Yummy Mommy (Part Three)

Yummy Mommy (Part Three)

Angela, 34, blue-eyed blonde with amazingly white translucent skin, mother of two had just been ravished by two home invaders plus an ugly creep they had invited over using her own cell phone. Worse, they had also invited a Chinese girl who did the most obscene things imaginable to her. The ugly creep and the Chinese girl each paid $500 to use her. The Chinese girl had now stuffed her into a large burlap bag in an old beat-up car and had even managed to convince her red-haired neighbor, Sarah, to invite her over on Wednesday on the pretext of being an Avon lady.

She heard the car start up and felt it vibrate heavily as they drove. Where was she going? Why?

What must have been several hours later, they left the paved road and bumped along a rutty old dirt road. Going where? All these bumps made her whole body ache.

The car slowed, stopped. Some Spanish voices. Ming’s voice:

“I in hurry. Let me cross. Here take money. $100 like last time.”

The car started up again. They had crossed into Mexico!

Shortly the car stopped again and she heard a conversation in English.

“White blonde, blue eyes. Good condition. You pay me $8,000 like last time.”

“Last time we paid $5,000. Let’s see her.”

Angela was dumped out of the burlap bag onto the ground, naked in front of strangers who inspected her, poked her, pinched her skin, scratched their heads then said:

“Yeah, she’ll do. $5,000. Get us more and we’ll pay $5,000 each.”

“OK. $5,000. You want red-head next time? Has freckles. And where you sell them?”

“Red-heads are OK. We want exotics like that to sell in Somalia.”

“Somalia?? You crazy! Somali’s no money!”

“The rich ones have lots of money and like exotic white meat. Here’s your $5,000. Go get us more.”

Ming drove away leaving her latest “Yummy Mommy” lying in the dirt with her clients. She thought quickly. ‘I paid those black idiots $500 and just made another $5,000. These guys are probably getting $50,000 in Somalia. How can I cut them out and get all of it myself? Oops, it’s getting late. Better call my husband and tell him I had to work overtime at the factory. Better change into work clothes or he’ll get suspicious about how I can afford fancy stuff again.’

As she drove back across the border her thoughts alternated between how to get to the Somali customers direct and her appointment Wednesday with her latest Yummy Mommy. ‘Let’s see, Sarah has kids and that’s a real turn-on. And she has bright rusty red-hair, green eyes, not fat. And lots of freckles. Freckles! Hope they’re all over. Wednesday. Yummy!”

Ming paid all the money she made from selling Angela to have her clients watched and their shipment tracked to Somalia. She had someone in Somalia watch the plane being unloaded and track the box to its final customer. By Monday morning she had the name, address and phone number so she was ready to deal.

She called the customer explaining she could get them plenty of exotic Yummy Mommies saving them money because they didn’t have to deal with the Mexican middle-men. Final price $35,000 each! Her dream of being a female criminal master-mind was finally in sight.

Wednesday. Sarah O’Malley sent her son and daughter (14 &16) to school and tidied up for the Avon lady. She put on a light, cotton floral print dress with a low neckline that emphasized her cleavage. She had planned to wear a sweater over the dress to be conservative, but, the hot weather had made her change her. Underneath she wore a flimsy red bra that barely gave support and matching red sheer panties. No stockings on this hot day. This would be a great day! She could buy some nice skin creams to hide her freckles and maybe some new fragrance. She relaxed waiting for that nice young Avon girl. Seemed like a nice kid. Of course, she was also concerned about the disappearance of her neighbor Angela. There had been several disappearances of housewives on the other side of town.

Ming was excited. This would be a great day! She would snack on a new Yummy Mommy and make $35,000! Today, she wore a green, pleated skirt that came just above the knees and a thin white blouse together with a green business jacket. As usual, she wore nothing underneath. She trembled. She was already wet and hadn’t even arrived at the Yummy Mommy’s house yet. Freckles! She hoped the white bitch would fight so she could throw her to the ground as usual. Her nipples hardened in anticipation.

There was the brown house with the big trees. Ming backed her old heap in making sure the hatchback was as close to the side door as possible to shield from curious eyes.

The doorbell. Ding Dong! Cool, just the right sound!

“Hi Ming.”

“Good morning Sarah. Avon calling!”

They both giggled at the old joke.

“Come on in, the living room is this way.”


Ming followed Sarah to the living room. A large, cream colored sofa and loveseat sat in front of a gas fireplace. A large oak coffee table, two oak bookcases and a couple red-shaded lamps completed the d?r.

Ming took off her green jacket and sat on the loveseat allowing her green skirt to ride up a few inches while Sarah sat opposite on the sofa. Sarah leaned forward and asked:

“Shouldn’t you have a sample bag or something?”

Ming broke into a warm, broad smile at the sight of Sarah’s cleavage. She glimpsed the red bra and happily noted that the freckles continued onto Sarah’s boobs.

“I like to know customer first before talking about products. How many kids you have? Your husband handsome? How old are you?”

Sarah was a bit puzzled with the odd questions but, ok, maybe Ming just had a different approach.

“I have two kids, 14 & 16. A girl and a boy, see the pictures over there? And yes my husband is quite handsome. I love him and the kids very much. I’m 38 years old and how old are you young lady? Do you have anything to hide freckles?”

Ming glanced at the pictures. Obviously a very happy family, what a turn-on! Her tits got harder. It was fun playing Avon lady. She shuffled her bum forward on the couch so that her skirt would ride even further up and leaned back. Her smile became warmer as she saw Sarah trying not to look at her honey colored legs and her tits trying to poke through her thin blouse.

“You have very nice family. I’m just 22. Yes I have freckle cream. Are your freckles just on your face?”

Sarah saw Ming’s nipples showing through her blouse and tried not to look at the increasingly large expanse of bare legs. Ming obviously needed to learn some modesty. Luckily they were both women here.

“Thanks. Actually, the freckles are all over and I am a bit self-conscious of them. Can you help?”

Sarah had leaned forward again. Good, another glimpse of her red bra. Freckles all over. Ming couldn’t wait to do a thorough inspection.

“I need to see freckles closer. Please take off dress.”


“Off with dress white bitch!”

Ming leapt forward so fast Sarah could not follow the motion. All she knew was Ming’s lithe, small body had her pinned down. Ming’s fingers squeezed her throat. She tried to tear at Ming’s hands but just managed to rip Ming’s blouse exposing the small, honey colored breasts.

“Bitch! Shirt cost $200!”

Ming’s squeezing caused Sarah’s eyes to blur as her energy left her. Just as she started to black out Ming’s warm smile returned and she eased up so that Sarah could gasp for air.

“OK Yummy Mommy, do what I say or I choke you to death.”

“Please don’t hurt me” sobbed Sarah as the small Chinese girl sat on her chest.

Ming stepped back and gave firm instructions.

“Behave and you no hurt. Get up. Take off dress. You like my titties?”

Sarah, stunned, stood and let her dress drop exposing her all over freckles. She quivered in her sheer red bra and panties wondering what this person wanted.

“Wow! You got freckles everywhere! I hot! You look yummy. I like mommies that are yummy. You nice tits. Turn around and bend over. I want see bum.”

‘Hot? Yummy?! Holy shit! What kind of girl is this?’ thought Sarah as she slowly turned, aware of Ming’s eyes seeming to eat her flesh. As she bent over she felt her sheer panties stretch and knew they gave an excellent view of her well-rounded bottom.

“Nice ass. Now turn around and look at my body. I hot for you. You be hot for me.”

Sarah turned again and saw Ming finish removing her blouse, fully exposing the small honey colored boobs. The nipples were very erect and obviously aching for action. The green skirt fell and Sarah saw to her dismay that Ming was completely naked, her slim honey figure trembling; actually very pretty. Sarah pushed that shocking thought to the back of her mind.

Ming reached out and touched the top of Sarah’s breasts pressing on the points with the most freckles. Her cunt ached. Her tits ached. She yearned for this Yummy Mommy. She felt through the sheer bra noting the nipples starting to harden. This bitch would be good. She gave one her warmest friendly smiles to Sarah as she thought of the fun she would have before collecting her $35,000.

She ran her hands all over the freckled body pleased that the bitch, while shaking, didn’t recoil. Good, maybe getting wet too. So many freckles. She wanted to kiss every freckle.

“OK, now show me your tits. Off bra. Off panties. NOW!”

“Please! Don’t do this. You can have my money.” Sarah pleaded as she unhooked her bra and, surprising to her, slipped it off provocatively; same with the panties. As they went down she accidentally put her legs apart exposing her red-haired pussy.

Ming then ran her hands over the freckled boobs, slid them down over the tummy (maybe needs more exercise?) down over the rusty pussy hairs and caressed the trembling freckled inner thighs. No resistance!

Back up to the pussy. Hmm. Damp. She sniffed at Sarah’s warm, moist red pussy and gave a quick lick. The bitch jumped but didn’t try to get away. She gazed at the uncertain look in Sarah’s face. Such inviting green eyes. Yes! She started licking again. Yes, this white bitch’s pussy was hot! YES!!

Sarah was afraid to stop Ming’s caresses but pleaded anyway.

“Please stop. Don’t. Stop. Don’t. Please don’t. Stop. Don’t stop. Don’t. Don’t stop.” Her voice changed from frightened pleading to soft husky pleading.

“Lick me white mommy.”

Sarah slid to her knees drinking in Ming’s hot, erect, hard nipples, her slim, flat tummy, the dark, wet patch between her legs. The legs spread apart for easy access. Sarah’s hungry tongue found Ming’s wet cunt quickly and she slowly licked while trying to get the hang of it. Ming just stood and enjoyed. This Yummy Mommy was good.

She started saying over and over, “Suck me white bitch. Suck me Yummy Mommy. Lick my pussy. More, more.”

Sarah couldn’t believe she was willingly, no, eagerly lapping at Ming’s sticky cunt. Her hands had gone to Ming’s ass and were squeezing and pulling them closer to her. This Avon girl was really something! Never even thought of having a woman before. The thought had always been disgusting. But, maybe not so disgusting after all.

They both sank onto the creamy love seat. Ming on top hungrily licking at Sarah’s hot, wet mommy cunt while enjoying Sarah’s long tongue deep inside her. She pushed her cunt onto the tongue over and over. She felt her wetness get hotter and hotter. She was going to explode! As Sarah’s tongue went in and out it aimed for Ming’s hot button. Sarah even sucked at the button when she found it. It was the hottest thing she had ever done!! She kept forcing her tongue into the slim, hot pussy until she felt Ming’s shuddering and knew the girl had finally come.

Sarah relaxed thinking of how great this girl was and hoping she would return next week and the week after. Maybe she loved her??

Ming eased off Sarah and looked lovingly into her pretty green eyes. “Yummy Mommy, I like you. You real good fuck. Now we go for drive.” Thinking of $35,000 made her hot again.

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