Yummy Mommy (Part Two)

Yummy Mommy (Part Two)

Angela, 34, blue-eyed blonde with amazingly white translucent skin, mother of two had just been ravished by two home invaders and an ugly creep they had invited over using her own cell phone. The ugly creep paid $500 to use her. They had also invited a Chinese girl who, hopefully, would not show up.

She hoped the scum would leave soon so she could weep in peace. The clock on the wall said noon, if they left now she could clean up and pretend it was all a dream.

“You promise me white mommy, is this animal the one?”

An oriental voice!! Please not the Chinese girl!!!

“If you’re Ming and have $500 she’s all yours.”

“I try first. If like, pay you.”

“No way!! Cash up front!”

“OK, but if no good, give money back.”

“Just fork over the money and she’s yours. Oh, and by the way, she doesn’t like Chinese.”

Ming carefully counted out $500, licked her lips and devoured Angela’s naked body with her eyes. Angela’s shock was so great she almost didn’t notice Ming’s youth (maybe 20 yrs old), very slim short body and hair braided in long twin pigtails. All she could focus on was the look on Ming’s face. One of hot desire mixed with utter contempt. As Ming reached for her, Angela kicked, jumped up and tried to run. Little Ming had Angela’s body in the air and bouncing back onto the bed in one motion.

“You pretty mommy. I like Yummy Mommy’s. Stay on bed, I not want to chase.”

Ming proceeded to undress. She tossed off her blue business jacket and unbuttoned her silky red blouse and slipped it off. The blue suit skirt slid down. Underneath – nothing. Just light honey coloured skin and a small patch of black between her legs. Small breasts with erect nipples. She looked at Angela with lust.

Ming glared at the two black men saying, “What you stare at? You want my sexy body? You want fuck me? Fuck off! You paid. Leave. I fuck bitch alone. Go. Or I throw you out window!”

Having seen how she handled Angela, Jamal and Chris thanked her for the money, blew kisses at Angela, scooped up Angela’s debit card and left. The back door banged shut a few seconds later.

Angela’s astonishment at being tossed like a rag doll kept her from resisting for the next few minutes. Ming started sliding her small hands all over Angela’s body. She cupped Angela’s breasts, murmuring approval. She stroked Angela’s bum, grinned and nodded her head. She ran her hand up and down Angela’s back with special attention to the small of her back. Again an approving nod. Her hands slowly slid up Angela’s legs, over the calves, along the inner thighs and back down again. Then slowly upward again. She licked her lips again. Ming obviously liked what she found.

Resting her fingers on the tips of Angela’s nipples, she sniffed at Angela’s cunt. Her nose forced the cunt lips apart and her tongue darted in. Slowly, gently she licked. Then she looked at Angela’s face and smiled warmly.

“Yummy Mommy taste good. I like. Let’s 69.”

Angela’s eyes widened. A Chinese lesbian violating her body and now wanting her to join in!!? She pleaded but to no avail.

Ming just replied with, “I pay good money. I want you. You not like Chinese. I not like white bitches. But I like eat white bitches. Now eat me or I throw you out window.”

Believing the threat, Angela meekly nodded her head. Ming obligingly turned around, planted her pussy over Angela’s face so Angela could see her black haired pussy and the crack of her skinny honey coloured ass and promptly ground her pussy into Angela’s face calling:

“Lick me white mommy.”

Angela’s reluctant tongue found Ming’s wet cunt quickly and she tentatively licked while trying not to gag. The very thought made her nauseous. Ming’s tongue meanwhile enjoyed the white pussy as she darted her tongue in and out while grinding her own pussy onto Angela’s lips. Her skinny, sharp knees squeezed Angela’s sides with force while Angela’s full breasts found themselves nestled against the warmth of Ming’s flat, muscular tummy.

“I want watch you suck me.” Ming turned again and this time sat her hot butt on Angela’s chest making sure one of Angela’s nipples was in the crack of her ass. She pointed to her dark cunt saying, “Suck me white mommy bitch.”

Ming planted her hot wet pussy right on Angela’s mouth and slapped Angela’s sides until she opened her mouth and start tonguing Ming’s sticky cunt lips. Ming took Angela’s hands and placed them on her small tits making them squeeze as she rocked back and forth on Angela’s mouth. She squeezed the hot crack of her ass on Angela’s pink nipple.

Angela felt sick but dared not stop licking. This was something she had never considered doing before and would never do again. Her tongue was getting tired but Ming would not let her stop. Every time she slowed, Ming viciously slapped her. Ming’s almond eyes had been lustfully staring into Angela’s wet blue eyes but now Ming’s eyes rolled backward and closed. She violently shoved her cunt hard into Angela’s face several times and let out a gasp of relief as her body shuddered again and again. She just slid her little body down and breathing hard, lay on top of Angela.

Smiling at Angela pleasantly she cooed, “I like you. You good fuck. Now we go for drive.”

She put on her red silk blouse and blue business suit before pulling Angela up by her blonde hair, stuffing nylons into her mouth, gagging her with more nylons and tying her hands behind her back. Ming forced Angela downstairs and out to her beat up old hatchback (which was parked out of sight behind the house). She stuffed Angela into a very large burlap sack, tied the end and dumped it in the back of the car.

A voice just then:

“Oh, hello, I was just coming to see Angela. Who are you?”

Ming turned to see a red-haired, heavily freckled woman probably mid-30’s; she wore a red top and white pants.

“I Avon lady. Angela ask me come here but she not home. I waste my time!” pouted little Ming looking at the cute red-head.

“That’s odd, she’s usually home. We have coffee together this time everyday. You’re an Avon lady?”

“Yes, I Avon lady. You want appointment? I show new catalogue?”

“Sure I’d love that. Can you make it Wednesday around 10am?”

“Wednesday, 10am. Yes I come. Where you live? You married? Have kids? What you name?” Ming asked very business like.

Just then they heard mewling sounds coming from the car as Angela tried to attract her neighbor’s attention.

“Good, Wednesday. I live just across the street, see the brown house with the big trees? My name’s Sarah. Of course I’m married. I have two kids in high school. Why? And what’s that sound coming from your car?”

“Sound? Oh, that’s my white pussy! Always makes noise! I don’t like appointment with husband and kids around. They away Wednesday?” Ming thought: ‘Another white Yummy Mommy and with freckles!’.

“Yes, my husband is at work and of course the kids will be in school.”

“OK, Sarah, see you Wednesday.”

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