Too sick to work

Too sick to work

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On to the story…

Too sick to work

Its been a horrible night… you were tossing and turning all night long… you know you are coming down with something and you decide you had better stay home today.
You call out and ask me to bring you some water hearing you I make the trip to the kitchen filling up your favorite glass for you… the tall one covered in puppy dogs, kittens and flowers… you are SUCH a girl!

I walk into the bedroom and set your glass down next to the bed and realize just how beautiful you are. I peel back the covers… slowly… gazing at your body… with a severe hunger in my eyes. I hear your protest but I ignore them.

I strip off my jeans and shirt so you could see how hard I am and I climb up between your legs. Yes, I know you're not feeling well but that will not stop me.

I push your legs apart and without wasting any time I bury my face between your legs with every intent of devouring you completely!

I gently run my tongue from the bottom of your crack all the way up to your clit… stopping to slowly suck on it very gently… and just when I started to get your attention I pull off your clit and lick my way back down stopping at your entrance and running my tongue around until I pressed my mouth forcefully against you and started ramming my tongue in and out… in and out… just for a few seconds… long enough to get you to moan and then I lick further south gently licking around your most intimate area before I started my tongue running back up your slit.

Slowly I pass your entrance heading back to your clit where I would suck the now protruding nub into my mouth and flick my tongue across it in a way that would have you screaming out with your back arched and just as you neared orgasm I would stop my sucking and slowly move back down to your entrance and run my tongue around you until you were panting… until your hips were gyrating and you were trying to get me inside of you.

Then I proceed south and again lick around your most private of areas… this time inserting my tongue just ever so slightly… before you could protest I would be moving back up to pay more attention to your entrance.

I can tell by your breathing just how much you want to cum… but I won't let you yet… no, I am going to continue teasing you… tormenting you… so you again feel my face pressed against you and my tongue fucking your pussy and just when you think you cant stand it any more I move further north… back to your clit…

Oh that wonderful clit… how I love flicking it with my tongue… but this time instead of the hungry pressure you have come to expect I use my fingers to expose you and begin to very gently flick the very tip of my tongue back and forth across the very tip of your clit… starting slowly and picking up speed but not pressure…

As you try to grab my head to keep me in place and your back arches up and you can just start to feel that orgasm boiling to the surface I again back off and move down to your entrance where I will lick you quickly… making you want something… anything… to be put inside you.

And in a shocking move I will very rapidly move my mouth back up over your clit and suck it into my mouth where I can ravish it and that's what I will do is suck on your clit and flick my tongue across it bringing your right back up to the edge and then just as quickly I will be back down teasing your entrance… before you can catch your breath enough to protest I will again suck your clit hard into my mouth and flick my tongue across it just until you start to scream out and I will return to your entrance… I will do this back and forth always bringing you to the brink until you cry out begging me for sweet release…

Finally I will start moving off your entrance in a slow but determined motion back up to your clit and just before reaching your clit I will insert two fingers into you… the shock of the sudden entrance will make your eyes fly open and I will curve my fingers upwards finding your g-spot… as your back arches and your arms stretch out towards the headboard looking for something, anything to hold on to I will latch down on your clit and suck it hard into my mouth and begin sucking in and out so that it just barely rubs against my teeth… not in a painful way but in a way that provide that perfect amount of touch and friction.

With my fingers massaging your g-spot and my mouth working your clit I will hang on to you until you ride through the crest of the largest orgasm you have ever experienced and just when your orgasm starts to subside I will release your clit from my mouth to allow you to regain your breath… its funny how you stop breathing on these huge orgasms… just as you start to relax I apply more pressure to your g-spot and begin flicking my tongue back and forth across your clit in a feather like way until you are again screaming and as you just start to cum I clamp down on your clit and suck it hard into my mouth where I will again suck it back and forth across my teeth… some how I have taken your normal "after-shocks" and turned it into another full blown orgasm… and I will stay with your writhing body all the way through to the end… until you cant take anymore and you are begging me to stop as you thrash around.

Once I pull my fingers out of you and set up on my knees I will look into your glazed eyes as you are trying to figure out what just happened and why the room is spinning and I will lift your legs up over my shoulders and plunge into you… filling you with my hardness… and I am VERY hard with desire.

I begin to pound my cock in and out of you… watching your eyes try to figure out how I have again pushed you into another orgasm and as you scream out I push your knees back up next to your head and take your pussy like it was meant to be taken… I own it… and I pound into you until my passion over takes me and I feel that sweet release bubbling up from deep inside me… I tell you I am going to cum and hearing those words pushes you into your next orgasm… you can feel my cock swelling inside you and as I start my first squirt I tell you that you are getting my cum and you can feel each pulse of my cock and each squirt of cum through your own contractions…

At the end I release your legs and let you put them down and I stay up on my hands for awhile just looking into your eyes… enjoying your beauty… as my cock softens I allow it to slip out of you where I then roll you over onto your side and curl up behind you. I pull the covers up over us and wrap my arms around you pulling you closer and holding you tight as you drift off to sleep.

Some time while you are sleeping I slowly and quietly slip out, careful not to disturb you leaving you to sleep until your body is rejuvenated.

As you awake you look for me and not finding me you wonder if it was a dream… running one hand down between your legs you realize it was not a dream… you smile and doze back off wondering what else the day will bring.

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