You Are Invited

Tara Andrews muttered as she walked to her closet. What on earth was she going to wear? Dan, her husband, had received an invitation to an exclusive party held by his boss. These parties were known throughout town as ‘social events’ and a personal invite was a coveted treasure.

That still didn’t solve the problem of clothing. It had to be perfect. Tara wasn’t sure why she felt that way, but she did. And though excited about attending such a famed party, she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was wrong. It was nothing she could put her finger on, just an unsettling sensation deep in her stomach.

In an attempt to rid herself of the feeling, she pulled the terrycloth towel off her head, allowing her wet dark hair to tumble down. Tiny rivers of water ran down her delicate shoulder blades to the small of her back. Her alabaster skin goose-bumped from the slight chill. With a toss of the towel knotted around her, Tara made her way to the closet for one last perusal.

She decided on red. The red slinky dress with the spaghetti straps which clung to her figure so nicely. It was elegant, dressy, and had just a touch of sexiness. The mid-length hem would be appropriate while still showing off her well-toned legs. Confident in her selection, she finished her make-up and started on her hair. There was still forty minutes before they had to leave. A quick blow dry and a simple twist and she would be on time.

Exactly on schedule, Tara walked down the stairs to see Dan patiently waiting for her. His eyes shone bright as he watched her approach. Yes. She had made the right selection. Tonight would be a night to remember.

Tara sat in awe as they drove up the long driveway. The house that stood before them was vast in size and stature. This was not a house, but a mansion. Never had Tara seen anything like it. The whole front was done in a stone and brick design, interweaved perfectly to create an old English design. The front lawn and gardens surrounding the walk were immaculate. Flowers and shrubs of every variety detailed the curved entrance.

“That’s some house, huh, babe?”

“Oh, yes. It’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Well, you will tonight.”

“Yes, and only because we were invited. This house is magnificent. I wonder why they’re so hidden at the back of the lots. I would love to be able to drive around this area and see all these beautiful homes.”

“It’s for privacy. Otherwise, they would have all us gawkers around constantly.”

Tara giggled. “You’re right. And I would be the number one gawker. Can you imagine living in a house like this? What a dream.”

“Maybe one day, babe. Dreams do come true.” With his final words, Dan got out of the car and came around to let Tara out. He held out his arm to his beautiful wife, and together, they climbed the stairs that led to the front door.

Tara let out a slight gasp as they entered the house. The large foyer was candle-lit, marking the way into the large party room. More bouquets of flowers were placed around the room, sending a sweet fragrance into the air. The aura in the room was electric. People mingled and stood around a small make-shift dance floor. The floor itself was lit with colored spot lights which flashed and moved, seemingly in time to the music which filtered through hidden speakers.

Seeing the only other couple they knew, Dan led Tara over to where Brian and Linda stood. Tara breathed a sigh of relief before giving Linda a tight hug. “Can you believe this place? It’s like out of a fairy tale.”

“I love it here,” Linda answered. “I’m not sure I want to leave.”

The two women continued to point out other aspects of the room they liked while the men went to get the group drinks. Tara was about to point out the elaborate fireplace in the corner when she spotted Garrett and Lucinda Robertson, their hosts, coming down the grand staircase.

“Oh, my,” Tara gasped as she watched them. Their entrance had been well-timed and orchestrated. Everyone in the room had a full view of the attractive couple as they entered their own party. Ohs and ahs were heard around the room as they made their way through to greet their guests.

Tara watched them in a hypnotic trance. She was mesmerized by their elegance and class as they circulated through the room. They were everything she had always assumed of the wealthy. Well bred, classy, beautiful, and distinguished. And under it all, a sense of power that energized the room.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she, Tara?” Linda said, pulling Tara back to attention.


“Check out that dress. It’s exquisite,” Linda continued. “How much do you think it cost?”

“A lot, I’m sure,” Tara answered in reply but her attention had switched from Lucinda to Garrett Robertson. The black tux fit him to perfection and suited his dark Mediterranean looks. His hair was cut short and groomed neatly. It wasn’t his good looks that affected Tara, it was something else. As she was trying to place what it was, he looked at her and gave a small nod.

Caught off-guard, Tara blushed and turned away. She inwardly groaned at being caught staring at him like a schoolgirl with a crush.

Linda giggled at her pink-face friend.

“Oh, be quiet,” Tara said with a laugh. “Let’s go find those men and get our drinks.”

They found their husbands talking with a small crowd of colleagues from work. The group talked, laughed, and enjoyed themselves. They ate, drank, danced, and continued to mingle throughout the room.

Coming back from the dance floor with one of her husband’s co-workers, Tara excused herself and made her way to the powder room. It was on her way back that Tara was stopped by Lucinda Robertson.

“And how are you doing tonight, love? Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh, yes, thank you,” Tara replied. “It’s been absolutely wonderful. And can I say, you have a beautiful home.”

“Thank you, dear. Perhaps you will see more of it later. But first, let me introduce you to my husband.”

Tara turned. She hadn’t seen Garrett approach and again blushed slightly. “It’s very nice to meet you, Mr. Robertson. Thank you for inviting us. I was just telling your wife…”

He cut her off. “You will be the one.”

“Um, the one, what?”

“That will be on her knees, sucking my cock, before the night is through.”


“I’ll call for you later.” With that, Garrett walked away without another look, at Tara or his wife.

Tara looked quickly to Lucinda to try and explain that she would never, but was struck quiet with the look she saw there. Lucinda did not look shocked or upset. Instead, she almost looked pleased. The grin on her face made Tara’s face turn from red to white.

“Hey, hun, you okay?” Dan’s words brought Tara out of her spell. She hadn’t even noticed Lucinda walk away.

“Um, no. I mean, yes. Yes, I’m fine, Dan, thanks.”

“Are you sure? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

“No, I’m fine, really.”

“Are you ill? Do you want to go home?”

“No!” The intensity in which she said the word shocked both of them. Although, she didn’t know what to think of the earlier encounter, she didn’t want to leave. But why? Garrett couldn’t have been serious. He hadn’t meant that. It was a joke at her expense, wasn’t it? It had to be. Plus, she would never do such a thing. She was a married woman and he was a stranger. Not to mention the fact, civilized people didn’t act that way.

Tara let out a shrill laugh that was unlike her. “I’m sorry, honey. I don’t know what got into me. I’m okay and I really do want to stay. Maybe I’ll just get a drink and go sit down for awhile.”

“Okay, Tara. But if you change your mind, let me know.” He walked her to the bar and ordered her a drink before leaving her on one of the many sofas to relax. She was acting peculiar tonight. He would keep an eye on her.

Tara knew she had alarmed Dan with her behavior. She could see him watching her as he mingled through the crowd. Damn. He couldn’t watch her all night. Tara swallowed a sob as the thoughts came. Why couldn’t he? It wasn’t like anything was going to happen. All she was going to do was sit here and regroup, then act like an adult and enjoy the rest of the party.

Although her thoughts were logical, Tara felt upset. Did she want it to happen? To be on her knees before Garrett, sucking his cock? No. It was ridiculous. Then why did her mind keep going back to the idea. She knew she wasn’t drunk; she was only sipping on her second glass of wine. It had to be the shock of hearing something so blunt and forward. The absurdity was the reason it was still in her mind. Feeling better, though somewhat disappointed, Tara stood and made her way back into the crowd.

Tara laughed and was enjoying the conversation of the group of people she was with when a shiver ran down her spine. Garrett had brushed up behind her and let his hand rest in the small of her back. He whispered in her ear, “Third floor, second door on the left. You have five minutes.”

Tara’s face went white then blushed to deep crimson. He was serious. A nervous excitement ran though her before fear set in. She watched Garrett make his way up the stairway without even looking back. His posture said he knew she would be there as commanded. The arrogance of it put her off. How dare he. Did he really expect her to follow? He did, and deep down, she knew she would.

Tara excused herself from the group and headed to a small alcove along the wall. She needed to think. What was she doing? Was she really contemplating this? The nervous energy that flowed through her made her think so. She was on fire with heat and excitement. Even her pussy was wet with the thought of it. But how could this be? Normally, she would be offended beyond belief if anyone, even her husband, spoke to her that way.

No. It was absurd. She wouldn’t do it. Garrett Robertson may be powerful and rich, but he didn’t own her. No one could tell her what to do. Then why did the thought of being degraded like that turn her on? She did want this. Every fiber of her body was telling her so. Tara’s mind spun out of control as she battled being the good wife versus being a whore.

Unbeknownst to Tara, Lucinda had filled Dan in on the earlier conversation and of what had just transpired. Together they stood by the back bar and watched Tara with her inner struggle.

“If she goes, you will get to watch a treat, indeed.” Dan remained silent, his own thoughts whirling around in his head. Lucinda leant in, brushing her breasts against his side. “Oh, Dan, this is just the beginning. Imagine all the fun to be had.” Her smile was sinister as well as alluring.

Just as Dan was about to speak, both noticed Tara slowly make her way up the stairs.

“Let’s go up the back. Quick, follow me.”

Each stair was a painful experience for Tara. Her emotions boiled and she swallowed back a sob. What was she doing? Why was she doing this? Tears filled her eyes and threatened to spill over. Confused and frustrated, she climbed her way to the third floor.

The second door on the left loomed before her. This was the moment of truth. She could still leave. Turn and run away. But she knew she couldn’t. Her will was no longer her own. Somehow, Garrett had reached a place deep inside her soul with his prediction. He had sensed something in her she hadn’t realized. But now, here at the large oak door, she knew it was true. She wanted this. Needed it. This desire to be dominated and humiliated as he had done earlier. It had stirred desires in her that burned hot and deep. She couldn’t turn back now. This was her destiny and she hadn’t cared if anyone noticed her as she walked up the stairs. Even Dan was far from her mind. She belonged to Garrett in this moment and she knew she would do as he instructed. With a fire in her belly and a shaking hand, Tara turned the doorknob and entered the room.

“You’re late.” His voice was not loud but his disapproval was evident.

Tara stood dumbstruck. All her earlier confidence in her decision shattered. Fear stood out in her brilliant blue eyes.

“You must be punished for your tardiness. Strip, slut.”

Tara was not sure if she was more shocked from being told to strip or being called a slut. Whichever it was, both turned her on, and added to her confusion. Her fingers fumbled as she slipped the straps of her dress over her creamy shoulders. The dress fell away leaving her in only a pair of panties and black stockings, along with the four-inch heels she had worn. She looked at him with desperation.

“Now the panties.”

Tara couldn’t believe her hands as her fingers slipped away her black panties. Here she was, stripping away her clothes in front of this man, and she still didn’t understand why. What shocked her more was the knowledge that she liked it. Though her skin flushed red with embarrassment, she was sexually excited.

Garrett sat on the edge of the king-size bed and continued to look over her almost naked body. With a slight nod and a pat of his lap, he summoned her to him. “Over my knee, slut.”


“Let’s not play games. You were late and you will be punished for it. Come here.”

On shaking legs, Tara approached and stood at his side. She knew what was expected of her. Gingerly, she lay across his lap. She gasped as his hand rested on her backside.

“A very lovely ass, indeed. Let’s see if we can make these cheeks blush as nice as the ones on your face.”

“Oh, god,” Tara moaned before the first smack came down. His hand continued to slap her ass in a rhythmic pattern and beat. And although it stung, Tara found she enjoyed the warmth and sensation it caused in her.

As the blows carried on, the heat and pain increased. Tara yelped with each new smack. But it was not the pain that fueled her desires. It was the fact that she was spread over a stranger’s lap and being punished. The shameful thought was bringing her to a peak. Before she could explode with pleasure, Garrett stopped and had Tara stand to face him.

He walked to the bureau before speaking. “I think you enjoyed that. Your pussy is soaked and ready to cum, but that’s not the reason you’re here.” Garrett stood and unzipped his trousers. Tara looked at him with wide eyes. “On your knees, slut.”

Tara started to walk to him.

“On your knees, now! You will crawl to me, understand?”

Shocked and with tear-filled eyes, Tara nodded and dropped to her knees. His displeasure added to her humiliation of having to crawl like an animal.

“That’s better. Now kneel before me and open your mouth. Wider!”

Tara complied even though it was uncomfortable to have her mouth so open. The tears which had been welling in her eyes earlier spilled down her cheek as he slapped his cock against her lips. She tried to capture him in her mouth but he was intent on teasing her. He moved his cock just out of her mouth’s grasp.

“Look at the little slut trying to get that big cock. Come on, slut, get it.” His words chided her as he kept just out of reach. “What’s the matter? Open your mouth and take it. I know you want it, now come and get it.”

He stepped back every time she almost had his organ in her mouth, making her continue to crawl forward to stay in reach. It was humiliating and exciting at the same time.
Finally he allowed her to take him into her mouth. Her lips wrapped instantly around his rigid pole. Tara was so in need of him by this time that she eagerly sucked him deep into her mouth. Her rhythm was fast and urgent. The taste of his pre-cum fueled her desire and she thrust herself forward causing his cock to hit the back of her throat. She let it sit there before slowly gliding her lips along his shaft as she released him.

“Very nice, slut, but a gift like you have must be shared.”

Tara gave no thought to his words but rather concentrated on taking his cock back into her hot mouth. She didn’t notice that he had pressed a small button on the bureau as he spoke. It was only when a shadow passed over her did she open her eyes and stop.

Two men had entered the room. One was an older man who looked as if he had seen better days. He looked disheveled and dirty. The other was a young black man. Although he too looked out of place in this majestic house, his looks were very manly and rugged. These men had not been present downstairs but were obviously known to Garrett.

Tara was left naked and kneeling on the floor while he re-zipped his pants and spoke in a hushed tone to the two. She turned beat red with embarrassment while the men ogled her as they listened. Paralyzed with shame, she didn’t try to cover up her nakedness with her hands.

Tara watched in shock as the older man approached. “I got something for you to suck, girl.”

In disgust, Tara shook her head vehemently.

“Listen, bitch, take it out and suck it.”

“No. I won’t,” and then more weakly, “I can’t.”

Garrett’s voice cut in. “You can and you will.”

Tara looked to him immediately. She was ready to plead until she saw the look on his face. This was what he wanted. He had set it up. His eyes calmed her and she knew she would be okay. The need to please him overtook her earlier denial.

Hesitantly, Tara took the old man’s cock into her mouth. After a few strokes, she forgot about him and concentrated on doing it for Garrett. The thought both excited and shamed her. She loved the feeling of giving into his control. At the same time, it made her feel used and like a toy. The idea that she was nothing more than sexual entertainment ignited her passions further.

So much so that when the young black man started to fondle her pussy, she let out a loud guttural moan. Tara tried desperately to hump his expert fingers while she blew the older man. Her sexual nature had been released and her body responded to her actions. All the while, she was aware of Garrett’s watching and tried her best to give him a good show.

Dan could not believe what he was seeing. There was Tara, sexually involved with two men while another watched. He might have burst into the room in anger if it hadn’t been for Lucinda. She had sensed his discomfort, and in an effort to sate him, started rubbing his cock through his pants while whispering in his ear.

“Doesn’t that look good, Dan? I bet you want some of that too, don’t you?” She paused for just a second. “I know I do.” Soon Lucinda was on her knees with Dan’s cock in her mouth. What could he do now? Tara was sexually satisfying strangers while his boss’s wife worked his own cock. What a party this had turned into. Dan continued to watch as the two men switched places on his wife.

“I got to try out that pussy now. Get up here and let the slut work on your package.”

By now, Tara was eager to see what the young black man had to offer. Her eyes grew wide when he pulled out his enormous member. Not only was it longer than she had ever seen, but thicker too.

Her attention was stolen momentarily by the older man’s grip on her hips before he plunged inside. “Oh, yeah, baby, that feels so good.”

Tara looked up to see Garrett still watching intently. He gave her a slight nod to continue. She wished it was Garrett who was fucking her but she was strangely satisfied knowing he was enjoying watching her. Taking the young man’s large cock in her hand, she placed her lips around its head. It was too large to take in fully but she pleasured him as best she could.

“You can take more.” Garrett’s voice invaded the air. “Come on, girl, show me what a slut you are.”

Fueled on by his words, Tara tried to take more of the massive cock into her mouth. She choked and gagged on it as the older man pushed her forward with his thrusts. The pain of her mouth open so wide was offset by the pulsing in her pussy and Garrett’s crude comments. He called her a slut. A whore. How she was nothing but a toy for their pleasure and amusement. She wanted it and they were going to give it to her. His comments sent her over the edge and she exploded in climax.

Dan had also climaxed at the same time as Tara and delivered his load into Lucinda’s eager mouth. She gently licked him clean and nuzzled his balls before standing up and excusing herself. When Dan turned to see where she was going, he noticed Brian and Linda standing there. They had not only been watching him and Lucinda but had full view to see the scene Tara was involved in as well.

Brian spoke in a hushed voice, “Sorry, man, but we came looking for you guys and kind of stumbled in on this. I have to say, we’ve quite enjoyed it so far.” The grin on Linda’s face said she was in full agreement.

“Um, I, um. I don’t know what to say,” Dan stuttered.

“Don’t say anything,” Linda whispered, “just watch.” The three focused their attention back to the main bedroom.

“I’m going to blow,” the older man called out. “Turn around, bitch and open wide.”

Tara released the big black cock from her mouth and turned to face the older man. She wrapped her lips around his shaft and swallowed his hot seed as it shot into her mouth.

“Oh, yeah, that was great, slut. Did you like that?” the older man asked.

Tara nodded in answer.

“Good. Then you’re going to love what’s coming next.”

“Yes,” Garrett chimed in, “and we shall enjoy watching her take it.”

Tara looked at Garrett in confusion and then felt the young man behind her. Ah. Now she would feel this massive cock in her pussy. Tara groaned in anticipation. His cock head dipped into her wetness. She tried to push back against him but he pulled out. When he brought his organ back to her, Tara jumped forward in shock.

“Remain still,” Garrett ordered.

Fresh tears spilt from her eyes as she knew she would not resist what was coming. Once again, she felt his huge member press against the delicate opening of her ass. In one slow, excruciating thrust, his cock invaded her inner sanctuary.

Tara cried out in sobs. She tried to breathe deep and allow her body to adjust to this huge invasion of her body. He started to fuck her ass with long slow strokes. And although each new drive made her gasp, soon she was thrusting back in rhythm.

“Now!” Garrett’s voice rang out. “Punish her ass hard.”

The young man increased his intensity and drove his cock deep into Tara’s ass. She screamed out with each new thrust. After a rapid flurry of strokes, the young man gave out a moan and unleashed his hot spunk into Tara’s ravaged ass.

As soon as he pulled out, Tara slumped to the floor in exhaustion.

“Oh, my, don’t tell me I’ve missed the party.”

Tara looked up instantly to the sound of Lucinda’s voice. Her eyes widened as she took in the vision before her. Lucinda was totally naked except for her heels and a humungous dildo strapped to her body.

“Ah, dear,” Garrett responded, “you know the party doesn’t start until you arrive.”

Lucinda grinned and stood directly in front of Tara. “Such a pretty little slut. Garrett always picks the best ones. Come, dear, let’s get you positioned properly.”

With a hold of Tara’s hair, Lucinda dragged her over to where Garrett sat on the edge of the bed. He had already taken off his pants and his organ was fully erect.

“Lay back, hun, and let our toy climb aboard.”

Tonight had been everything from a mixture of shame and embarrassment to excitement and sexual turn-ons for Tara. Whatever the consequences of her actions, tonight had opened her mind and allowed her sexuality to soar.

With a sense of complete lust, Tara climbed over Garrett and lowered herself onto his waiting cock. She moaned loudly as his hands grabbed her breasts and pulled her down. He twisted and pulled her nipples causing her to crush her chest against him in relief. Sensing Lucinda approach, he released his grip and moved his hands to spread Tara’s ass cheeks apart.

In one vicious thrust, Lucinda entered Tara’s ass with the huge strap-on. Tara cried out in pain and pleasure. The feeling was intense. She felt as if she would explode with the fullness. Lucinda continued to fuck Tara’s ass with hard strokes. With Lucinda’s forcefulness and Garrett’s cock hitting its mark inside her, Tara exploded in a flurry of orgasms.

Garrett followed soon afterward. Seeing the two were spent, Lucinda removed the strap-on from Tara and sat on the bed beside them with a pout.

“What’s the matter, my dear?” Garrett questioned.

“Our slut had all the fun and I still haven’t cum.”

“Well, dear, maybe our friends standing in the hall can remedy that,” Garrett said, acknowledging the voyeuristic trio with a grin.

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