Weekend Lovers

Weekend Lovers

Friday, 5:00 P.M.

Mandy walked over to the back door of her neighbor’s house. She looked around the backyard and surrounding bushes, making sure that no one had seen her enter through the side gate. A devious smirk played over her lips as she entered the doorway, her whole body tingling in anticipation of what was to come.

The Dietrich family had lived next to Mandy’s family for the past two years and they had gotten on rather well from the start. Michael and Ellen Dietrich were in their mid-fifties and had two sons who were fully-grown and had started their own families over the past few years. Mandy’s family consisted of herself, her mother and father, and her three older sisters who were currently in their second, fourth, and eighth year of college. Unlike her older sisters, Mandy was still only a senior in high school.

However, it was Michael Dietrich who had shown a somewhat special interest in the youngest daughter of the Breslin family. And Mandy herself had shown an equally special interest in him.

This weekend had been the perfect opportunity for the two to finally play out the whispered words they had shared over the past year. Mandy had turned eighteen just two weeks ago, her parents were visiting her oldest sister for the weekend, and Ellen Dietrich was visiting her oldest son and daughter-in-law for the next three days.

And it was Friday evening and Mandy wanted some…company.

The young girl walked through the door and placed her bag of goodies on the kitchen table. It did not take her a long time to find the person who she looking for and Mandy was pleasantly surprised when she did find him.

“Well, aren’t we eager?” purred the teen.

“How couldn’t I be when I know I’m going to get to fuck your sweet little ass for the next three days?” responded the older man, his beefy hand running up and down his large twelve-inch cock.

Michael’s eyes drank in the sight before him. Mandy wore a white blouse that was missing a few key buttons, a short red-plaid skirt, knee-high socks, black stiletto heels, and from what he could see, a lacy black bra and matching panties.

To put it simply, he wanted to fuck her right then and there.

“Not just my ass,” cooed Mandy as she sauntered in front of the man and sat down on the coffee table in front of him, “You’re gonna fuck my sweet little pussy and mouth as well.” She backed up on the table when he reached out to her. “And you’re going to fill me up with your hot cum until I’m overflowing with creamy goodness.”

The teen moved forward and sat in his lap, purposely rubbing her clothed pussy against his rock-hard cock. Michael wasted no time in touching the object of his desires and eagerly rubbed his throbbing cock against her pussy.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk in the morning,” he said in a husky voice. “Your pussy’s gonna be so full that it’s gonna drip my cum for days.”

Mandy’s response was an open-mouthed kiss and a swift gyrate of her hips against his erect penis. The girl moaned deep in her throat, her eager hands running up and down his chest and sides as the pair began to dry-hump one another. Michael responded with equal fervor and grabbed the teen’s hips, roughly ramming his hips against hers as their kiss became more and more impassioned.

Mandy moaned loudly and pushed herself down on his cock, her hips moving back and forth over the thick piece of meat beneath her. She smirked at the thought that the only thing separating both of their bodies from joining was a thin piece of cloth over her vagina.

The thought almost made her cum right then and there.

“Ohhhh, Michael…” she moaned, the feel of his thick fingers tugging at her thong making her all the more hotter as she attempted to speak in between tongue-filled kisses, “I…want…you…to…eat…me!”

“What was that?” teased Michael as he unbuttoned her blouse and threw it to the side carelessly, “I didn’t hear you.”

Mandy moaned in frustration when she saw his devious smirk and grinded her hips against him in protest. Michael simply growled and captured one of her erect nipples in his mouth through the lace of her black bra.

“You have to tell me what you want me to do to you,” he murmured, his mouth sucking on her nipple as she arched her back and released a long moan, “Or else I might not know how to please you.”

The blonde gasped when she felt his mouth suck extra-hard on a nipple as one of his fingers ghosted over her inner thigh. Screw pride, Mandy thought, I’ll do anything to have his tongue or cock inside me.

“I want…you to…eat…my pussy!” she moaned, clutching the back of his head as he continued to suck her nipples through the bra. “Eat me!”

Michael practically threw her onto the table and was immediately between her legs as she lay sprawled across it. Mandy smirked up at him, one of her nipples peeking out of the top of her manhandled bra and her legs spread wide in an effort to give Michael a full view of her wet thong and pussy.

She wanted him to see how wet and ready for him she was.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this?” said Michael, his mouth practically salivating at the sight of her juicy pink pussy lips.

Mandy simply groaned and spread her legs even wider, eager for his tongue and fingers.

The older man kissed the inside of her thighs, slowly working his way closer to her wet core. His fingers danced over the thin string of her black lace thong, the sweet smell of her arousal almost making him fuck her right there. But Michael wanted to thoroughly fuck his little tease of a neighbor with his tongue first, and he didn’t plan on shoving his dick up her pussy until she was screaming for it.

“What do you want me to do, Mandy?” he asked, just barely licking her pussy.

Mandy moaned in frustration and growled, “Lick my pussy! Stick your tongue into my juicy little cunt and eat me!”

Michael didn’t have to be told twice, wasting no time in pushing the string of her thong aside and delving his tongue as deep into her pussy as it would go. The blonde let out a howl of pleasure and gyrated her hips against the older man’s clever tongue, her toes curling as he licked her inner walls.

“Oh my god! Michael! That feels so good!” moaned Mandy. “Please don’t stop! Lick me deeper! Deeper! Ahhhh!”

“Who’s tongue do you want inside of you?” he asked, giving her clitoris an extra long lick before sharply sucking on it.


“Who’s?” he asked again, delving his tongue deep into her pussy and lapping up her juices like a starving man.

“Yours, Michael! Yours!” she screamed, grabbing the back of his head in an attempt to make his tongue fuck her faster and deeper. “Please! Suck me harder! Eat me! Lick my pussy! Lick it!”

“Mmmmm, you taste so good,” groaned Michael, his tongue delving into her ass before returning to the juicy warmth of her pussy. “Mmm, I could eat you all night long.”

Mandy gasped and panted, her entire body seizing up as she felt her first orgasm of their sex-filled weekend coming on. She nearly choked when she felt Michael’s tongue go even deeper than ever before, her back arching as she was suddenly overwhelmed by an overpowering orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum!” she screamed, writhing beneath his beefy hands as he held her down and continued to eat her out, “Oh my god! Ahhhhhhh!!!”

The young girl screamed so loud that anyone outside would have been able to hear, but the pair could have cared less as the retired broker eagerly lapped up the flow of juices that poured out of his young lover’s love canal.

Michael continued to tongue-fuck the blonde for at least five more minutes before he finally added one finger to their sensual dance. By this point, Mandy was thoroughly aroused once again and moaned loudly when she felt the thick digit enter her pink pussy.

“More, Michael!” she gasped, arching into his face and gasping when he sucked on her sensitive clit, “Stick another finger in my pussy!”

The older man immediately complied and began to finger-fuck her as his tongue continued its assault on the rest of her nether region. He added another finger each time she asked for it and finally had four stuffed in her pussy while his thumb delved into her tight little ass.

“How’s it feel?” he asked, moving his fingers in a swift rhythm.

“So good,” the blonde teen moaned, her eyes glazed over with pleasure as her sweet C-cup tits bounced up and down with his thrusts, “Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum again!”

“Cum for me, baby,” he whispered to the young girl who was more than thirty-five years his junior, “Cum in my mouth.” He licked her quivering clit and increased the thrust of his fingers. “Now!”

Mandy threw her head back and screamed as another orgasm rocked her body, the sensation of an eager tongue lapping up her orgasmic juices sending her over the edge.


Michael tongue and finger-fucked her all through and well after her orgasm had passed, his tongue making sure that he did not miss one drop of her delicious juice.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned the young girl when she was roughly kissed on the mouth by her lover, her tongue delving into his mouth to taste her own juices. “Mmmhhmmm.”

He continued to fuck her with his fingers as they made out on the table, his cock pressed up against her hip as a glaring reminder of what she still had to do and what was going to happen to her over the next three days.

Mandy finally broke away from her lover with a disappointed moan, her pussy feeling empty when he removed his fingers and sat back on the couch. She wanted her pussy to be filled!

“Well, aren’t we eager?” he teased, using her own words against her. “How about we make a deal?”

Mandy groaned and asked, “What?”

“I’ll fill your pussy with my big, fat cock if you do three things for me?”

“What?” she snapped, her patience wearing thin. She wanted him inside of her. Whether it was his cock, tongue, or finger, she really didn’t care! But she wanted one of them to be inside of her within the next minute or else!

“You have to let me fuck you in whatever way or position I want, understood?”

Mandy nodded eagerly, her pussy dripping at the thought of all the different positions he would fuck her in.

“You have to let me cum inside of you every time. Be it in your mouth, ass, or pussy, my seed will be dripping out of that hole, got it?”

Mandy nodded right away this time, a dreamy smirk playing over her lips. She loved the feel of cum inside her pussy and nearly shivered at the thought of how much she was going to receive over the next few days. And she was on the pill, so wasn’t like she could get pregnant anyways.

“And lastly,” he said, “I want you to strip for me.”

Mandy smirked at that one and slowly rose to her heeled feet, her hips swaying in a very tantalizing gyration as she slowly slipped her thong off. She flung it at Michael before moving on to her bra, unhooking it and throwing it to the side after she slowly removed it. Her breasts bounced perkily as she slid her skirt down her hips and off of her legs, a deep moan escaping her lover when he got a nice view of her pussy from behind.

“Good girl,” purred Michael, motioning to his towering cock with a hand, “Now come and claim your prize.”

The teenage girl got down on her knees and licked her lips before engulfing the huge member in her warm mouth. Michael threw his head back and moaned, the feel of her tight throat almost too much for him to endure. Mandy sucked and licked and rubbed and caressed his cock for almost two minutes before she felt something being pushed into her pussy. The young girl glanced down as she licked a bead of pre-cum from the tip of her lover’s bulbous head, her eyes widening when she saw the thick black dildo disappear into her cunt.

“That feel good, baby?” asked the fifty-eight year old man.

Mandy simply moaned and took his thick cock into her mouth, her dainty little fingers playing with his balls like they were a pair of yin and yang balls.

“I thought so,” he murmured with a smirk, “My little girl deserves nothing but the best.”

He finished the sentence whilst pushing a second dildo into her ass. Mandy felt her body quiver with pain and pleasure as all three of her holes were filled. In an attempt to distract herself from the burning in her two nether holes, Mandy focused her attention on the big cock in her mouth and balls in her hands. Her efforts were finally rewarded a few moments later and her mouth was filled with his hot load of cum.

“Ahhhh!!” cried Michael, watching the blonde’s head bob up and down on his cock like a small child would on a lollipop, “Swallow it! Every last drop, baby! That’s it!”

Mandy swallowed every drop of the cum and licked his cock clean, her fingers all the while working him back up to an erection.

“Now time for the grand prize,” purred Michael, lifting her into his lap whilst also removing the dildo from her cunt and then positioning her pussy right over top of his thick member. “Ahhhh!”

Mandy moaned as she lowered herself onto the huge cock, her pussy gripping it like a vice as inch by thick inch disappeared into her sweet little canal. “Oh my god,” she groaned, arching her back as he attacked her rosy nipples with his tongue, “You’re so big, Michael! Oh!”

She pushed herself completely down, her lover releasing a sharp grunt when he felt his entire twelve inches being hugged by her tight cunt. “Such a tight lil’ pussy!”

Mandy groaned, “I’ve never felt so full before,” she slowly began to gyrate her hips, “Fuck me! Please! Fuck me!”

Michael immediately began to ram his hips against hers, his thrusts swift and deep as their moans filled the room. He would occasionally give her a sharp slap on the ass and a twist of the dildo before thrusting back in, which often resulted in a loud scream from his little lover. That scream made the older man’s cock twitch with barely restrained passion and Michael had to struggle to cum too soon.

“Fuck me!” moaned Mandy, wildly bouncing up and down in his lap much like a child would on their grandparent’s knee, “Please! Fuck me harder! I feel like I’m gonna explode! You’re gonna kill me! Ahhh!”

Michael merely thrusted faster and faster, his young lover’s cries and the familiar constriction of his cock telling him that the climax was near. He smirked at the sight of Mandy’s happily jiggling tits, his tongue lapping at the creamy flesh before slipping one of those sweet little peaks into his waiting mouth.

“What do you want me to do, baby?” he asked, rotating his hips in a figure-8 as he continued to suckle on her sweet nipples, “Tell me!”

“I want you…to cum…inside of me!” gasped the blonde as she frantically tried to keep up with his thrusts, “I want you to…blow your hot…creamy cum…deep inside my juicy…little pussy!!” She suddenly arched her back after one particularly sharp and deep thrust and screamed, “I’m gonna cum!! I’m cumming!! Ahhhhhh!!”

Those words sent Michael over the edge and with one last sharp thrust, the older man grabbed his teenage lover’s hips and felt his entire body tense as the largest orgasm he had ever had ripped through his body. He grunted loudly as he felt Mandy’s pussy walls tighten around his cock, his entire body straining as he managed to thrust one last time before he shot a thick stream of cum deep inside his lover’s womb.


Mandy gasped and moaned as she felt Michael shot stream after stream of hot, thick cum into her welcoming pussy. She moaned with every shot, her fingers clawing at his back as his mouth soon found hers and their deafening screams and moans were then drowned out by saliva and tongues. Michael continued to shot cum inside of her after almost half a minute, his cock seeming to have a never-ending supply of semen to give to his lover’s waiting womb.

“Mmmmhmmm,” groaned Mandy, eagerly French-kissing her lover as she felt his cum start to drip out of her pussy and down her quivering thighs. She moaned again when she felt another load of cum coat her already dripping inner walls, her whole body seizing when she also felt Michael sharply twist the dildo in her ass. “Mmmmm…more…”

With one final thrust, Michael emptied the last of his load into her pussy and sagged back into the couch. Mandy came with him and the pair continued to make out until their bodies stopped quivering from their orgasms.

“That…mmmmhmmm…was…mmmhmm…amazing,” the eighteen-year-old girl moaned in between tongue-filled kisses. She reached down and picked up a finger-full of cum from her inner thigh, eagerly swallowing the thick fluid as her lover started to attack her perky tits. “Mmmmhmmm, you taste so good.”

“And you feel so good,” he purred, thrusting into her pussy and receiving a loud moan for his efforts, “I don’t think junior wants to come out.”

“Whoever said he has to,” smirked Mandy with a swift gyrate of her hips and sharp tightening of her inner walls, “I think he should stay in there as much as possible.”

“Even when he’s sleeping,” growled the older man.

“Especially when he’s sleeping,” replied Mandy as she began to bounce up and down on his already erect cock, “We wouldn’t…want him getting cold…now would we?”

Michael groaned and started to thrust into the blonde’s pussy once again. This little minx was a sex-fiend and he planned to cum in her to his cock’s content.

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