Wendy and Miss West II

Wendy and Miss West II

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It was exactly 7 pm as Wendy knocked on the door to Miss West’s office. This was her second evening at her new place of employment. She was being paid extremely well by a posh woman to allow her to use her as she pleased. Wendy didn’t consider herself to be attracted to other women but if this intelligent pretty lady wanted to look at or even touch her naked body then, as long as nobody found out, that was just fine by Wendy as long as she received her money. And what’s more, on her first day of employment Miss West had gone down on her and made her cum. Wendy had been caught off guard by the fact she allowed herself to enjoy it!

There was no answer to her persistent knocking at the door. She cracked the door and peered into the office. Miss West was sat at her desk concentrating on a pile of paper work.

“Good evening Miss West, may I come in?” Wendy called politely. There was no reply.

“Excuse me, Miss West!” Wendy raised her voice a little; “Is it ok if I come in?” Again there was no reply. Wendy was told yesterday to be back at 7pm today. Now she wondered if Miss West did want her back as she continued to ignore her. Wendy didn’t want to walk away from the amount of money she was being paid but she now felt quite awkward. She also didn’t want to disappoint Miss West if this was part of her game. She decided to enter the large office and she approached the centre of the room where she had been instructed to remove her clothes the evening before.

She now stood in silence as Miss West continued with her work.
Wendy became flustered. She was told yesterday that from now on if she was in Miss West’s office she must be naked. Yesterday she had been ordered to strip. That was hard enough for her to do and although she knew it was expected of her now, without been told to do so, made her very reluctant to do it. To just walk into an unfamiliar office and strip her self naked in front of another female just felt so wrong to Wendy!

What Wendy didn’t realise was that this was exactly what Miss West wanted. She had decided to ignore Wendy to see if she would follow her instructions without being reminded. She knew Wendy would feel uncomfortable about removing her clothes. Wendy’s discomfort turned Miss West on and as she pretended to carry on with her paper work her butterflies grew in her stomach and her loins became warm.

Wendy decided that Miss West would stop her from doing something if she didn’t want her to do, so thought she had better begin removing her clothes so she wouldn’t be told off.
She began with her cardigan. She slowly removed it from her slender body to reveal a stylish vest top. As there was no interjection by Miss West she decided she was doing the right thing and continued with the rest of her clothes. She peeled off her vest top and laid it on the chair with her cardigan. She had a bright turquoise bra on which she left on as she removed her heeled shoes and trousers. Miss West strained to see Wendy as she pretended to write in a note book.
Wendy now stood in the middle of the room in her matching bra and knickers daring herself to remove them. Uneasily she unclasped the bra and slid it from her arms and with it still in her left hand she pushed her knickers down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She walked quickly and uneasily to lay them on the chair and got back to her position in front of Miss West’s desk. She stood naked with her hands behind her back waiting for some recognition from her employer.

She didn’t get any. Instead Miss West continued to write, still not letting on that she had witnessed Wendy’s bronzed body being revealed.

Miss West was pleased to see Wendy had carried out her other instruction too. On Wendy’s first visit to Miss West her pussy had been neatly trimmed but Miss West had asked her to have it bald for the next meeting.
After that first evening Wendy had rushed home and got in to a hot bath. Not wanting to disappoint Miss West she had shaved her pussy bald and still feeling so horny from Miss West’s attentions to her she had played with herself in the soapy water and made herself cum.

Now with Wendy’s bald pussy on display Miss West looked up for the first time. She still held her silence but studied Wendy’s body closely. Wendy blushed deeply as she felt the woman’s eyes on her naked body. Miss West took a minute or two to study Wendy then reached for a remote control. She pressed two buttons and the TV to her left flashed on and a video began to play. She smiled as she saw Wendy straining to see it as she knew that her fate would be revealed on it.

Wendy had been told that these encounters would be strictly between Miss West and herself. So she was shocked to see five women appear on the TV. There was a young girl surrounded by four other women. One was Miss West. The other three women had their back to the camera as they focused their attentions to touching the young girl.

Miss West could see Wendy’s bewilderment at what she saw.

“I told you Wendy, I can use you as I wish and that sometimes my friends would join us.”

Wendy now remembered. She had signed a contact to that effect. In reality she hadn’t focused at the time on what she was signing as she was reading the contract with her legs spread far apart with her feet resting on Miss West’s thighs as Miss West examined her vagina with her eyes.

“Do you think you can handle it Wendy?” Miss West asked.

Wendy thought for a moment and began to reply as she had been instructed to do so. “Yes Miss West, anything for….” She broke off.

She tried to move closer to the TV. One of the women had turned round allowing Wendy to see her face for the first time. She recognised her! It was her mums work colleague, Sandra. She was in her mid thirties. She occasionally came round for a coffee with her mum. Wendy didn’t know her that well but her mum was quite close to her.

Wendy became all flustered. “Miss West, I cant! That woman I…..”

“Wendy! Get a hold of yourself” Miss West shouted. Wendy was taken back by her firmness and dominance. “Do not speak unless you are acknowledging an instruction!”

“Sorry Miss West but…”

“Wendy!” Miss West stood up as she called out. She carried with her a folded silk rag. She approached Wendy and instructed her to open wide. Against her best instincts Wendy obeyed. Miss West forced the rag into her mouth ensuring there were no more outbursts.

Miss West turned the TV off and faced Wendy. There were only inches between their faces and Miss West now spoke calmly and softly.

“Wendy, I have a group of friends who have the same desires. Tonight I have three of those friends coming to my office. Only one of the women from that tape is coming tonight. So the chances of it being the one you recognise are slim. And lets face it, even if it is somebody you know, they are not going to advertise the fact that that they enjoy the company of young girls in this way. Most of the women that I share this part of my life with are married, some with children. They just have this outlet for them to experience things they cannot experience in their ‘normal’ lives. In any case Wendy. Before these ladies arrive you will be blindfolded so you will not know who is in the room!”

Wendy began to calm down and succumbed to her fate.

“Now, we have ten minutes before my friends arrive. Please lay on my desk Wendy while I continue with some work.”

Wendy nodded in acknowledgment and jumped up onto the large desk. There was paper work on the table and Wendy laid down on it.

Miss West took her seat and as Wendy stared at the ceiling. Miss West again pretended to write and as she did she asked Wendy to start touching herself.

“Touch your skin Wendy.” She ordered. “Stroke your tummy and your legs.”

Wendy did as she was told and ran her finger tips over her naked body.

“Now, touch your breasts Wendy. Cup your boobs and tug on your nipples.”

Wendy felt electric. Touching herself like this was such a private, intimate act. Knowing somebody else was watching made her skin a hundred times more sensitive. She was enjoying turning this woman on. Knowing that Miss West found her sexually attractive made her feel dominant even though it was her being dominated.

“Is that nice Wendy?” Miss West asked.

Wendy nodded with a shy, nervous smile on her lips.

“Do you enjoy touching yourself Wendy, is your vagina wet Wendy?”

Wendy blushed but nodded as she felt her juices building inside her.

“Then stroke it Wendy. Touch yourself in your most private place. Let me see your honey.”

Wendy’s right hand trailed down her body as she found her hairless slit. She stroked her labia softly, still blushing as she did.
She continued stroking the outside of her pussy and pressured her clitoris.

Miss West could take it no longer. She had to touch this girl. She stood up and walked to the other side of the desk so she was as close as possible to Wendy.
She stroked Wendy’s body. She used her middle three fingers to trace patterns on her body and legs. She followed her toned stomach up to her breast bone and cupped her breasts. Her hands found Wendy’s neck and skimmed up it to hold her face. She pulled out the silk rag, confident Wendy was now too turned on to run away. Miss West put a finger to Wendy’s lips instructing her to remain silent. The two women looked into each others eyes as Wendy continued to masturbate. Miss West momentarily slipped a thumb into Wendy’s mouth for her to suck. She did as she was expected.

“Good girl Wendy.” Miss West whispered.

Wendy’s fingers worked frantically. Her juices were running free as she swirled her young fingers around her clitoris. She was now turned on beyond her belief. As Miss West studied her Wendy struggled to breathe. She took short gasps of air and seemingly forgot to exhale. Her chest and face reddened as her sex started to boil.

Miss West sensed her orgasm brewing and stopped her by laying her hand on hers.

“Stop Wendy. Not yet. I want to save you for my friends.” She whispered softly to Wendy. “Have you ever tasted yourself Wendy?”

“No Miss West, I haven’t.” Wendy struggled to speak. Succumbed by the seduction of this dominant woman.

“Then let us taste you together Wendy.”

Miss West took Wendy’s right hand and folded her fingers in, just leaving her index and middle finer pointing out.

Wendy had thought about tasting herself before but had always backed out at the last minute thinking it was dirty.
Now she was to be given no option. Miss West guided her outstretched fingers into her hole. She slid them in and out several times. Each time they came out a thread of juice followed them, her pre cum escaping her vagina. Once Miss West was satisfied they were suitably coated in juice she pulled the fingers to her face and guided her middle finger into her waiting mouth. She rubbed it on her lips and sucked them to taste Wendy’s first drops. She then allowed Wendy’s whole finger into her mouth and sucked hard. She rolled her tongue around the delicate finger and savoured the sweet taste.

“Now you Wendy. I want to see you taste your honey. Suck your finger clean for me. Will you do it Wendy?”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” Wendy replied.

Miss West guided Wendy’s index finger to her mouth and Wendy sucked it eagerly to impress Miss West. She was so turned on now there is nothing she wouldn’t do she thought.

“Good girl Wendy. This will prepare you for the taste of my friends vaginas.”

Wendy hadn’t expected to hear that! She thought these women were fascinated by her and wanted to do things to her. She didn’t think that she would be expected to do things to them too! She was unprepared but had got into this role of being a pet to Miss West so decided she would do whatever she was ordered to.

Wendy was just licking the last of her juices from her finger as there was a knock on the door.

“Right Wendy that must be my friends. Before I let them in there are some instructions! Firstly they don’t know I am recording this. I have a hidden camera filming us right now so you must not mention any cameras or recordings. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss West.”

“Secondly I expect you to do exactly as they say and address them accordingly. You may call them Miss. Is that understood?”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

Miss West reached into her bottom draw and pulled out a blind fold. It was a long piece of silk which she wrapped around Wendy’s head several times to cover her eyes.
Wendy thought that there was that much of it that her face must be quite well disguised from anybody trying to identify her. That along with the fact that Sandra would not know that Wendy had seen her on the video, as it was a secret recording, gave her confidence that even if Sandra was one of the women coming tonight she probably wouldn’t recognise her. Wendy decided she had the upper hand as she had seen her in the video and knew what she got up to when her husband was working late!

The blindfold was tied at the back and Wendy was left standing alone and naked in the middle of the office with her vagina still moist.

She heard the door opening and several voices competing in pleasantries.
The banter died down and she heard foot steps approaching her.

“This is my latest girl. Ladies I would like to introduce you to Wendy.” Miss West announced.

“Oh my, she is delightful.” One of the ladies commented.

“Ooh look at those breasts, so pert!” Another lady said as she reached out and cupped Wendy’s boobs with both hands.

Wendy flinched at the unexpected touch of this woman.

“She’s nervous too! A perfect choice Miss West, well done.” The third lady remarked in an extremely well spoken voice.

Wendy hadn’t recognised any of the voices, but they had said very little. She stood quietly waiting for the next touch or remark. She felt many emotions. Scared as to what may be done to her. Extremely apprehensive as to what she may be expected to do to these women. Nervous at been looked at by these strange women and dirty at the choice she had made to carry out this sexual adventure. What would her parents or friends think if they ever found out! She was a good girl from a good family. What if her mums work friend, Sandra, was stood in front of her now witnessing her being used as a pet to these wealthy women.

“Wendy, these are my friends. I will not tell you there names as they wish to remain anonymous. They have been involved in this part of my life for several weeks now. We all enjoy young girls like you. Two of these ladies come to me often to use my girls and my other friend here also has girls come to her home for us to share. They are all very respectable ladies and I would like you to please them in anyway they wish. I would like you to undress us please. You may start with the lady to your left.”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

The ladies had formed a small semi circle around Wendy and she found the first lady to be disrobed easily with an outstretched arm.

The other three ladies chatted amongst themselves watching as Wendy fumbled to remove the clothes from the first lady.
Wendy struggled with buttons, bra clasps, shoe fastenings and zips as she slowly removed every stitch of clothing. She finished with the ladies panties and once she was done she stood up in front of the lady knowing that she and her were stood inches from each other completely naked except for her blindfold.
As instructed she moved to the next lady. It was Sandra! She stood directly in front of her. They were a similar height and would have been eye to eye if it were not for the layers of silk over Wendy’s eyes. It was at that point that Sandra focused on Wendy’s face rather than her body for the first time. She recognised her! She almost spoke out. Instead she blushed and subconsciously moved away from Wendy. It took her a split second to realise she was the only one who knew Wendy and she was blindfolded so wouldn’t be able to identify her. She moved closer to Wendy, beginning to get excited at the opportunity this gave her. She had seen Wendy several times at her home and always thought that she was very pretty and sexy. Been her friends’ daughter she had never thought she would end up seeing her in this situation. She was such a good girl she thought. How can she have come to being here! She kept quiet as Wendy undressed her.
Wendy still didn’t know she was undressing her mums friend. To her this lady was a stranger and she was pleased that the blindfold would keep it that way. If she were not blindfolded she thought she would probably struggle to hold herself together and do what was expected of her.

Wendy soon had all four ladies naked. They stood there in there glory. All four were older than Wendy by at least twelve years. They had all kept themselves in good physical condition. Their appearances were what you would expect of high class executive women, well manicured, well applied make up, fine jewellery and expensive perfume.

“Wendy, I would like you to ask each of us in turn if there is anything you can do for us please.” Ordered Miss West.

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” Replied Wendy before facing the first lady and asking; “Is there anything I can do for you Miss?”

“Oh Wendy, you’re such a pretty girl, would you kiss my nipples for me please?”

“Yes Miss, anything for you.”

Wendy’s heart raced. She was about to do something she never expected she would. She took a step forward and reached out to find the ladies body. She found her waist and rested her hands on them as she bobbed down to mouth the woman’s nipples. She moved her face slowly and nervously towards the ladies breasts. She slowly pushed her lips on to them and at first just pecked them. As she grew in confidence she began to linger longer with each kiss until she was fully kissing them. She sucked and groped the hard nipples using her lips, tongue and full mouth. She went from her left breast to her right and back again. She caressed them with her mouth for several minutes until at last the lady thanked her and pulled her head away with her smooth hands.
Wendy quite enjoyed the taste of the woman’s skin. It was smooth and sweet.

She stood up straight and side stepped to her right to face the next lady.

“Is there anything I can do for you Miss?”

Sandra replied; “Wendy your so lovely. Would you please turn around?”

“Yes Miss, anything for you.” This was the most Wendy had heard the lady speak and she was shocked as she recognised Sandras voice at last. If she ran now she would be found out for sure. Maybe Sandra had not recognised her due to the blindfold she thought. If she had recognised her then Wendy didn’t want to think about what she might force her to do to her.
Now she was stood there naked in front of these women and her mums friend was there to witness it all! She felt stupid and embarrassed. Why had she let it go this far?! She didn’t think Sandra would have found her attractive and couldn’t imagine she would want her to do anything for her.

Sandra took her opportunity to take advantage of this clever young girls vulnerability.

“Wendy, please bend over so I can see your bum properly.”

Wendy was shocked. Sandra can’t have recognised her. Surely she wouldn’t want to see her bum she thought?! I’m just a young girl and she’s old enough to work with my mum!

“Yes Miss, anything for you!” Wendy replied as she bent over.

“Wendy, may I French kiss your anus!” Sandra asked politely.

“Oooh!” Wendy couldn’t control her mouth!

“Err, Yes Miss, anything for you.” Wendy struggled to get her answer out.

Sandra dropped to her knees behind Wendy’s tight little bum. She took a cheek in each hand pulled them apart and pushed her face into Wendy’s crevice. She rimmed Wendy’s tight hole and flicked it with her tongue. She began to French Kiss this untouched part of Wendy’s body. Her pace was slow and luxurious. She savoured the taste and greased it up with her saliva, her pace quickening and slowing again. She could taste a mixture of Wendy’s arse and pre cum from her earlier fiddlings with Miss West. It was musky, warm and wet.

Wendy’s was in heaven. Even though there was a possibility that the lady licking her ass could know her the sensation was immense. She concentrated on her tongue and the places it touched. She could only imagine that from the furiosity that this lady lapped at her arse she must find her unbelievably attractive! She figured she may never know if Sandra had recognised her. If she had, how would they face each other the next time Sandra visited her mum!?

Sandra continued to lick and probe Wendys anus with her tongue. She licked all around it on the soft skin of her cheeks. As she tasted her pre cum she wanted more and licked between her anus and vagina to gather any escaping juice.

Wendy gave in to Sandras relentlessness, her hips began to sway from side to side and buck back and forth. Her bum wiggled in circles as her arse was worked into a frenzy.

The other three ladies watched the two females writhe together. Sandra couldn’t taste enough of Wendy. She had fantasised about her eating her arse like this but in her mind thought it would never happen. As she continued to taste the young girl her vagina became wet and drips of pre cum dribbled out Sandra and the other three watched as it ran down the inside of her thighs.
Miss West had tasted Sandra before and found it hard not to interrupt the two and drop to her knees to suck on her pussy. Instead she made it clear to Sandra that she had had her turn with the new girl. She laid a hand on her shoulder and asked Wendy to move on to the next lady.

Wendy stood up in a daze. Her loins were fired like never before. She had just discovered her mums friend liked the taste of her anus. She liked the fact that she had been forced to allow Sandra to do it. Secretly she knew she would allow her to do it again even if not forced to. Maybe Sandra would visit her home more often now she hoped.

Wendy moved cautiously towards the sounds of the group of women. She found the third lady.

“Is there anything I can do for you Miss?”

“Oh Wendy my dear, yes there most certainly is!” The third lady spoke in a perfect English accent. It was crisp and clear yet so sexy thought Wendy.

“Wendy you are a very lucky girl.” She carried on; “I am going to allow you to lick my vagina! Oh Wendy its lovely. You are going to love my vagina! I bet you can’t wait to taste it. Tell me how much you want to taste it Wendy!”

The question made Wendy uneasy. She had never done any dirty talk before. She shyly bluffed her way.

“Oh Miss, I really want to taste it.”

“Yes Wendy I bet you do! Its perfect Wendy. Tell my friends how much you want to taste my vagina!”

“I really want to taste your friends vagina. It’s going to taste perfect.” With a blushed face Wendy reluctantly replied. She felt very silly talking like this in front of these naked women.

The posh lady pulled up Miss West’s chair and sat in it with her legs wide open. “Come to me Wendy.” She beckoned Wendy over.

Wendy followed her voice and stood between her legs. “On your knees Wendy!”

“Yes Miss, anything for you.”

“I bet you would like to see my vagina wouldn’t you Wendy?”

“Oh yes Miss, I would like to see your vagina.”

The lady looked up to Miss West for her approval. She nodded cautiously.

“Now Wendy, I am going to make a gap in your blindfold. I want you to keep your eyes fixed on my beautiful vagina. Do not look at my face. Do you understand Wendy?”

“Yes Miss, anything for you.” Wendy replied.

As the gap in the silk appeared Wendy’s face was pulled closer to the vagina.

“That’s it Wendy look at my vagina! Its perfect isn’t it? Your so lucky! I cant believe I’m going to let such a young girl give me oral pleasures. Oh I bet you can’t wait! Look at my clitoris Wendy. Tell me how lucky you are! ”

“Oh Miss, I’m so lucky. Thank you for letting me see your vagina.”

“Ask me if you can taste it Wendy. Oh I bet you can’t wait!”

“Miss, please may I taste your vagina? I’m so lucky. I can’t wait to taste it Miss!”

Her face was pulled to her vagina. She could see it and smell it. Now she was about to taste another woman’s secrets for the first time.

“Ok Wendy, you may taste my vagina. Keep looking at it whilst you lick it. You’re going to love it Wendy.”

Wendy pushed her tongue out and allowed it to touch the ladies vagina. It recoiled back in at the shock of the taste and feel. It was slippery and tangy. It tasted different to her own pre cum.
Her face was pulled back immediately and held tightly and close to the ladies wet vagina. She pushed her fingers through Wendys hair and gripped it hard. She pulled Wendy closer to her so Wendy had no choice but to eat and taste her.
Her inexperienced tongue wiggled frantically at the slit in front of her. She did what she thought would be nice for her.

“Oh that’s it Wendy work my pussy! I bet you can’t believe I’m letting you lick my hole! Don’t stop there’s a good girl.”

Wendy continued to lick and the posh lady continued to talk dirty as she became more and more turned on. As her orgasm built she stopped Wendy from licking. She pushed her blindfold back into position and pushed her head away.

“I bet you want to make me cum don’t you Wendy! You are too inexperienced Wendy. You could never make a lady like me cum. Your not good enough for me Wendy!”

She tried to deny the fact that she was on the brink of orgasm and instead belittled Wendy.

The other women laughed as Wendy stood up obviously very embarrassed at the posh ladies comments.
Wendy now felt even more foolish in front of the ladies. She felt the women were out to humiliate her and just use and abuse her.

Miss West comforted her by asking her for a kiss. As Wendy acknowledged the request she moved towards her.

There hands met and fiddled until they were clasped together palms to palms. There bodies moved closer slowly like lovers. In the presence of these other ladies Wendy felt relatively comforted by being so close to Miss West.

Their mouths pressed together and their tongues found each other. There nipples touched and moulded into each others breasts. They each explored the others mouths and swapped saliva. Their kiss lingered and Wendy sheared the warmth of another woman’s body.
The other three ladies watched on in ore as the connection between these two women became clear.
Their hands parted and they began to explore the others body. Their touches were soft and slow, feeling the softness of the other.

After several minutes they broke the kiss. Miss West moved away and again let Wendy stand alone in naked in front of the others. They stood in silence gazing at the naked girl.

Miss West broke the silence. “Are you aroused Wendy?”

“Yes Miss West, I am aroused.”

“Wendy, you will now be fitted into restraints. We will continue to use your body as we wish. We may lick your vagina or your nipples or your anus, we may get you to lick ours. But what ever is done Wendy, you must not cum until we say you can. Wendy you may make us cum if we allow you to. If we do cum you must drink as much of it as possible. You must not allow any to be wasted. Is that understood Wendy!?”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

Miss West went to a cupboard and pulled out a holdall full of instruments and restraints. A cuff was locked in place on each of Wendys wrists. A dog collar was placed around her neck and pieces of silk tied around each ankle ready to be used to restrain her.

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