While Mom and Dad Were Gone

While Mom and Dad Were Gone

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"Kasey, we'll see you in a few hours. Please take good care of your brother." called Kasey's mom as she began closing the door to the garage.
"I know, Mom……bye." she replied.
Gosh, she thought, Why did they have to choose today to meet with a client? It seems like they're not around that much anymore…..
Kasey's parents ran a small recruiting firm for the city of Evansville, Indiana. They were often out of the house, leaving Kasey, who had just turned 14, to watch her 11-year-old brother, Brian.
She ran a hand through her dark brown hair, wondering what she would do to pass the time.


Startled, Kasey jumped, screaming. She had not even heard Brian come up from behind her. She ran after him, following the blond-haired streak that was her brother.
"I swear, I'll kill ya!" she yelled, laughing between breaths. She eventually caught up to him, and tackled his 4' 10" frame, knocking him off balance, into the couch. They playfully wrestled for a few minutes, and then lay down on the floor, laughing, breathing hard.

"Oh my gosh, Brian. What am I going to do with you?" Kasey chuckled. Brian smiled, still catching his breath. "I'm going to go take a shower. Make yourself some breakfast, there's cereal and milk in the kitchen."

"OK, " answered Brian. Kasey turned and leapt up the stairs, 2 at a time. She grabbed a some clothes from her room and walked to the bathroom which she and Brian shared. That got a bit awkward when she had started haver her periods and had to store tampons in there, but Brian had just played it by ear, knowing 1. Not to tough them, and 2. Not to try and put them up his butt.

Kasey closed the door and turned on the water. She took off her shirt, revealing her soft, A-cup breasts. She looked at them in the mirror, wishing they were just a little bit bigger…….but that wasn't important. She took off her PJ bottoms and panties, and stepped into the shower.

She slowly washed every part of her 5 foot, 2 inch body, paying special attention to her ass and legs. Kasey was proud of them. She rubbed the cloth along her shaven slit, evoking a shudder of pleasure up her spine. She had only masturbated a few times, and only had 2 orgasms, although they had been "lovely". She turned off the water, and stepped out onto the mat.

She started drying herself, and thought, My parents are gone, Brian's downstairs…..why not? She very much enjoyed fingering herself, but just never seemed to have enough time. She'd either get called to do something, she'd fall asleep, someone would walk in. But not today.

She laid out 2 towels so she wouldn't have to lay on the cold marble, and got down on the floor.

Kasey started to finger her pussy, putting 1 finger in at a time, each causing a small moan to escape from her lips. "Oh……….ooo……"

She imagined having sex with her brother, as she had dreamed of many times, and increased the speed of her fingers. She took her other hand and began rubbing her clit, moaning with increased volume. "Oh Brian……oh…..fuck me……fuck me……please….I want it……..please…ohhh……"

She felt it coming. Closer…..closer….. She felt as though a balloon insider of her was being filled beyond its limits……it was going to explode………..

"OHHHH……." Kasey began to buck and spasm, although she had not yet reached her climax. OHHHH……….."

Juices squirted out of her pussy, coating her hand and flowing out over the towels. Kasey nearly screamed in pleasure, but only squealed fairly loudly as she experienced her huge orgasm…..it wasn't too loud, but just loud enough to be heard downstairs in the kitchen………

Brian was enjoying his Special K when he started to hear a bit of a bumping, or a bouncing rather, upstairs. It sounded like someone was pounding the floor with something. He shrugged, but then it got louder.
He left his breakfast and headed upstairs, to seek out the source of the sound. He discovered it was coming from the bathroom. He started towards it, and slowly cracked the door open.

What he saw amazed him, and at first he turned around out of sheer shock and embarassment. His sister was jamming her fingers into her vagina, moaning and groaning while she did it. He found his dick was starting to get hard, and within a few seconds all 3 1/2" of it was pitching a tent in his basketball shorts. Brian couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had never seen a real live pussy before, only in his science book. He couldn't help but stare open-mouthed at his sister, and when she started to squirt he felt a huge urge to masturbate. Brian didn't even know exactly what masturbation was, but he had heard about other boys' "jerk-off-sessions" at school. He knew it was about rubbing your penis, but that was about it. He put his right hand in his pants, and started rubbing his "privates" as he still called them.
Brian could barely believe how good it felt. He had never jerked off before, never came before, nothing. This was all a new experience.
Jerked out of his fantasy, he saw his sister had gotten up and started for the door!

As Kasey came back down to earth from her orgasm, she started cleaning up the floor. One of the towels was completely soaked with her pussy juice, the other damp from her sweat. As she turned, she noticed that the door was alightly ajar.
That's odd, she thought, I really thought I closed the door…..
She made her way toward it, and opened.
Her brother was making his way down the hallway away from her, hand in pants. She then realized what had happened.
Kasey hurried back into the bathroom, put on a robe, and started toward Brian's room. His door was open, and he was on his bed, not paying attention to anything but his erect dick that he was rubbing like crazy. Kasey immediately felt wetness between her legs, and she entered the room.
"….Brian?” she said softly.
Brian, startled, hurriedly covered himself up.
“What are you doing? Get out!” he shouted at her.
“Wait” she said “I want to talk about what happened. Did you see me?”
Brian thought about his answer and said, “Yes.”
“Did you like that?”
“…..of course!”
“Let me see you do it.” Kasey said.
Brian was confused, but after a reasurring nod from Kasey he uncovered his dick and started masturbating.
“No, Brian, let me show you how to do it.”
She slowly jacked off his dick, and he moaned loudly as she stroked it.
“Ohhhhhh……..yes……..keep on doing it………..ohhhh…….that feels sooo good…….”
Kasey stopped.
“What’d you stop for?”
She smiled at him, with that sexy, instant-turn-on smile.
“Come on. We still have a few hours before Mom and Dad get back.”

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