Three Firsts At Once !

Three Firsts At Once !

I had a real first time experience earlier this week. It wasn't my first time to have sex, but it was the first time I had a threesome. I have been dating this guy, Randy, a few times. He is a sophomore here at the same college I attend as a freshman. By the way, my name is Patti. Randy and I hadn't had sex yet, but the time was about right, since we had "messed around" a little on our last date.

Randy got an invite to a fraternity party on campus that is known for having really wild parties. So we went last Saturday night, to have a wild time. I had one beer before I started drinking out of a large tub of purple passion punch. This punch had everything in it, and was very strong, but tasted great. After an hour or so of drinking this punch and dancing, I was quite high and having a great time. Randy was starting to get horny I could tell by the way he was French kissing me and squeezing my butt while we danced. And, I was getting the same treatment from several other guys at the party also.

Soon, Randy led me, stumbling, up the stairs to someone's bedroom that had said he could use for us to make out. I was in a wild hot mood, so I went along for some lovin’. When we got to the room, he started helping me off with my clothes, while I did sort of a strip. Pretty soon I was naked, but didn't feel shy at all due to the alcohol. I really do have a pretty good figure, about 37C-24-36. So, as Randy gave me another large glass of purple passion punch, I took a big swallow and started to dance around sensually for him, and show my stuff! I noticed a couple of other guys had come into the room and were clapping for me and cheering me on. This got me even higher and hotter, and I felt great turning them on with my dance. Pretty soon Randy had taken off all his clothes too, and was sort of dancing with me naked. After a while, I noticed he had a nice hard-on, and everyone was cheering him on as he poked and rubbed me with his cock as we danced around. It was the first time I had seen his cock and it really turned me on.

He played with my breasts as we moved against each other and my nipples got hard and stood out. He then dropped to his knees and began kissing and licking my pussy hair. I spread my legs so he could reach my pussy lips with his kisses and his tongue. I must admit he did a very good job, getting me very wet and even hotter. I lay back on their carpet and really enjoyed it. I had my eyes closed, but when I opened them, I noticed now it was another guy eating me. Somehow that was a real turn-on, and I came really big time. Actually, every guy in the room then took their turn at eating my pussy – it was marvelous! I had multiple orgasms.

Finally the other guys began urging and chanting for Randy to fuck me. He was kneeling beside me with his big hard-on. I reached out and gave his cock a good squeeze and said, "Give it to me Randy". I raised my knees a bit and he knelt between my legs and slowly entered me, to the cheers of his friends. We passionately fucked for a few minutes, and then I noticed the 2nd guy standing beside me with the hugest cock I had ever seen! It was really enormous! I reached up and squeezed it, and started to stroke it. It grew even bigger and got hard as steel. Randy didn't seem to mind at all, as he was stroking away at my tight, but very wet pussy. I actually could not get my hand around this other guy's cock, it was so big. But it was fun to play with a cock that big, and it was really turning me on, to be satisfying two guys at the same time.

Finally Randy started to fuck me really hard and fast and I knew he was close to cumming. He cried out and exploded inside my eager pussy and I had another orgasm right with him. He slowly climbed off and rolled over beside me. I still had hold of the other guy's giant cock and really didn't want to let go. I really wasn't sure his cock would fit in me, but I was hot enough to want to give it a try. Randy gave me that look that said "It's OK, Go for it!" I rolled over on my back and bent my knees and spread my legs as wide as I could. My pussy was still very wet from my heat as well as Randy's load of cum.

The guy (never knew his name) put the giant head of his cock against my pussy and rubbed it all around getting it very wet and slick. Then he started pushing it to try to enter me. At first it wouldn't go at all – no way. But we were both horny and determined, so I reached down and spread my pussy lips out of the way and slowly his cock's massive head eased its way into my eager pussy. This encouraged him to keep going and push it in for its entire length! That was an unbelievable feeling. I quit worrying that it would injure me and just gave into the wonderful feeling that my entire body was being filled with this man's massive cock. He began giving me slow long strokes with it and I thought I might pass out from the awesome sensation. I was aware that the other guys were clapping and cheering. He next pulled his giant cock out and rolled over on his back. His cock looked like a fireplug sticking up in the air, and everyone cheered for me to mount it. I had to stand up to straddle it and very slowly lower my eager, but scared pussy onto that thing. I felt like his cock filled my entire body! But my juices kept me wet so I could raise and lower myself slowly…and it felt wonderful. After a while I had a long orgasm and collapsed onto him and relaxed.

The next thing I knew I felt a sensation I couldn't believe. Someone was putting his cock in my ass while I still had that enormous cock in my exhausted pussy. There is no way to describe that feeling. I was too stuffed with cocks to move. Both cocks were very hard and were slowly moving in and out of both my openings. It actually felt good, but I was afraid to move, or I might bust open. I became aware the audience, guys and girls, were all cheering and applauding us. After what seemed like a very long time, both guys exploded inside me for another indescribable feeling. They slowly removed their cocks from me, and we all three lay there exhausted for several minutes. I staggered home and slept for 30 hours.

That was a first time for that for me, and it will take me a while to get over the soreness, and even longer to get the nerve to ever try it again. But what a memory! WOW !

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