A Smooth Party

A Smooth Party

Cathy and I are twins and like most twins we have been inseperable in almost everything we do. There have been the fights of course over the years but nothing that a quick kiss or fast furious fuck hasn't put right. And there have been plenty of those even when we weren't making up for something!

But let me give you a little idea of what we are like. Cathy is 5'6" with long auban hair that reaches almost to her waist and with firm pert tits to die for. I, my name is Chris by the way, am just half an inch taller with short fair hair and I try to keep a firm body by taking plenty of exercise at the gym or just road running. We are 22 years old now but the story I want to tell you about goes back to our childhood, to when we had both just turned 12.

We grew up in a small village within easy commuting distance to Bristol were our Dad worked. Well, that was where his office was but he spent much of his time travelling the world for the software company he jointly owned. We had a very comfortable lifestyle which meant Mum didn't have to work although she did spend a great deal of time socializing with friends and often a few would stop over when they'd had too much to drink the night before.

Mum and Dad are both very liberated and uninhibited in their views about nudity and sex. Even now they enjoy a completely free lifestyle wandering around the home or garden naked often fucking each other whenever and where ever the mood takes them. Back when Cathy and I were kids it was no different. Nudity was just something we grew up with, it was no big deal. There were no taboos in our house. Sex happened all around us, it was just part of our lives.

To illustrate the point, I remember Cathy and I coming home from school after a very hot tiring day. We were 11 at this time. The aircon in Mum's car had broken so the car was sweltering and Cathy was complaining about the school uniform not letting her body breath. As we left the main town behind us Mum pulled over to the side of the road and looked at us in the rear view mirror and said

"Well, if it's too hot in back why don't you both strip off and cool down? You've seen each other naked before and we're not drivng through a built up area, so there's no problem"

We didn't need asking twice! We both ripped off our uniforms and sat there enjoying the cooling breeze across our bodies from the open windows. I noticed how Cathy's nipples hardened as the cool air played over her tits. In that same instant I think she saw my cock twitch and begin to stir. Without a word she reached over and ran her fingers over my rapidly hardening prick and teased the end smearing the pre-cum all across my stomach. How Mum didn't crash the car I'll never know but she never took her eyes off the two of us. When we got home Mum almost ran into the house leaving us to follow in her wake. Two minutes later we heard her in her room making the same sounds she does when Dad is home and fucking her hard.

After that brief encounter Cathy and I began exploring eachothers bodies as often as we could. That night I felt what it was like to shoot a load of spunk down a girls throat and watch it ooze out of the corner of her mouth. Before she swallowed it Cathy insisted I kiss her and take some of my own sperm to see what the taste was like. I've been hooked ever since (but that's a different story I'll share with you later)

Anyway back to the main story. As I say Mum and Dad like to party and it had become pretty much a regular event. Every month there would be some reason for a party amongst the close knit community at our end of the village. Not always would the gathering be at our house but whenever it was we had to stay out of the way or mostly we'd have to go round to a neighbours house and be looked after with the other kids, although this only ever ran to two others as most of the couples were older or career minded and children didn't feature much in their plans.

Cathy had on a number of occasions asked if we could go to one of the parties as w were now growing up and not really kids anymore (in our minds anyway!). These pleas had always been met with a smile and a gentle shake of the head and the words "one day, when you're a little older".

Well that day came on our 12th birthday, July 31, right in the middle of the long school holidays. A week before Mum announced at breakfast that if we both helped her over the next week to prepare for the party we could both come.

You can imagine how excited we were. All week Cathy pestered Mum about a new outfit but Mum never seemed bothered about what we would wear, but of course that became clear later!

The day of the party arrived and it was probably the hottest day of the year. Dad had come home from Japan during the early hours so we were under strict instructions to let him sleep and prepare for the party.

At six o'clock we were sent to our rooms to get ready. Cathy and I had our own rooms but we shared a bathroom which was situated between the two. This gave us of course ajoining rooms and allowed us to get together without going across the landing. Cathy showered first then I jumped in under the hot water. As always I played the shower head over the tip of my cock until I felt the familiar tightening of my balls. It was too late, I began to shoot wad after wad of cum, but with her immaculate timing Cathy said

"It's such a waste to let that go down the drain, pump into here" as she took my cock in her mouth.

Neither of us saw Dad standing naked in the doorway his cock proudly sticking out from a bush of fair hair.

"Wow, what have been missing? Mum tells me ever night on the phone what you two have been upto, and we wank just thinging and talking about it, but now seeing the two of togther I might stay at home more often! Anyway, when you have finished, the party's about to begin. Don't bother dressing come down as you are"

Half an hour later we walked down the curved staircase to the entrance hall. To say we were stunned would be an understatement. There before us were about twenty people all naked some dancing to the music, some standing talking others kissing passionately. Mum saw us and came up the bottom two steps and said

"It's okay kids, welcome to your first smooth party! Now you are 12 Dad and I have agreed that you can join in, and lets face it you've been fucking each other for sometime now, ever since that naked car ride, if I remember correctly?"

We both just nodded. Dad came over and put his arms around both our shoulders and led us through to the lounge. Here even more people were gathered and in the centre of the room a woman, I recognised her as Gail from next door, was spread out on a sheet on the floor. Kneeling between her legs was Simon, her eldest son, slowly and it seemed to me expertly shaving off her pubes. At this sight my cock began to twitch and cum shot out. Dad noticed and cupped his hand to catch my seed. When I had finished he smiled and raised his hand to his mouth and drank down everylast drop of my spunk.

Cathy was mesmerised by the shaving of Gail's cunt and I saw her hand slip between her legs and a slightly distant look fleet across her face.

When Simon had finished denuding his mothers pubic area Gail stood and proudly displayed her clean hairless cunt to the appreciative audience.

"Who's next" asked Simon, getting a clean razor from his bag. I then noticed, as he had stood up, that his cock and balls were completely hairless and his prick looked massive. Dad said

"As host, it's my turn. I've been away a month and I've been looking forward to this for ages. Simon, will you show Cathy how to shave a cock?"as he laid down on the floor.

"My pleasure!" said Simon. " Cathy, come here, there's nothing to be afraid of. If you're careful and slow, you'll be fine. Right, firstly, wet the area thoroughly and the put on plenty of shaving foam. Good, now carefully pull the balls tight and with slow gentle strokes move the razor over the skin."

After ten minutes Cathy had shaved Dads balls and was starting on his cock. With gentle expertly guided strokes she gradually removed all his pubes before Simon annouced that the job was done. Everyone applauded Cathy and she took a little bow, obviously now fully into the swing of things. I saw a trail of juice running down her right inner thigh as she stood over Dad admiring her handiwork. Dad opened his eyes and smiled at Cathy. He said

"Would you like to see what it feels like inside your cunt Cathy?"

She smiled and nodded and slowly she lowered herself down onto the tip of his hairless cock. A look of distant exstacy filled her face as she sank deeper and deeper onto Dads prick.

Simon turned and looked at me

"Don't worry Chris, you get to shave your Mum and then fill her pussy with that cream of yours".

By now everyone was involved either fucking freshly shaved cunts and cocks or in the process of removing pubic hair. Sure enough, within minutes Mum was spreadout of the floor and I was kneeling betwen her outspread legs gazing at her hairy area. Under Simon's guidance I took the razor and carefully shaved her cunt. Bit by bit her pussy lips began to be revealed and juice started to leak from her vagina. She lifted her head and indicated to Simon that she wanted something. He moved up towards her head and squatted over her face feeding his cock into her mouth. Simon somehow managed to continue to instruct me in my newly discovered skill of pubic shaving. Once I had removed every last hair I wiped the area clean and stood up to admire my work. Mum took this as her cue to beckon me into her and without a second thought I fell to my knees and sank my aching cock deep into my mothers pussy. It wasn't long until I filled her cunt with hot sticky cum and as I did so Simon pulled his prick out of Mums mouth and aimed the tip straight at me! As if by some unseen force I leaned forward and took him between my lips and sucked for all I was worth until I felt the impact of his spunk on the back of my throat! I was in heaven.

The rest of the night passed in similar fashion with Cathy and I being involved in all kinds of stuff. At one point, I think around midnight, someone suggested we go down to the paddock just over the garden wall. There were two stallions stabled there and I heard Mum say that Clinton, the bay horse, was the best and had the sweeter cum of the two. Cathy and I had often watched Mum go down the garden during the night but we thought it was short cut to Gails house. Little did we realise until then that Mum had been off shagging the horses!

Cathy and I did go down to the stables but we were introduced to horse cock at a later stage but I still have the image of Mum with the black stallions cock deep in her cunt and Dad sucking off the bay. (Cathy's and my initiation is best left for another time).

Over the weeks that followed our first party there were several more. Cathy and I began to shave our own pubic hair or at least she would shave me and I would return the favour. Cathy and I soon started experimenting with the razor and I shaved my entire body, cock, balls, legs, chest, underarms infact everywhere a hair grew I shaved.

As I said earlier Cathy and I are inseperable, infact we actually live together as boyfriend and girlfreind and I think we are in love, and as we are not indentical twins no one except Mum and Dad knows but as they are so open minded they are happy for us.

Cathy and I have continued shaving and have several friends who we have introduced to the pleasures of a hairless cock or cunt but every now and then, several times during the year infact, we go home in time for one of Mum and Dads parties or if they call in on us we'll have our own family smooth party.

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