Unusal summer morning

Unusal summer morning


He woke around 8.30 on a bright July morning, the sun slipping though the curtains. He lay, naked, teasing his cock – almost absent mindlessly, just gently playing with the tip of his foreskin between thumb and forefinger, occasionally squeezing the muscles in his buttocks that aroused a sexual tingle which quickly worked its way to the base of his scrotum.

His thoughts turned to last evening. He, 17 years old, enjoying the long summer vacation in the company of girls, boys and illicit alcohol! He’d had a date – the first date – with Selina, who had recently moved to his hometown. Despite his best performance at showing his prowess she was a ‘good’ girl. He’s kissed her, kisses that got deeper as the kissing session went by. He’d placed a hand on her knee, but as he moved to slide the hand up under her skirt, as she continued to kiss him, Selina took it away. ‘ I’d like to get to know you please’ she’d said. But she’d readily agreed to another date today, this afternoon, and the cock stroking thoughts were lustfully anticipating if he would get to fuck her. He’d peaked down her halter-top, seen a glimpse of her breasts and he wondered what her nipples would look like. He’d guess a 34C cup – the guys in his group spent ages guessing the size of the tits of every girl they knew in the town and to get maximum street cred you had to look at the label in the girls bra, confirm the size and report back to the ‘tit gang master’. He’d do that later today. Guaranteed! Last night he’d seen her panty line too, a small provocative line with a skimpiness that encouraged him. ‘Yes’ he thought ‘ Good girl, yesterday, bad girl today!’ They were to spend the day together and I was time he started to get ready.

Along the landing from his bedroom he heard the shower running and the every day bathroom sounds associated with house sharing. A few minutes later the female voice shouted ‘OK’. A shout not directed to anyone in particular, but a routine they all had – one bathroom between three bedrooms needed routine. He got up and stood just for a moment and looked in the full-length mirror. Not over tall, slim, flat stomach, teenage pecks sporting a patch of fair hair. His uncircumcised cock now sensing there was to be no massive wanking session although full and plump was neither hard nor soft, but he thought ‘looking good’.

He opened the bedroom door to take the ten paces along the landing. She came out of the bathroom. In the 3 or 4 short seconds before she moved, his eye took in the female form, unfamiliar in it’s nakedness. A small, flesh coloured bra covering pert breasts, nipples partially visible through the lace. Panties, matching the bra, the cut tight on her upper legs, the elasticised lace material clinging to her body shape accentuating the slit between the lips of her labia. A hint of pubic hair

In her left hand she held a small bag of toiletries. Her right hand instinctively flew diagonally across her breasts in a defensive cover up. ‘I went back in. I thought you weren’t up’ she said ‘I’d forgotten my make-up’.

In those 3 seconds though he noticed her eyes glance down towards his cock, now erect and hard, the unsheathed tip glistening.

She moved quickly, embarrassed, towards her bedroom, and as she turned He saw her shoulder length fair hair, the tiny straps of her bra, again the back cut of her panties – nothing but a small strip of material starting at the small of her back disappearing between the rounded cheeks of her arse.

As she turned she stumbled across the threshold of the bedroom semi falling forward, losing her footing. She dropped her cosmetic bag and fell forwards instinctively outstretching her arms . She landed on her knees. He, embarrassed at his hard on, saw the fabric of her panties running up her pussy, the strip though not wide enough to cover the coffee coloured button that was entry to her bottom and round that hole he saw fluffy fair wispy hair.

Half falling himself, he got down on his knees and rolled her over. Her bra had moved exposing her left breast. Their eyes met and he smelled a familiar perfume. With his left hand he slid her panties to one side exposing her cunt. Her hand moved down towards his cock. He knew not whether it was a movement of protest or pleasure but his cock was already in her and he fucked her quickly, urgently and hard, the elastic of her panties catching his cock at every thrust. He felt the first thrust of cum leaving his inner loins with such forceful thrust that he slammed against her. Two and three spurts of semen followed with equal force. Flushed with spent excitement he quickly pulled out, and saw the spunk around her inner thighs. Embarrassed again, he stood not knowing what to do, what to say. ‘Sorry mum’ he said as he left her bedroom

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