There’s More To Eat In The Kitchen, Than Just What’s In The Fridge

She looked so sexy standing there in the kitchen when Doug walked in. He had just gone out for a pack of cigarettes and came home to find his wife doing the dishes in her thong, bra and thigh highs. There was an apron tied around her waist and her gorgeous ass was framed perfectly. His dick immediately jumped to attention. Walking up behind her, Doug began kissing her neck and pressed himself against her, letting her know how hot she was getting him. 

“Are you going to help me with the dishes?” She asked. Turning towards him, she revealed that she had popped her tits out of her bra and Doug wasted no time in getting his mouth on those babies. Her hand went to his crotch, quickly unzipping him and releasing his huge hard-on. “Mmmm, baby.” She purred, “That looks so good,” and bent down taking his dick in that hot little mouth of hers. When it was very wet she put one leg up on the counter and he slid his cock into her eager hole. She moaned that she wanted more, but this was just a sample of what was to come. 

Doug needed to taste her pussy, so he lifted her onto the counter and spread her legs. “Wait.” She said, smiling. “You need to have lunch before dessert.” There was a bowl of strawberries on the counter. Taking one, she slid it along her slit and then slowly pushed it in and out of her pussy. After fucking herself with it a few times, she placed the strawberry in her mouth and sucked on the end. “Tastes good baby, wanna bite?” 

“No thanks. I prefer mine direct.” He said and plunged his tongue into her pussy. He could taste the strawberry’s sweetness mixed with hers and was going crazy. He ate and licked and nibbled until she pushed her pussy hard into his face and screamed as her cum filled his mouth.  

Doug couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough. He pulled her to the edge of the counter, spread her legs wide and rammed his dick into her. She almost lost her balance, but she grabbed his shoulders and wrapped her legs around him. Her pussy was so hot and wet and felt so good. He could feel her muscles contracting around him with every orgasm she had. It was like her pussy had fingers and was squeezing his dick in its fist.  

Grabbing on to the cabinets, she started screaming. “Oh God, yessss…Fuck me baby, harder.” Doug gave it to her harder, and then grabbed her tight against him as he pumped his load into her sweet pussy.

They fucked all afternoon, all over the damn kitchen and in every position they could think of, until neither of them could move.  

After catching her breath, she smiled at him saying; “I think you should take me out to dinner tonight.”   

“Hmmm,” he answered. “I’ll tell you what…If you cook, I’ll help you with the dishes.”

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