What she wanted

What she wanted

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What she needed

It had been a long week at the office and the new guy wasn’t making things any easier. It wasn’t that he was demanding or piling work on Misha’s desk, it was the way he looked at her. As if he could tell every one of her dark little secrets. From the first time he walked into the office he had been giving her that look and from the very first look it had made her both uncomfortable and wet. Not just wet as in she’s kind of aroused but wet as in her pushy flooded and she had to go clean herself before the entire office wreaked of her scent.

She pushed herself away from her desk and started the long walk to the restroom and as she strolled her mind wandered back to her past. To the day one of her brothers friends and his brother had taken her virginity. She was seven years old when that happened and she was scared and they had not been gentle, but then what 12 or 13 year old boys knew anything about being gentle. They had continued to fuck her almost daily for six long years until she had started her period and after that they were afraid of getting her pregnant so she was forced to give them blow jobs instead. That was both a blessing and a curse for she had grown accustomed to the fucking and her pussy had missed the constant attention but the good side was she loved to suck cock and she had gotten her fill of cum.

Now, at the age of 37 she was a divorced mother of two with a steady boyfriend. Her life was stable and her past had been mostly forgotten until HE showed up. She wondered what it was about him that brought this out in her… what was it that made her pussy gush whenever he looked at her. Some things she decided were just not to be understood but she knew one thing, she would have to stay far, VERY far away from this man!

Returning from the restroom, refreshed and feeling a little more settled and under control she stopped by the accounts payable section to get a dose of the latest office gossip because those girls knew EVERYTHING. And there they all were, Brenda, Shelly, Lisa and Chris standing around chatting. As she approached the girls all grew quiet… uncomfortably quiet. “Hi!” she said cheerfully, “what’s up?” and with this the girls all started giggling. “OK, come on spill it! What’s so funny?” she asked. Shelly, the horniest of the group and known as the office slut said “we were just talking about the new guy and what he was going to do to you once he got his hands on those big tits of yours!”

Embarrassed at the mention of the new guy and stunned that these four could know anything about him or the affect he was having on her, she just stood there and stammered. “Wha What What do you you mean?” and with her uncomfortable response the girls just started howling with laughter which caused her to blush a crimson red… and blushing was something she NEVER did! Quickly gathering her composure and swallowing the lump in her throat she asked again, “What are you talking about?”

Chris, who had been dating one of the guys in the office for about two years said the new guy had told her boyfriend that he had every intention of fucking you and of giving those big titties of yours a good smacking around. He said he could just tell that you were a real cock lover and that he was going to prove it to everyone!
Hearing these words were more than she could take, how could he know her secret? How could it be so obvious to him? What was she going to do? As these thoughts were flooding her mind she felt a trickle right at the top of her thigh; her pussy had gushed even more and it was starting to run down her legs. Making an excuse that sounded lame to everyone she turned and walked back towards the restroom amid all the giggles and laughs of her girl friends.

Back in the bathroom she proceeded to clean herself again, this time wiping down the inside of both legs. She was amazed at how much liquid she was producing and this man had never even spoken to her! Not a word and even if he did she would never do anything! It was impossible! Those days were behind her! She was in CONTROL of her life now and SHE decided who would fuck her and when they would do it! She was starting to get angry and staring at the mirror she saw the resolve on her own face and began to relax. Straightening her clothes she took note of her body and thought it was still killer, with a 38DDD chest, 29 inch waist and 37 inch hips she was not just curvy but looked like she was made to be fucked. Dismissing her thoughts she sighed heavily and made another attempt at returning to her desk. She was thankful this week was almost over.

Deciding to take a different route back to her work area she walked towards the center of the building past the computer room, the janitorial closet, the storage room and the office supply room. Her desk was in sight and she was relishing the safety and comfort of her familiar surroundings and at that moment her thoughts were interrupted by a huge crash in the office supply room.

Turning around quickly she ran back the eight steps to find HIM sitting on the floor of the office supply room with boxes from the top shelves scattered all over the floor. Rushing over to see if he was OK she was torn between worry and the electricity of being so close to him. Moving some of the boxes from around him she saw him sitting there with a smile on his face looking only slightly embarrassed and then he started laughing and with the boxes all over the floor and him sitting on his ass where he had obviously fallen with that sheepish look all over his face got her to laughing.

After a few minutes of shared laughter they both fought to catch their breath and he said “this isn’t quite how I imagined meeting you!” and in one of those moments we all recognize, that single moment right before we even speak when we know that regardless of what ever we say next we have lost the battle she replied with a soft tone and just a hint of sultry “and just how did you imagine meeting me?” and then she blushed. She blushed a deep crimson red that said she already knew the answer.

She turned around to walk away but before she could take a step he asked “aren’t you going to offer to help me up?” Turning back around she stuck her hand out and he took it, not the kind of touch where one really needs a hand up but the kind of touch that lovers would share. She wanted to pull away but found herself motionless, frozen in place and time like there was no tomorrow or no yesterday, all that existed was just this one moment right here, right now. She felt her knees turning to jelly and just when she thought she was going to faint he stood up quickly and released her hand. Feeling all flustered and confused she walked quickly from the supply room back to her desk.

Once seated she began busying herself, trying in vain to get him off her mind. “What was it about him?” she kept asking herself. Yeah, sure, he was good looking but lots of good looking men had made passes at her and she’d never given them a moments thought. What was it that made this guy so special? She continued sorting through the stacks of papers on her desk, not sure that she was accomplishing anything but nonetheless staying busy… looking busy and keeping everyone away from her.

Suddenly she was startled from her thoughts by her phone ringing, she looked down at the extension number and knew it was from someone inside the company so she picked it up with a curt “Hello.” His voice oozed through the phone shocking her back to reality. She could hardly understand a word he was saying. Why was his voice so muffled? What was going on? Before she could figure it out she realized what he was saying, he was asking her to meet him in the janitors closet… no he was TELLING her to meet him in the janitors closet. Who did he think he was? She hung up the phone.

Sitting there she found herself getting angry and excited… a mix of feelings that both confused and overwhelmed her. Finally, she decided that she needed to confront this monster inside herself and let this guy know that she was not going to do anything to anyone! She was in control of herself and she would decide who, when and where she fucked and no one would tell her where to meet!

She stood, straightening her knee length skirt and began a brisk and self assured walk back to the janitors closet. As she neared the door she became less and less sure of herself. She found herself asking questions that anyone else would recognize as signs of submission. “What if I can’t say no to him?” “What if he overpowers me?” “What if…” Wiping her sweating palms down the sides of her skirt she reached for the doorknob and turned it slowly then hesitating she looked up and down the hall, no one was around no one would see her go in. Thinking to herself, “This is crazy, why would I care if anyone saw me, I’m not doing anything wrong!” she opened the door and stepped in reaching for the light switch.

As she fumbled for the switch she felt a hand on her wrist, not forceful but gentle and reassuring. He slowly pulled her away from the door and without knowing why she closed the door behind her. Mustering up all her courage she started to speak but before she could utter the first sound she felt his breath on her lips. Was he crazy? What was he doing so close to her? Again, opening her mouth to let her words of protest come out but before those words could be spoken she felt his tongue. It slipped inside her mouth so quickly she didn’t even have time to protest, he grabbed the back of her head and kissed her with a hunger she’s not sensed or felt in many, many years. Suddenly she felt transported back in time and all her resistance melted away.

As they stood in the dark kissing she noticed that she was once again flooding herself but she no longer cared. She wanted his kisses, she wanted him to take her, to possess her, to own her. She sank deeper into his embrace and let out a quiet but animalistic moan. A moan that could not be mistaken for anything other than what it was, a moan of desire, of willingness, of submission.

Sensing her surrender he took her hand down to the cock growing harder in his pants and began rubbing her hand up and down his manhood. After a few strokes she took over and he complimented her by telling her she was a “Good girl.”

Slowing he began applying pressure to her shoulders, pressing her downwards and she went without thinking, without arguing without resisting. Sinking down to her knees where she had his crotch right before her eyes and nothing but the faint light coming from underneath the door to show her the way to what she wanted most. Strangely enough she found this to be more than she needed; after all, she knew the way. She knew what she wanted. She knew how to get it out and with the efforts of a seasoned cock lover she deftly unzipped his pants and reached inside to extract her treasure.

He felt the warmness of her touch as her hand found its mark and he heard her moan of delight when she discovered its size was normal, not to big, not to small just perfect for sucking and without wasting a moment she engulfed him with her mouth.

She loved the taste of cock and more than anything she loved the feel of a hard dick in her mouth. She loved the feel of the skin, the hardness and the softness, the warmth of the flesh and the taste of the precum. She loved every aspect of sucking cock and she had let her desires remain dormant long enough. Her sucking his cock was bring all her desires to the front. She hadn’t felt this way since she had started her period.

Slowly he began encouraging her, at first in whispers barely audible to her own ears but as she worked his cock in her mouth and down her throat he became more excited. His words became louder and louder. “Suck it bitch!” he commanded her and she sucked harder bringing all her years experience to bear on his hard cock. And the more she sucked the louder he got until she feared that everyone in the office would hear him and then something inside her clicked. She became what she had always been destined to be, what she had been born to be. A cock sucker.

She no longer cared who heard, she no longer cared what anyone thought. She wanted to suck cock. She wanted to suck as much cock as she could. She wanted to drink as much cum as she could and nothing was going to stop her.

Sensing her changed he grabbed onto the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth like it was nothing more than a disposable fuck toy and she loved every minute of it. Feeling his cock slip down her throat and listening to the sounds of her slurping and sucking. He was calling her a slut and whore and the more names he called her the more she sucked.

Knowing he couldn’t stand much more he reached down and ripped her blouse open exposing her massive tits. Tits so large they were barely contained by her bra and the site of them was more than he could stand.

Feeling the first pulse of a gigantic orgasm bubbling up from his balls he pulled his cock from her mouth with every intent of hosing down her tits with his seed. Raising up on his tip toes and yanking wildly on his cock he aimed hose directly at her massive tits just as the first spurt flew towards her.

She was having none of this! She was not going to be deprived of her reward! She wanted her cum and like a starved child she lunged for his cock placing it back in her mouth where she proceeded to suck every last drop from his cock as he yelled at the top of his lungs. It was a huge load, larger than she have ever experienced and she couldn’t keep up with it all and some started running out of the corners of her mouth.

Slowly coming down from his orgasm he pushed her back off his cock and she let out a little whimper of disappointment from having what she craved ripped from her mouth. She sat there on her knees staring at his cock wanting more, with a hunger in her eyes like he had never seen before. Tucking himself back in, he stepped around her to open the door. What greeted him surprised them both. Most everyone in the office was standing there and they began to applaud him.

Not even a little embarrassed she stood up and walked towards the door. The nearest guy was from sales, a tall slender guy and she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into the Janitors closet and shut the door. She was not finished. Not by a long shot. She was going to suck cock until she tasted every drop of cum in that office.

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