up until now he hadn't spoken so much as a word, but when he deep voice boomed around the small room, both Jason and Cassie were caught off guard as with cat like quickness he grabbed Cassie and tore her clothes off like she was a rag doll!!! Jason leaned against the door in total shock as Master John manhandled his struggling wife and attached her ankles and wrists to the four corners of the rigid frame!!! "Y-you can't do this too me," the naked woman screamed, "it's kidnapping, that's what it is, I'll see you in prison, and you too, Jason, you're both gonna go to the slammer!!!"

"You will be silent," Master John's voice cracked like a whip through the air, "if you speak once more, I will be forced to gag you!!!" Of course the dumb cunt kept up her blithering, and true to his word, Master John covered her mouth with a wide leather belt the immediately shut his bleating wife right up!!! Struggling in vain to free herself from her shackles, her eyes grew large with abject terror as Master John pulled several vicious looking nipple clips out of a small black duffel bag and slowly approached his intended victim!!! She tried to scream, but all that could be heard were her muffled cries for help as he carefully pulled on her nipple and attached the sharp toothed little clip bit into her soft pliable skin!!! The pain was so intense that she threw back her head in agony as the tiny teeth bit relentlessly into her sensitive flesh!!! "Holy smokes," Jason thought to himself, "this guy doesn't fuck around," as he watched him attach the other nipple clip and turn away from his struggling victim while small rivers of blood oozed from the burning nipples!!!

Slowly the pain that was in the beginning so intense, turned instead into a dull ache that while more tolerable, was in its own way even more excruciating, and in a sure sign of surrender, Cassie's head fell limply onto her chest as all of the fight faded from her body!!! While Cassie seemed to now be floating in another world, Master John went back to his case and again began preparing yet another apparatus!!! Jason watched in rapt fascination while the black hooded dominant assembled a small tripod under Cassie's spread labia and affixed to it the largest dildo that Jason had ever seen in his life!!! Cassie was so out of it, that she never even realized what was happening within inches of her wet cunt, until without warning Master John turned on a switch that slowly lowered Cassie onto the brutally thick invader!!! Her head snapped to attention as the gigantic fake cock penetrated her pussy and began stretching her to her absolute limit!!! Even with her mouth covered, her screams were clearly audible as the pain in her cunt quickly supplanted any discomfort she felt in her tender nipples!!! When she was fully impaled by the ten inch monster and hanging on it like a coat on a hook, Master John put his face up close to hers and in a soft barely audible voice asked Cassie, "You've been a bad girl, and for this you are being punished, do you understand why you're here, nod it you do!?!" Cassie's cunt was burning like a log in a bonfire, but she managed to clear her head enough to nod yes to the Master's question!!! "Good, that's very good," Master John went on, "but you see, I don't yet believe you truly appreciate your situation, and for that reason I think that we will continue with the treatment!!!"

Cassie actually began shaking at the prospect of more torture, but instead of torture, Master John picked up a small black box, and after giving Cassie a short glance, turned a small dial that started the massive dildo vibrating!!! Cassie's body immediately stiffened and a long low muffle groan gurgled from behind her gag as her pussy slowly began being whipped into a frenzy!!! With the deftness of a true professional, Master John manipulated and varied the speed of the humming vibe, inducing countless numbers of orgasms from Cassie's incredibly stuffed cunt until she was so overcome with exhaustion that she hung limp as an old wash rag hooked on a nail!!! Master John carefully removed the gag from her mouth, and instead of a tirade of expletives, all that came out of her was a soft moan of, "Thank you!!!" Master John then pulled the thick dildo from her pussy and released her wrists and ankles from their shackles which allowed her to mercifully slide to the floor in a heap, and while still being so shell shocked from her experience, she didn't even notice that the vicious little nipple clips were yet firmly attached to her aching breasts!!! If Cassie thought that her trial was over, she was however, sadly mistaken, because the next thing she heard was the strong deep voice of Master John ordering her to her knees!!!

Jason was by now prepared for just about anything, but even he was stunned when Master John jerked away the crotch of his leather pants, allowing his massive erection to bounce free in front of his brutalized wife!!! Cassie's eyes were glazed over like a deer caught in the headlights of a semi, so she only moaned softly when he pressed his cock head against her lips and forced it into her warm wet mouth!!! With his legs spread wide apart, his head thrown back, and his hands on his hips, Master John appeared almost like a black leathered god standing on a mountain top while his forty year old wife furiously fellated him to completion!!! And what was even more incredible, she had let her left hand slide down to her pussy and while her mouth was being filled with Master John's profusion of sperm, she wildly fingered herself to one more stunning and final orgasm!!! Then it was over!!! Master John grabbed Cassie by the hair, pulled her hard to her feet, and with little or no remorse, unhooked the nipples clips and literally shoved her stumbling naked across the room into Jason's open arms!!!

Master John began putting away his equipment while Jason led his shaking wife down the hall and into the bathroom where he put her under the shower to regain some of her lost senses!!! He left for a few moments to show Master John out of the house, and upon his return to the bathroom, he found Cassie crying softly while massaging her bloodied nipples!!! "I'm sorry, Cass," he said softly, "but you just had to be put back in your place, it had to be done!!!" "M-my nipples are so sore," she moaned softly, "ohhhhhh, I hurt all over!!!" "Maybe this will help," he replied, while quickly stripping off his clothing and hopping into the shower with is now docile wife, and after pressing her against the shower stall wall, entering her pussy roughly and fucking her while both of the were still standing up!!! "Oh, Jason," she sobbed while yet another orgasm ravaged her shredded cunt, "p-please don't hurt me anymore!!!" "Do you promise to be good and do what I say," he asked softly while nibbling on her neck!?!" "I-I promise," she sobbed, "I really do!!!" "That's a good girl," he said while helping her out of the shower, "now let's get some ice for those nipples!!!"


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