Track Coach

Track Coach

Track Coach

My wife Veronica is the track coach for her high school. Veronica teaches biology but also coaches the girl’s track team. I teach mathematics so we both have the same time off.

Veronica asked me to take pictures and video of the girls running. Then we review the film and she can make suggestions and the girls can see themselves running.

It was Veronica’s first year coaching the team so it was new for the girls to see themselves on camera.

The team formed as soon as it got warm enough to run. Every girl that wanted too could run with her until it came time to start weeding out the worst girls. I took lots of video with my new DVD camcorder. It has a hundred power zoom too so that I could be at the end of the track and catch the girls running at me. I would sit in the bleachers and catch them from the sides too.

After the first week I put together a comparison DVD of each girl the first day and on the fifth day to show their improvement. All of the girls came to our house Saturday morning to watch it.

Veronica was pointing out their hands, their head, and their leg movements. I was staring at their tits, crotch, and ass.

One of the girls noticed that her tits were flopping all over the place. Other girls suggested a tight sports bra. Veronica told her that it might help her run faster but it won’t give the guys as big a thrill. Then Veronica turned toward me and asked my opinion. She already knew my opinion since we had reviewed the tape together last night. I blushed and told the girl that I really did enjoy watching her breasts bounce. Then as we watched more of the girls running one had really small and tight shorts on where most wore loose shorts and panties. Occasionally I got to see some panty showing. But this one girl’s shorts were really tight and formed themselves to her crotch. They tucked themselves up both sides of the girl’s pussy and tucked themselves into her slit as well. Needless to say one of the other girls pointed it out to her. Once again Veronica turned toward me. I told my wife what she already knew, that I really liked the ‘camel toe’ look. Veronica explained to the girls about the ‘camel toe’ effect that it had on men. Everyone laughed about it but certainly remembered it.

They had a discussion about what to wear for practice. My wife went up to our bedroom leaving me alone with over twenty high school girls. Suddenly I felt like teaching a class.

Soon Veronica came downstairs. She took my breath away. She had on a tight tank top and a nice tight pair of shorts. Veronica had made sure that the shorts form fit to her pussy and tucked into her slit just for me. Veronica has that same outfit in a number of pastel colors but I like white best. That was what she had on. She asked five of the girls to go up to her bedroom and put on the other five colors to model them for us. When they returned they were in yellow, pink, light green, light blue, and tan. Veronica of course was in white. Each girl had hard nipples poking out and had tucked the shorts nicely into their pussies for me. At Veronica’s suggestion I took several pictures of each girl and as a group.

Veronica had the girls vote on one color. White was the best but would sweat through to become invisible. They did not want that to happen in a competition. Pink and yellow were their choices. After some discussion Veronica suggested all three colors pink, yellow, and white. She said that the white could be for my benefit and the girls agreed.

While they were here they went for a run around the block several times. I put a lawn chair out next to the road and filmed them coming at me over and over. After a half-hour of running around the block they stopped. I once again got to take pictures of the five girls and Veronica all sweaty. I liked it. I liked the way they all sweat under their breasts and between them. Veronica and two of the other girls sweat some around their pussies too and I really liked that and took extra pictures. The girls looked at one another and decided that the pink and yellow would be very sexy to any guys watching them run.

Then Veronica mentioned that perhaps they should all shave their pussies bald too so that there would not be a dark patch of hair showing through their shorts. All of the girls trim their pussies for bikini season and a few shave their pussies bald but it was too early for bikinis yet. So at Veronica’s suggestion they all went upstairs.

I heard a lot of laughter and knew that they were enjoying themselves. After a short while three girls came downstairs and each presented me with a piece of toilet paper stacked with their trimmed pussy hair just like my wife always does. I had to smile. I got out my small envelopes with a window in them that I use for Veronica’s pubic hair. I have a whole collection. So one at a time I printed each girl’s name, age, birth date, and today’s date on the envelope. Then I carefully put her pussy hair in their envelope. Then I had each girl sign the envelope for me.

I know that it was quite a process to shave their pussies because I have done it for Veronica on a few occasions. First she takes a pair of scissors and trims off the long thick hair and that is what she puts on a piece of toilet paper for me. Then she uses my shaving cream to lather up the remaining hair. Then she shaves everything that she can, rinses, lathers up again and shaves it a second time being careful to get everything that she can, even around her asshole. I like to help her so that I can slip my fingers in her pussy and of course fuck her afterwards. Within an hour or so I had twenty-three new envelopes to add to my collection.

Veronica and the other five girls had changed back into their original tops and shorts. They made arrangements to come back at eight o’clock in the morning. Even on a Sunday they were going to run. Now that was dedication. Veronica promised to get them their new shorts and tops today and have them ready for tomorrow.

So we drove an hour to a sports store that Veronica knew of. Apparently it was where she had gotten her outfits. She knew all the sizes and picked out enough in white, pink, and yellow for all twenty-two girls and herself. They did screen printing right there on the premises and had the school logo on file in different sizes. Veronica picked out a small one and had it placed on the right cheek of the bottoms and on the side of the left breast. I took her to a late lunch while we waited for them to finish silk-screening the sixty-nine items.

Veronica had even picked out a full T-shirt and baggy shorts for me to wear. I was not pleased with pink so I got light blue along with white and yellow to match the girls. Mine were also getting silk-screened with the school logo.

When we went back Veronica got a new pair of running shoes too. I got a new stopwatch and clipboard meant for recording times just like for track teams.

At home Veronica let me watch her model the new ‘uniforms’ and take pictures of her in and out of them. We made love and I thanked her for everything. She played ignorant and teased me into saying exactly what I meant. So I told her that I had enjoyed seeing the five girls model her track suites and show me their camel toe pussies and that I loved the twenty-two new additions to my pussy hair collection. We made love twice then she teased me by telling me all about the shaving session when she got to see all of the girls pussies with hair and completely bald. They had asked her to take a close look to be sure that they had gotten everything. She got close enough to smell them all and that their vagina odor had made her cum. She told me that a few had protruding lips like I like, one had a rather large clit, and that she had touched a few girls in the process. It had really excited her at the time and had excited her all over again just telling me about it. We made love a third time and went to sleep.

Veronica was up bright and early that next morning. She put on her new white track suite and waited for the girls to arrive. She already had each girl’s three uniforms in separate bags and just let them take them off the table on their way up to change. White was the color of the day.

Veronica got them all out in our backyard for a team picture. I got to check to make sure that all their pussies were camel-toed perfectly. They were and I got an immediate erection. Veronica was quick to point it out to the girls and they giggled. I took several team pictures then had each girl pose by herself for me. They all enjoyed that.

Then it was off for a run around the block for an hour. I got some good sweaty pictures of them all. Then they rested for an hour and ate a light snack. They drank plenty of water too. Then they ran for another hour.

Veronica had told me to put out the lawn sprinkler and have it turned on when they came back. I was also told to put two cases of water out back for them afterwards. She promised me some good pictures and even better sex afterwards. Okay!

When they returned that time Veronica took them right out back. She grabbed a bottle of water, drank about half of it, and then poured the rest over her breasts. Sure enough the white top became almost invisible. I took pictures of her then the other girls wet themselves down and posed too. Each of them enjoyed being almost topless in front of me. Then Veronica ran through the sprinkler to cool down. Cool down my ass that water was cold and it made Veronica’s nipples instantly hard. Plus it got her bottoms completely wet too so that I could see her pussy pretty clearly. Once again the other girls followed Veronica’s lead and got wet and posed for me. I could tell the girl with the protruding clit and took extra pictures of her.

The girl with the big clit got me alone and asked if her clit was too big because none of the other girls were built like that. I could tell that she was honestly concerned. So I told her the truth that it excited the hell out of me and that girls were not supposed to be built the same. I explained that I liked big tits but that small tits really excited me, that I liked tight asses, and I liked long hair. However very few girls have it all like my wife does. I told her that Veronica had even admired her big clit too. I confessed that I was only sorry that her shorts were in the way. Well that was all I had to mention. She told me to follow her up to the bathroom.

Up in the bathroom Amber told me to feel free to take all the pictures that I wanted too. Then Amber removed her wet shorts. She sat on the edge of the toilet and opened her legs for me. Her clit poked out without any help at all. As I took pictures Amber used her fingers to separate her pussy lips some more. Then Amber rubbed her fingers over her big clit and it grew to almost double its previous size just like my cock was doing. It was the most incredible thing that I had ever seen. I told her that I should have had my video recorder with me. Amber smiled and said that I could go get it if I wanted too. I confessed to her that I would want to get it from the very beginning and capture her playing with it and making it grow. Amber said that she could come back after everyone left and put on a good show for me. I really wanted her too. Oh yes! Of course I did! Thank you! Then while Amber was on the toilet with her legs spread and her hard clit exposed she peed for me. I took just as many pictures as I could. I told Amber that I love it when Veronica pees for me like that. Amber felt very special. She pulled her wet shorts up, made sure they camel-toed for me, then we returned to the rest of the girls. A couple of girls smiled but Veronica winked at me knowing what I had been up too.

Veronica suggested that the girls leave their white outfit here for their after school run and that she would wash them and have them ready for Monday. She also suggested showers before they left too.

Amber took her shower first and came out in just a towel that hardly covered her body. She asked me if I wanted more pictures. I sure did. As I was taking pictures Amber lifted the front just a bit to show me her bare pussy. A couple of the other girls had seen Amber do that. Word spread and every girl made sure to lift the front of her towel too to show me her bare pussy. It must have been a competition like a dare because they all did it trying not to be left out. Amber suggest another group shot of team pictures out in our backyard in just their towels. Veronica went along with it. So out they went. I took a couple of very nice sexy pictures then everyone lifted their towels to show me their bare pussies, even Veronica. After a couple of those Amber let her towel drop and said oops like it was an accident, but she didn’t attempt to pick it up. One by one they all dropped their towels to the ground for several more team pictures. I just loved it and would have to thank Amber for starting it.

Then Amber asked if I would like them to put on their bras and panties for more team pictures. Yes I would like that very much. They ran in the house and soon came back out. A few didn’t wear bras so Veronica loaned them some of hers. I got more team pictures and loved it. Finally the girls got dressed and went home for dinner.

Amber returned about fifteen minutes later. Veronica expected her. She had put Amber up to everything today and was pleased that it had worked out so well. When Amber entered Veronica kissed her like she kisses me and thanked her for doing such a fine job. Veronica told me that her and Amber had made love a few times in school after all the other girls were gone but that they were looking forward to a real bed. Amber patted my crotch and told me to bring my DVD recorder this time. I was right behind them.

They waited for me to get ready and turn the camera on before they started. Amber and Veronica kissed even better this time. Then Veronica lifted Amber’s top and tossed it aside. Amber then removed Veronica’s top. Next Veronica removed Amber’s bra. Since Veronica wasn’t wearing a bra the two girls were topless. Then Veronica slipped down Amber’s shorts. Amber then removed Veronica’s shorts leaving her nude. Veronica then removed Amber’s panties with her teeth. Soon the two of them got on the bed and embraced tit to tit and belly to belly. It was simply incredible to watch as these two girls made long sweet passionate love to one another while I watched and recorded it.

They kissed every part of the other’s body, they rubbed their hands over every inch of the other’s body, and they probed each other’s very moist pussy. Veronica held Amber’s pussy lips open and sucked on her clit like she sucks on my cock. Veronica spoke about how much she loved Amber’s clit, how sweet her girl juices were, and how much it excited her to make love to Amber in front of her husband. Amber said similar things about Veronica. I just watched in amazement for a good hour as these two women gave constant pleasure to one another.

When they finished I got to fuck my wife but not for long. Veronica wanted to share her husband with her lover and share her lover with her husband. So I got to fuck Amber the object of my all day erection. I could never remember being that hard in my life. Amber sure enjoyed it. After I filled her with cum this gorgeous sixteen-year-old track star thanked me for taking her virginity. What! Holy shit! It was definitely a dream come true. My cock had rubbed against Amber’s big clit giving her eight orgasms while I fucked her. Plus Veronica had given her six during their lovemaking. I counted four orgasms for Veronica. Damn and I only cum once but it was fantastic.

Every day after school the girls came to our house, changed, and ran for an hour or two every afternoon. Then they showered, changed, and went home. After posing nude they were no longer concerned about being nude in front of me and changed or showered with me in the same room with my camera. Many let me take pictures as they peed but a few were self conscious about that.

Every Saturday morning the girls would put on their pink or yellow uniforms and run on the school track. They started getting a lot of admirers. The girls knew that it was their ‘camel toe’ appearance but they didn’t care. After all they dressed like that to be looked at and they sure got looked at. The boys came out to cheer them on. Veronica never cut a single girl from the team.

Then school ended for the summer but practice did not stop because there were track meets that they were signed up for. The school provided a bus for the team and a bus for spectators. Well they were surprised when more boys went to the girl’s tack meets than went to football games out of town. The girls were good and won some events but the main thing was that they had fun, entertained the crowd, and the boys knew them each by name. The girls were getting asked out on dates by more than one boy, so they took turns accepting their offers.

Amber went out on dates, let the boys fuck her, and then came to our house so that Veronica could taste their cum. Of course I fucked Amber after that too and Veronica got to eat her out again. After Amber left I fucked Veronica once or twice myself.

That summer Veronica’s girls became more popular than the cheerleaders were. Amber continued to come by often for three-way sex sessions.

The End
Track Coach

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