War Of Love

War Of Love

This story is more of a story then anything eles. It does have a sex scene at the end but if your looking for a story with a whole lot of sex, this is not it. Hope you like it.

“…And the gangs are getting worse. More violent then before, houses are being broken into and the murder rate have gone up 12%. More to come on these horrible…”


Load of shit.” Sean said as he turned off his t.v.

“What now.” Ed asked.
“The same shit as always!” Sean snapped back. “Fuckin news reporters don’t even know the half of it. Its not about killing people, its about fuckin survival.”

Ed got up from his chair and walked into the kitchen.

“You want another beer?” He yelled. Ed was a tall man, in his late 30’s. Messy brown, hair and grey eyes. He and Sean were part of a gang called The Spiders. Sean was a little shorter, early 20’s with short brown hair with blue eyes. He was a rather handsome man. He wore ripped jeans, t-shirts, and a leather jacket and was very well built. Sean was rarely ever seen without a girl.

Sean looked back when he heard Ed. “No.” he said quietly. He got out of his chair and walked into his room. He opened the drawer next to his bed and pulled out a pistol.
“Im going out…” he said.

“Where the fuck are you gonna go?” Ed said, coming into his room. “The streets are swarming with cops.”

“Don’t worry about me and stay here!” Sean said and walked out the door.

Kendra crept down stairs trying not to wake her parents. Kendra was 16 years old, blonde hair and a tight body. C cup breasts and a very rounded, firm ass. It was 3:30 in the morning. Kendra lived in a very Christian home. Not a lot of freedom. Her mother was a doctor and her father was a cop. She was a rebel. Always tried to piss her parents off.

Kendra didn’t live in the best neighborhood in the world; there were fights out in the street almost everyday. Her father seemed more like a “stay at home” cop because he was always breaking up the fights.

Kendra snuck over to her front door, opened it and snuck out. It was dark, out. There was only one street lamp that worked. She walked down her street. The sounds of sirens could be heard in the distance. There had been a few times where her dad had caught her. This was only if he had to be out at night of course, tonight he was not.

The night was cold. Kendra wrapped her arms around herself to keep warm. Kendra was not scared. She never was. She walked a few blocks and walked into an alleyway next to a 7/11.

“You hear?” She whispered into the darkness.

“You got the money?” A voice replied.

“I always do.” She said back. At this, a man walked out of the shadows.

“Your late! You said you would be here at 3:30! Its 3:45. Give me the fucking money!”

Kendra handed the man a wad of cash, he handed her a small bag. Without another word they turned in opposite directions and left. Kendra walked a little further down the road and opened the bag. She grabbed a small amount of the green plant and rolled herself a joint. She lit it. She inhaled the sweet plant. Many minutes passed when she heard a sound, like footsteps coming towards her. She threw the joint into a near by bush and the bag along with it. A man was walking down the street. She could not make out his face yet, but she knew he saw her because he stopped.

“Who the fuck are you and what are you doing out here?” He asked. Kendra said nothing. “Are you fucking def?!? I asked you a fucking question!”


“Smells like pot.” He said. “How old are you?”

Still no answer.

“Listen sweetheart, I’ve got a gun, so you better answer me.”

“My name is Kendra.” She said, her voice was shaky, but she was not afraid. “Im 16 years old and Im walking home.”

“Walking home? From where?” He asked.

“That’s non of your business!”

There was a soft click as the man cocked his gun. “I think it is my business.”

“Are you a cop?” She asked.

“Im no fucking cop!”

“Then why are you asking so many questions?”

The sound of a car was close. Kendra looked into the distance and could make out the outline of sirens on the top of it.

“You may not be a cop, but that is!” She said.

“Shit! There going to smell the weed and we’re both gonna be fucked!” The man stepped forward just enough for Kendra to see his face. Short brown hair, blue eyes. Kendra was shocked at how good-looking he was. She zoned out but was brought back into reality when she heard a voice. “Follow me!”


“Do you wanna get arrested? Follow me!” Kendra followed the man. She could hear the sound of a car door opening and closing and knew that the cop had gotten out to look around. He was going to find the weed, she knew it. They walked for what seemed like hours. “Where did ya get the weed?”

“ I know a guy.” She replied.

“How much?”

“How much what?”

“How much did you pay?”

“But $300 for an ounce.”

“Shit. He said. Where do you get that kind of money?”

“I steal from the collection plate at church.”

“You know your going to Hell, right?” The man laughed a little. “For the record, im not helping you because Im a nice guy, I didn’t want to leave you behind and rat me out and say it was my weed. And if you know what’s good for ya, you’ll keep your mouth shut.”

“Im not going to tell anyone, cause then I would have to deal with my fucking parents on why I was out at 4:00 in the morning.” Kendra looked at him. He was beautiful, she thought to herself. “What are you doing out?”

“Go home.” He said. “I don’t need a little girl like you asking me all these ques…SHIT!”

Kendra stopped and looked down the street. Three men were walking towards them.

“We gotta get out of here.” He said, but too late.

“Who the fuck is that?” Said one of the men. They came closer. “What the fuck are you looking at asshole!?!”

“Stay away from me Red, Im not looking for trouble tonight.”

The man called Red stepped closer. “Well maybe I am you fucking cock sucker.”

Kendra was now scared. She had never been in a situation before. Red looked at her now.

“Who’s this? You got a nice one today, Sean.” He stepped closer to Kendra. “What do ya say we ditch this mother fucker and I take you back to my place and get a better look at ya?”

Sean stepped forward. “Leave her out of this!” The other two people behind Red stepped closer, both reaching into their jackets and pulling out guns. Sean’s hand twitched, as if to reach for his gun too.

“What is she worth to you? Let me take her and I’ll let ya go. I don’t want to kill you, at least not when your friends aren’t here to see it.”

“She aint worth anything to me.”

“So what the fuck is wrong?”

“Nothing, take her, I don’t give a shit.”

Kendra started to panic. “Good man.” Red said and grabbed Kendra. She tried to free herself. “Stay still you Goddamn bitch!” Kendra struggled even more, she started to scream. At this point, Sean pulled out his gun and fired two shots. One into each one of the men standing behind Red. Red let go of her.

“Don’t move!” Sean shouted. “Let her go!”

Red let go of Kendra. The sounds of sirens filled the air. House lights turned on all around them. A police car was speeding down the road to them. Sean turned; grabbed Kendra’s are and ran in between two houses onto a neighboring street. They ran for what seemed like forever and finally Kendra was flung to the ground.

“Get under here!” Sean said. Kendra crawled under what looked like an old abandoned shed. There was a large hole on one side big enough for a human to crawl into. Sean went in after her. “Don’t say anything.” He told her. Both of them were breathing very hard. After an hour or so the sirens were gone. Sean crawled out from under the shed. Kendra followed him.

“SHIT! What time is it?” Kendra asked.

“About 5:20. Why?”

“My mom leaves for work at 5:30! Im not home!”

“C’mon.” Sean said. “Where do you live?”

“123 Meadow Lane. But we’re not going to get there in time.”

“Well you shouldn’t have been out in the first place!”

“How was I supposed to know I was going to meet up with you?”

“Your damn lucky you did! Red would have killed you!” Sean was now pacing back and forth. There was a long silence, and then Kendra spoke.

“Thank you…” Sean looked at her. “For saving my life.”

“Go home.” Sean turned and started to walk away. He stopped and turned around. “Listen kid, Im not your fuckin dad, or your body guard or anything. Red was part of my rival gang, The Tanks. You can tell who’s in that gang because they all have a tattoo on their left forearm of a red tank. You get into any trouble; call me because I would never pass up a chance to kill one of those mother fuckers.” Sean handed Kendra a piece of paper.

“Thanks.” Kendra put it in her jean pocket, turned and ran home. When she got home, she slowly opened the door and closed it. She silently made her way upstairs to her room and crawled into bed. Her mother’s car was not in the driveway she noticed. She must have already left. Kendra could not sleep, she kept thinking about what had just happened a few hours before. But most of all…she was thinking about Sean.

Sean walked into his house; Ed was asleep on the couch. The door shut and Ed awoke with a start. “What the fuck!?! Where the fuck were you all last night?’

“Long story.” Sean walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. “Had a little trouble with Red.”

“Red? What the hell was that guy doing out?”

“Same reason why he’s always out. Drugs.” Sean took a sip of his beer. “I wonder if Kendra made it home ok.”

“Kendra? Who the fuck is Kendra?” Ed looked at him.

“This chick that I met out on the streets buyin drugs.”

“How old was she?”


“Fuck Sean, sixteen, what the fuck were you thinking?”

“We didn’t do anything.” Sean looked away. “I killed two of Red’s guys.”

“What? So first you’re a fucking pedophile, then you murder two guys!”

“Shut the fuck up Ed. The rest of the guys are going to be here in a bit and I don’t want you bringing this up!” Sean set his gun on the table next to him. Ed shook his head and turned on the t.v.

There was a knock at the door. Ed walked over to it. “Who’s there?”

“It’s Gabe! Open the door!” The door opened and four men walked in. “get us beers and we’ll start our meeting.”

Sean passed beers to all the men. “So be going to attack the Tanks or what?” Sean asked.

“That’s the plan, but listen up.” Gabe pulled a small paper out of his pocket. “We’re gonna attack them tonight. We’ll get hem right at their hideout. They wont expect it.” Gabe was not a very big man, muscular, but not big. He had long blonde hair and a strong, leader like look on his face.

“If we attack them at their hideout we’re all gonna die!” Sean said. “That’s where their weapons and ammo are. We have no chance.”

“What? Are you scared Sean? You’re my best guy! You usually jump on chances like this!”

“All im saying is that if we just go in and try and take them at their hideout we’re gonna die. I say we meet sent a spy…”

“A spy? Like who?”

“Anyone, find out where they keep their weapons and take them. Then we can attack.”

“They could kill all of us in the amount of time it would take to do that. We can’t risk it.”

At this moment Sean’s cell phone started to ring. Sean got up and walked into his room. “Hello?” It was Kendra.

“Hi.” She said, “I just wanted to make sure you gave me the right number last night…”

“Why the fuck are you calling me?” Sean was whispering.

“Im sorry. I just can’t stop thinking about last night…”

“What about it?”

“I just wanted to thank you again.”

“I don’t want you to tha…wait, there is a way.” Sean thought for a minute. “I need you to do something for me.”

“What was that all about?” Gabe asked when Sean came back in the room.

“I have our spy.”


“Yeah, her name is Kendra. The Tanks never turn down a girl. We send her in, she finds out where the stuff is and we attack.”

“How do you know her?”

“Never mind that, I told her to meet us at the 7/11 in an hour.”

“This better be good Sean…”

Kendra stood outside the 7/11 where she was the night before. A car pulled into the parking lot. 6 men got out, one of them was Sean. Sean walked over to her.

“Hey kid.” Sean smiled. “I’d like to introduce you to my friends. This guy is Ed, Reese, Chase, Billy who is my brother, and my boss Gabriel, or Gabe for short.”

Kendra was uneasy. “What do you need me for?”

“Tonight we’re going to attack our rival gang’s hideout. We need to find out where they keep their weapons.” Gabe told her. “That’s where you come in.”

“What? No, I can’t. Ill get killed.”

“No you wont, The Tanks never kill girls if they got a use for them.”

“Kendra, you owe me. I saved your little ass last night, now you get to save mine.” Sean walked up to her. “You either do this willingly or we throw you in there whether you like it or not.”

Kendra was now crying. “Lets get her back to our place.” Gabe told them.

They quickly got back to Sean’s house. It was getting late. “We plan to leave at eight. So be ready with your guns.” Billy told everyone. Kendra was crying on the couch. Sean grabbed her arm and led her to his room without anyone seeing him. They got in his room and closed the door.

“Listen,” he said. “Im sorry, but this is very important. We need your help.” Kendra continued to cry.

“You mother fucker!” She said. “Please, take me home. Don’t make me do this…” Sean just looked at her. He reached his hand out and ran it through her hair. Kendra trembled a bit. She slowly turned her head and looked at him. Sean was looking back at her, he moved to her a little bit. His hand moved from her hair to her shoulder. He moved his head closer to her and then lightly kissed her lips. She didn’t return the kiss, but only for a moment. She relaxed and finally kissed back. Their mouths opened a little Sean slipped his tongue into her mouth.

They sat there kissing for a moment and then Sean moved his hand down to her breast and squeezed it softly. She lifted her arms up around his neck. He broke away from the kiss and just stared at her for a moment. His hands moved down to her shirt and lifted it just a bit to see Kendra’s reaction, when she didn’t do anything; he lifted it up over her head and to the ground. Sean then reached behind her and removed her bra. He large breasts just staring back at him. He cupped one of them in his hand and moved his head down to the other. He opened his mouth and sucked on the nipple. Kendra let out a soft moan.

Sean broke away. He reached down and removed his shirt. Kendra stared at his body. He had a very well kept body. He had very muscular arms, a strong chest and a very well toned six-pack. He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them and his boxers to the floor. He had a completely shaven crotch. He reached down and unbuttoned Kendra’s pants. She lifted her hips so they, along with her panties could be taken off. Kendra also had an amazing body, full, plump breasts. A flat smooth stomach, a shaven smooth crotch as well.

Sean took a moment and admired her body. Kendra pulled back the covers. Her and Sean disappeared under them. Sean placed himself on top of her, inserting himself into her. Kendra wrapped her arms around his neck moaned as Sean moved in and out of her. He moved his head down and kissed her neck softly, sucking on it once in a while. Kendra’s nails dug into Sean’s back with every thrust. Sean stopped. Kendra rolled him over and sat herself on top of him, inserting his penis inside of her. She moved up and down. Slowly at first. Sean’s hands moved up her stomach to her breasts. He squeezed them. Kendra moaned loader now as she bounced on top of him. Sean moaned as Kendra came right on top of him. He knew he was going to come soon too. He laid Kendra back down and got on top of her for the final few thrusts. Kendra and Sean both were breathing very hard. Sean thrust one last time and held the position as he came inside of her.

Sean let out a deep breath and rolled off of her, still breathing very hard. Sean put his arms around Kendra and just laid there holding her. About an hour passed and they were still holding each other. There was a knock at the door and Billy’s voice could be heard.

“Its eight o’clock! Lets go!” Sean and Kendra looked at each other. Kendra was scared. And for the first time in Sean’s life, he was too.

To be continued…

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