"Wet My Pet"

"Wet My Pet"

"Wet My Pet"
by Julius
Copyright 2005

Eleven-thirty and Celia was feeling tired, her bed was

The gentle knock at her apartment door was an
unwelcome interruption. She peeped through the little
spyhole and saw Stephan looking back. A little
reluctantly, she opened the door.

"What d'you say to a midnight swim?" he whispered.

"Pool doesn't open till next week."

"I've got a key," he grinned and brandished a large

"I've no suit," she was too tired for this.

"Skinny dip," he shrugged, "if you don't wear yours, I
won't wear mine."

His mood caught her and she felt herself yielding. She
sighed and he smiled his smile. He really was a
persuasive man, "Wait, let me find a towel."

Celia went to the bedroom, suddenly eager to go with
him. She rummaged in a drawer, looking through her
underwear, amazed she had no swimsuit. Her eye caught
a flash of bright green. No, she daren't! She drew out
the teddy and held it at arm's length.

When she emerged from the bedroom Stephan grinned at
her and pointed to the terry robe, "Are you …?"

"Just wait and see," she said and scooped up her keys,
"let's go."

They rode the elevator down to basement level and
stepped out. Stephan led the way. Unlocking the door
he gestured her inside. The smells of chlorine and
fresh paint hit her. The lights came on, the pool was
filled. Stephan turned out all the lights but the
underwater ones. Celia gave a little squeal of
delight, it looked so pretty like that.

"Beer? Can't skinny dip without beer," Stephan took
two bottles out of the bag and twisted off the tops.
He handed her one.

"Want to sit a while?" he gestured towards an alcove
with benches on two sides. A shower spray hung on the
third wall. She sat and took a swallow of her beer and
shivered. Stephan disappeared, four heat lamps came on
overhead, warmth flooded over her. He came back,
"There, that better?"

"Answers for everything, haven't you?"

Stephan grinned at her, "No, not quite, I don't know
what's under the robe."

"Mostly Celia," she said making no move to show him.
She sipped the beer. The radiance from the lamps was
relaxing her. She rested her head against the wall and
closed her eyes.

"I think you should let me see what you're wearing for
our swim," she suggested.

He removed his shoes and socks while Celia drank the
last of her beer. She was getting a gentle buzz and
heard herself giggle, "More."

He paused with his shirt over his head, "More beer or
more Stephan?"

"Oh, more both."

"Well, I brought a six-pack and … " he pulled off
the shirt with a flourish and tossed it in her lap.

Celia picked it up and pressed her face into the
cloth. Her insides seemed to flip as she breathed in
his scent, felt his body heat. She looked up at him,
his arms, his shoulders and felt an awful yearning.

Reaching into the bag for another beer she chanted,
"More beer, more Stephan, more beer, more Stephan."

He slid down his zipper and Celia tipped the bottle
and gulped. Midnight swims were suddenly a wonderful

When Stephan's pants slid to the floor she gazed
hungrily at the bulge in the front of his tiny white
briefs. "Ooh, lots of Stephan," she said and actually
hiccoughed. To herself she said 'Celia, you are little
bit drunk.'

She got to her feet, "Well, fair's fair, hold this,"
she handed him her bottle and unbelted the robe. She
shrugged it off her shoulders and let it slide to the

His sharp intake of breath said it all. His mouth
actually stayed open for long seconds. "Oh my!" was
all he managed.

Her glance in the bedroom mirror had almost made her
change her mind. Now she was glad she hadn't. The
teddy concealed very little of Celia. His reaction was
a most wonderful thing to see and hear.

Little wonder he gaped. Celia glanced down, her heavy
breasts were all she could see of herself. They looked
beautifully big, she thought. Resting in the cups of
the teddy, they gave her a splendid cleavage. She
wanted to shake her shoulders and jiggle her breasts
for Stephan. But she knew they'd simply fall out if
she did.

She watched, delighted, as Stephan's eyes roamed up
and down her. The crotch of the teddy was hauled tight
into her pussy, she could feel its insistent presence.
She turned slowly, showing him her ass. It was big and
beautiful, she knew. She reached a hand back, "Oh my!"
she murmured and giggled. The fabric covered her not
at all, it had worked deep between her cheeks.

She turned to face him. "Oh my!," she exclaimed again
at the sight. His erection formed an impressive ridge
up the front of his briefs, "that's very flattering."

"Have you any idea how beautiful, how sexy you look?"
he asked her.

She squirmed under his gaze, she felt sexy and
beautiful. Celia sucked air in through her teeth as a
spasm caught her somewhere below her belly button. Her
thighs tensed and she pressed her knees together in
the classic female pose. A sudden need. "Dear God,
this sexy, beautiful woman needs a pee."

She remembered another time, a week ago. They'd been a
little drunk then and had told each other their
favourite fantasies. She thought now of his.

"Lie down Stephan," she told him, "here on the tiles."

At Celia's urging, Stephan lay on his back. The tiles
were pleasantly warm. Heat from the lamps bathed him.
He closed his eyes against the glare and waited.

She moved to stand over him, he could feel her ankles
against his thighs. His cock was splendidly erect
inside the briefs. It had to be after she'd dropped
the robe. The warmth, her closeness, he knew something
beautiful was about to happen.

He felt her move and opened squinting eyes. She
squatted and then settled slowly, kneeling astride
him. She sank further, her crotch settling on his.
Just two layers, silk and cotton, between her sex and

She leaned forward and rested on her hands. He closed
his eyes again. Celia's lips were at his ear and she
she whispered, her breath tickled. "Have you any idea
how horny I feel right now," she paused, "and how
badly I need to pee?"

Stephan shook his head and she added, "I don't know
which I need most," she squirmed her mound on his
cock, "to be filled or to be emptied."

She sat up then, heavy on his hips. Stephan shaded his
eyes with his hand and watched as she slipped one
strap off her shoulder and allowed a breast to spill
free. Heavy and full it moved beautifully as she swung
her shoulders. The nipple seemed to point straight at
him. "Baby hungry?" she asked and gave her shoulders a
shake, making the breast jiggle.

"Very hungry," he croaked, his wanting was a desperate

She leaned down again and brushed the breast across
his mouth. He caught the swollen nipple and held it
with his teeth. Celia cried out softly as he nipped
her. With tongue, teeth and lips he made slow love to
her. When he paused she raised herself a little and
pulled free. He caught her again and they played, her
nipple a small, swelling, ripening fruit.

Celia began grinding her mound against him. He sensed
that, between them they were taking her towards an
orgasm. The suckled nipple seemed to grow in his
mouth. Suddenly she froze and looked at him through
slitted eyes. Her teeth were gritted when she spoke,
"I've got to pee, I've just got to pee." But she made
no move to get up, just kept slowly grinding herself
against his erection.

He wondered if this was a little girl struggling to
control her bladder or a woman on the brink of orgasm.
She crouched down over him, breathing loudly in his
ear. "I'm going to lose it, I'm going to lose it. I'm
can't hang on." She seemed to be crying and laughing
by turns. "I can't hang on, I'm so full and it feels
so incredibly sexy. I daren't move and I can't keep
still." All this was said while she trembled and
wriggled on top of him.

He was desperately aroused by her words and her
movements, he thought his cock would burst. If she
thought this was making her horny … what about him?

Celia suddenly sat up with a soft cry. A look of
surprise as she raised her hands to cover her mouth.
Her eyes closed and she seemed o relax.

The glow started at Stephan's groin and it began to
spread. She was peeing on him! Through the teddy,
through his briefs the heat came soaking. It felt
almost scalding hot as she flooded him. Over his cock,
his balls, down between his legs and over his belly.
Stephan thought it the most beautiful sensation.
Almost enough to make a guy come, just from the
exquisite, spreading heat.

Celia let herself fall forward onto her hands and she
began slowly working her way up his body, her groin
sliding up his skin. The heat, the flow moved up over
his stomach, over his chest. Still she moved, still
she flowed. Soon it was trickling down on either side
of his neck. he could hear the gentle hiss as she kept

The heat came from deep inside her, from her pussy,
through the crotch of the teddy to him. Celia's own
warmth, her wetness. Stephan opened his arms and she
lay on him, her wetness between them. "That was you
meant, wasn't it?" she asked him.

"Yes, oh yes, just the way I dreamt it should be. It
was the sweetest thing," he murmured into her hair.

She was wonderful, it had been perfect. His need for
her then was a desperate, grinding thing inside him.
His cock an aching rigidity trapped in the briefs she
had soaked.

Celia went very still and he looked up at her. He
could see her own hunger in her eyes and then she
moved back down him. He could hear her making little
mewing noises. Her fingers scrabbled his briefs down,
baring his cock. Raising his head he watched her. A
hooked finger caught the crotch of the teddy and she
pulled it to one side, off her pussy. He could see wet
curls and the petals of her labia. The teddy's front
was near black with her wetness, it clung to her every

The stream began again, hot over his scrotum. No
intervening fabric this time, just scalding hot pee on
cum-filled balls. He groaned as the flood washed over
his nakedness. He writhed under her hips, his body
begging. Finally she slowed to a trickle.

Her fingers curled round his cock, holding it
vertical. She lowered herself, open and ready. A new
and beautiful heat engulfed his penis. Down she came,
in he went. Steadily piercing her, skewering upwards
until he nudged the end of her. She settled on him,
ass against balls.

She fucked him, rather than he her, bucking back and
forth, as if to break his cock off at its root.
Stephan struggled under her in a mix of pain and joy.
She rode him, one wild animal on another. Her body
drawing the orgasm from him. When they came, it was as
one, sobs and cries echoing each other. Celia's climax
was a feral thing, her pussy clenched and sucked at
his gushing cock.

She collapsed onto him. They were both sobbing for
breath, both exhausted, both utterly spent.

They slept, perhaps just minutes. She kissed him
awake. His hands slid down her back and grabbed her
ass, pulling her against him .

"How was the fantasy?" she asked him.

"Perfect, incredible," he told her, "swimming's fun,
being drowned is beautiful."

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