This story is completely fictional, and not finished. I just wanted to post this to see how people took to it. Enjoy, rate and coment. Also, I'm not using names so that it could be any way the reader desires. ^_^

————-She heard a loud knock at the front door and immediately knew who it was, she took in a deepba breath and paced herself to the door. As she opened the door, she looked up to see his half hearted smile as she invited him in, slowly they began to make small talk as she gave him a quick tour of the house. First the living room, Kitchen, Bathroom, ect. As the tour lead on she began dreading the moment to where she would have to show her own room, the fear of his reactions to them being alone flooded her mind. She knew he was still madly in love with her and he also knew she was already taken by another. . Finally they had reached her bedroom door and she slowly opened it up and walked in, but as she started to turn herself around to face him she had heard him shut and lock the door behind them. In that instant she hesitated to turn around before actually doing so. The instant she had turned around he was all over her.

She gasped as she felt his large body slam her firmly against the wall , she began to squirm and started to push against him. " Don't do this!. . ," she yelled as her heart began to race. She seen a soft grin on his face as she felt him slam her against the wall harder, pinning her wrists on each side of her head. " Why not.." he whispered in her ear, letting her feel his hot warm breath hit her bare skin, she bit into her lip firmly still struggling against his grip, ". .Because. . I can't do this. . ." He released one of her hands as he grabbed a handful of her hair pulling it back firmly causing her back to arch, as he accessed the soft skin at the base of her neck. She let out another gasp as he pulled her hair harder, feeling his teeth sink into her neck. ". . .Please. . don't," she panted heavily as he lifted her off the ground forcing her legs to wrap around him. He knew by her reactions that she couldn't resist him much longer as he removed her to the wall to only shove her down onto the bed with him hovering over her. She placed her hands against his chest as she tried to push him off. He leaned into her with ease as he firmly pressed his lips against hers, instantly her eyes widened as she softly kissed him back with hesitation. She parted her lips slightly as she breathed, ". . stop. ." As she parted her lips he only took the chance to bite down on her bottom lip to only get a satisfying reaction out of her, with every ' no' and ' don't do this' he heard only sparked his arousal and edged him on even more.

Slowly he ran his hand up her stomach and he felt her quiver as he cupped her large breast massaging it firmly but slow. Her breathing was heavy as she felt her self begin to melt, no she had to keep her head straight, she knew she couldn't let this go on even if he was hitting every turn on she had. She finally managed to pull her lips from his, " . . you need to stop. . . I'm serious. .!" she tried to sound bold but she could hardly speak as she tried once again to push him off. He wouldn't listen, he sat up for a second and took both of her wrists hard this time and slammed them above her head, she struggled as he pinned both with one hand now. He returned his free hand to the center of her bra and ripped it apart, now having easy access to her beautiful breasts. She gasped as he slowly pinched her left nipple then rolling it in between his fingers. Her eyes fluttered as she bit down on her lip, finally realizing how hard her clit was throbbing.

Suddenly it was almost as if he was reading her mind as he slid his hand back down her stomach slowly. When he reached the hem of her jeans he swiftly undid the button and ran his hand in slowly under neath both her pants and panties, feeling her soft moist lips instantly made him harder. He knew he was succeeding as he inserted his middle and ring finger deep into her pussy as his thumb pressed against her clit. She arched her back, gasping as her arousal flooded her body. A sly smirk slowly appeared on his face, knowing he had her right where he wanted. He pressed himself back against her, kissing her deeply as he started to stroke his fingers up hitting her G-spot.

Finally she just couldn't resist him anymore, she wanted him more than she could ever imagine and he knew that. She kissed him back passionately before biting down on his bottom lip firmly as she began rocking her hips with the rhythm of his fingers. He let out a moan as her teeth contacted his skin, it felt like pure bliss as his body shivered. Their moans of pleasure filled the room as he continued to finger her, finally he began picking up the pace causing her to gasp and moan louder as she arched her back……

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Sincerly the author: Jamie H.

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