And I didn't even get her name!

And I didn't even get her name!

I had been living next door for only a few months, and when I first moved in I had discovered that the family next door consisted of two daughters which I hadn’t been aware of when I bought the house. The parents were very light-skinned Asians (Sikhs in fact) but very Westernised ones, and a few years younger than me, both were fairly friendly and passed the time of day whenever we met.

The wife was pretty, with a slim and fit-looking body, but it was the elder daughter who really caught my eye, she was about 14 and remarkably tall and willowy for her age, she stood about 5’8” and had an incredibly slender body which was just beginning to blossom into woman-hood, but to look at her she just took your breath away – she was by far the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, with gorgeous dark brown almond shaped eyes, perfect and finely chiselled features, long jet-black straight hair which flowed down her back to her backside, which was beginning to develop the sensual curve of adulthood. She had the tiniest waist imaginable, I’m sure I could have put my hands around it and touched my fingers together, but of the greatest interest to me were her just budding breasts, which probably didn’t amount to more than an A cup size, but she never wore a bra and she seemed to have those type of nipples young girls often have, where the whole of the front of her breast swells.

It was something I looked forward to each day to see the sisters set off for school, dressed in their regulation crisp white blouses, both girls nipples quite clearly visible through the material but the elder ones’ more so because of her blossoming bosom, stripy ties, and short pleated burgundy skirts. Although I think they both had the same size skirt since their waists were a similar size, but on the younger one it came to her knees, whilst on the elder sister it stopped at mid thigh and gave a fabulous view as they walked off down the road as it flicked backwards and forwards curling around her pert bum as she moved with a noticeable sway to her hips. She was definitely becoming aware of her sexuality, because she always wore more delicate and taller shoes than her younger sibling, which further emphasised her slender figure and had the added advantage of making the muscles of her calves tense which further enhanced the gorgeous shape of her legs. In short, she almost looked like something off a “St. Trinians” film set – just without the visible stocking tops!

One day in early summer I was just going down stairs, but the sight through my open landing window nearly caused me to fall headlong down them! There was my ‘vision in school uniform’ lying sunbathing on a blanket in the back garden of the next door house, wearing a tight-fitting black lycra top which she had rolled up so it only just covered her breasts, and a matching pair of black lycra shorts rolled down at the top so they were little more than a strip across her middle! I stopped dead in my tracks to stare, her eyes were closed and her face turned half towards me, there was no sign of anyone else in the garden, so for a few moments I just stood and admired this Asian vision of loveliness.

Inspiration hit me, I dashed to get my camera and quickly fired off pictures zooming in and out capturing every part of her beautiful form until the memory card was full. Just then I heard a car arrive at the front and she, quick as a flash, leapt to her feet, pulled her top down and her shorts up, scooped up the blanket and ran indoors – evidently she had been alone in the house, and I guessed her parents didn’t approve of sun worshipers!

This was the first of many occasions over the next few weeks when I delighted in spying on her as she sun bathed, it was the school holidays and as both her parents worked, she had plenty of opportunity for her clandestine activity. There were a couple of times when she would turn her body or her head towards my house and I could swear she looked directly at me, but she never seemed to register my presence.

I spent a lot of time in my landing that month, and acquired a portfolio of about two hundred pictures of her gorgeous form wearing as little as possible, sometimes she would reach a hand inside her top to scratch an itch, and I had a few prized-possession photos where you could see the growing curve of her tits, and one, my favourite which I wanked to on countless occasions, of her hand reaching up the leg of a particularly baggy pair of Yellow cotton shorts, where you could actually see the sparse sprinkling of downy hair growing on her teenage pussy.

I work shifts, so I am regularly at home during the day, and on this particular day I had looked for my ‘vision’ on several occasions as it was a sweltering hot day, and I was sure her parents were out at work, but she didn’t appear. Then at about 10 o’clock my front doorbell rang, when I opened the door I was astounded to find her standing there smiling sweetly at me, wearing the same Black lycra outfit I had seen her in on so many occasions.

My jaw dropped slack and I just stood and stared, she might have thought me a complete imbecile, but instead she said sweetly “Can I come in for a minute, I need to ask you a favour”. I just stood to one side and ushered her inside. We went and sat in the lounge, her on one settee, and me deliberately on the other so I could fully appreciate the moment!

“What can I do for you” I asked, thoughts rushing through my head of all the things I’d LIKE to do to her! And without batting an eyelid she just came straight out and said “You know my family is Asian, and my Grandfather controls everything. Well HE has ordered that I am to go back to India and marry HIS choice of boy from a wealthy family…. Well I don’t want to, I’m British, and I live a British way of life, but the only way this arranged marriage won’t happen is if when I’m examined by this families doctors out there, they discover I’m not a virgin! It will bring great shame to my Grandfather, but he deserves that and more! What I want YOU to do ….. is fuck me so I’m not a virgin anymore ….. PLEASE!".

Well I was dumbfounded, if only she knew that there was nothing I would have wanted more in the world than what she just asked! But fearing being jailed as a paedophile, I protested that I couldn’t POSSIBLY do such a thing. With that, she got straight to her feet, giving me a full view of her glorious body from my still-sitting position, but instead of loosing her nerve and running out the door as I half expected, she turned and ran straight up stairs! She paused briefly at the top, looking round, then stared straight into my spare bedroom where my computer was still running, and on the screen was that favourite picture of mine!

I had run up the stairs behind her, terrified of what she would see, but too late to actually prevent her from seeing her own pussy-mound so perfectly captured by me that day! She turned towards me with a beautiful challenging look on her face and said “If you DON’T fuck me – then I will tell my cousins AND the Police that you have been spying on me for months now, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve caught you either looking or standing there with your camera! You WILL fuck me – and RIGHT NOW! … or I will destroy you!!!”

It really wasn’t that much of a dilemma, here was the most gorgeous of creatures ORDERING me to fuck her! … and blackmailing me in such a way that I couldn’t refuse even if I had wanted to! With that she said no more, but launched herself at me, ramming me hard against the bathroom wall, pinning me there with one forearm across my wind-pipe, and with the other hand she deftly undid my trousers and in one swift movement, divested me of them, releasing my already rock hard cock into her tiny hand.

She caught me off balance and pushed me to the floor, whereupon she immediately straddled me, pulling the crotch of her delicious shorts to one side, and just impaled herself on me. I’ve had virgins in the past, but they were nothing compared to being ravaged by this vision of loveliness. I started to speak, I was going to suggest we at least moved to the bed as the floor was hard on my back, but she didn’t give me the slightest chance, but instead yanked her top up over her head, screwed it into a ball and stuffed it roughly into my mouth!

She then proceeded to raise and lower herself on top of me, just literally fucking herself on ME! It was THE most sexually-charged experience of my life! Being raped by this little ‘lolita’, watching her bounce up and down causing her tiny tits to jiggle, she had one hand jammed in the side of her shorts-leg frantically fingering her clit, whilst the other was busy twisting and pinching her gorgeous dark-brown nipples alternately.

She obviously had a clear idea that she didn’t JUST want her hymen broken – she wanted to cum! … and in only a couple of minutes that’s exactly what she DID do. Squealing and thrashing about as she did. The spasms in her cunt-walls were more than enough to ensure that I couldn’t resist the inevitable orgasm as well, and I duly sprayed my hot sticky wads right up inside her, I have never had such an intense orgasm – but under the circumstances I suppose its hardly surprising!

The moment she had finished fucking herself on me, she just got stright up so she was standing astride me, and holding the leg of her short to the side still, I saw her stomach muscles clench, and she literally spat out the mixture of juices and her virgin blood from her pussy all over me. She reached down and reclaimed her top from my mouth, pulled it back over her head, and scampered down the stairs and out of the front door!

I lay there in total shock for a few minutes, then my dick got hard again at the memory of what had just occurred, and the sight of it, and my stomach, and the floor come to that, all covered in the mixture of blood and cum, and the way she had ejected them from her pussy all over me, meant I had no option but to wank myself off again! When I finally got to my feet I caught sight of her lying back in her garden, only this time her face was turned towards my window, her eyes were open and her hand was buried down the front of her shorts!

I thought to myself “This could be a service numerous young Asian girls might require …. CHRIST – just imagine if she brought one of her friends round for the same reasons!”

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