Well Used

She was well used. Kneeling, cum dripping from her pussy, thighs coated with her own cum and his mixed, her asshole slick with lubricant and still gaping from a hard fucking. She was well used by him but, certainly not done. As she quivered another aftershock squished out more cum to drip down her legs.

He too was very wet. She was such a good girl she ha squirted over him again and again as he fucked her, fingered her, licked her, teased her. She had lost track of time and space, all she knew was that he made her cum and cum until she didn't even know her own name. But he would tell her what her name was. He always did.

She was his precious little cum slut.

On all fours, legs spread apart and cuffed to spreader bars so she could not close them. Hands cuffed in front of her so that she was forced to stay with her ass high in the air for him to amuse himself with. She waited breathlessly for his next pleasure of her.

His words echoe'd in her head over and over. His precious little cum slut…his…His….all his. She was his. She had been since they first spoke. Had been since before then she felt. She was made for him, for his pleasures.

When he spoke to her, his voice penetrated her. It violated her. It spread her mind open and he would thrust his voice into her and she would be at his mercy. She was his, mind, body, and soul. She would have it no other way.

So as she knealt there, cum dripping from her wet cunt, she was so happy. The wetness she felt dripping down her legs was a reward, her cum, her cum that he had filled her with. She had earned it.

He had taken her ass tonight, the first time she had ever experienced a cock in her asshole. He had been gentle and yet hard with her. She had been like a virgin for him, her tight ass yielding to his cock head slowly and painfully until finally he was in her and there was no turning back.

She could feel her asshole gaping open and felt an odd pride. She had given him everything of her body as she had long ago given him everything of her soul. He had claimed the last inch of her flesh unused.

Now she heard him walking behond her. She could hear each footfall with such clarity, such power. She swore she could feel it vibrating through her. Her mind raced, she dreamed of what decadent things he would do to her next. How would he use her next?

She had sucked his cock eagerly, had been fucked, fingered, had cum for him again and again, had yieled her ass to him. What was left? Her hair was wet with sweat and cum, her fishnet body stocking ripped and torn into shreds as he had taken her. Her makeup messed up from tears she cried when the orgasms became so very intense she could not help but weep for him. Even then, he had found a new way to take her, he had kissed the tears, drank them from her cheeks. He had taken even her tears for his own.

His cum was in her hair, in her pussy, in her ass, on her skin. She could smell only their sex, his cum and hers mixed. They filled the air. She shook as another aftert shock went through her, cum drizzled out of her down her legs again. The floor under her was puddled with their sex.

She felt his hands on her hips and she fought the urge to push into his grasp, to fling herself into his arms. All she could think of was wanting contact with him, to feel him against her. Instead she quivered at his touch and waited, hoped, silently begged him for more.

His hair fell across her skin and she moaned slightly. It felt so good…like a thousand kisses on her bare flesh. And then his arms wrapped around her and lifted her gently. She rubbed her head against his chest cat like as he lifted her and began to turn her over. The feel of his flesh made her body react strongly, her pussy drenched already began to just drip wetness. She wanted more, always wanted more frm him.

He gently rolled her over into the cum puddle under her. The feeling of the cum all over her back sent her over the edge into an orgasm. She just could not stop cumming with him. The feel of the cum squishing under her, her ass sliding in it, her skin covered ina layer of wetness…she moaned and squirted more cum from her aching cunt.

Pushing her legs up with the spreader bar he entered her with his fingers, fucking her pussy even as she squirted. Her cum splattered them both, covering them with even kore sex. the thought of all that cum kept her moaning until it grew into a scream. He just kept playing with her, his hands slapping her shaved pussy lips as he finger fucked her hard and fast. Cum was every where….she could not stop squirting.

She was losing track of up and down. Of any sense of direction or reality. She was floating in a sea of cum and being washed by it. Her entire body was covered and she was just shooting more and more. She couldn't even scream any more. All she could do was silently cry out as he kept her going and going.

His voice, so close to her ear….or maybe far away. Didn't matter…his voice. He was speaking to her, calling her name. He was telling her things, nasty evil things that made her want to be so bad for him.

Her name…over and over. My precious little cum slut. Oh yes…she was…his precious little cum slut. More and more cum. She was such a good cum slut for him. She cried, tears streaming down her face….or maybe it was cum all over her face dripping off. Didn't matter…he kissed it and licked her clean.

More cum all over. She couldn't stop, he wouldn't let her. Precious little cum slut…that was what she was. She was so beautiful being that. So perfect for him. She was his. That was all that mattered. Precious little cu….

Darkness enveloped her as she lost consciousness. The words though stayed with her. Precious little cum slut. She was perfect. He made her perfect. That was all that mattered as she floated free in a sea of cum.

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