Wendy and Miss West iv

Wendy and Miss West iv

This is just a quick one. There will be more soon…

The second night of Wendy’s employment had ended after she had French kissed each and every ladies vagina and anus. The ladies had left Miss West’s office to leave the employer alone with her young employee.
Wendy was untied by Miss West and allowed to dress in front of her.
Miss West then told her she wanted to take her shopping for clothes. Instead of meeting at the office Wendy was to be outside the shopping mall on Thomson Street at 7pm. Wendy knew the mall well. She had window shopped there a lot. It was quite an exclusive mall with mainly expensive ladies clothes shops.

They met outside at the agreed time.
They walked into the first clothes shop on Miss West’s itinerary. Wendy excitedly gazed at the array of clothes. Most were way out of her normal budget but she knew tonight that didn’t matter! She brushed past racks of clothes running her fingers along the fabric as if it were a piano. She went from one rack to the next getting giddier and giddier. She picked up a long flowing dress, held it to her body and skipped to a full length mirror to admire herself.
Miss West watched Wendy in her excitement and enjoyed the child in her. She looked like a kid in a sweet shop. Miss West almost felt guilty that she was soon going to spoil her fun.
Wendy hooked the dress back and went to another dress that took her fancy. Miss West approached her and took her by the hand.

“Oh, Miss West, I love this shop! I have never seen so many nice things! I think that yellow dress with the black swirls is my favourite!” Wendy announced hurriedly pointing at the dress she had just held to her body.

“Yes Wendy, I’m sure it was very nice.” Miss West replied in a soft controlled voice. “I’m afraid you are forgetting Wendy that this is not about you. This is about me; and you doing what I want!”

Wendy’s heart sank as the excitement was taken from her so quickly. What did Miss West mean?! What was going to happen? Surely if we are out buying clothes for me it’s about what I want to wear!? Wendy thought to herself.

“Wendy, remember who you are and what you do for me!”

Wendy felt terrible. One moment she had been so happy that Miss West was going to buy her some nice clothes and now she was put in her place and reminded that she was just an employee to this wealthy women. She felt silly now that she had treated Miss West like a friend or even like her mum on a shopping trip!

Miss West let go of Wendy’s hand and instructed her to go to the changing rooms and remove every stitch of clothing and wait for her to bring something for her to try on!

Wendy blushed at being made to fell so small but remembered her duty.

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

She walked slowly to the changing area. There was a shop assistant stood near the changing room. What could she say to the young girl! Erm, I don’t want to try anything on but can I use the changing room! She had to think fast.

She approached the young girl slowly and nervously asked if it was ok if she waited in the changing rooms until her mum brought over some clothes she was forcing her to buy for a wedding.

The girl bought the lie and allowed her in with a friendly smile.

The changing area was large with mirrors all over. The actual rooms themselves were quite small with a tiny mirror that couldn’t be used to view a full outfit. That had to be done in the full length mirrors outside the rooms.

Wendy slipped into the furthest changing room. She pulled the curtain across and removed her clothes as instructed. She hung them up on the pegs provided and stood naked waiting for Miss West to return.

Would the shop assistant really believe that Miss West was her mum! What if Miss West said something to contradict her?!

Suddenly the curtains swung open. Miss West stood there next to the shop assistant! Both looked on at Wendy. Miss West looked on with a smile on her face as she saw Wendy’s embarrassment. The shop assistant looked on in shock as she saw the naked girl in front of her. She turned her head in embarrassment as Wendy used one hand to cup her vagina and one arm to cover her breasts.

Wendy let out a loud gasp as she squirmed whilst trying to cover herself up.

“Oh come on Wendy! We are all women, there’s nothing to be shy about!” Miss West said in a mocking voice.

Miss West had picked up several items of clothing, all of which she had given to the assistant to carry and hand to Wendy.

The assistant calmed down as she realised she had a job to do. She gave Wendy a polite smile and handed her the first item to try on.
Miss West had given the assistant strict instructions to hand one piece of clothing at a time to Wendy and had also asked if she could hang around and get any different sizes that might be needed. The girl, who worked on commission, was only to keen to help.

Miss West stepped back and took a seat outside the cubicle. Wendy dared to reach out to take the first garment from the young assistant, as she did, her breasts were exposed to the assistant and both girls blushed.

Wendy retreated behind the curtain to put on the clothes she had been offered.

“Wendy when you get it on I would like you to come out so I can see if it looks good on you.” Miss West talked loudly to Wendy. The shop assistant was still stood outside waiting to assist Wendy.

“OK.” Was Wendy’s reply.

“Excuse me Wendy? I said when you get it on I would like you to come out so I can see if it looks good on you.”

“OK!” Wendy said a little louder.

“Wendy!” Miss West almost shouted.

Wendy now knew that Miss West wanted her usual answer. How could she when there was the assistant just stood outside!


“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” Wendy eventually replied quietly.

The shop assistant looked shocked as she heard the reply! What was going on! Why would this girl call her mum Miss West!?

As Wendy took the clothes from the hanger she became weak with dread as she realised Miss West had only given her a blouse to try on! She was going to be naked on the bottom half and she had to leave the changing room and stand in front of this other girl! She put the blouse on and tried to pull it down to cover her bum and cleanly shaven vagina.
She gave a nervous cough before slowly pulling on the curtain. She left it half closed and remained in her small cubicle to allow Miss West to see her. The shop assistant could see her too and looked on and noticed how embarrassed Wendy looked.

“Come out so I can see you properly Wendy.”

There was a pause…

“Wendy?” Miss West enquired.

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” Wendy whispered and gave Miss West a look of disgust at what she was being forced to do.

The young girl smiled as she realised Wendy was taking orders from this women. She could see how embarrassed Wendy was. She knew it wasn’t really her mum. She guessed it was either a very strict boss with a thing for her employee or maybe some weird kinky relationship. Either way it gave her twisted satisfaction to see this pretty girl squirm in her awkwardness.

Wendy left the cubicle as instructed. She kept her hands low and in front of her to try cover herself as much as possible.

“Wendy, put your hands by your side and walk up and down so I can see how it fits.”

Wendy acknowledged the instruction and did as was expected. She looked down as she walked past the assistant and quickly walked to the far end of the changing area and back again.

“No, take it off Wendy and try the next thing on, I don’t like that on you.”

Wendy felt uncomfortable with being told she didn’t look good in the blouse. She felt silly anyway but then to be told it didn’t suit her made her ordeal worse.

“Quickly Wendy! We don’t have all night!”

Wendy stepped into the changing room and took hold of the curtain.

“There’s no need for that Wendy. We have both seen you totally naked already. Leave the curtain open.
Is that OK with you?” Miss West aimed the question at the shop assistant.

“Yes of course.” She replied politely with a little smile on her face, as Wendy was made to feel even more silly.

Wendy removed the blouse and handed it to the girl. She took it and as she handed Wendy the second item she looked Wendy in the eye with an inquisitive look, as if to say; ‘what the fuck is going on here!’
Wendy looked down, knowing that the girl knew Miss West was not her mum!

The next item was a short dress. Miss West had deliberately chosen one which was not only small but also the wrong size for Wendy.

Wendy struggled to get the dress on. The young girl saw Wendy struggling and stepped forward to assist. The dress stopped so that Wendy’s upper thigh could still be seen. The top half was so tight that her breasts pushed hard on to the thin fabric, showing her nipples through it. The assistant did her job and managed to fasten the zip eventually. Her hands touched Wendy’s body as the pair of them pulled and heaved.

“Oh, well done.” Miss West clapped at the amusement. “Now take a stroll Wendy.”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

Wendy walked very awkwardly in the exceptionally tight dress. As she walked the dress rode up so her entire private region was exposed once again. Wendy could feel herself on display but knew Miss West wanted it this way, so she didn’t attempt to pull it down.
The dress looked terrible on Wendy and it was hard for the assistant not to laugh at Wendy’s predicament.
Miss West could see the girl smirking and she liked this as she knew it would embarrass Wendy further.

Wendy was ordered to take off the dress. Which she did with the help of the assistant. Just as Wendy was being handed the third item Miss West noticed the shop assistants shoes.

“Ooh. Stop right there both of you!”

The assistant was shocked at how quickly she stopped and took notice of Miss West!

“Excuse me. Sorry, what’s your name please?”


“I love those shoes! Would you allow Wendy to try them on?”

The shoes were red leather with a thin strap across the front and a black high heel.

“Erm, they are my shoes and they are not for sale.” She replied.

“Please let her try them on.” Miss West held out a bank note for Rachel.

She saw the numbers, 50, printed in the top corner and quickly changed her mind!

“Oh, OK!” Rachel succumbed to the offer of money, as had Wendy.

She took them off quickly and as she handed them to Wendy. Miss West asked; “Please would you put them on for her?”

“Of course.” Rachel replied.

She bent down at Wendy’s feet and gently started to fasten her in to the first shoe.
Wendy felt quite uneasy at having this girl at her feet. Her head was only a foot or so away from her vagina.

What if she can smell me Wendy thought!

It wasn’t until Rachel had fastened the first shoe that she looked up at Wendy and suddenly realised herself how close she was to Wendy’s sex. She quickly looked back down at her task as she remembered she was dressing a naked girl. She had never been so close to another girls exposed vagina.

Rachel fastened the second shoe, stood up and took a step back, not daring to look at Wendy as she now blushed a deep red at being so close to Wendy’s nakedness.

“Ok Wendy take a walk around to see if they look good!”

She walked quite uneasily at first. Her first step almost took her to the floor in a heap. She managed to check herself and by the time she was heading back towards the two women she was getting used to them.

“Let’s try that again Wendy. Try to be a bit more elegant this time though!”

“Sorry Miss West.”

This time Wendy looked good. She moved with grace. Rachel became a little jealous at how good she looked in her shoes. The heels lifted her legs so Wendy’s already pert bum looked even harder and more toned. Her breasts jiggled firmly as she returned to her cubicle.

“Rachel what do you think? Does she look sexy in your shoes?”

Rachel paused for a long time before replying. She felt quite uneasy about commenting on what she thought of a girl she didn’t know.

“Erm, she looks great.” She replied shyly.

“Does she look sexy though!?”

“Yes…very.” Rachel replied uneasily as she thought about the commission she could earn from Miss West.

Wendy looked up sheepishly at Rachel’s comments. Their eyes met and held each others gaze for just a couple of seconds. They both knew the other was cute and sexy. Rachel was very curious as to what Wendy and Miss West were up to and Wendy felt quite sexy knowing this girl was watching her and thinking she was sexy!

“Wendy. That dress you really like. Do you really want it?”

“Oh Miss West it is lovely. If you would like me to have it then, yes.”

“OK. You can have it. Go and get it right now.”

“What, dressed like this?”

“Yes Wendy. Before I change my mind!”

“But Miss West there are lots of customers out there shopping. I can’t just go out there naked!”

“You have shoes on Wendy. Go now!” Miss West raised her voice.

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” Wendy disappeared. She wanted the dress so badly and she wanted to do as she was told too. She was getting paid after all.

Miss West followed her out of the changing area. She wanted to see other peoples reactions and that of Wendy as all these strangers looked at her whilst being naked.

Wendy paused briefly as she got to the main shopping area. She quickly worked out the best route so she could use the racks of clothes to hide her naked body. She darted from one point to the next and went unnoticed to the far side of the shop. Wendy’s progress was being monitored by Miss West. She was slightly annoyed that Wendy hadn’t been noticed.
Wendy still had 10 meters to go to get to her dress. As she came out from behind a rack of clothes Miss West took her opportunity.

“HEY LOOK! LOOK AT THAT GIRL! SHE’S NAKED!” Miss West shouted and extended her arm to point. There wasn’t a person in the shop who did not hear her announcement.

Everybody looked at the naked girl running around the shop! Some pointed in amasement, some laughed and some tuted in disgust. One lady shouted “What are you up to! Cover yourself up you stupid little girl!”
Two men in there twenties pointed and laughed. One of them managed a wolf whistle.

Wendy froze in shock! There must have been 15 to 20 people starring at her. She felt stupid. She thought people must think she is either an exhibitionist or maybe a slut! She tried to cover her self the best she could.

The girl working behind the counter shouted; “Someone call security!”

Rachel was now watching the display. She didn’t want Wendy to be caught by security as she knew Wendy would be thrown out of the shop. How would she explain that Wendy had her shoes on? She knew if Wendy was thrown out she would loose a lot of commission too!

She shouted to the girl behind the till that she would deal with it. She summoned another assistant and asked her to help her.
The two girls approached Wendy and took an arm each. They frog marched her through the shop. They held her arms tight to control her, meaning Wendy could not cover herself at all. Wendy had goose bumps all over her body from the embarrassment. Her little nipples poked out hard and erect. She tried to squeeze her legs together to hide her labia from peoples view. Rachel deliberately didn’t take her the most direct route. She ensured Wendy was forced to walk close past people and in areas were she could be seen by everybody in the shop.

Miss West looked on as she saw what Rachel was doing. ‘Good girl!’ she thought to herself.

Wendy was horrified. She could feel strangers eyes on her body. There were young men starring at her gorgeous body and making comments on what they would like to do to her. Most of the people in the shop were female, mainly around Wendy’s age and a few years older. She felt so silly. She saw each and every one of them studying her body. Some of the girls smiled at Wendy and some just laughed. Wendy blushed but couldn’t help looking into their eyes to see if they were looking. To her dismay they were all looking!

Rachel guided Wendy towards the changing area and to her relative privacy.

She thanked the other assistant for her help and told her she would deal with it from here.

“Well done Rachel! That was fabulous!” Miss West praised her.
She then turned to Wendy. “Did you enjoy that little show Wendy!?”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you!” Wendy replied reluctantly.

Miss West and Rachel smiled at each other as Wendy blushed at her lie.
Miss West noticed Rachel was starting to enjoy Wendy’s torment. She decided to bring her down a peg or two, to make her a little uneasy.

“Rachel do you sell underwear?”

“Yes we do.”

“Could you go and get several pairs of knickers and matching bra’s please?”

She nodded and wondered off into the shop floor.

“Are you enjoying yourself Wendy?” Miss West wanted to make the most of this time alone with Wendy.

“Yes Miss West.”

“Then spread your legs for me!”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

Wendy was stood just outside the cubicle and in front of Miss West. She spread her legs a little more than shoulder width apart and stood in silence while Miss West studied her naked body. Wendy still wore Rachel’s shoes which made the two women equal height.

“Lets see how much you are enjoying yourself shall we!”

Miss West maintained eye contact with Wendy as she reached down with her right hand and began to touch Wendy’s vagina. She cupped it at first and massaged it softly. Wendy was slightly damp at this sudden attention she was receiving from Miss West. Her expert fingers started to work her clitoris and soon Wendy’s juices were flowing freely. The two women looked at each other intently as Miss West excited Wendy. She swirled her fingers around Wendy’s little bud and ran her fingers up and down her slit to spread her juices. She occasionally slipped an index finger right up Wendy’s cunt. Wendy closed her eyes and breathed deeply which heightened her pleasure.
Their privacy was interrupted as Rachel returned with an array of underwear in various sizes and colours.
Miss West took a step back from Wendy leaving her there with her legs spread. The attention to her pussy had made Wendy loose concentration and it took her a moment to realise her pose. She quickly closed her legs as she noticed Rachel staring at her.

“OK. Lets see what you look like in this underwear Wendy!”

Rachel handed Wendy the first set of knickers and bra. They were white lace.

Wendy was looking forward to being able to cover herself at last. She quickly grabbed the lingerie but before she could start to put them on Miss West stopped her.

“I think it would be better if Rachel put those on for you Wendy.”

Wendy paused and first looked at Miss West and then at Rachel to see her reaction. Rachel looked at Miss West in disbelief.

“I don’t think I can do that!”

“Of course you can. You are a shop assistant and Wendy needs your assistance to get these clothes on. It’s your job to help and what’s more you will be earning a lot of commission from me this evening!”

Rachel was shocked at Miss West assertiveness. She found herself obeying her orders almost before Miss West had finished speaking.

She took the underwear from Wendy and once again bent down at her feet. She opened the knickers with both hands and offered them first to Wendy’s left leg. Wendy lifted her shoed foot and slipped it in to the opening. Rachel pulled them up to Wendy’s shin and then offered them to her right leg.
Once both feet were in Rachel lifted her body up, but remained on her knees. She nervously pulled the knickers up slowly over Wendy’s thighs. She couldn’t believe what she was doing!
Wendy now felt as though she had the upper hand on Rachel and it was here that felt silly. As Rachel pulled the knickers towards Wendy’s crotch she couldn’t help but take a quick look at Wendy’s vagina. Rachel blushed and looked away when she saw how damp it was! Eventually she managed to pull the knickers up to here waist. Holding the waist band she lifted it to the correct height on Wendy’s slim hips. She reached for the bra next.

“Ah ah! Could you please adjust Wendy’s knickers so they sit correctly!” Miss Wendy could see how hastily Rachel wanted to move on to the bra. However the knickers were slightly twisted and were not sitting perfectly around Wendy’s creases.

Wendy opened her legs slightly so Rachel could do as asked. From her kneeling position Rachel looked up and could see what she had to do. She knew she was going to have to put her fingers inside another girls knickers to pull them down, so they looked neat and tidy.
She was nervous at her task. She had never undressed or dressed another woman! She felt incredibly uncomfortable and her predicament was worsened as she looked up to see Wendy smiling down at her.
Wendy now felt she was in control and could see how exciting it could be. She began to understand why Miss West got such a kick out of being dominant.

Rachel reached out and carefully grasped the inside front of the knickers. She slid her fingers down towards Wendy’s crotch and pulled the thin fabric from Wendy’s vagina to reposition them. She re laid them softly onto Wendy’s vagina. She softly bit her bottom lip as did.
She then stood up and crouched down behind Wendy. She lifted the knickers again, this time from Wendy’s tight bum. As she re laid them she allowed her fingers to brush on Wendy’s soft skin. She was slowly becoming aroused and very curious.
Satisfied the knickers looked good she then took the bra and cupped it over Wendy’s breasts. She softly adjusted the shoulder straps, making sure she touched Wendy’s skin and then fastened the clasp. She was amazed by the softness of Wendy’s skin.

Wendy looked gorgeous in her bright red high heels and crisp white underwear. She walked around the changing room with a whole new confidence. She knew Miss West found her attractive and they had both seen each other in some very strange predicaments. Now she felt a change in the attitude between herself and Rachel. The early nervous tension was fading and the air was filled with sexual tension. If Rachel really didn’t want to be there they all knew she could just leave! This put Wendy at ease and she began to enjoy herself.

“OK. Now lets try another set of underwear.” Miss West decided. “Rachel, please carry on and assist Wendy.”

Rachel did not need telling twice. Wendy offered no help in undressing herself. She let Rachel do it all.
She stood in front on Wendy and reached right around her to unclasp the bra. There bodies did not touch but Rachel’s clothes brushed against Wendy’s sensitive skin and sent a shudder down her near naked body. She dropped the bra on the floor. She then reached to remove Wendy’s knickers. Rather than just getting hold of the fabric and pulling them down, she pushed her fingers under the waist band of the knickers and slid her hands down the smooth skin of Wendy’s hips and legs and the knickers followed.
Wendy let out a deep breath of pleasure as she felt the tender hands touching her skin.
Miss West smiled at the two girls bonding.

Rachel put on and took off two more sets of underwear onto her knew friend. Each time she did she allowed herself to touch Wendy a little more. She took time to ensure they were fitted correctly and touched Wendy in her very private places when she could. She touched her bum, her waist and her legs and put her fingers in further than needed when adjusting them. Each time she did she did it subtly. Wendy pretended she didn’t realise what she was doing and this allowed Rachel to think she was getting away with it unnoticed.

Miss West saw every move Rachel made. It reminded her of her first lesbian experience with her friend. It had happened many years ago with her best friend. They had ended up sharing a bed at her parent’s house. Miss West had pretended she was dreaming and started to stroke her friends body as she slept. Her friend, who was awake too, also pretended she was asleep and allowed herself to be touched. As her friend didn’t object Miss West had carried on. She pushed her hand under her friends pyjamas and felt her tummy and soft skin. She worked her way carefully towards her nipples expecting to be stopped at anytime. There was no objection from her friend and eventually worked down to her vagina. Neither of them spoke. They both pretended to sleep. Neither of them spoke a word and tried to keep their breathing shallow. Miss West played with her friends slit until she came. After she was finished both girls rolled over and fell asleep. They never spoke another word of it to each other. Miss West moved on to other girls after that night as her lesbian lust grew.
Seeing Rachel taking chances to touch Wendy brought a smile to her face.

“Rachel. What is your favourite type of under wear? What type are you wearing now?” Asked Miss West.

“Oh!” The question took Rachel by surprise. “Erm, I’m wearing a g-string at the moment.”

Rachel was wearing a tight skirt so the g-string ensured she didn’t have a panty line.

“Would you let Wendy try it on?”

Rachel was caught in the moment. Miss West didn’t know who was most surprised with Rachel’s reply.

“Sure.” She said easily. She was already turned on by dressing and undressing Wendy. The whole situation of Miss West dominating this young girl and seeing this fit girl naked and embarrassed made her want to experience more.

She slipped into the open cubicle, hitched up her skirt and pulled down her knickers with a wiggle of her bum.
She covered her legs with her skirt again and bent down to put the knickers on Wendy.
As she adjusted the knickers each woman had there own private thought about the two girls juices mixing on the thin fabric of the g-string. It was such an intimate act to share ‘dirty’ knickers Rachel thought.

Miss West approached Rachel. The three of them were very close to each other now. There faces at near equal heights.

“Rachel, are you aroused?” Miss West enquired.

“Yes, a little!” Rachel replied slightly embarrassed.

The women lowered there voices to a whisper.

“Would you like to kiss Wendy?”

A shy nervous smile appeared on Rachel’s face and a warm surge rushed between her legs at the question.
Wendy was excited too. She now found women attractive and Rachel was a beautiful young girl. She would love to be forced to do things with her she thought to herself. She listened in with anticipation.

“Yes.” Rachel said quietly.

Miss West pushed the two girls gently into the cubicle. They stood inches from each other. Neither of them spoke or touched. They waited for Miss West‘s instructions. They both had butterflies in their stomachs, Rachel’s legs were like jelly.
Miss West ran her hands through both of the girls hair simultaneously. Her hands came to rest at the back of their heads. She slowly forced their faces together. The girls steadied themselves by resting their hands on each others hips.
Their lips met softly. They took it slowly and barely made contact. Wendy bit gently on Rachel’s bottom lip and then sucked it tenderly. Rachel smiled and as her mouth opened Wendy explored it with her tongue. Their tongues pushed against each others as they massaged each others mouths. Their soft tongues whisped over each others and each felt the others breath on their face.

The kiss lasted less than a minute. Miss West looked on longingly at the site of two such pretty girls sharing an intimate kiss. Her loins became warm as she lusted over this new girl she had just met. She still thought Wendy was beautiful and a perfect employee but Rachel had something she craved. Maybe it was her pretty face or gorgeous figure. Maybe it was that she reminded her of herself when she was younger.

The kiss broke and both girls gazed into each others eyes. It had been Rachel’s first kiss with a girl. Wendy was now experienced compared to her new friend! Rachel’s face beamed. It was such a tender kiss she thought. Much softer than when she had kissed boys. Wendy had enjoyed it too. It had been nice for her to share a lesbian experience with somebody as naive as herself rather than with a dominant older women.

Miss West wanted more.

“Rachel, what else would you like to do with Wendy?”

Rachel, slightly flustered and worried about being caught by somebody, replied shyly;

“Nothing. I think I should get back to work.”

“Now, now Rachel, please don’t rush off just yet! Wendy, is there anything you would like to do to Rachel?”

Wendy now got her chance to make Rachel uneasy.

“Oh Miss West. I would love to do something with her!” Wendy looked Rachel in the eye and gave her a cute smile. She licked her lips seductively and pouted at Rachel.
Rachel blushed at being looked at like this by Wendy.

“I would love to kiss her again Miss West; but not on the lips…” She spoke softly now and almost whispered; “down there!” Wendy shifted her gaze momentarily towards Rachel’s lower half.

Rachel tried to step back in shock but the cubicle restricted her. She let out a quick, high pitched gasp at Wendy’s comment.

“Ooh yes. That would be lovely wouldn’t it Rachel?” Added Miss West.

“Err, no I don’t think so. I really need to get back to work!” Rachel spoke hurriedly and with panic. She became quite flustered.

“Well young lady how are you going to explain to your boss that Wendy is wearing your shoes and your g-string!” Miss West stated.

“Oh she must not find out! Please! Please can I just have them back?” Rachel panicked.

“Of course you can. Once you have turned around and hitched up your skirt!”

“Oh please don’t make me do that! I will do anything but that! I don’t want her to kiss me down there! I’m not a lesbian!”

“Well you have two choices. You either let her kiss you down there or I go and see your boss right now!”

“Oh please! I need this job so much! What would you want her to do to me?”

“I want you to turn and face the wall. Then I want you to hitch your skirt up above your bum. Then I want you to spread your legs a little. Then I want you to reach round and spread your bum cheeks so Wendy can see your tight little bum hole. On my command she will then French Kiss your anus!” Miss West spoke softly but with authority. It made Rachel feel as though she had no choice but to obey.

Wendy looked on with great pleasure as Rachel succumbed to Miss West’s power and then shrivel in fear and embarrassment at the thought of the inevitable.
Rachel was relieved she didn’t have to do the kissing down there but she really didn’t fancy a girl touching her privates like that. She didn’t want to go with another girl anyway and definitely not at work or while another woman looked on!

“Oh come on Rachel let’s get it over and done with! We don’t have all night!”

Rachel obeyed. She faced the wall. Struggled to get her tight skirt over her tight bum and then shifted her feet apart.

“Come on, let her see your anus Rachel!” Miss West mocked.

Slowly she placed her hands on her bum cheeks and spread them very slightly.

“Ok Wendy get on your knees and study Rachel’s little anus!”

Wendy, still wearing the g-string and feeling very turned on, bobbed down and perched on her knees with her face just inches from Rachel’s behind.

Wendy gazed at the little hole in front of her and Miss West gazed at the beautiful scene in front of her. One young girl about to have her anus mouthed by another girl for the first time and one girl about to taste yet another female. Miss West had high hopes for Wendy. She thought they had a good relation ship ahead of them, playing this daring role play and carrying out her fantasies in various locations and with various women.

Rachel stood in silence. She could feel two pairs of eyes staring at her in this intimate position. She felt humiliated and exposed. She froze waiting for that first touch from Wendy’s mouth. Although she was scared she had never felt so excited in all her life. She had a mass of mixed emotions and her vagina became wet and her little anus ached with anticipation.

“Wendy, kiss Rachel.”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you!”

The words of command and Wendy’s answer added to Rachel’s fear and she let out a gasp.
Wendy couldn’t believe how easy it had had been for Miss West to break Rachel and get her to agree to this!

Wendy placed her hands on Rachel’s and encouraged her to spread herself further. Rachel’s crevice opened and Wendy moved her mouth to Rachel’s hole.
She laid a couple of soft kisses around Rachel’s rim which caused the young girl to shudder at the sensitivity of her skin in such a private place. Wendy continued to kiss her rim and then started to flick at Rachel’s hole with her tongue.
Rachel couldn’t believe the sensation. She had felt nothing like it. She was so tender and sensitive and it was hard to deny how pleasurable it felt.
Wendy was soft at first. She built the pleasure up slowly. She moved in and out from the hole to the rim. Flicking and kissing.
Miss West also not wanting to get caught decided to speed things up a little. She laid her hand on the back of Wendy’s head and pushed her face harder into Rachel.
Wendy took the hint and began to vigorously French Kiss Rachel. She pushed her tongue hard and deep into Rachel and made the kiss sloppy. She slurpt at the tight anus with lips and tongue, sucking and probing.

Rachel began to rock her hips back and forth as the motion took her into a distant place. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. She fought hard to make sure she didn’t let out a scream of pleasure. She thought pleasant thoughts. She tried to deny to herself what was really happening.
Wendy loved the taste of Rachel. She knew from her previous two nights work when a woman was enjoying herself. She thrived on making Rachel turned on. To break another girl in! To take a girls lesbian virginity! She lapped faster and harder and tugged at Rachel’s cheeks to get in deeper and deeper.

Miss West pushed harder on Wendy’s head as she too was taken by the experience. She had never seen Wendy so eager to please another woman. She was also impressed by Rachel. She appeared to be enjoying having a girl tongue her arse. She stroked Rachel’s face and smiled. To her surprise Rachel looked into her eyes and smiled back. She was almost in a trance as Wendy worked her into a frenzy.

Suddenly Miss West ragged the curtain closed and stood back from the cubicle. She coughed falsely and in a panic said “Come on Wendy chop chop!”
There was another shop assistant entering the changing area with another customer.

Wendy and Rachel realised at the same time what was happening! Rachel closed her legs and attempted to pull down her skirt. Wendy stayed on her knees and kept hold of Rachel’s cheeks. She quickly lifted a finger to her lips to gesture to Rachel to keep quiet.
Rachel froze. Wendy, much to Rachel’s astonishment, stopped licking her anus but gently laid kisses on to Rachel’s soft bum cheeks. She shook her head for Wendy to stop. Wendy looked up and smiled. She gave her a few more kisses and then stood up and slowly and quietly turned Rachel around to face her. Again she gestured for her to keep quiet. They could both hear the other people outside. Wendy moved in to kiss Rachel on her lips. Rachel pulled away. She put her mouth to Wendy’s ear and whispered.

“I thought you only did it because she forced you”?

Wendy copied Rachel and whispered in her ear.

“Yes. Normally I just do as I am told. But, but you are different. I think you are lovely!”

Rachel was stunned. She was flattered that Wendy found her attractive but nervous too at their predicament.
She did not pull away when Wendy tried to kiss her again.
They shared a slow gentle quiet kiss. Only they would know about it. It was such a loving kiss and the secret made it so sexy both girls thought to themselves. They broke the kiss and they stood there in silence and waited.
Rachel allowed herself to explore Wendy’s body with her eyes. She studied her face and neck line. Her shoulders and arms. Wendy had a perfect body and felt exhilarated to have had such an affect on this young girl.
Rachel’s gaze fell to Wendy’s breasts and her eyes circled Wendy’s nipples and then down to her tummy button.
Wendy took Rachel’s hands and lifted them slowly towards her. She placed them on her shoulders and slowly guided them down to her breast. Rachel caressed them and gently squeezed Wendy’s breasts. Both girls looked at each other and smiled shyly.

At that moment Miss West coughed again and tugged on the curtain. The girls moved fast and managed to pull away before Miss West could see their touches.

“OK. I think it’s time we left Wendy. Rachel, thank you very much for your time. We will take three of the dresses Wendy liked. Could you get three different colours please. We will also take two sets of each of the sets of underwear Wendy tried on.”

“OK. Erm, what about my shoes and erm, underwear?” Rachel asked nervously.

Miss West leaned in and whispered to Rachel;

“You may take Wendy’s shoes for now. If you would like yours back you may call around at my house to pick them up next weekend! I will give you my address. As for the g-string, I’m sure you’ll agree it looks so good on Wendy!”

Rachel smiled and disappeared to pick out the clothes Miss West had asked for.

Un be known to Miss West Wendy had heard what she said. She felt strangely jealous. Rachel had only just met Miss West and already she was being invited to her house! Wendy had never been invited and she had known Miss West for two days now!

“Wendy, put on this dress.” Miss West handed Wendy a dress that she had not tried on yet. It was exceptionally short and tight. Wendy, still in the cubicle slipped the dress on and checked herself out in the full length mirrors outside. The dress was so short you could see the bottom of her bum cheeks as she walked. She picked up the clothes she had arrived in and followed Miss West to the check out. People stopped and stared as the couple walked through the shop. Some stared as they recognised the ‘naked’ girl and some stared at the shortness of the dress!

Rachel met them at the checkout, scanned the dress Wendy was wearing and bagged up the remainder of the clothes. Miss West paid for the goods and slipped a card to Rachel with her home address on.

Miss West and Wendy left the store and Wendy continued to feel tense as peoples eyes fell on her ridiculously short dress.

It was almost time for the ladies to depart. They did a little more window shopping and chatted freely.

At 10pm Miss West turned to Wendy.

“That’s it. Times up. Are you ok to make your own way home?”

“Yes Miss West.”

“Wendy next week I am working away from home so I will not need your services.”

Wendy felt almost disappointed. Not only did she need the money but she almost liked being Miss West’s play thing.

Miss West continued. “Instead I wonder if you could come to my house next weekend?”

Wendy didn’t hesitate. “Yes Miss West, anything for you!” Wendy’s weekends were precious. She worked to earn money to spend at the weekend. Her main reason to go out was to look for a boyfriend. But now, with her body being used as a toy by Miss West and her friends, the need for a boyfriend faded. She was living a sexual fantasy well beyond her belief.

She couldn’t wait for next weekend…..and didn’t Miss West ask Rachel to call round to pick up her shoes….?

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