Yummy Mommy (Part One)

Yummy Mommy (Part One)

Kids at school, floors clean, dishes done, still only 10am and 5 hours before the kids get home. It’s a nice day. Time to take it easy. A nice soak in a hot tub would be just about right – quiet and relaxing.

That’s it go ahead – run water in the tub.

They worried about how to get out when they heard Angela come back from dropping the kids off at school. They didn’t know she was a stay-at-home mom. They thought they could just grab the valuables and get out. Instead they had to hide in the spare bedroom and listen to the housecleaning.

Angela kicked off her slippers and unzipped her jeans as she prepared for her bath. They heard the zipper. She tossed the t-shirt in the corner. All that was left was the black lacy bra and matching panties covering her smooth alabaster white skin. She slipped on the pink robe but didn’t bother fastening it. They peeped through a crack in the door to see if they could get away expecting to see an old frumpy woman but instead saw a pretty blue-eyed blonde wearing a pink robe open at the front. Nice tits. She was a bit short (about 5 ft.) and not exactly slim and trim. But the milk white tits bounced in the black bra. As Angela entered the bathroom, they slipped out of the spare bedroom. Jamal burped as they passed the bathroom on their way out and Angela stepped out to check on the sound. Chris grabbed her by her shoulder length hair and pulled as his other hand went to her mouth. Angela was off balance as Jamal put his knife at her throat. They wouldn’t be sneaking out after all!

“Quiet Blondie and don’t move. Hands at your sides! Now let’s see what we have here.”

She was barely able to stay on her feet because of the way Chris was pulling her. Jamal’s knife slid down from her throat and pushed part of the robe aside so they could get a better view of her tits. Nice – the way she shook made her tits jiggle. Jamal’s knife slid to between her tits, under the front bra strap, and jerked forward cutting her bra in half. The milky tits popped right out. As Chris released her mouth to get a better view she blurted out:

"P-please, please don't hurt me. You can take anything in this house, just leave me alone, please."

“We can take anything? Of course we are! You included! Now turn around so I can see your ass.”

Angela’s eyes filled with tears as she slowly, reluctantly turned. Jamal’s knife remained in place so her robe lifted revealing her luscious assets.

“Ass jiggles nice, not skinny, got some meat on it. OK, Blondie, what’s your name, honey? How old are you? Are you ready for some fun? Come on we don’t have all day! Answer or Jamal will show you how his knife works!!”

Her teeth chattered from the fright. She managed to get out “I’m Angela. I’m 34. Let me go! You can have everything!!”

“Jamal, ever seen such creamy titties before? And matching ass? Bet she’s never been in the sun.”

“Jeez, I ain’t never seen nothin’ so white before. I never had white meat.”

Jamal twisted the knife so it caught the sheer panty material and pulled. The special, expensive panties Angela’s husband bought for her birthday fell to the floor beside the ruined bra (it was a matching set). Her deep red blush stood out against her unusually white skin as she saw their eyes feel their way up and down her naked body. Their white teeth glistened against their dark faces as they devoured her shaking body.

“Jamal, look – she’s a real blonde. Even her cunt hairs are yellow. Let’s see how blonde cunt feels.”

Chris roughly grabbed her cunt making her jump. His finger jammed inside as he pulled her toward him. She shook uncontrollably as his other hand slid over her rounded bum into the crack of her ass and squeezed. Her full boobs were pressed against him as he twisted his finger in her cunt forcing her to turn whichever way the finger went.

She couldn’t fight because Jamal held the sleeves of her gown so her arms were stuck. Jamal pressed up behind her and licked her ear. The other big guy now had a finger pressing on her bum hole ready to go in. Her wet blue eyes were forced to stare into his sneering face as his fingers worked her cunt and ass.

“OK, enough of this. Throw her on the bed so we can get comfortable.”

A vicious shove and she land violently on the bed sideways, her head over one side. A hand squeezed both tits together and pulled hard as fingers plunged once again into her cunt. She could see one of them stripping. His hard black cock jumped out right in her face. The naked thug bent over her, his cock dangling in her face and his balls bumping her nose as he grabbed her cunt too. The first fingers let go and she knew the other thug was also stripping. The black bastard licked her cunt hard as his cock mashed against her lips. All Angela could see were black balls swinging in front of her eyes.

What’s this? She heard the other thug dialing on her cell phone! He was talking with someone.

“Eddie? You want some action? Got a blonde. Yeah, blonde, blonde, and she’s white, white, really white. You want a piece? Just $500. Blonde pussy too. Ok here’s the address ….Oh, and come in the back door, it’s open”.

Another phone call “Gabe? Not in? Who are you? Since when has Gabe had a business partner? Well look, tell him I got a real hot blonde, real creamy white, unbelievably white. Hot blonde pussy too. Ask him if he wants a piece. Oh? Yeah, it’s a mommy. There’s some pictures of kids here that’s how I know. Not fat, not skinny. You’d like to try? OK, $500, cash. Right, here’s the address ….? The back door’s open.”

“Jamal, we just made a $1,000 off this piece of ass. Eddie and Ming are coming.”

Jamal’s cunt lapping stopped as he asked, “Ming? Who’s Ming?”

“Don’t know. Chinese bitch answered the phone. Gabe’s gone out and she want’s some white pussy. Likes the idea of fucking a white mommy. 500 bucks is 500 bucks.”

Jamal again, “$1,000 is a long way from where we were. Harvard business degrees, big shot banking. Pisses me off that white bitch did an audit while we were on vacation. Cost 3 years in jail. I’d like to take it out on this bitch.”

“Hey not right now. Don’t screw up the $1,000. Keep her in saleable condition. Now go back to your pussy licking.”

As he started lapping at her pussy again and his balls started swinging again, Chris whispered in her ear, “Hey Angela babe. Hope you enjoy our friends. You better or we might stick around when the kids get home. Understand?? My knife is just as sharp as Jamal’s!! By the way, you want your cunt licked dry by a Chinese slut?”

Angela trembled and didn’t answer. She was too much in shock. A sharp blow on the side of her head.

“Answer me bitch or I’ll cut off your nice whitey white titties!!”

“Please — not that! Anything you want, just not that! Please, let me go. I’ll give you money, more than the $1,000 you’ll get from them. Lot’s more!! My debit card is on the dresser. It has a $5,000 limit. Take it. Just don’t let a woman touch me! Don’t let any Chinese touch me. I come from a proper family.”

“Hey, thanks for the debit card. We were going to take that anyway. What’s the problem with a woman touching you?? I like women to touch me! Oh, and I’ll tell Ming you got a thing against Chinese. I’m sure she won’t mind.”

Angela whimpered realizing the humiliation to come. She yelped as Jamal nipped her cunt as his cock rubbed over her nose and lips.

Chris again, “Since you like looking at Jamal’s balls bouncing there, stick out your tongue and lick them. Remember, my knife is sharp.”

He enjoyed watching her face go even redder as if that was possible. The red now spread down her chest. But she obediently stuck out her tongue and tried to reach Jamal’s balls. Jamal helped by wiggling forward, dragging his hairy dark balls over her nose to within reach of her delicate pink tongue. Now all she could see was the crack of his black ass as her tongue hesitatingly moved over the bottom of his balls.

“Jamal get off her. I want some pussy too.”

Jamal stood up then kneeled, held her head and directed his bulging hot rod at her lips as her eyes pleaded. He didn’t care. He pinched her face so her mouth would open and shoved his cock in her warm soft mouth. Her tongue trying to push him out felt good.

Chris pushed between her creamy thighs and stared at the blonde patch of curly hair. Her cunt was still parted and looked so inviting. It looked wet! Probably Jamal’s saliva but time to make sure. He leaned down, closer. He could smell the sweet blonde bitch’s cunt. A tongue jab. Again. Again. His tongue parted her sweet, white cunt lips looking for that special button. Finding it, he gave it a real tongue-lashing. Angela writhed trying to escape the tongue but it kept finding the hot spot. Worse, her writhing seemed to stimulate Jamal’s cock so he would thrust harder. Every time he thrust, his cock jammed into her tongue and his balls bounced off her eyes (her head being down, not up).

She couldn’t stop either of them. Chris’ tongue stimulating her cunt, Jamal’s cock massaging her tongue. She tried pushing with her hips, or was her back arching?? Angela was getting confused. All she knew for sure was two black men were ravaging her soft body. Naked and in the power of two naked strangers, she felt her acute blushing as a deep burn. Her deep blush heated Jamal’s crotch as his cock rhythmically slid in and out of her warm yielding soft mouth. Her cunt warmed alarmingly!! The tongue dove deep as it sought her inner juices. Her body was shaking now from more than fear! Her back seemed to arch of its own volition as she gave up resisting the relentless tongue. Jamal’s cock shuddered and he stiffened as she felt his warm salty juices fill her mouth and cover her tongue. As Jamal slowed to rest, Chris’ lips suddenly closed over her hot button and sucked violently forcing her body to release itself in a wild convulsion. Sucking in her breath she felt Jamal’s ooze slide down her throat.

Angela’s blushing pink and white body continued heaving as they stepped back and laughingly surveyed their dirty work.

She curled up on the bed watching the two men through her tears. Soon another sound, the back door opening, feet on the stairs. Rescue??

“Hey buddies is this the chick? Nice. She looks lonely. I can be her close friend.” An evil chuckle sounded in the room. A short man, black as night, with a crooked nose and missing teeth entered.

“Eddie!! Just in time. We’re all done. $500 cash and it’s your turn.”

Eddie tossed them a bundle of cash and dropped his pants in one motion. His t-shirt went flying the next second and his underwear instantly after. He just grabbed Angela’s legs, pulled and twisted them to put her on her back and pinned her arms with his knees. The darkest black man she had ever seen sat naked on her belly making a stark contrast with her own alabaster white. His limp cock slowly straightened and lifted to point at her breasts. He had no interest in her tits though. One knee between her thighs to separate them, his hand felt for her cunt so he could open the lips. The other hand aimed his cock and he started pushing it in. No foreplay, no comment, no apparent emotion other than a penetrating gaze directed at poor Angela’s soft blue eyes. He was even more frightening than the other two. Luckily it didn’t last long. His cock violently entered sliding on the leftover juices from Chris’ work. He simply thrust fast and hard with an occasional grunt but otherwise silent until a final grunt of victory and she knew his ugly seed had been planted. She didn’t blush this time because it was so impersonal, as if she was just a receptacle for his cock.

“Thanks for the fuck. Let me know if you find anymore chicks like this. Bye now.” Eddy was gone. She hoped Chris and Jamal would leave too so she could weep in peace. The clock on the wall said noon, if they left now she could clean up and pretend it was all a dream.

“You promise me white mommy, is this animal the one?”

An oriental voice!! Please not the Chinese girl!!!

“If you’re Ming and have $500 she’s all yours.”

“I try first. If like, pay you.”

“No way!! Cash up front!”

“OK, but if no good, give money back.”

“Just fork over the money and she’s yours. Oh, and by the way, she doesn’t like Chinese.”

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