Wives of Africa part 3

Wives of Africa part 3

“Hi Sarah this is Ulu.”
Sarah was delighted to hear from her clanswoman.
“I’m good except for that stupid white bitch. She’s driving me crazy. She looks down her nose at us as though we were something nasty on her shoe. Except when she’s staring at Simon’s crotch or Andrew’s.”
“That’s what I wanted to ask you about.”

Ulu arranged everything with Sarah then Ulu rang back.
“Hello Kelly. Listen I wonder if you could do me a huge favour. We have a very important client coming round for the weekend and two of my servants are away. I wanted to create such a good impression. Do you think I could borrow Sarah and your two boys?”
“Of course.”
So could you bring them over on Saturday afternoon?”
“Right see you then.”

Sarah drove them over. Ulu kissed her on the cheek.
“Thanks ever so much. Say why don’t you stay and have a drink. Komo will be back soon with Kulu.”

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to drive after this cocktail it is delicious though.”
“Special recipe. You could stay and I could drive you home later.”
Ulu poured Kelly another large cocktail.

Komo arrived back with Kulu. Kelly looked at Kulu as tall as Komo and just as broad with muscles where Roger didn’t even have places.

“Do you fancy a game of tennis?” Komo asked Kulu.
“Yes but I’m not very good?”
“Well we could play doubles. Do you play Kelly?”
“Yes but I haven’t got any kit with me.”
“We’re about the same size I’m sure I could find you something”

Ulu found the arrogant young blonde a white sports shirt and a very short tennis skirt that she had worn as a teenager.
“I couldn’t wear these. I’m practically naked in this skirt.”
“No it’s fine.”
Ulu lied aware that every time Kelly bent forward that the skirt would ride high showing off her pretty white arse barely covered by her brief diaphanous thongs.

She glanced over at Kulu and Komo they were dressed in bicycle shorts and trainers and nothing else. Her eyes were drawn as if by a magnet to the enormous bumps that both of them sported under the thin material of their very tight shorts.

Kulu noticed the young blonde looking and punched Komo on the arm telling him that he would have her before the day was out.
“Just as pretty as her picture in Roger’s office I’m glad you brought her here. Do you think we’ll get to fuck her?”
“Oh yes I’ve explained to Roger how important you are to us. Her servant tells me that she is rude and a racist but she’s desperate for sex with a Blackman.”

Ulu played with Kulu first of all. Kelly had played a lot at school and Komo was a good player too. Komo made sure that Kelly picked up all the balls affording him a wonderful view of her arse.

They kissed each other on the cheeks at the end of the set and swapped partners. Kulu was distracted by the white globes of Kelly’s small arse catching sight of a couple of curls of blonde pubes as she bent over. Fucking great he thought a natural blonde.

Despite her best efforts Kelly lost. Kulu gave her a big hug and kissed her on the lips. She was shocked by his effrontery but even more shocked as they walked to the net he put his arm round her waist before it slipped down to her bottom where he gave her a playful slap.

Ulu suggested a swim. She found Kelly a white bikini telling her it would show off her nicely bronzed body to perfection.

The two guys remained in their shorts. Kelly dived in and swam a few lengths before getting out and lying down on a towel. As Ulu had known the bikini when wet became the nearest thing to transparent.

Kulu smiled at the Englishwoman his cock hard as he could make out her pink nipples and the golden triangle above her thighs. Kelly glanced back at him. There was no hiding his excitement his white shorts had been revealing enough earlier but now left nothing to the imagination.

The four of them dived in and splashed each other in the water. It was like being a teenager again. Kulu swam underneath the lovely blonde before lifting her high onto his shoulders. She squealed with delight at the same time begging him to let her down in mock terror.

Komo picked up Ulu on his shoulders and marched towards them. With cries of fight fight the two men spurred on their two female jockeys to push each other over. No matter how hard she tried it was Kelly that kept landing in the water. Each time Kulu would effortlessly lift her back onto his massive shoulders.

He turned round trying to avoid Ulu splashing him. Ulu grabbed at Kelly but only succeeded in tearing off her bikini top. Komo was delighted.

“Not fair.” Kulu exclaimed and grabbed Ulu’s top so that both of the jockeys were now bare breasted. Two seconds later both women were in the water. Kulu appraised both sets of breasts carefully. Ulu had bigger breasts firm and round a deep brown colour with large nipples and areola.

Kelly on the other hand had smaller breasts but they were firm with pink nipples that stood erect above a pale pink areola surrounded by a tiny white triangle of skin where her bikini had covered her. They played around in the water for a good while longer Kulu making sure he fondled Kelly’s breasts on every possible occasion.

Simon and Andrew brought them drinks at the poolside. Ulu suggested that Kelly should go to the restaurant with them.
“I couldn’t I said I’d be home later to give Roger a call.”
Komo handed her the phone.

“Hello darling.”
“You must have a meal with them. Kulu is one of our most important customers. Be your most charming self.”
“But what if someone saw us out together? They would think I was some sort of slut going out with a Blackman.” She whispered.
“Don’t be such a racist darling.”
She wanted to tell him that she wasn’t a racist but knew that there was some truth in his comment.
“What if some of my friends were there? They would think I was cheating on you.”
“Darling nobody will think anything of it anyway I know I can trust you completely.”
“He’s terrible he can’t keep his hands to himself.”
“I’m sure you’re exaggerating. He’s just a friendly bloke. You know it’s a much more tactile culture. Don’t worry. I know I can trust you darling but please be nice to him. If you have to flirt a little without him I could be out of a job.”
Tactile culture she wanted to scream it wasn’t your tits and arse that his hands were on. Flirt with him does he think I’m some kind of whore. She should have got a taxi home but instead she meekly agreed to go out.

Ulu and Kelly got ready together.
“Try this.”
Ulu handed Kelly a white dress with a split down to her navel and slits up to the top of her thighs.

“You look great in that.”
Kelly looked at her reflection in the mirror and had to agree. Her bronzed body was shown of to perfection. When she moved it had to be very slowly otherwise her breasts were also shown off.

“It’s just a bit too revealing.”
“Nonsense you like perfect.”

They eat in the most expensive restaurant in town. Kulu making sure that everyone’s glasses were kept full with the most expensive wine.

“Back to our place for a nightcap.” Ulu announced.
“I should be getting home.” Kelly was decidedly the worse for drink.
She was also aware of Kulu his massive frame dwarfing her. One of his huge hands resting on her thigh the other draped round her shoulder touching her right breast. It felt wrong. She should remove it.
“Now you know Roger said you should be nice to me so a drink at Komo’s house is just what he would expect you to do.”

Kelly sat in the back of the car with Kulu. He was even more brazen his hand playing with her breasts opening the front of her dress leaning forward and even kissing her now excited nipples.

He eased her skirt up sliding a finger under her damp knickers.
“No stop. It’s not right.”
She loved his big black hands roving over her body but she was a married man and he was black. Kulu removed his hand from her skirt but not his mouth from her erect nipple. At last they arrived at Komo’s house.

Kelly watched Komo give Ulu a big kiss fondling her breasts and stroking her powerful buttocks. Watching them kissing was the sexiest experience she had ever had. She watched shocked as Komo pulled down Ulu’s dress leaving her standing wearing only her knickers.

Komo sucked gently on his wife’s large breasts teasing her nipples. Kelly should go it’s not right watching a couple making love but a million dollars would not have dragged her away from the scene.

Ulu slowly seductively undid the buttons on Komo’s shirt before nibbling on his nipples. She watched as the beautiful black woman knelt in front of her husband easing down his trousers and his shorts.

Komo’s large black cock sprang free but only for a second. Ulu gripped it with both hands and opened her mouth wide sucking gently on the end of it. Kelly had never felt more excited in her life watching her own porn movie.

Ulu winked at her as she licked Komo’s huge cock. She swallowed it first one inch then a second a third until she had taken at least eight inches of his throbbing cock down her throat. Komo gripped Ulu’s head tightly as he started to fuck her mouth.

Kelly had one hand pressed firmly between her legs needing to relieve the itch that was growing with every second of watching her husband’s boss fuck his wife.

Kulu had waited patiently. He watched the lovely blonde woman she was ready for him. He kissed her his tongue exploring her mouth. She returned the kiss with interest her tongue reaching deep into his mouth.

She didn’t stop him as he lifted her to her feet pulling her dress quickly down. He fastened his mouth onto her nipples sucking and biting them. He pulled her knickers down standing to admire her naked body running his hands through her blonde triangle. One of his thick powerful finger exploring her cunt.

“Stop don’t.”
Ignoring her protest Kulu unzipped his trousers and quickly removed his shorts. He pulled her head down onto his thick black cock if anything he was bigger than Komo.
“Shut the fuck up bitch and swallow that black meat.”

She had no choice as he thrust past her pretty pink lips. He gripped her hair tightly as he pushed his twelve inches deep into the blonde’s throat. He didn’t last long before she felt the first jet of his cum hit the back of her throat. She moved back and the next jet covered her face in his thick gelatinous cum.

He continued to pump his cum covering her face, her breasts her stomach in his spunk.

“Lick it up. Swallow it all.”

Horrified she looked round the room where once there had been just the four of them there were now ten including Simon, Andrew and Sarah as well as three of Ulu’s male servants.

Komo his cock massive and hard strode over. He bent the lovely blonde Englishwoman over a chair.

“You’re going to feel what a big cock is really like and how much better it is than some pathetic white dick.”

“Please don’t.” She mumbled.
“Don’t what?”
Fuck me.”

He pressed his large bell end against her small tight cunt. She was moist and ready for sex. He pushed gently against her pretty pink vulva opening her to his enormous cock. It hurt as he started to stretch her wider than she thought possible. She looked backwards and watched as more than eight inches of his manhood were now buried deep inside her.

He began to fuck her with slow deliberate movements forcing more and more of his enormous cock into her. She had never felt such pressure and she was near to a climax.

“Oh fuck. Oh yes. Fuck fuck fuck.” She shouted as a huge powerful orgasm shook her body from head to foot.

He was now fucking her like a man possessed faster and faster. She was like a rag doll in his hands. Orgasm after orgasm coursed through her body as she screamed louder and louder. Ulu smiled filming every second of it.

He shot his spunk deep into her wiping his cock on her arse. Kelly lay over the seat a picture pure debauchery, her vagina pink and puffy dripping spunk down her legs.

Kulu had recovered his desire and he pushed his cock into her cunt.

“Yes please.”
“Tell me you love black cock.”
“Oh god yes I want more.”

When she woke in the morning she could barely move. She had a hangover and was trying to recall the previous evening. Simon and Andrew stood at the door watching her. She realised she was naked.

“Get out of here. How dare you?”
They both smiled their big wide smiles remembering the previous night. Sarah stood behind them and tossed onto her bed some pictures of Kelly. She looked at them and her heart sank.

She was in them all. There she was naked in the first picture with Komo taking her doggy style. Picture after picture saw her behaving in the most disgusting manner screwing and sucking black cock after black cock.

She recognised Simon, Andrew, Kulu, Komo and Ulu’s three servants. As the memories returned she knew that she needed black cock, thick black, long black cock.

The rest of the night slowly came back to her. She had knelt naked in front of Andrew. She grimaced as she remembered begging him to let her suck him off.
He had not objected as she stripped him naked stroking his beautiful long thick black cock. She had gone down on all fours in front of him spreading the small cheeks of her bottom wanting to be fucked doggy style.
She felt his cock rub against her moist cunt opening it to him. He fucked her hard and fast before filling her cunt full of his black seed.
Simon fucked her next making her clean his dick after he too had filled her cunt with his hot sticky spunk. Then one after the other Ulu’s servants had fucked her. She had sucked them all off. She had allowed these servants to do whatever they wanted.
The final shame as she realised that she had knelt in front of Ulu’s cunt lapping away at her. She had never done anything like that before.
Worse even worse she had licked Sarah between her legs only for her servant to grab her roughly by the hair before pissing down her throat to much laughter from everyone present.

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