It had been a long drive. I had come from the south of England to Newcastle upon Tyne to look for a job. I had applied for a job I had seen, and they wanted to interview me.So this meantI was on main A1 road from London.
I arrived in Newcastle, at about five o'clock in the evening, and had decided that I would look for a bed and breakfast accommodation for the two nights I intended to spend there. My appointment was for 9.30 following morning but I had not planned on going out that evening. I drove down the row of terraced houses. The houses were fairly large, probably three-bedroom, and then I saw the sign I was looking for. In a window was small card saying, B & B.
I parked the car and walked to the front door pushed the bell, and waited. There was a movement behind the door and the door opened, and a young lad about 11 years old appeared. I said, "I see the sign the window, says you have accommodation, is it still available?"
He turned and yelled "Mum, there is a chap come to see about the spare room."
A lady came to the door and said "Yes. The room was still available at the moment. Come in."
I picked up my case, with my interview clothes in it and washing gear. We walked into our stand upstairs, the bedroom was quite adequate.
I said "Thank you.Would you like paying now." She nodded. I took out my wallet and gave her the money for the two days.

She said. "I'll be going out this evening, so you can sit down stairs, if you want and watch telly with the kids."
I said, "Thanks very much.I'll probably come down in little while." At this point, I had only seen the young boy, so when she said kids and I was surprised.

I tidied up, and with the key she had given me went out and locked front door. It was going on about six o'clock, so I found somewhere to have a bite to eat, and then walked back to the house.
I opened the door and found the lady of the house was dressed in all her finery, and she said she be back later. She said, "John and Annie will be no trouble. They will probably have a bath about eight and watch telly until 10 and go to bed. I will be back somewhere round about 11 o'clock." John, the young lad, gave slight smile.

Mrs Jones, then left, leaving me, a man with no slight interest in children, in charge of a young boy and a girl I had yet to meet.
A blond head poked its way around the door. The girl looked at me, and smiled and said "Hi, I'm Annie."
I introduced myself to both of the children and went to sit down in front of the television set. After while John said " Its time for bath. I'll just go and run it." He then left, and I heard him go up the upstairs. Short while later he the old for Annie, saying the bath was ready. Although Annie looked at the same age. She was apparently younger, and John. After a short while. I heard a yell and went upstairs at the bathroom. I asked if everything was all right. John said, Annie had hurt her her knee. So I asked if I could come in. He said, "Okay".
When I walked in. I was greeted with a sight of two naked children, facing me. Annie was crying, that I soon found out there was nothing wrong. John meanwhile, looked me and I looked at his cock.
Like the vast majority of English boys he was uncut, and I could see that his cock was slightly hard. This in turn, turned me on, and I started to get hard as well. Having sorted Annie's problem I asked if they wanted the backs washed.
Annie said. "Yes, please." So, I picked up the soap and started to wah her back saying "Why don't you stand up in the bath, so I can wash all of you." She stood up, and I had glorious view of her cunt lips, and I started to wash everywhere. Back, front, lakes, and finally ending up between the legs and gently feeling her cunt. John was watching and didn't say anything. Annie was standing there with her eyes closed and started to shake a little bit. I said, "That's enough for now, sit down and rinse off." I motioned for John to stand, which he did, and Annie looked at him and said. "You're thingy is all stiff." John blushed, but I said. "Don't worry. I'll wash it like I washed Annie."
He nodded. Once again I washed his back, front, legs, and finally, between his legs slowly pulling back the skin on his cock. Annie watched all the time. Once he was clean I started to wank his cock, and when he started to breathe heavily I said, "And that's enough for you, for now."

They got out of the bath, and I dried them off, paying particular attention to John's cock and bum and Annie's cunt. I told them to get the pyjamas on and come down stairs.
I was waiting for them, and motioned for them to come and sit on my knees. They were little old for this, and I think they knew what I wanted. When they were sitting on my knees,I put my hands inside their pyjamas and felt Annie's cunt and John's cock. They both lay back and close their eyes, as I masturbate them both.

I said, "Are you both enjoying this, and they nodded. I said, "I want to try something different? Stand up John." He stood up, and I pulled his pyjama trousers down, and his cock stood proud. I reached round, and felt his bum, and his arse. On the table beside the sofa was a tin of hand cream, and I put my finger in and returned it to his arse. Then slowly, felt his bum and pushed my finger in. All the time, any Annie was watching and I started to push my finger in and out. He did not find it sore. My other hand, was wanking his cock slowly, and he was getting quite excited.

I pulled my finger and and said to Annie "Lets try it with you." She stood up, and I put one hand, on her cunt and my other on her bum. Once again, I slowly pushed finger in to her arse. At the same time, I was gently rubbing her clitoris. Just like John,she was starting to get excited. John was watching at the same time as playing with his cock.

All this time, I had a raging hard on, so I said to Annie and John "Its time I had some fun.Annie, take out my cock." She seemed to realise that when I said cock I meant 'thingy'.
She undid my trousers, reached inside and pulled my 25-year-old uncut cock out, and both she and John started to wank me off. They slowly pulled the skin back from the end so my knob was all shiny and wet with pre-cum.

I said, "John stand up and come to me." and he came to me his cock was hard and I put in my mouth. Annie stopped what she was doing and watched so I took his cock out of my mouth and said to her not to stop just gently pull the skin backwards and forwards over the knob. "That's it. Keep going." I put John's cock back in my mouth, and then with one hand slowly pulled the skin back and held it back while I moved my head back and forth. He was squirming, so I put my finger on his arse, pushed it in again. As my head and mouth went forward on his cock, so my finger went deep into his arse and played with his prostate.

He was getting quite excited, and I continued to suck his cock. Annie watched all this while she was wanking me off. I took my mouth off his cock and said to Annie "You suck my cock now". I continued to play with John's arse, and she leant forward, pulled the skin back from my clock and put it in a mouth and moved a mouth backwards and forwards. I then leant John over and slowly pushed in two fingers into his bum. He grunted. It was obviously sore, so I pulled the fingers out and replaced it with one. Once again finger fucking his arse While Annie was sucking me,
I stood her up, and with my other hand, pushed my finger back into her arse. And then slowly finger fucked her at the same time, with the thumb, playing with her clitoris.
"Lets try something even more different." I said. I stood, Annie up. Then leant her forward and John behind his hard clock standing in the air. I moved him forward so that his cock was at her bum with one hand slowly pushed him in to Annie's arse. She grunted a bit, but it went in, quite well, and I said "Right Johnny in and out." He started to fuck, his sister's bum. I reached round to his back and felt his bum at the same time, played with his sister's clit.
Then, I stood up my cock was red and shiny. And I pushed Annie's head forward so that my cock went into her mouth so while she was being fucked in her arse, she was sucking me off.

Johnnie and I came with a rush and collapsed on the sofa, and asked them if they were all right, and Annie said yes, Johnny said he was fine. Annie had swallowed all my cum and I touched her cunt and started to masturbate her. She came with a little cry, while Johnny watched.

I said, I think it is time for bed. They nodded, put their pyjamas on and went to bed. 10 minutes later, I got hard again, and wanked off for the second time that night.

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