Babysitting with Tara pt.3

Babysitting with Tara pt.3

I looked down at Tara, stunned. After what seemed like an eternity of foreplay, we had finally begun the process of having sex when I had felt a slight resistance and Tara had given a whimper of pain telling me that I had just broke her hymen, therefore taking her virginity. I was frozen in place, feeling a little blood mixed with her wetness dripping from her filled fuck hole. "Did I just…" I started, cut off when she nodded, leaning up to kiss me. "That was the biggest reason for this…" she whispered. "My father has been getting a little…frisky, lately. I've managed to keep him from doing much, but I figured I wouldn't be able to keep him away completely for long. I didn't want that sleaze bag taking my virginity. I've loved you for a long time, and I wanted you to be the first one to have me completely." she smiled softly. "Now, please, make this a night i'll remember and be able to picture if it should ever go that far with him."

I nodded, holding her hips steady as I began rythmically pumping in and out of her, each thrust causing her budding breasts to jiggle slightly, as well as bring soft moans from her lips. As I began thrusting harder, she started rising her hips in time to meet my thrusts, causing me to penetrate her further. As the intensity of the sex increased, so did her breathing, as well as her talking. "Mmm, oh yeah, oh fuck me….oh, right there… yeah, just like that, baby, oh fuck…" I was astounded by the words spilling from her mouth, but didn't answer, trying to focus mainly on not exploding inside her. I managed to hold off until she had her first orgasm. It happened suddenly, she simply pressed against me and gave a low scream of pleasure, reaching up and pinching and tugging at her nipples and cum seeped from her slit. I felt her pussy clamping and milking my dick, urging me to explode as well. I tried to hold off my own orgasm, but soon knew it was hopeless and simply pulled out. She reacted in and instant, wrapping her small hand around my cock and beginning to jerk me hard. In seconds I was gasping for breath, carressing her as rope after rope of hot cum was shot from my hard fuck stick, covering her chest and flat stomach.

As I was catching my breath and trying to get over the feeling that once again my very essence had turned into baby juice and spilled all over her, Tara began cleaning herself off. "Don't relax too much, big guy. You still have another job to do." she said, gripping my cock. "I meant it when I said I want you to have all of me." she said seductivly before letting go, getting onto all fours on the bed with her ass raised in the air, wiggling it slightly for me."Come on. I don't want to be able to sit for a week when you're done with me." I simply smiled and said "You'll be lucky if you can sit for a month."

I postioned myself behind her a few moments later, my cock already hardening again. I knew I was pretty much spent when it came to cum, but my dick could more than likely take another fucking before it was useless. I ran a finger under her, getting some of her wetness on my fingers andusing it to lubricate her tight ass as well as my dick. When I finally entered her, I met very little difficulty, mostly sliding into her. Her ass was tighter than her pussy, and felt amazing. I was soon thrusting with everything I had, and she was meeting me for every thrust. As she neared yet another orgasm, she began screaming and moaning, saying everything from telling me to fuck her like a slut to what she was going to do to me later. When she came, she squirted. Hard. I was drenched anywhere on my body even close to her pussy with her hot, sweet love juices, and even managed to fill her ass with some of my own. After I pulled out, we wrapped our arms around each other and fell asleep, still covered in each others essence and, more importantly, still full of each other's love.

Tara and I are still friends. We tried dating, but it didn't quite work out. We still have occasional romps together, and i'm still the only guy that can make her squirt. While we were dating, I managed to scare her dad bad enough to get him to move to another state entirely. He never got to fuck his daughter. We will always remember that night, and we love each other dearly, but her father imprinted onto her such a feeling that she wasn't worthy that she couldn't handle being treated like the amazing woman she is, and moved on to more unappreciative boyfriends. Whenever she is unhappy with her boyfriend, she calls me, and I take care to make sure he nevers bugs her again, as well as make sure that I take care of her, be it sexually or emotionally. Frankly, we couldn't be happier.

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