Adoring Elizabeth I: Preparing for the Play

Adoring Elizabeth I: Preparing for the Play

I go to a small Christian church consisting of about a hundred people. This church community was my community, and had been my entire life. My parents went to the church, as did my youngest brother Joseph.

I was 24 and only mildly concerned that there were no young women in the church meetings that I had any interest in. There was one who was 23, but she was a total idiot and I couldn't stand talking to her for more than twelve consecutive minutes before I wanted to scream. There were a few seventeen-year-olds who would also be quite stunning in a year when it became possible for me to try to date them.

The church was putting on a Christmas play for the entire community, including people outside the church. The pastor asked me to be in charge of the whole operation, which was actually being put together by the youth, six boys and nine girls ranging from eleven to seventeen years old.

I put some of the kids in charge of various things. One girl, Jerika, I had as my assistant director and she would oversee rehearsals. A boy named Kirk was put in charge of effects, including lights, sound, and any effects we needed. Finally, I put a young fourteen-year-old girl named Elizabeth in charge of set design because of her artistic talent. She was younger than everyone else working on set design, but clearly the most talented.

I had never really looked at Elizabeth very closely. She always dressed quite modestly, and was very anti-social, preferring to doodle in her sketchbook instead of showing any interest in other people.

As the weeks went by, the acting and the effects were going fine, but on the last Tuesday before the show, Elizabeth looked on the verge of tears as she worked feverishly to paint the stable posts. Everyone else in her group had abandoned the project to play video games at one of the guys' house, so it was her by herself. I almost cried with her, and said, "What do you say we take this over to your house, I'll come over, and we'll finish it up in your garage. We can work on it and finish up if it takes all night. Sound okay?"

She nodded, and looked up at me with her wet eyes. I was stunned. Her eyes were beautiful, green, and big. I didn't know why I had never noticed that before. I put a hand on her shoulder and smiled. Go home, change into something you can get paint on, and I'll be over in about fifteen minutes, okay? She nodded and walked out, leaving me to carry the stuff to my truck.

Ten minutes later I had finally packed everything into the truck and closed the hatch. Since I had told her I'd be there in fifteen minutes, I decided to head straight over. I rang the doorbell and her mother opened the door for me. "Thank you for helping her out," she told me. "She's been feeling so overwhelmed by this."

"It's my pleasure," I told her.

"Elizabeth's in the garage. Go ahead and bring your stuff in there. I'll open the garage door for you."

I went to the truck and opened the hatch. Just as I slid it open and grabbed the box of paints, I noticed a person next to me. It was Elizabeth, and my mouth fell open. She was wearing a cute blue and black skirt and a too-small yellow t-shirt that showed me that she had at least B-cup breasts. Being as thin as she was, it was an impressive set for her age, and I could also see that they were being held by a lacey bra. I didn't linger for long, not wanting to freak her out, but I did put the box down. "Hi Elizabeth," I said, taking a step toward her. I reached out for a hug and slid my hand over her breast then to her back as I pulled her close. They were firm, and she didn't seem to notice the invasion as she embraced me.

We made our way to the garage and started working on the project, both of us painting and trying to figure out ways to attach some of the special effects to the stand. I could hardly keep my eyes off her, and my penis was working very hard to be noticed, standing at full attention. In my lustful state, I wanted her to notice without being obvious about it, so I let it create the tent it was forming. There came a point where she had me hold a piece of the roof onto the top of the stable, so I grabbed it while she stapled the first staples. She leaned in, pressing her breasts against my right arm as she got the one on the edge, though I'm not sure that she knew exactly what she was doing. She didn't look up at me or anything until afterward, when she said, "What?" The curiously innocent smile on her face told me that I must have an expression on my face of some kind.

"Nothing," I told her. "You're just really cute."

She blushed then, but then slugged me on the shoulder playfully and said, "Whatever." She glanced at my tent, then back up at me, with no expression on her face that she knew what was going on.

Just then her mother opened the door to the garage. I had less than a second to reach down and turn my penis so that it was pointing straight up, the head peaking out above my belt, but under my shirt.

"Are you guys having fun?" she asked us.

Elizabeth nodded and said, "We're thinking about taking a break soon."

The mom smiled and said, "Let me know if you want something to eat or something."

I thanked her as she left and I looked at Elizabeth. "Want to come to my room and see the internet cartoons I help eith?"

I raised my eyebrows, interested in this. "Absolutely. You're quite the artist, aren't you?"

She nodded and shrugged. "I suppose."

She took my hand and led me up the stairs and into her bedroom. There was only one seat, a really nice office chair that she insisted that I sit in. The cartoons were clever and well-done. I had allowed my hard-on to make its tent again, and had shifted so that it was near the mouse. As the cartoon ended and I told her that she did a really nice job on it, she looked at me to say thank you. As her attention was away from where she was reaching, she accidentally grabbed the head of my penis. Looking over at what it was, she quickly jerked away and grabbed the mouse. "Sorry," she said, her face turning bright red.

"Don't worry about it," I said, laughing and placing a hand on her shoulder. "In fact, come here, sit here in front of me so you don't have to keep coming from your bed." She nodded slightly and went to move forward and sit on my lap, but my boner was still in the way. "You won't hurt it. Don't worry."

She sat on my lap, then scooted back to have more of herself on a seat, and I took the opportunity to put my hands around her waist, resting on her skirt. She clicked on another cartoon, then looked back at me, smiled, and leaned back a bit. I took this que to raise my hands slightly onto her belly, and she rested her hands on top, her fingertips on my knuckles. It was another good one, but really quite short.

"That was a short one," I said, and subtely raised my hands to the underwiring of her bra cups.

She laughed and said, "I know! I like them because they require less work!"

I laughed as well and said, "That makes sense. Any others?"

She nodded and clicked on another. While it was playing, she reached up and adjusted her ponytail with both hands, and I shifted as though trying to see around her, at the same time, raising my hands to cup her breasts. I didn't squeeze them, but my heart was pounding. This was the point of no return. I could potentially be in a great deal of trouble for this.

She didn't do anything, or move her body at all. Once she was finished with her ponytail, she reached down and adjusted her skirt, then kept her arms at her side lightly while the cartoon finished. We both laughed, me portraying more of a forced laugh because I hadn't paid attention to the cartoon. She casually clicked on another cartoon and it started playing. Holy crap! She didn't care that I had my hands on her breasts!

Through three more cartoons we sat like this. I made no moves to squeeze them or anything, thinking somehow maybe she didn't notice them there, and I could just have my hands there as long as she didn't. Certainly she knew where they were. Man alive! She was letting me do this!

As another cartoon started, I reached down and put my hands at the base of her tight shirt and lifted up slightly to get my hands underneath. She flinched, and I said sorry, stopping.

"Your hands are cold," she said, smiling at me.

"Sorry," I said, and breathed on them a bit, then slid my hands under her shirt again, keeping them on her bare belly.

This cartoon was long, more than twenty minutes. About four minutes into it, I slid my hands up, finding her bra-covered teenage breasts. Considering that she knew what was going on, I decided to become even more bold and gave them a squeeze. She looked up at me, a curious look on her eyes.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Watching cartoons with you," I said as though that would be the end of the conversation.

"Why are you squeezing my chest?" she asked.

"Because, it makes me feel good," I said.

She nodded as though trying to understand.

"Does it make you feel good?" I asked.

She shrugged. "Kinda."

There was silence, and she laughed at part of the cartoon. I was astonished at what was happening. Becoming braver, I reached into the cup of her right breast with my right hand and started playing with her nipple. She giggled and and put her hand on mine through her shirt. I stopped, and she looked up at me again.

"Should I just take my shirt and bra off?" she asked.

My jaw dropped slightly, though I maintained my composure. "What about your mom?" I asked.

She stood up and locked her bedroom door. Then she reached for the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. I saw her bra-held breasts. They looked beautiful, though certainly not huge. I was not disappointed. She was skinny, and they were the perfect size on her. Then, reaching behind her, she undid the bra and let it fall off. I stared at her stunningly gorgeous breasts as they bounced as she walked over. She sat on my lap again, and I returned my hands to her nipples, squeezing her breasts and fingering her nipples. She smiled up at me and said, "Are you paying attention to the cartoons at all?"

I nodded, and said, "Yes. They're quite good, I must say."

A few more minutes of silence went past. The cartoon was three-quarters done. I took my left hand and traced it down her belly to the top of her skirt, sliding it under the beltline part slightly. I waited for a response, and she sighed. "Do you want me to take that off too?"

"How about just the panties?" I asked.

She stood up and slid them off unceremoniously, as though this was all just a part of having fun, then sat back down, paying attention to the cartoon again. I lifted her skirt up above her belly button with my left hand, my right still playing with her left breast. She had some hair on it, dark brown, like the rest of her hair. I fingered over it slightly, then gently pressed against the lips of her pussy. She was certainly a virgin, so that ruled out her being slutty. This was an extremely innocent girl!

I looked over at her bed. "I want to get on your bed with you," I said.

She looked over at the bed, then back up at me. "Does this mean we'll get married?" she asked.

"Not right now!" I said, laughing nervously.

"I know," she said, giggling. "When I'm older, though."

I nodded, lips pursed. She smiled and stood, then I went to the bed. My penis, still in my pants, was sticking straight out. I loosened my belt, then unzipped my pants. She sat on the edge of the bed, watching and smiling prettily as she watched. I pulled my pants and underwear down in one motion as I took off my shoes and socks with my feet. She gasped, and her eyes went wide. I pulled off my shirt and then took her shoes and socks off for her. Laying her back on the bed, I kissed her on the lips. "You're so beautiful, Elizabeth," I told her.

She smiled at me and ran her hand through my curly hair and said, "I love you." She then leaned forward for further kissing. I stuck my tongue into her mouth and felt her respond to it with her own tongue. Reaching up with my hands, I fondled her breasts again, squeezing them and moving them so much that her whole body moved with my motions. I broke away from the kiss and looked down at my erection and aimed it at her vaginal opening, pressing the tip against it. She lightly fingered the back of my head as I did so, knowing what was coming. I squeezed her breasts again and kept my eyes on hers, looking her straight in the eyes as I pushed my head in. It was all I could get in.

She looked nervous, but so cute, and she closed her eyes slightly as she leaned in and kissed me on the lips again. I returned the kiss, jiggled her breasts in my hands, and pushed again with my hips. Two, three, four humps didn't get me very far, so I kept trying it. For her part, she was holding her whimpers and moans of pleasure very silent, and instinctively, she suddenly spread her legs out wide, allowing me to suddenly gain greatly as I continued my hard humping.

Suddenly, I reached her hymen. "Don't scream," I said. "I've heard that this will hurt loads, but I need to do it, okay? Do you want a pillow?" She shook her head, instead smiling at me and kissing me again. With a quick thrust, I broke through. Her eyes shot wide open, tears forming, but she gritted her teeth and waited for the pain to subside while I left my penis in her. I occupied myself with continuing to play with her breasts. Looking down at my hands working them, they looked perfect in my hands, with just the right combination of firmness and softness, like small mounds of perfection protruding from her tiny chest.

Again, I started humping, slowly at first, but then soon I was humping her hard, and before long I had my whole seven inches in her. I looked down, and told her to do the same. She smiled, pulling up so that I would come out. "Wow, I didn't realize I was that deep," she said. There was blood on my penis, but that was a surprise to neither of us. She reached down and grabbed my hard penis and put it back at her entrance. Lurching down, she slid it all the way in with her motion, and I was again buried all the way in her.

I kept humping hard, playing with her breasts more roughly, squeezing them and sticking my tongue far into her mouth. Finally, I felt her vaginal walls start snapping on my penis, and I knew she was orgasming. She remained mostly quiet, moaning and sighing at little more than a whisper as the orgasm came, then went. She continued to play with my hair as I continued to play with her breasts, and I felt my own orgasm coming on. I was in bliss.

It came, and I shot my seed deep into her, squeezing her breasts hard as I did so, humping four, five, six times, squeezing seven, eight, nine times as each hump and squeeze brought another shot. Finally, I was done.

"Thank you," I said. "That was wonderful. I love you."

"I love you too," she said, smiling. Her bangs were stuck to her forehead from sweat, and I was still inside her. I gave her tits a last squeeze, then pulled out of her.

"I'll help you dress, then we should go finish up downstairs," I said. She agreed.

I helped her put her clothes back on after putting my own on. I put her bra in my pocket, however. "Can I keep this, to remember you, smell you, think about you?"

She seemed touched and nodded, so I slid her shirt back on without her bra. Her nipples poked out nicely throught he shirt, and I pointed that out. She giggled and I reached up and grabbed one of the breasts and kissed her on the mouth. "They're perfect," I told her. "I mean that."

She smiled. "Thank you."

We opened the door. Nobody was outside, which was good. It meant nobody had heard. Holding her hand, I followed her back downstairs and we went into the garage to finish up.

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