Wife Pimped

Wife Pimped

My wife, Teresa and I are a middle to upper class white suburbian couple. We lived in a high class part of town and cohabitated in a luxury apartment. However we found ourselves in a very unfortunate situation. We both were unemployed and because we were early in our marriage and both coming out of financially devastating divorces, our nest egg had not grown large enough to sustain our continued life style for longer than a year. After about 6 months our apartment lease came to an end and we had to make a decision. We both had several interviews by this point, but unfortunately no offers.

We are also very independent people, so asking for help from friends or family was out of the question for us. So we decided to put what we had in storage and go stay in a week to week hotel. We figured that we might only have to stay a month or so until an offer came across and we could move back out. That point in our life was a low point for us as neither of us had ever experienced this before. Although being a war veteran, to me it was still better than sand, heat, and sleeping outside. The wife didn’t see it that way though and cried the first night we stayed there.

For the most part the room was very clean. It had two beds in it, a small kitchenette, air conditioning, cable, a decent size closet, a small eating table, a dresser, and even an extra recliner next to the bed to sit in. I even attached a DVD player to the TV so we could watch movies. The area it was in and the clientele weren’t so nice. For the most part it was filled with drug pushers, addicts, illegal immigrants, and what ever else you might find that society wasn’t so kind to. I quickly made friends with the on site security guard, Phillip.

Although Teresa and I stand about five foot six, Phillip was a rather large light skinned black man that was a couple of years younger than us, about 30, and stood about six foot, three inches and weighed a good 250 pounds. He was clean cut, well groomed, very polite and obviously did not stay there, although he did have a room to stay in next to the main office, when he was not out on patrol. It was basically a two bed room with one of the beds removed and a cheap hotel desk put in its place along with one of those cheap sofas against the wall. Phillip and I would talk when I would run across him either going to the car or coming back in. He would tell me about a recent arrest that he took part in with the local police department or an eviction that he did. But for the most part, if you kept your business out of his site and kept the peace, he would leave you alone.

Being in that environment did take a major toll on our confidence; however observing how people lived did bring some street smarts to both of us. Along with getting to know, Phillip, we also learned who the other people were around us, how they lived, what they did, where they were from, and listened to many stories that put them into the same situation we found ourselves in. Although we were the only white couple that had fallen into the situation, we still managed to make acquaintances. We also found that many people would do most of their partying and most of the drug and prostitution would occur on Friday’s, when those that were working, would get paid.

Teresa and I were able to sustain the weekly payments, eat, make the car payments and other monthly bills with what we had left in the bank, however our luck in securing another high paying job lasted longer than either of us anticipated. 5 months passed and Teresa and I were starting to become desperate. The stress of our situation was even having an effect on sex life. I would even go as far as to say that we were as equally frustrated with our sex lives as we were our living condition. When things were good, Teresa and I are uninhibited sexual animals. There was barely a line between fantasy and reality.

However, at this point of our lives, I was surprised that she hung in there with me and stayed. Although she would continuously let me know how much she still loved me, she also equally let me know how extremely unhappy she was with our situation and I could hear the desperation of her voice. We were coming down to an end financially where we were going to have to take anything we could get, even if it meant working at Wal-Mart or Waffle House. I even started to apply for warehouse positions, as I had pulled orders when I was going through college years ago.

As we entered our 6th month, Teresa and my luck seem to start to turn for the better. We were getting a lot more hits on our resumes, and were doing interview after interview. Although for the most part, I was able to watch Teresa come from and go to the car, I noticed that I wasn’t there more and more because of the variation of our interview times. By this point, both Teresa and I knew Phillip very well as he would talk to us whenever I got out of the car and Teresa was with me. Neither Teresa nor I were comfortable with her going to and from the car from herself so when Phillip greeted us one time coming out of the car to tell us of a recent bust he was part of, we asked him if it would be possible for him to escort Teresa, when I was not there to and from her car. He said that would be fine and gave us his cell number so we could call him when we needed him.

Teresa liked the security very much, and she would thank him with a hug around his neck whenever he would walk her to her car or to the room from the car. Teresa has always been a very out going affectionate person so she was very comfortable hugging him and even sometimes kissing him on his cheek. Teresa had often shared fantasies of her and a black man, but she had never gone further then flashing her pussy to one of them.

Like I said, the 6th month was turning out to be a very productive one for us. Within 2 weeks, on a Tuesday, both of us had lucrative job offers so we went out and partied to celebrate our success, Teresa wore a very sexy outfit with a short skirt and we bought her new high heel shoes. I hadn’t seen her dressed like this since times were good and she was an instant turn on. When we got back to the room, I had a good buzz and Teresa’s tolerance had obviously dropped and she was drunk. It was a little late and Phillip saw us pull in. He came out to greet us and we told him of our good news. He was very happy for us and walked us up to our room as we told him about what and where we would be working. .

I had some beer up in the little refrigerator and asked Phillip if he would like one. He hesitated for a minute and then Teresa wrapped her arms around him as she had done so many times before, only this time instead of just kissing him on his cheek, she kissed him full on his lips. This shocked him a little bit, but he understood she was drunk. I broke the silence and asked him if he still wanted a beer. He said that would take me up on that offer and walked in and closed the door. I went and grabbed three beers and pulled out a bottle of Jaeger we kept in the frozen part of our mini frig. I handed him and Teresa a beer as he sat down in the chair next to the bed and Teresa took a seat on the bed next to him crossing her legs in front of him with her skirt rising up just a little showing Phillip just a little more of her upper thigh. I asked him if he wanted a shot, but he said he would pass since he was working, however Teresa was eager for a shot. I poured us both a shot and then walked over and sat down next to Teresa on the edge of the bed facing Phillip. I toasted to our new jobs and Teresa and I both downed our Jaeger, while Phillip took a little chug of his beer.

It was obvious Phillip enjoyed looking at Teresa’s legs and it didn’t take Teresa long to pick up on Phillips attraction to her. While we were sitting there dinking on our beers, Phillip told me how lucky I was to have a beautiful wife like Teresa, unlike most of the trash he sees coming through there. I knew he was single and asked him if he had any experiences with chicks that stayed there. He said he fucked the clerk one time, but only once and that he has had a couple of blow jobs but that was about it. I asked him if he ever had one of the prostitutes there, and he said that he had not, however he thought Teresa would have made a great prostitute there as he noticed many of the guys lustfully staring at her when he escorted her.

I am not sure if it was the liquor, or the lack of sex we have had, but this comment turned Teresa on very much. She put down her beer and leaned back onto her elbows. She took her legs and spread them putting one foot on the side of the chair Phillip was sitting in and the other in his lap. She smiled and asked him, if he really thought that she could have made a lot of money there with her pussy? She then pulled up her skirt and showed him her bare pussy. It was then that I learned too that she didn’t have any panties on! He looked at her pussy first then he looked at me to see what my reaction was going to be.

I was curious at the answer too, so I reached over and spread her lips to her pussy showing him her ever swelling clit and asked him what he thought. He chugged his beer, crushed it and tossed it to the side. Teresa was now rubbing and pinching her nipples through her thin sheer top that she was wearing with no bra as I started to rub on her clit making her very wet. Phillip said that she could have made tons of money it just depended on how far she was willing to go. Teresa then placed one of her feet at his crotch and with her high heels still on, rubbed his crotch area with the top oh his foot.

A massive bulge grew in his pants, as Phillip started to rub on her soft smooth legs. I asked him how much he thought that she could bring in on a good night. He looked at me and said, at least a thousand, maybe two. I asked Teresa if she thought that was a good amount for one night worth of work. She thought it was. Seeing how excited she was I asked her if she was interested, but before she could answer I remembered that Phillip, the security guard probably wouldn’t allow it to happen. He saw this in my look when I glanced back at him. He took Teresa’s foot up to his mouth and kissed her foot and asked me suggestively what would be in it for him?

Since Teresa and I were hurting for cash and would want to keep as much as possible and based on Phillips current state of arousal, along with Teresa’s, she answered before I could say anything. Obviously the answer was her.

Phillip stood up in front of us and asked us if we were serious but I wasn’t sure if Teresa was serious about the prostitution thing. What I did know was she was serious about fucking Phillip that night. I said that I think we are and although he had on a utility belt with a pistol, a pair of handcuffs, a night stick, and some other stuff, he stood up and unzipped his shorts and released his monster of a cock. I had stopped rubbing Teresa’s pussy and she sat up on the side of the bed. With his hands on his hips, he stood there with both of his hands on his hips and his cock was just inches from her mouth and I could see the eagerness in her eyes to take his cock in her mouth. I remained sitting there next to her as she grasped his cock with her hand and stroked it a couple of times to get use to the feel of his size.

Teresa then leaned her head forward slightly while continuing to hold his shaft with one hand, lightly grabbed his large black low hanging balls with her finger tips of her well manicured nails, and took her tongue and lightly licked on one ball and then the other. She then ran her tongue up his large but cut black dick encircled the head before running her tongue back down to the base and sucking on his balls. Teresa picked up the pace with her hand as she was pumping him quickly now and then as she released one of his balls from her mouth, she pressed hard against the base, on the underside of his black dick with her tongue and ran it up to the head of his penis. I saw a drop of pre-cum emerge from the tip and with her tongue she smeared it all over the head of his large black dick.

Phillip then did something that surprised both of us. He told Teresa to stand up, turn around, and place her hands behind her back. I think both of us were a little scared at this point that Phillip was going to arrest both of us. She did as she was told though without hesitation. He then slapped the cuffs on her tight and pulled out his night stick and with it slapped the inside of her legs and told her to bend over and spread them. By this point, we both had a terrified look on our faces. She looked at me as if to ask me what she should do and I told her that she should do as he said. So she spread her legs apart and leaned over on the bed face down. I was still stunned and Phillip noticed the look in my face as I was still sitting next to her on the bed. He then yelled at me and told me to go lie on the floor face down. I asked him if he was serious and he yelled back, NOW!

I went to the bottom of the bed and lay down with my head facing him and her. I was a little uncomfortable as I was turned on by the site I had seen before of her sucking his dick and the floor was a very hard floor. He instructed me to raise my feet in the air and cross my legs and place my hands behind my back and I did so immediately, still not sure of his intentions. Phillip put his night stick back in his utility belt then started to frisk Teresa.

He knelt down and first told her to lift one leg and removed a shoe, he took the shoe and threw it on the bed and placed his hands on her foot and felt it and her calf. He did the same for the other leg all the time he had his eyes level with her glistening pussy. From my vantage point, I could tell that he was being very gentle with the search, but he kept a serious look to him. He then started to stand up feeling the inside of my wife’s legs and thighs. He had not put himself away yet and I noticed that he was still very hard. At this point, I was thinking that he was either serious and was going to arrest us or he was going to fuck Teresa right there in front of me. I am sure Teresa was thinking the same thing.

As he stood fully up and Teresa remained on the bed, Phillip then asked Teresa if she had any drugs or weapons hidden any where. Teresa hesitated at the answer for a second and Phillip told her that she took too long to answer. With that, he grabbed her hips and moved her back slightly towards him and told her to spread her legs further. She yelled NO, but he took one hand and spread her lips and with his other very large black hand turned down took his middle finger and stuck it up into Teresa’s pussy. He rubbed the inner walls of the front of her pussy first and quickly found her G-Spot. Her legs quivered a little and asked her again if she had anything in there. Teresa was caught in her own throws of pleasure only this time she said with a much more quiet but sexy voice that she didn’t think so.

This only encouraged Phillip to continue his search. He then flipped his hand over and rubbed the back of her pussy. While he was rubbing the back of her pussy which was only separated by a thin membrane of her anal canal, Phillip said that he thought he felt something. Teresa was very soaked by this time and Phillip’s finger was very well lubricated. He pulled his finger from her pussy and smeared some of her lubricant on her anus. He began to apply pressure with his lubricated finger and Teresa let out an involuntary cry and lunged forward. Phillip barked at her asking her where she was going and if she had any weapons up there?!

Phillip then turned to me and asked me what I was smiling at? I didn’t realize I was smiling and then he asked me if I had any weapons up there because if I didn’t wipe that smile off my face, I would be checked next! He then ordered me to get up and get some KY or something for him. We had some in the drawer in the nightstand between the beds so I quickly got up and retrieved it and handed it to him from across the bed. After I handed it to him, I just stood there, not sure which direction to take. He said, to come there and I started to walk around the bottom of the bed but he told me to stop. He said no not that way, get on the bed and hold your wife’s ass cheeks apart for me while I make sure she isn’t hiding any weapons or drugs.

I got on the bed as Phillip reached under her with one of his large black hands and inserted his thumb into her pussy and grabbed with his index finger, clamping down on her clit and pulled her back towards him telling her to COME HERE! I then straddled her head with both knees and reached over and pulled her ass cheeks apart for him. With his other hand, he flipped open the KY with his thumb and poured it down the crack of her ass and all over her ass hole. He then took his finger and put it back to her ass and smeared it up good and pressed it back into her. She couldn’t move forward now because my knees were at her shoulders and her cries were muffled now that her head was between my thighs.

I watched and continued to hold Teresa’s ass apart as Phillip probed Teresa’s ass with his large black finger. He felt all of her walls like he did with her pussy and then commented on how tight she was. He said to me that she has a nice ass and it is a shame that I am obviously not fucking it the way I should be, unless I just have a small dick. I just said that he was right, I should be fucking her beautiful ass more and called him Phillip. He just looked at me and said not to call him Phillip, that I should call him sir. So I repeated myself only this time finishing the sentence with sir.

Phillip pulled his finger from her ass and released his grip on her pussy with his other hand when he was satisfied that she was not hiding anything in there. He told me to get on the other bed and sit down. I said, yes sir and did. He then instructed Teresa to stand up. He helped her up because she was cuffed and it was difficult for her to stand up from the position she was in. She looked over at me with a tear in her eye as we still didn’t know if we were going to jail or if Phillip just planned on fucking her.

As Phillip stood behind her, he towered over her as he was much taller than she was. He then reached over her shoulders and felt her breasts through the shirt she had on. The material was very thin and as I watched his large black hands grope her tits, I could tell that her nipples became very hard and were sticking through the material. He rolled them between his fingers and she let out a slight moan. He then grabbed her hair at the base of her neck and pulled her head back and kissed her. This was the first sign since this started that we figured out that we probably were not going to jail. But we were sure that she was going to get fucked by Phillip that night.

Phillip then turned her around grabbed her head with both hands and kissed her deeply. Teresa was very turned on by this and returned the kiss with lots of passion driven by the fact that she knew that she wasn’t going to jail. She was now kissing him with a lust of thank you for not taking her to jail and had that look about her that said that she would do anything for him that he wanted.

He told her to sit on the edge of the bed and then asked me to put on her shoes. I was a little dumbfounded at the request because I thought he was going to fuck her right then and there and then he would go back to work, but he obviously had other ideas. I got up and grabbed Teresa’s shoes and knelt down in front of her. I could see where the overflow of KY or possibly her juices flowed down her leg as she lifted one of her feet up for me to put her shoe on. After putting her first shoe on, I looked up at her and could see her glistening pussy. Her hands were still handcuffed behind her back and I could see Phillip just over her shoulder putting his massive hard on back in his shorts. Teresa then put her foot back down and lifted the other one for me to put her shoe on. I quickly refocused on the task at hand and had her shoe on in no time and placed her feet down on either side of me as I remained knelt between her legs and refocused on her naked pussy.

Phillip saw that we were done and told me to stand her up and that she was coming with him. I leaned forward to kiss her goodbye and as our tongues intertwined, Phillip walked over to us and with one hand grabbed Teresa by the arm and opened the door with the other. Still handcuffed he took her from our room and closed the door behind him, leaving me all alone and not knowing how long he planned on keeping her, just that I figured he was going to take him back to his office.

Normally I would have guessed that Teresa would have felt a little humiliated or even intimidated at walking from our room, which was on the back side up stairs, down around the building across the parking lot and to the front of the main building to his office in her skimpy outfit, but she was taking it all in as being very erotic and felt like she was being treated like Phillip’s pet for him to control, dominate and show her off. It was kind of late by that point and with it being a Tuesday, there really wasn’t that much activity going on, but as anyone knows, these type of places really never sleep and there is always someone wandering around. As Phillip walked her down to his office, there were three Mexican guys standing outside of their room drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. They noticed her and whistled at her as she passed by them.

When he got her to his room, he took off the hand cuffs. They were on kind of tight, so she rubbed her wrists when he took them off. They left indentations and even bruises on her wrists. He took off his utility belt and laid it on the desk. Had grabbed some lotion he used on himself to keep his own skin from becoming ashy and squirted some in her hand and threw the bottle on the bed. She messaged the lotion into her wrists. It didn’t take long for her wrists to start feeling better as she refocused her attention on Phillip who was now sitting on the couch watching my beautiful wife. She walked over to him and sat in his lap sideways and put her arms around him and kissed him. He put one of his arms around her and rubbed on her thighs with his other hand. She wriggled her self around a little so she could feel Phillip’s hard on.

Her legs slipped apart as she was moving around. It didn’t take Phillip long to find her open pussy with his hand he was rubbing her thigh with. He spread her hairless lips apart and with his meaty finger and thumb grasped a hold of her clit. He had her completely under his control by this point as she started to cum right there in his lap as he pulled and rolled her clit in his fingers. He first asked her if she was going to fuck him good that night, and she said yes. Phillip then asked her if he was going to be a good little whore for he and I and make some money on Friday night. She was so sexually aroused by this point, she would agree with anything. She put her hand on the back of his and said she would do anything that he wanted her to do when ever he wanted her to do it

He told her to stand up in front of him and take off all her clothes. She stripped quickly letting her skirt fall to the floor when she released the zipper and she simultaneously pulled off her top allowing Phillip to see her bare breasts for the first time. Phillip liked what he saw very much and although the prize was what was between her legs, he was also very impressed with her small but firm tits that had her hard little nipples sticking out just begging to be touched by his large but soft black finger tips. Teresa started to take her shoes off, but Phillip quickly told her to leave them on and to hand him her clothes.

Teresa gathered her clothes up and handed them to Phillip and he placed them on the arm of the couch close to the door. Phillip then pulled his massive hard black cock back out and with out a word being spoken, naked she dropped down between his legs an grasped his cock with her hands and guided it into her mouth. With her first stoke of his cock in her mouth she took it all the way in and let the moister from in her mouth create the lubrication she was going to need to suck on his cock. Teresa then held Phillip at the base of his cock and at first slowly sucked him up and down while looking at him in his eyes while he watched her. Her mouth was stretched wide to accommodate his girth, so she focused in on his head and continued to stroke his shaft with her hands.

Teresa thought that it must have been a while since Phillip had last cum because she tasted pre-cum that oozed from the slit on his cock. She would take the tip of her tongue and dig it from the top of his cock, all the while staring into Phillips eyes. With her hand on the base of his cock, she could feel the vein underneath starting to pulsate. She then looked away from Phillip and sucked him more quickly. Teresa was sucking him hard as her head bobbed up and down the length of his cock. Phillip was now calling her his bitch as he fucked her face with his cock. With a couple of more strokes with her masterful tongue, she backed off and held her mouth open as she flicked the head of his dick with her tongue. There was no turning back for Phillip as he grasped his dick and stroked it maybe twice before letting out a grunt and shooting his load into Teresa’s mouth. With the first spurt, a strong stream of white cum shot into the back of her throat. Teresa gagged a little bit, but by this point Phillip had grabbed the back of her head by her hair with one hand and like she was his dog he had grabbed the bottom of her jaw by sticking his thumb in her mouth under her tongue, forcing her mouth open to take his entire load in her mouth.

Teresa tried to swallow it all but it was just too much for her little mouth and throat to handle. Phillip leaned back into the couch and relaxed a bit. He was breathing hard and his chest was rising and dropping quickly. Teresa reached up and with both hands grabbed both of his shoulders from the front and messaged them, which relaxed him a little further. He took a couple of deep breaths and was able to finally regain his wits about him. When he refocused on Teresa, he noticed that his now softening cock was resting between her firm tits. As he grinned at her, she took his dick and rubbed the remaining cum from it over her breasts and onto her nipples. Once Phillip was soft she played with her nipples in front of him and then reached down between her legs and started to frig her cunt.

After playing with her cunt a little more she shuddered in an orgasm that ran through her entire body. When she came back down off of her orgasm, she had this fuck me look in her eyes. She looked at Phillip as he rested there still soft and satisfied but she wanted more and she wanted it now. Teresa stood up and walked over to the desk, where the utility belt was and grabbed Phillips night stick. She asked him if he ever used it on anyone and he replied he has beaten some ass with it, then she asked again, putting the emphasis on the word used. Phillip now understood the question and simple said no. Teresa then told Phillip that she use to date a cop and he would put her in the back of his car and use the night stick on her. She asked Phillip if he wanted to see how he used it on her. He just grinned and nodded yes.

She then took his night stick over to the bed with her. It was made of a very hard wood and very shiny. It must have had 20 layers of shellac on it as it was as smooth as glass. It was your standard night stick, about 2 feet long with a handle sticking out of the side. She stuck the striking end inside of her before climbing on the bed, kneeling away from Phillip. She then positioned herself so that the other end of the night stick firmly placed itself into the bed and she rocked back and forth fucking her self with it. She did this to simulate how her cop boyfriend would use it on her when she was on her hands and knees in the back of the cop car as he would stand outside the door and ram the stick into her juicy little cunt before replacing the stick with his own and fucking her until he came. I am sure that is what Teresa was thinking about as she rocked back and forth and rubbed on her clit as well.

Phillip stood up from the couch, zipped up his shorts and walked over to her and pushed her forward so that her ass was in the air and he could grab a hold of the stick from behind. He actually used the stick that was inside her as leverage to control the angle he wanted her in. She continued to frig her clit while Phillip fucked her pussy with his night stick. He kept sliding it inside and out of her determining the depth that was just right for her. If it didn’t go in too far, it didn’t satisfy her inner needs, and if it was thrust too far, she would cry a little in pain. Once he found the right depth, he picked up the pace and concentrated on fucking her pussy with it. He then grabbed the bottle of lotion and applied some of it to her asshole. He slipped a finger into her and she moaned in pleasure as she started to rub her clit as fast as she could. It didn’t take long after he started to stroke her ass with his finger in rhythm of the stick and she started to cum. Phillip could feel it first because her pussy clenched onto the stick so hard that he found it difficult to continue to move it in and out of her and then she gushed all over his bed and night sick. This was her first explosive orgasm of the night and is usually followed up with a long night of fucking.

Phillip pulled his finger from her ass and wiped it on the bed cover next to her. She didn’t move. He then slowly withdrew the night stick from her pussy and she had some short aftershock orgasms that occurred by the movement of the stick out of her pussy. Teresa had stopped rubbing her clit, because it was ultra sensitive and she couldn’t take it anymore at that time. Phillip threw the nightstick on the bed next to her and then told her that he needed to make his rounds. Teresa was still lightheaded from the orgasm she just had and remained in that position on the bed as Phillip gathered his utility belt and wrapped it around him and buckled it securely in the front. Phillip then went back over to her and reached down to rub on her pussy before he left. When his fingers came in contact with her pussy, she jumped a little bit in surprise, but also because she was still throbbing from the night stick fucking that she just received. She relaxed a little bit allowing Phillip access to her pussy. He stroked her a couple of times feeling her moisture on his fingers. Her pussy lips were still so swollen as they swallowed two of his fingers. He told her that he would be back shortly and that she shouldn’t go anywhere. Not that she intended on going anywhere, Phillip picked up her clothes on the couch as he headed out and took them with him.

Phillip walked strait up to our room and without knocking, he slid his security key in the lock and opened the door without warning. I thought it was Teresa, but then Phillip walked through the door. I was lying naked on the closer of the two beds to the door masturbating thinking of what Phillip might be doing to her wishing I was there watching. I had some porn in the DVD player and it was on a scene with two very large black dudes fucking this very white chick on the screen at he same time. One was in her pussy and the other was in her ass. Phillip looked at me as I tried to cover up and said that I must really like this shit. I told him that it turned me on a lot and then asked him what isn’t to like about a big black cock stretching out a white girls pussy? He said nothing that he could think of and then asked me if I wanted to come back down with him. He threw her clothes on the bed and I slipped on a pair of shorts along with one of my larger T shirts because I was still hard as a rock and was still trying to cover it up, even though I had already came twice while fantasizing about them.

Phillip and I then left the room and started to walk back down to his office. He passed by the three Mexicans that whistled and hollered at Teresa earlier. He asked them if they were still doing okay, and they said they were. He then asked them if they had any money, and they asked him what for. He said he had some pussy down in his office and for $200 they could fuck it. You should have seen the look on their eyes. It was filled with excitement and energy. They then told Phillip that they didn’t have $200 on them. One guy said all I have is a 10 and then the other said all he had was a 5 and the other said that is all he had too. 20 bucks between all three of them was all they had. Phillip was still testing me and my wife so he said, okay come along if one of you wants a hand job for $20. All three of them followed as I guess they hadn’t decided which one was going to get the hand job yet.

When we got back to his office, he slipped his security card in the lock. He hesitated for a second and asked the four of us to stay outside for a minute and then he went in. The four of us didn’t say anything but could hear through the thin walls the conversation between Phillip and Teresa. She was lying naked on the bed with her head on the pillow and was slowly rubbing her clit. She had stripped down the bed to the sheets to remove the soaked cover that caught her gush from earlier. Teresa then told Phillip that he didn’t have to take her clothes as she promised him that she wasn’t going anywhere until he fucked her and he put as much cum inside her pussy as he wanted. Phillip was pleased at what he heard and was glad that Teresa was still game for anything and not feeling guilty. He told her to wait a minute and she said she would be there for what ever he had in store for her. I was guessing that she must have heard Phillip talking to us before he came in.

Phillip then opened the door and told us we could come in. I let the three Mexicans in first before me and then trailed in behind them. I stayed behind them and watched Teresa’s reaction as she saw them walk through the door. When she saw the three Mexicans come in, she rubbed her clit even faster and harder and arched her back and with the other hand pulled at her nipple. She asked Phillip if he was already pimping her out? He ignored her and kept his focus on the three guys. I sat down in the couch, while Phillip conducted business. Teresa then raised her legs in the air and held them at first together then apart. She cooed as she was putting on a tantalizing show for them. Phillip then asked for their money and they handed it over to him. He then asked them which one was going to get the hand job. They all looked at each other than spoke a little Spanish to each other, which neither I nor Phillip picked up on and then they asked if the other two could rub on her and touch her while the one guy would get the hand job? Phillip looked at them sternly and said that he guessed that would be okay, but only one of them could take his clothes off. They spoke a little more Spanish between them and Phillip who already had their money grew impatient. He told them if they didn’t decide now, he would decide for them. One of them dropped his pants down around his ankles and walked over to Teresa pulling his boxer shorts and shirt off. He did it so fast the others just stood there in shock at first then disappointment.

It didn’t take them long to remember that they could feel my wife up. I continued to watch them from the couch and Phillip took a seat behind his desk. Since none of them could really get on top of her and there was only room for two of them, and one of them had to be the guy she was giving the hand job to, they tried to squeeze together as best as possible. She slid over a little and told the guy she was giving the hand job to, to go ahead and lay down. She then got down on her hands and her knees, grabbed the lotion and generously lubed the guy up. The other guys continued to rub on her, kneading her tits and then they were trying to stick their fingers in her pussy. She widened her legs as far as they would go to try to accommodate both of them but the still couldn’t get enough of her. The guy that she was giving the hand job to was moaning as she masterfully pumped his little Mexican cock. Then the one guy who seemed to left out, pulled out a 20 and asked if her could get a blow job. Phillip said no, but if he wanted to say dressed and eat her pussy for $20, he would let him do that to her but only until his buddy came.

He agreed to the conditions of the deal and Phillip told him that he had to hand the money over to him first. He walked over to the front of the desk and handed Phillip the money. He then asked why this amigo was sitting on the couch? Phillip just told him that I was her husband and I was enjoying my wife service these other guys. I nodded in agreement and then he spoke to me again telling me how he was going to eat my wife’s pussy really good and make her cum over and over again and get her ready for me to fuck her good later. I just smiled and looked over at Teresa and she was now turning over onto her back so she could give him full access to eat her pussy. The guy she was giving the hand job knelt down beside her and on the other side, the third Mexican continued to rub on her tits.

This actually seemed to solve the room for all three of them issue. Although when she moved around, she stopped giving the guy a hand job and when she picked it back up, he had lost his momentum and had to start over. I remained on the couch and looked over to Phillip. He seemed disinterested but asked me if I was enjoying the show? I assured him I was and looked back over to Teresa. She was looking at me and I smiled at her. She just turned her head back and continued to focus on the three Mexicans. The guy eating her pussy was doing an okay job and seemed to be enjoying himself. Teresa was trying to get him to focus on her clit but he just thought eating pussy meant that he was suppose to fuck her hole with his tongue. She gave up on him and focused on finishing the guy off that she was jacking off. She then felt the sensation she was looking for and noticed that the other guy on her other side had started to rub her clit just where she likes it. She started moaning now and slowed her pace on the guy’s dick losing focus a little. As she moaned louder, it grabbed Phillips attention and he started to pay closer attention to her. The guy eating her pussy thought that he was making her moan and the guy that was getting the hand job was getting off on her pleasure. She looked back over to the guy’s cock she had in her hand and I know what she thought, she wanted his cock in her pussy, but she knew that would not be acceptable to Phillip since the guy hadn’t paid for it. She then started to stroke it faster and pulled him in close to her side. Her juices started to flow again and then the guy she was jacking off came in gobs all over her pretty little tits.

They all backed away after they saw that their friend blew his load on her. Teresa was enjoying the sensation of the Mexican who was rubbing her clit and was disappointed when he pulled back. She looked up at him and then at Phillip, as if to plead with him to allow the Mexican to keep massaging her clit. Although Phillip was enjoying watching her be pleasured, he nodded his head no, and then rubbed his fingers together saying that it takes money to rub on her clit. Teresa understood and she reached over to the Mexican who was still standing there and gave him a courtesy rub through his jeans and reached between her legs to keep up the stimulation. Phillip got up and asked the guys if they had any more money, but they were tapped out. He told them to make sure they had $600 on Friday and they all could fuck her. They assured Phillip they would and then left.

I remained in the couch as Phillip walked over towards the bed. He noticed that his nightstick was laying down on the nightstand next to the bed and he picked it up. He turned around to me and asked me if I have ever watched her fuck a night stick before. To be honest, I hadn’t. He took the nightstick and tossed it over to me so I could catch it. He then proceeded to tell me how she expertly had taken his night stick and loved the way it had fucked her. I could only imagine. She then told him that she wanted to fuck his night stick and rubbed on his ever growing dick through his shorts. Teresa looked so horny again, wanting Phillip to hurry up and fill her up the way she hadn’t been in a long time, even with the night stick.

Phillip looked back at me and grinned, knowing that this what we both wanted. He unbuckled his shorts and they fell to the floor. He then dropped his boxers and Teresa reached out to grab his cock that she so hungrily wanted. She had seen plenty of porn with me where a black guy fucks a white girl, but this was her first black cock that was actually going to fuck her. She wanted it so badly and I could tell that she must have played this fantasy over and over again while she masturbated with or without me. Phillip was already hard and she knew exactly what she wanted him to do with it.

Again Phillip was able to surprise both of us. After taking off his shirt, he walked down to the end of the bed, making Teresa let loose of his big black cock. I could see her anticipation grow by the second and hear her sweet moans for his cock to be placed inside of her. When he was at the bottom of the bed, he leaned over and with his two meaty hands grabbed a hold of her thighs and slid her down to the edge of the bed. He then knelt down, holding her legs spread in the air, slightly pushing her ass in the air and stuck his tongue into her pussy deep penetrating her like she had never been penetrated before with a tongue and then ran it slowly inside the upper side of her pussy, out in between the folds of her lips and then over her clit with the fat part of the tongue and on up until the tip of his tongue was at the very tip of her clit and he rapidly flicked it with so much power, that she had a small orgasm right there. He kept up flicking her clit with his tongue until her legs were shaking from the orgasms and I noticed that her toes were in the air, curled up with so much force that you could have cracked walnuts in them!

Teresa was now grabbing the sheets with both hands and had even reached over with her teeth to bite on the sheet as she screamed out obscenities of how much she wanted to fuck him and cum all over his big black cock. She continued to scream in ecstasy as the juices continued to out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass and onto the bed where it met with her back. I even said to FILL HER UP PHILLIP! With out any more needed encouragement and with his raging hard on, he stood between her legs at the end of the bed and placed his big meaty black cock at her cleanly shaven white pussy and pressed towards her swollen pink lips. Even from where I was sitting, I could tell that he was huge and even as wet as she was, she still was a tight fit for him. He pressed firmly and her lips started to fold into her vagina. She then reached down with her hands underneath her ass and spread her lips to accommodate his massiveness. He finally slipped in once the head penetrated her and she gasped slightly. I could see her little belly raise as he was angled up to rub on her g –spot from there. Teresa immediately shook into another orgasm, as Phillip held on to her to make sure that he didn’t slip back out.

Once that orgasm subsided a little bit, I could tell that she was still very sensitive and he slowly started to stroke his cock in and out of her. He too was sensitive, even though he came earlier. The feeling of her soft tight pussy around his big cock was enough to make any man horny. But I am sure that he had fantasized about her before after he would walk her up to the room wishing he could have come in when I wasn’t there so he could fuck her. To my knowledge he hadn’t and with the way those two were acting with the pure thrill of something new, I was sure they hadn’t.

Phillip continued to rock Teresa back and forth stroking his cock deep inside of her as I watched from the couch seeing her tummy raise and lower with every stroke. He was deep inside of her and I could hear her moan with each stroke that would reach her deepest inner depths. He could tell that from this angle he was almost too deep into her, even though he liked the way she was responding to his each and ever stroke. Grabbing a hold of her legs, he tossed them to the side and pulled out. Phillip then grabbed a hold of her hips and turned Teresa over like a rag doll and put her on her hands and knees. He reached between her legs and felt her pussy and then pushed his cock back inside of her. She gasped again at his size and he held onto her hips for control. The first couple of strokes, Teresa remained still other than when his hips would collide with her ass pushing her forward slightly. However after a few strokes with his powerful ass, she quickly fell into rhythm with him pushing forward and her rocking back only to be slammed forward when he reached her ass.

I could hear the slap of her ass with each stroke, it became louder and louder as Phillip continued to fuck Teresa harder and harder. It looked like he was just as deep inside of her as he was before, but he wasn’t on her G-spot any longer. Although she loved the powerful orgasms that she would have with him rubbing her G-Spot with his large cock head, she became too sensitive inside of her and it started to make her lightheaded in the throws of passion. Phillip proceeded to pound into Teresa’s pussy from behind and I could tell that she was getting close to cumming. She reached up with one hand and felt for his balls to rub on them. They were swinging forward hard enough that they were slapping her clit which she thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of but wanted to rub them and make them release his seed deep inside of her. With the feeling of complete control over her, her soft wet pussy clenching his big hard dick, her hand rubbing on his balls, and knowing that I was there and he was having his way with my wife and there was nothing I could do about it, he came inside of her with a loud grunt. She screamed out his name and kept telling him that she wanted more. He pushed deep inside of her with slower strokes now and was squirting inside of her with every thrust.

Phillip pulled out after he was finished cumming and admired his work. There was his cum mixed with her’s running down between her legs and onto the bed. Teresa’s cunt was gapped and pulsating in rhythm with his as he was still semi hard. She had chills of pleasure run through her body and she had yet another small orgasm and she shivered from head to toe. I could see a smile of complete satisfaction on Phillips face as he enjoyed watching her react to his every touch. He lightly rubbed on her hip with his hand and took his cock head which was leaking cum and rubbed it softly against her ass until he had become completely soft. When he started to do this, we weren’t sure if Phillip was going to get hard again and then fuck her in her ass. We both know he wanted to and at this point, Teresa was more than willing to let him try, but she was pretty well spent and ready for a break.

Phillip went into the bathroom around the corner. I could hear him taking a piss that sounded like it was coming from a horse. I got up and went over to Teresa and kneeled down beside her and kissed her passionately. Although I could smell the sexual aroma that was in the air when I sat on the couch, when I was much closer to her, if filled my mind with all the erotic things that I saw her do and the erotic things I fantasized about her doing that evening.

Phillip came from the bathroom with a towel in his hand to hand to her. He had run it under warm water so that it would feel good to her. She had flipped back over after I stopped kissing her and was laying on her back, naked on the bed with her legs bent and her heels were at the edge of the bottom of the bed. Phillip took the towel and handed it to me and then picked up his shorts and put them back on along with his shirt. I gently rubbed his cum from her pussy and from her inner thighs where it, along with her juices ran down to the bed. Once she was all clean and the cool air dried her off, she sat up and looked at the clock. It was about 5 in the morning and she looked over to the window and could see it start to get light out again.

Realizing that Phillip probably needed to get us out of there before the morning shift of office workers came in, Teresa asked me for my shirt. I then remembered that her clothes were up in the room, except for her shoes. I took my over sized t-shirt off and handed it to her. It was just big enough to fit her and was long enough that it barely covered her ass. Phillip asked us if we were still up for making some money on Friday and Teresa reassured him that anything that he was up for, she would be up for. Phillip said he was still up for it. He then told us that he planned on using our room along with the room next to ours. Apparently he is copied on a schedule of who is in what room and how long they are there for. He noticed that the room next to ours had a check out on Friday morning while the Mexican’s were playing with Teresa. I thought this was a good idea although I wasn’t sure how he was going to use our room and the room next to him.

We left to walk up to our room with Teresa dressed only in my shirt and her high healed shoes. It was very sexy to watch her, especially when I walked behind her on the stairs. I could see more cum oozing out of her pussy lips as she stretched her legs from one stair to the next. I couldn’t help but to reach up and touch her pussy from behind her, but she kept her pace up as she walked towards our room. I had a raging hard on by the time we got there and Teresa’s pussy was wet again. No sooner had we walked into the room and closed the door behind us, then I was on top of her, stripped naked and fucking her for all I was worth. We talked about what might happen Friday and she just mentioned that what ever Phillip wanted or would allow. With that I came deep inside of my wife and we fell asleep.

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