Young Love (Brandon's Point of View)

Young Love (Brandon's Point of View)

Brandon was having a hard time coping with his life. His parents had split up and he had been forced to move with his Dad to Georgia. He as originally from New York and could not believe he was being forced to move to the south. He would never meet anyone that he would be able to connect with he though miserably. He turned “Dead and Gone” on his iPod up even louder trying to block out his Dad’s oldies music that was blaring on his Dad’s black 2008 Nissan Altima. He couldn’t stand the music his Dad listened to. It made him want to crawl out the window and run screaming back to New York. He had been forced to leave his Mom, a recovering crack addict, and his beautiful now ex girlfriend Ava. She had been heartbroken and they had both cried as he drove away. They both knew that long distance never worked so they had called it quits and promised to keep in touch.

Worse than that though was that he had been forced to leave his best friend, Kyle. Kyle and him had shared so many memories and he was the only person that Brandon had been able to confide in when it had come to his Mom’s crack addiction and his Dad finally giving up on her forever. Kyle was so mad at Brandon for leaving him and he hadn’t spoken to him since Brandon had told him that he was moving to Georgia with his Dad. It had been hard but he had to cut his losses and start over as a senior at a preppy private school his Dad was making him attend. He tried to convince him to let him attend the public school in Atlanta but his Dad refused and started lecturing him on drugs, gangs, and everything else that was wrong with Atlanta’s inner city schools. Brandon had zoned out and wished that he were back home with his friends and his Mom. He started to choke up thinking about his Mom. She hadn’t meant to become addicted but she just couldn’t say no to the drugs anymore. Brandon balled his fists and looked out the window trying to replace the unhappy thoughts with better ones.

His Dad pulled off the interstate and onto a main road with middle class houses in a gated community. Sweet he thought rolling his eyes, security, just what he needed. His Dad pulled into a modest looking red brick two-story home with a nice looking lawn. Wow, he thought, actual grass. In New York he and his family had lived in the city, he hardly ever saw fields, grass, or lawns, and now he had one. He grabbed his backpack and some suitcases and followed his Dad onto the porch. The house had already been furnished with plain furniture. Brandon’s Dad pointed to his room and gave him a weak smile. Brandon smiled back trying to hide his true feelings and walked to his room. There was a full size bed in the middle of the room, a chest of drawers, a desk with a computer chair and light, a small private bathroom, and a small closet for hanging clothes. This is it he thought miserably, this is home. He started unpacking and putting his clothes and in the closet and in the drawers. He finished with that and then unpacked some posters of fine busty looking women and taped them on the walls.

He unpacked his laptop and hooked it up connecting to his neighbors unsecured wireless Internet. He signed onto AIM and saw that Ava was on so he messaged her.

B_R_A_N_D_it: Hey sexy
Avie_baby: Hey!!! ☹ I miss you… How is the new place? Meet anyone yet?
B_R_A_N_D_it: Ugh it’s okay I guess. I miss you too. I haven’t seen anyone yet, just unpacked. Have you talked to Kyle?
Avie_baby: I tried to but he just ignored me. I’m sorry Brand. I don’t know what to do about him.
B_R_A_N_D_it: Don’t worry about it. G2G, Dad calling me. Love you Avie

He signed off before Ava could say goodbye. He slid down the banister on the stairs and landed on his feet. His Dad laughed at him and asked him to help him unpack some of the pictures and such for the living room. Brandon helped his Dad unpack and they added their personal touches to their new home. Brandon went outside and got his skateboard out of the car and told his Dad that he was going to check out the neighborhood. His Dad told him to be back before dark and Brandon agreed.

Brandon jumped onto his skateboard and took off. He has iPod in and he was focusing on skating. He saw a few younger kids playing outside and some people near his age but everyone looked the same, cookie cutter images of a typical middle class family. He rolled his eyes and popped an Ollie on his skateboard and turned around skating back towards his house. There was a huge stick in the middle of the road and Brandon was to close to swerve so he crashed and flew off. He landed on his back, cursing.

Fuck,” he said rubbing his head. His iPod had flown onto the neighbors’ lawn. He sat up and that’s when he saw her. All he noticed was her boobs flopping up and down as she ran toward him. He rubbed his eyes thinking he was seeing a mirage. But he wasn’t. She was gorgeous; about 5’6”, 165 pounds, long wavy blonde hair with bangs swept to the side, 36D boobs, curvy hips and legs, tan skin, big green eyes framed with dark black lashes, and the most juicy kissable looking lips. He did a double take as she caught up to him. She looked worried and absolutely adorable.

“Are you okay?” She asked her forehead wrinkling with concern. Brandon stared at her dumbly lost for words. She was wearing an orange racer back T- shirt with a pair of extremely short khaki shorts and white flip-flops. Her perfectly pink glossed lips asked him again, “Hello… Are you okay?” She waved her hand in front of his face. He came to his senses and stopped staring looking away.

“Uh, oh yeah. Sorry.” He blushed and she smiled at him
“That looked like a pretty nasty fall. I hope you are okay. If you want I can bring you inside my house and my Dad can check you out. He is a doctor,” she said in a soft fluttery southern voice. Damn he thought, southern girls are fucking fine and her voice was like music to his ears.

She bent over taking his hand and helped him up, her breasts were in front of his face and he couldn’t help but stare and admire. She didn’t seem to notice his lingering gaze. Brandon smiled embarrassed, “Umn, I think I’m okay. You don’t have to have your Dad check me out.” She giggled and handed him his iPod but first she looked at what he was listening to. She squealed in delight. “You like TI?”
“Oh yeah. You liked him too?” He asked in surprise. She nodded her head.
“I just downloaded his new album. Oh, by the way, my name is Melody,” she said smiling sweetly at him.
He smiled back at her, “Nice to meet you Melody. My name is Brandon.” This time she blushed.
“Nice to meet you too Brandon. Are you new here? I’ve never seen you before.”
“Yeah, me and my Dad just moved here from New York.”
“Oh, wow! I’ve never been. I hear it’s amazing though,” she said smiling again.
“Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”
“How are you liking Atlanta so far?”
“Well, it is getting better and better,” he said looking into her beautiful eyes.
Melody blushed. “Well I should be getting back to dinner. But, umn, would you like to hang out later tonight and swim with me in my pool?”

He felt his balls stirring at the thought seeing sexy Melody in a bathing suit. He nodded picking up his board and covering his cock that was beginning to come to life. She smiled and turned around going back into her house swaying her ass seductively with each step she took. Brandon took a deep breath and jumped on his board racing for his room. His Dad was in his room with the door shut so he didn’t notice how frantic Brandon looked.

Brandon slammed his door shut and tore his pants and boxers down and pulled out his hard cock and started slamming his hand up and down his hard length. He had to get this out of his system before he went over to Melody’s tonight. He would die of embarrassment if she saw him hard in the pool. He closed his eyes and used his free hand to rub his balls while frantically jerking his meat with the other. He had a decent sized cock it was about 7 inches long and pretty thick too. His breathing was labored as he kept up his rapid pace stroking and pulling and paying attention to his head in particular. His breath caught in his throat as he felt the familiar tingling sensation in his balls and his cock grew at least an inch and he came hard squirting 5 long white ropes of hot and gooey cum all over his legs and torso. He sighed and relaxed as his dick went soft.

He took his shirt off and rubbed his cum off of his body. He looked in his mirror and flexed his muscles. He was a good-looking guy he had to admit. He was 6’2” tall, about 175 pounds, long and lean muscles all over from years of skateboarding and playing basketball, he had dark brown shaggy hair that hung in his face, dark blue eyes, and a rugged looking appearance. He flexed his arms and admired the bulging biceps. He hoped Melody liked his body because he already loved hers. He looked in his closet and pulled out a pair of surfboard swim trunks. He put them on with his Van tennis shoes and a plain black shirt. He put his iPod on the charging cradle and got online and looked up Melody on Facebook. She was easy to find. They both went to the same high school, this made his day even better and he sent a silent “thank you” up to God even though he wasn’t very religious. He added her and went downstairs. He was starving. His Dad was out of his bedroom and was making steaks on the patio outside deck behind the house. He walked outside and sat down breathing the smell in.

“Hungry?” His Dad asked him.
Brandon nodded his head and his Dad placed a huge medium rare steak in front of him and a baked potato. Ravenous Brandon dug into his food not even waiting for his Dad to sit down.
“Why are you wearing your swim trunks?” His Dad asked him.
Between huge bites of food Brandon managed to say, “I met a girl, Melody, she invited me over to her house to swim.”
His Dad’s eyes widened in surprise. “You work fast don’t you?”
Brandon rolled his eyes and laughed scarfing down the rest of his food before standing up and taking his plate to the kitchen sink. He grabbed two sodas and brought one to his Dad and chugged it before sitting back down. His Dad laughed at his him and Brandon rolled his eyes again.
“You gonna be okay alone tonight?” Brandon asked seriously.
His Dad dismissed him with a wave. “Have fun with Melody, just be home before 1AM and do NOT get into any trouble. Got it?”
Brandon nodded and punched his Dad lovingly on the arm before taking off and walking to the front of his house. He stepped on his skateboard and boarded over to Melody’s house. She opened the door smiling at him.
“Hey Brandon! Come on in. Give me a minute to change. These are my parents.”
She pointed to them. He took another double take when he saw the Mom and knew immediately where Melody had received her incredible boobs. He said hi to both of them and they made small talk while waiting for Melody. An older teen male walked into the room and scowled at Brandon. Melody’s parents introduced him as Melody’s older brother Mike. He had just returned from Iraq and was about to start college in the fall. Brandon waved and the brother just ignored him.
“You will have to forgive him. He has lost his manners since returning from Iraq.” Melody’s mother said this softly.
“Would you like some pie?” She asked him.
“Oh no thank you.” Brandon said smiling and a dirty thought came to mind. But I would like your daughter’s pie.
Melody came into the room scolding her mother, “Mom, we are going to swim, you have to wait 30 minutes after eating the pie!” Brandon looked over and his dick went raging hard he tried to hide it and luckily no one noticed.

Melody was a goddess. She had pinned her long hair up into a bun on her head and she was wearing a sexy but conservative lime green bikini. It was cut low on her hips and he noticed that her belly button was pierced and a lime green butterfly was dangling from it. A halter bikini top around her neck held up her huge boobs and she looked absolutely gorgeous. She smiled at Brandon and motioned for him to follow her. He stood up and said goodbye to Melody’s parents and followed her seductive swaying ass outside to their huge in ground pool. It was a little chilly outside and Melody told him that they kept the pool heated and that it should be warm.

She turned on the floor lights and sat two towels on one of the layout chairs. She got into the pool and Brandon took of his shirt and Vans and followed her. She sat on the stairs and he sat next to her. The water felt great. She smiled at him and they started talking about school.

“So how are the people?” He asked her.
“Oh, everyone is super nice. Except for the popular skanky girls.” She said her adorable face screwing into a grimace.
“What do you mean? Are you not popular?” He couldn’t imagine this beauty not being the most popular girl in school.
She giggled. “Oh I hold my own but I just don’t associate with the girls that go around fucking anything with a dick.”
His dick was raging hard underneath the water and her use of the word fucking and dick only made him harder. He tried to ignore it.
“Well, I’m glad you aren’t a whore.” He said this honestly.
“So can I ask you why you moved here?”
“Umn, yeah sure, my parents are in the middle of a divorce. My mom is unfit to take care of me so I moved here with my Dad. He got a job working as a banker in the city so it works out I guess.”

Melody listened intently and he could tell she wanted to know more but was too polite to ask. They talked more about music, movies, and their interests. He found out that she was in the choir at school, had been on the homecoming court since her freshman year, wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, and was obsessed with adorable animals. He told her about his love of basketball and skate boarding, girls that could sing, and he also loved animals, but probably not to the extent that she did. She laughed at that. They both loved comedy and horror movies, rap and alternative music, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and loved to swim, although they had not moved from the stairs in the pool.

“Lord we are going to be prunes before too long!” Melody said laughing.

He laughed with her agreeing. She asked him if he wanted to get out and he said okay his dick was luckily behaving and was not hard. But once he saw her sexy wet dripping body step out of the pool his body lost control again and he was semi hard. He tried to think of anything to get his mind off of her perfection and luckily it worked. He loved a girl with curves and she had them everywhere. He felt a little guilty for being so attracted to her body and to her personality. He and Ava had just called it quits but he couldn’t hold onto her and he was pretty sure he saw a pretty blonde named Melody somewhere in his future. He followed her out of the pool and she tossed a towel to him. He was dying to kiss her but he didn’t want to seem forward. She smiled at him wiping her breasts off he had to look away it was just too much for him.

Melody asked him if he wanted to watch a movie.

“So how come a pretty girl like you is not out on a date or with your friends? Instead you are being an awfully nice host and hanging out with the new kid.”

Melody blushed. “Well I know what it’s like to be the new kid and I didn’t have any plans for tonight. I just got dumped,” she said this last statement kind of sadly.

He could not believe that she had been dumped. She was awesome, beautiful, and down to earth. “Is it okay if I ask why?”
“Oh sure, he was an asshole.” She said smiling.
Brandon laughed, “Well that makes perfect sense. So, what movie did you have in mind?”

She smiled and motioned for him to follow her. Do you want to change into something dry? I have some extra clothes you can borrow so you don’t have to go home first. He said okay and she gave him some basketball shorts to wear. He put on his old shirt and left his Vans off. She went into the bathroom and changed while he waited in her room.

She had a pretty big room and it was extremely girly. He laughed a little. She had two little Himalayan kittens on a big soft pillow that were sleeping soundly and there was a toy Chihuahua laying on her bed. It was growling at him. Melody called from the bathroom, “Don’t worry, Pedro won’t bite you!” He laughed even harder this pint size peanut was trying to scare him. Brandon put his hand out and the little dog’s tail went insane and he started licking the air. Brandon touched his ear and the dog stood up trying to be held. Brandon picked him up and started scratching his ears. Melody came out of the bathroom then, she had changed into a pair of Victoria’s secret Pink pants and a camisole. He could see her hard nipples through the thin material. She smiled, “Aww… He likes you!”
Brandon hated to admit it but he liked Pedro too. He was a pretty cool dog and he wasn’t annoying or barky like he thought he would be. Melody walked over to her two little sleeping kitties and started murmuring to them in a baby voice gently rubbing their backs. Brandon could hear the loud purring and he smiled. She was such a sweet girl. Melody looked over and saw Brandon watching her.

“They were just born about 2 weeks ago. We found them abandoned and I had to beg my parents to let me keep them both. This is Abby and Lilly.” Both of the kitties purred even louder and she took out a nursing dropper and fed both of them formula. “I’m sorry I have to feed them every few hours so they don’t die. I will be quick,” she said holding Abby in her arms.

“Oh no it’s cool. I can help you if you want,” he said.

Melody smiled. “Sure, just put Pedro back on the bed, he gets jealous of the girls.”

Brandon laughed and Melody handed him a small dropper and tiny Lilly. He mimicked Melody and put the dropper to the mewing kittens tiny lips. She started sucking immediately. Melody smiled at Brandon and Brandon smiled at Melody. She was so kind and beautiful and awesome, how could he not be attracted to her? They both finished and Melody put the kitties back on the huge pillow and said goodbye. She kissed and rubbed Pedro’s belly for a minute before shutting the door and leaving to go to the TV room. Melody picked out a comedy and asked Brandon if he wanted some popcorn and he said yes. She went into the kitchen and he sat there his dick stirring to life again, gosh, why couldn’t he get control of this?! Melody came back and sat extremely close to Brandon. She put the popcorn bowl in his lap and they both started eating it while watching the movie. About ten minutes in she looked over to Brandon and he felt her staring at him. He looked at her and she moved the popcorn bowl from his lap to the coffee table in front of them. He felt his breath catch. Melody put her arms around Brandon’s neck and pulled his lips to hers and she kissed him softly on the lips. He closed his eyes and he opened them when he felt her pull away.

She was looking into his eyes searching for an okay. He didn’t hesitate. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him kissing her lips softly and passionately. Her tongue prodded against his lips and he parted them letting her salty and buttery tongue slip into his mouth. She tasted and smelled amazing like cookies and popcorn and sex. He felt his dick growing to life. He pushed her away not wanting to scare her with his erect penis, which was extremely noticeable in the basketball shorts. She looked at him curious why he had pushed her away. He looked down embarrassed and she giggled patting the top of his cock gently.
“I don’t mind Brandon. I really like you.”
He sighed in relief kissing her harder on the lips and pulling her closer, “I really like you too Melody.” She smiled and her lips parted as she kissed him some more both of their tongues poking and prodding each other, tasting and enjoying.

Brandon was dying to touch Melody’s breasts. All night he had seen her hard nips teasing and taunting him. He became more adventurous pulling her even closer. He rubbed up under her camisole and tickled her back, he could feel her relaxing even more and she moaned softly as he rubbed her back. He brought his hands forward and he slid them up to her breasts squeezing them through her camisole gently. She didn’t try and stop him so became more adventurous and put his hands under shirt and gently rubbed her nipple. He pulled away shocked, he felt rings. Her nipples were pierced.

Melody blushed, “So you felt the rings… is that okay?”
Brandon gulped. It was more than okay. “Can I see them?”
Melody nodded and lifted her camisole up flashing him. His dick grew an inch at least. Her breasts were perfect. They were round and full and they hung sexily on her chest. She had both of her sexy nipples pierced the little circular rings that had lime green balls on them. He looked her in the eyes, “Those are the most incredible pair of tits I have ever seen. No lie. I love the rings.”

Melody’s face was bright red and she slowly lowered her camisole giggling. “Thank you…”

He pulled her on top of his waist and they started making out furiously. His hard dick was rubbing on her pussy and it was only turning him on more. He started kissing down her neck and her collarbone. He sucked gently and he could hear her sweet moans in his ear. His hands went back up under her shirt and he started twisting and gently pulling her sexy nipples. She moaned even louder. He was only mildly concerned that her parents might show up and he would be ban from seeing her. He leaned down and took on of her nipples into his mouth and started flicking it. Her moans turned to heated pants and she was rubbing his hair and shoulders and rubbing her ass on his hard cock. All of the sudden he heard a man yelling. “GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY SISTER!” He heard Melody scream as she jumped off of his lap and tear her shirt down.
“What the fuck do you think you are doing Melody?” The brother got in her face and he smacked her hard. Brandon jumped up and tackled the brother instinct taking over. He punched him hard in the chest and the in the cheek, he had him pinned. The brother struggled but Brandon was easily 4 or 5 inches taller and 20 pounds more. The brother was cursing obscenities at Brandon. Brandon told him to shut the fuck up. Melody was crying and had run to get her parents.

Brandon hit him again hard in the mouth and this caused the brother to shut up, “You EVER lay a hand on her again and I will fucking kill you,” he said. Brandon stood up and the brother just lay their defeated.

Melody’s parents came into the room while a panicked Melody freaked out sobbing and crying. Her Dad was holding her in a tight hug.

“Mike, what the hell has gotten into you? You smacked Melody? You are grounded. I don’t care if you are 20 years old. If you ever touch her again I will kick you out.”

Mike stood up and ran outside slamming the door on his way out. They heard an engine start and tires screeching as he took off. Melody’s Dad comforted her and her mother looked at her face. She had a huge red handprint.

“We are so sorry Brandon. Mike is just having a tough time adjusting and I guess he thought you were a bad person when you and Melody were watching the movie.” Mike’s Dad said.

Melody pulled away from her parents and whispered something to them. They nodded and kissed and hugged her and went back to their bedroom. Melody’s tear stained cheeks and the red handprint infuriated Brandon. She sat on the couch and sighed heavily.

“I am so sorry. I just, gosh I’m embarrassed.” She said more tears spilling down her cheeks.

“Hey hey, I have had to deal with way worse, trust me.” Brandon’s thoughts returned to his mom’s crack addiction.

Melody smiled weakly and patted the seat next to her. Brandon sat down and pulled her into his arms and cuddled her. They watched the rest of the movie like that and when it ended Melody was asleep. He carried her easily to her bedroom and put her inside the soft pink girly sheets. Pedro didn’t bark at Brandon. The little dog curled up close to Melody and licked her cheeks. Brandon smiled softly and walked back to his house carrying his skateboard.

His first day in Atlanta and he had already met an amazing girl, beat up her brother, and had made out with her and seen her incredible boobs. He smiled wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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