The Wish

"How much is this," Ben called to the proprietor of the junk/antique shop!?! "What have ya got there, sonny," the old man asked while shuffling slowly over to where Ben was standing!!! "Just this old leather pouch with this little booklet and a funny looking glass crystal!!!" "Ten bucks and it's yours," the old man replied as he turned and walked away!!! "Hey, what is it, anyway," Ben called after him while carefully holding the glass orb in his hands!?! "It's ten bucks as is and twenty if I gotta read ya the directions!!!" Deciding to take a flyer, Ben pulled a saw buck out of his shirt pocket and dropped it on the counter before leaving the shop!!! It was a warm sunny Sunday afternoon, and since it was only three o'clock, Ben decided to swing past the park and take a little nature walk!!! After parking his car, he grabbed his camera and set out down a tree lined path while keeping an eye out for any signs of wild life!!! On more than one occasion he had gotten some incredible photos of deer drinking from the creek just around the next bend, so while getting his camera ready, he slowed down and moved quietly through a clearing in the dense foliage on the ready for any shot that might be available!!! Poking his head from around a large tree, he surprised to see two teenage girls sunning themselves on the bank of the stream in cunt offs and tee shirts!!! They appeared to be about eighteen or so, with long slim suntanned legs and soft blonde hair that cascaded down to their slim shoulders!!! "Why not," he whispered while aiming his camera at the two young beauties, "too bad you're not topless, I'd love to see your tits!!!" He was just about to press the shutter, when much to his utter amazement, both girls, almost in unison, pulled off their tee shirts, and then just as calmly you please removed their bras, revealing breasts that you could only dream about!!! "H-holy smokes," he gasped softly, "look at that," while he snapping away like a mad man, "I can't wait to develop these!!!"

Back in the car on his way home, Ben thought about what had happened on the trail, and for awhile didn't make the connection, but then it hit him, so he slammed on his brakes, pulled over to the curb, and pulled the little worn booklet from the leather pouch!!! Now while most of it was mumbo jumbo, there was one line that stood out like a sore thumb, and it read, "Who ever holds the crystal and stares into its soul will be granted a wish!!!" "Judas priest," he mumbled, "c-could it really be true, or was it just a crazy coincidence," while reaching into the pouch and removing the heavy glass sphere and again staring into it and marveling at its depth and beauty!!! There was only one sure way to find out, and that was to make a test, but what, what kind of test!?! The book said made it sound like any wish would be granted, so why not try something really wild!?! It had only been fifteen minutes since he had left the park, so he turned around and headed back to the trail with the two young sunbathers!!! Quietly he crept back through the clearing, and as luck would have it, they were gone, but in there place was a thirtyish couple sitting on a blanket and sharing a bottle of wine!!! "Why not," Ben said to himself, and in a half whisper ordered, "Suck him off, you're desperate for a mouth full of cum!!!" With his fingers crossed, Ben craned his neck around the tree just in time to see the woman push her boyfriend or husband back down onto the blanket and with almost trembling hands pull out his pecker and swallow him whole!!!

All the way home Ben's mind was spinning with the possibilities that his new found power offered, not the least of which would be a dramatic improvement in his sex life!!! He stepped into the elevator in his building and pressed the button for floor number seven!!! The doors were just beginning to shut when he heard a feminine voice yell out, "Hold the elevator, please!!!" He quickly hit the stop button, which allowed a buxom woman who had seen many times, get into the car with him!!! "What floor," he asked as she struggled with her packages!?! "Uh, number three," she replied, "and thanks, I didn't wanna hafta put these down, I really appreciate it!!!" No problem," Ben replied, "it was my pleasure," while following up under his breath, "Invite me in, your clit has grown to ten times its normal size, you need to be sucked off and sucked off right now!!!" A quizzical look came over her face, as she dropped several of her packages and let her free hand slide up under her dress to feel her vagina!!! "Are you all right, ma'am," he asked softly, "you seem to be having a problem, is there anything I can do to help!?!" "I-I feel all funny inside," she moaned, "I don't know what's happening to me, my clit's on fire like it's never been before, ohhhhhhhhhh, can you please help me, I don't know what to do!?!" "I've got an idea," he said softly, "why don't I carrry these for you and then we can talk about it ar your place, how does that sound!?!" With beads of perspiration breaking out on her forehead, she managed to stammer, "Yes, please, you must help me!!!"

"Nice place," Ben offered while surveying her apartment for the first time, "how long have you lived in the building!?!" When she didn't answer him, he turned around to face her, and much to his utter surprise, there she stood completely naked, fingering her thick haired muffy, and while she wasn't fat, she was solidly put together with thick thighs, huge breasts, and of course and nice plump bottom!!! "Now tell me again what your problem is," he asked while staring at her luscious chest!?! "I-it's my clit, l-look at it, it's way bigger than usual," she stammered, "and it feels incredibly sensitive, I just don't understand it!!!" Now sounding very magnanimous he offered softly, "now don't get me wrong, but I really want to help you out, so if you want me to, I can suck you off, if you think that will help, it's entirely up to you!?!" Her legs began quivering uncontrollably to the extent she had to grab a hold of a chair to keep from falling over, so he took her by the arm and led her to the couch where he had her lie down with her legs spread wide apart!!! Her breathing was becoming more shallow by the second, but she managed to stammer softly, "P-please, do me, I can't take it anymore!!!"

Now Ben had eaten his share of pussy, but nothing he had ever seen could have prepared him for what he found nestled in the thick pubic thatch at the top of the middle aged slut's slit!!! "Good grief," he mumbled, "you have a fucking little dick down here, it's unbelievable!!!" "Shut up and suck it," she moaned while thrusting her hips forward, "please, I need it so badly!!!" From his best estimate, Ben figured she was a least two inches long and as thick as his little finger, with a head that absolutely resembled that of a tiny little pecker!!! Gingerly at first he nosed it, purposely driving her up the wall with his beat around the bush technique, until she physically grabbed him by the hair and forced his mouth hard over her over developed organ!!!" "Oh, oh, oh," she gasped as he swirled his tongue around the head of her monster clitty, "sweet jesus, I'm on fucking fire, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god, suck me off you mother fuckin' cunt lapper!!!" It always amazed him how most women who by nature never use profanity, that is until they were getting sucked or fucked, and then however, they began swearing like sailors, begging and cajoling their partners to suck or fuck them harder and harder, exactly as this big clitted cunt was doing right now!!! She was in the middle of a mind blowing orgasm, when from behind them came the sound of the front door opening and a lilting voice offer, "Anybody here, I'm home!?!"

"Who's that," Ben whispered!?! "It's my girl friend," the woman moaned, "we're going out for dinner, ohhhhhhhhhhh, god, suck me, please, suck me!!!" Ben thought about it for a second and ordered, "Call her in here!!!" In a very shaky voice the woman stammered, "I-I'm in here, Gail, come on in!!!" A few seconds later the bedroom door burst open and a very surprised woman stood gape mouthed as she watched her friend getting her cunt sucked before finally asking, "Toni, what ever are you doing, I'm shocked to see you with a man!?!" "I can't help it," Toni panted, "look at my clit, it's fucking huge, and I so desperately needed someone to suck me, ohhhh, he sucks me so well, oh, oh, oh!!!" "But he's a man," Gail whined, "we promised each other……" Now growing tired of the useless chatter passing between the two women, Ben grabbed his pouch, pulled out the crystal, and after staring at it for a second, turned to Gail and ordered, "Sit the fuck down and play with your pussy until I tell you different, you got it, dyke!?!" As a feeling of total aquiescence came over her, Gail slumped slowly to the floor while her fingers tugged at her pants and panties!!! "Now, shut the fuck up," Ben said while returning his attention to Toni's bulging clitoris, "you still need it, baby?!?" "Please, hurry," she gasped, "I-I'm so fucking hot I can't stand it!!!"

Ben continued sucking the fat clit for another the minutes or so, but always easing up when it appeared the poor girl was about to climax, which had the effect of driving her to the edge of delirium!!! Toni babbled like a idiot as her clit throbbed on the precipice of the orgasm she so desperately needed, but wasn't quite being able to get there!!! Out of the corner of his eye Ben could see Gail with he legs spread wide, furiously fingering her smoothly shaved pussy, when he had an idea!!! Turning to face her, Ben asked softly, "Gail, how would you like to finish Toni off with your mouth, I think she's about ready to blow!!!" Without even replying, Gail scrambled over to Toni on her hands and knees and instantly buried her face into the thick haired muffy!!! "Taste good," Ben asked casually while sliding up behind the unsuspecting bitch, as both women were now ignoring him totally as Gail's tongue whipped sawed to and fro over Toni's over ripe organ!!! Ben lined up his thick pecker against Gail's unsuspecting pussy, and just as Toni's cunt convulsed in a series of brutally crushing orgasms, he slammed his hips forward, burying his meat balls deep into her quivering organ!!!" Ben winced as Gail screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, while the first thing he wondered was if the walls were sound proof!!! "P-please no," she moaned, "I-I've never had a man before, please no, ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!" "No," he questioned, while fucking her with a series of vicious strokes intent on splitting her apart, "admit it, dyke, you fucking love it!!!" Toni looked on slack jawed and glassy eyed as her bull dyke lover took her first hard dick doggy style while loving every second of it until she was wailing in the midst of the first cock induced orgasm of her life!!!

Ben chuckled out loud while zipping up his pants and slipping out the front door while the two women lay in a heap, wondering exactly what had happened to them!!!


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