You return to the room a couple of hours and a couple of drinks later. You're feeling tipsy and ready to play again, feeling horny and a little wicked. You enter the room slowly and silently remove your clothes. All the time looking at my naked body still tied up and blindfolded, As you slide your tight silk boxers down over your hips, your cock springs up already semi-hard, simply by watching me and the anticipation of touching me again.

You move to the head of the bed and lean forward. I jump feeling your cock touch my lips, I instinctively pull away ‘is that you??’ I ask. You don’t reply. You push forward, pushing your cock past my lips into my mouth. You watch as I open my mouth to accommodate your big, thick shaft. I use my tongue to lube your cock, as you start to slide in and out slowly. Getting deeper each time you push in.

You bite your lip and tilt your head back as you moan in pure ecstasy. You hold my head still as you slowly fuck my mouth, pushing your length into my mouth before pulling out. You look down to my face and give out a big sigh as you se my lipstick smeared along your hard shaft. My red lips look so sexy, wrapped around your solid meat, making you push in again.

Your hands move over my breasts and you start to squeeze them, as your cock continues to slide back and forth in my mouth. As you molest my pert tits, I can feel my nipples become erect and hard, and I start to moan. My moans vibrate through your cock as you push deep into my throat.

You start to loose yourself in the moment, as you feel the tight contractions of my throat surrounding your shaft. You hear me gag a little, which makes you feel in complete control of my body. You push into my throat once more and stay there for a while without pulling out. You watch me wriggle and fight helplessly against my leather restraints. You feel your cock twitch and your balls tighten. I start to panic a little fighting for breath, which turns you on immensely, adding to your sexual arousal. Eventually after several long seconds, you slowly pull out, allowing me to breathe. You give a smile of satisfaction as you watch you cough and gasp for air. ‘You bastard!!!’ I scream. You place a finger gently on my lips ‘Shhhhhh!’ you whisper softly in my ear, ‘you look so cute and sexy with a mouth full of cock’. You’re dick is now hard and solid, throbbing with excitement.

You quietly move between my legs. You run your finger up the inside of my thigh towards my pussy. You watch me flinch; I try to close my legs but cant as they’re still fastened securely. I feel a little affraid knowing you're just raped my throat and that i'm unable to stop you having your wicked way with me however you wish. You slide your hand over my cunt; I’m dry, which excites you.

I feel the tip of your dick against my tight dry hole. You are consumed with a surge of passion and have sheer animal lust flowing through you. You thrust forward hard, feeling my pussy lips parting to accommodate your hard length. You watch my face wince in pain and listen to me scream. You cover my mouth with your hand to muffle my cries. I feel your throbbing cock plunging deep inside me. You start to fuck me hard and fast. Watching me wriggle and feeling me fight against you. You’re enjoying the feeling of my pussy throbbing and tight surrounding your dick, listening to my muffled screams you keep pushing deeper. Your cock is completely filling my dry hole. You feel wicked and powerful, taking this beautiful woman in the way, but you’re driven on by lust.

As you thrust, you can feel my juices lubricating your shaft, making you slide in an out more easily. The pain and shock from the initial hard, rough fucking subsides and I start to move my hips in rhythm with you. You remove your hand from my mouth and smile as you hear me moan rather than scream. You instantly feel your cock throb and want to explode inside me. You continue the hard and fast pace as you feel on the verge of cumming. Both of us are breathing more heavily, louder, almost panting as we move together. Thrust after hard thrust, you fuck my pussy raw till you explode. I feel spurt after spurt of hot creamy cum hitting deep into my cunt, oozing out past your shaft, running round the crack of my ass. You stay inside me till you start to go soft.

I feel you pull away from me, then feel your sticky cock press against my lips again, ‘suck me clean baby’ you whisper. I open my mouth and I start to lick you clean, enjoying the taste of our combined juices on your dick. I lift my head off the bed to slide you further into my willing mouth. Inch by inch you watch your cock disappear into my mouth, feeling my lips close around your shaft before slowly sliding you out again, sucking you slowly.

After several minutes of slow fucking of my mouth, you pull away. You whisper in my ear once again, ‘I’ll be back for round 3 later………’ With that you get dressed and leave as quietly as you came. Leaving me naked, tied and blindfolded. You intend to make the most of your bonus.

* To be continued….

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