Bible Camp

Bible Camp

Bible Camp

My mother signed me up for Bible Camp. I couldn’t wear anything too sexy; it had to be modest. Hell all mighty, I was a teenage boy, modesty was my middle name. I read the brochure and it said that the girls had to wear one piece bathing suits and cover up as soon as they got out of the water. They couldn’t wear short shorts either. Crap! Plus we had to take our own bible and a musical instrument if we played one. I didn’t!

Well mom packed my stuff and dad drove me to the camp and dropped me off. I actually knew two of the boys and three of the girls. We quickly got together. One of the boys and two of the girls had been here before. They talked about sneaking out after dark and meeting by the old fishing dock.

Our Sunday check-in went pretty quick then we took a swimming test and got assigned to a cabin by age. We were all fourteen so that put us three boys together in one cabin and the three girls together in another cabin. There were twelve bunks in our cabin so we had nine roommates.

Dinner started out with the Camp Director welcoming us to Week One of this year. We had to listen to a sermon, then we got our food, and said grace. Later we had bible study where we got to be with the girls since we were all the same age and in the same class.

Then it was bedtime and lights out. We waited for our counselor to do his bed check then slipped out of the cabin.

The girls were not there when we arrived. I was disappointed but they showed up about five minutes later. We sat on the edge of the dock on our backs and stared up at the stars. We talked and told dirty jokes.

I pared up with Desiree, Bill with Tiffany, and Bob with Cassandra. I had liked Desiree but had never gotten up the nerve to tell her that I did.

The girls wanted to learn to be better kissers and wanted our help. None of us were any good at it either so we agreed. I kissed Desiree about twenty times then Tiffany wanted to trade and kiss me. After that Cassandra wanted me. Cassandra kissed me using her tongue and all. It was different but nice and I got hard. I went back to Desiree and taught her what I had learned from Cassandra. As we pressed together Desiree could feel my hard-on. She put her hand on my cock so I put my hand on her tit. We kissed like that until we heard a noise and rushed back to our cabins.

I was tired when I got woke up Monday morning. So were the other guys. We agreed that it had been worth it though.

We got to see the girls after breakfast in our ‘Fourteen-year-old Circle of God.’ We heard all about the sins of the body and how bad it was. All I could think about was how much fun I had last night kissing Desiree, holding her breast, and her felling my cock. All of a sudden it was too late I had a full-blown erection and nothing to hide it with except my bible.

I just thought to myself, “God will forgive me! He forgives all sins! All sins? Hey this is great! We can fool around all we want too then ask for his forgiveness and it’s granted! Okay then!” I had to wipe the smile off my face because the teacher was giving me the evil eye.

As I continued thinking I realized that it was like getting one of mom’s ‘Get out of jail free’ cards. She has this way of rewarding me when I do something extra special and then when I screw up real bad I can just turn one in and all is forgiven. I get one for my birthday, one for Christmas, and usually one or two throughout the year for a good report card. However I never manage to keep them very long since I screw up a lot.

Bill hit me and startled me. It was time to go swimming in the lake. The girls came with us but they had to swim in a different roped in area than the boys. They were able to remove their cover-ups on the shore and walk out onto the dock. Boys to the right, girls to the left, the Lifeguards called out. The water was cold at first but soon my body got used to it. I buddied up Bill and we kept an eye on Desiree and Tiffany who were also buddied up together. We could look under the dock at them when we lowered our heads some.

Finally we were told to get out. Bill and I got in position to watch Desiree and Tiffany get out of the water. The girls knew that we were looking and what we were up too. So they stretched their legs really good getting up on the dock so that the material stretched tightly across their pussies. Then once they were up on the dock they both raised their arms above their heads. That pulled the crotch of their one-piece bathing suits right up into their pussy nicely. It was over all too soon then they were at the shore putting on their cover-ups and hiding their precious treasures from our eyes. However when Cassandra exited the water her pussy showed. She had adjusted it while still in the water and turned so that the Lifeguards couldn’t see what she was showing us. Then like the other girls she raised her arms to play with her hair and gave us the best ‘pussy thong’ look yet. She then adjusted her bathing suit and walked to shore to cover it up. Bill, Bob, and I all had hardons as we walked toward shore. The male Lifeguard took us aside and told us not to come out of the water again until we could control our masculine feelings. The girls just laughed.

I just wanted the day to get over with so that I could go to the old fishing dock later. We had to eat lunch, play bible games, listen to another sermon, eat dinner, and get in our discussion group.

Cassandra asked, “So if Adam and Eve were the only people on Earth their children must have had incestuous relations with one another!”

So the next half-hour we listened to our Religious Instructor Mary treading water trying very had not to tell us that Cassandra was right. I liked seeing our Religious Instructor getting red in the face and stumble through the discussion. She was so glad to get rid of us.

After lights out and bed check we were gone. The girls were about five minutes behind us again. We thanked Cassandra for showing us her pussy and getting us in trouble. She just smiled.

Desiree said to me, “I’ll show you mine if you want me too!”

Of course Bill and Bob said, “Show us all!”

Desiree looked at me and saw the big ear to ear grin on my face. She winked at me and dropped her shorts then her panties and stood before us in the moonlight. Her pussy hair was a light brown like the hair on her head. It was as thick as my pubic hair and covered her slit so that I could hardly see it. She removed her shorts and panties and sat down on the dock close to me.

Cassandra was anxious to be next and just dropped her shorts and panties in one quick motion, stepped out of them, and stood before us. She knew that we had already seen it but I sure wanted to look at it again…and again. Her bush was dark matching the hair on her head too. She too sat down but close to Bob.

With a little coaxing Tiffany removed her shorts and panties for us too and let us look. She had very little hair and it was blonde like her hair. I could see her slit running down between her legs. It was glistening slightly. I reached out to touch it and she pulled back embarrassed.

Desiree said, “You can touch mine if you want too.”

As I touched Desiree’s pussy, my first one ever, she seemed to like it. She told me to slip my finger down lower and poke it into her hole then bring my finger back up and play with her clit. That was it! She lay back and her breathing got really fast. She had an orgasm but Cassandra had to tell me what it was. I though that I had hurt her.

After that we watched as Cassandra let Bob finger her pussy and then as Tiffany let Bill finger her pussy. I was trying to get to feel them all but Desiree had other planes. She wanted to see us so I took off my shorts and underwear and showed them my hard cock. Bill and Bob did too. We all had about the same size cocks. Then we sat down with our girls and let them feel us. Cassandra showed them how to jerk us off and give us orgasms too. We told them that we call it cumming. One by one we each spit our cum all over ourselves and our girlfriend’s hand. Our girlfriends! I liked that a lot and so did Desiree. We kissed and then started to get dressed when Bob mentioned a ‘panty raid’ tomorrow. What was a panty raid? It got explained. We were to run into the girl’s cabin, look in their drawers, and take just one pair of panties. If we came back empty handed we would be laughed at and humiliated. Then Desiree handed me her panties to put in my pocket so that I would have a pair already. Tiffany and Cassandra did the same. Before Desiree could put her shorts back on I gave her my underwear. She smiled, put them on, and them pulled her shorts up. I got a nice kiss from her. Bill and Bob gave their girls their underwear too. The girls were going to put our underwear on top in their drawers and hide their panties to see if some dumb boy took them thinking that they were girl’s panties. We laughed and slipped back into our cabins.

Once again I was tired when we were awakened and it was only Tuesday morning. We saw the girls at mealtime, during swimming, and at out two group meetings.

This time Cassandra asked, “Is God an astronaut? Adam and Eve could have been created on some other planet! How else do you explain the strange things on Earth like the pyramids and Easter Island? And what about that really weird chapter in the beginning of the bible?”

I figured that Cassandra knew what she was doing but it was still funny to watch the Religious Instructor Mary squirm.

The panty raid took place but instead of panties we three boys took kisses from our girlfriends. Sure enough our underpants were taken and we all laughed about it.

That night when we got to the old fishing dock the girls were waiting. They just wanted to make sure that it was us before they got undressed. We had to undress too. I got to kiss and fondle Desiree and finger her to an orgasm. She stroked me until I had to cum then put her mouth over the head and sucked. It was wonderful. Desiree said that one of the girls in the older cabin had told her how to do it. Of course Cassandra sucked Bob and Tiffany sucked Bill. Tiffany was still the shyest of us all. Then the girls traded places and I got to finger Cassandra for quite a while and fingered her to two orgasms. Tiffany was easy when I got her because her clit was so sensitive from Bill and Bob rubbing her dry and that’s when I wet my finger in her pussy then touched her clit, she cum immediately. I kept poking her hole and rubbing her clit and giving her orgasms. After five she begged me to stop and offered to suck my cock. Sure! So everyone watched as shy Tiffany pushed me back and sucked my cock. She only used her mouth, not her hands. It was great and I cum in her mouth and she swallowed it. Then it was time to head back to our cabins again.

Wednesday was more of the same until our evening group discussion when Cassandra asked, “How come we are only supposed to have sex to procreate when it seems to be so much fun? Hookers even do it for money! Jesus had a hooker for a girlfriend!”

That night when we went to the old fishing dock and all got naked Cassandra wanted Bob to fuck her!

Desiree said, “I really don’t want my first time to be with an audience! What if we go over there and do it?”

I smiled and let Desiree lead me away. Tiffany took Bill in the other direction. Like the nights before we kissed and played with one another but then Desiree got flat on her back and helped me put my cock in her hole. It slipped in with just a little help. Then I started using her pussy like I had been using my hand. I started out slow then got really fast and shot into her. Desiree expected more I think, but smiled and thanked me.

When she kissed me she said, “It’s supposed to get better the more we do it!”

I asked, “Did I hurt you?”

Desiree said, “No! Not at all! It’s just that I thought if was supposed to feel better than your finger and it didn’t!”

I replied, “Your pussy felt better than anything I have ever had if that’s any consolation!”

Desiree smiled and said, “Okay! Then we definitely need to do it more!”

We walked over to the other girls and told them of our experience and they told us of theirs too. We were in agreement that we needed more practice. The girls sucked our cocks hard and this time Desiree let me fuck her while she held hands with Cassandra and Tiffany. We all lasted longer this time and Tiffany had an orgasm first, then Desiree and Cassandra had theirs. Now the girls were more impressed with sex. I figured that since I had made the mess in Desiree’s pussy that I should clean it up…with my tongue. After all Desiree and Tiffany had swallowed my cum I could swallow Desiree’s. As I was lapping it up Bill and Bob pointed out that I was swallowing my own cum too.

Desiree said, “I think it’s sweet! Keep doing it and I’ll let you fuck me some more!”

Cassandra and Tiffany said, “Start licking boys if you ever want to fuck us again!”

Nothing could stop them. By the time the girls were clean we boys were hard again. This time it took longer yet and we all liked it even better. Instead of taking the chance of us getting turned on again the girls just dressed and headed to the girl’s bathroom to clean up before heading to their cabin.

We were as quiet as church mice. As we got to the girl’s bathroom to kiss them goodnight we heard some strange noises coming from inside. Well, not all that strange now that we had experienced sex. We crept in the door and around the corner that stops us from looking directly into the girl’s bathroom. We all gasped as we saw our Religious Instructor Mary naked on her back on the bench with a cock in her mouth and another one in her pussy. The two boys were the Lifeguard and the Camp Director. We waited until they were finished before we clapped.

The Director asked, “What are doing here?’

Cassandra answered, “We were watching you guys double fuck our Religious Instructor!”

Mary, the girl, glared at Cassandra so Cassandra asked, “So did Eve’s kids fuck each other?”

The two guys knew that we weren’t leaving so they got dressed as modestly as they could. Mary told them to leave and that she would handle this.

When they were gone Mary asked, “So what do you little brats want to keep your mouth shut?”

Cassandra smiled her evil smile and said, “We want our boyfriends to fuck you all at once like they did! You have three holes and we have three boyfriends! It should work out well! Then we want a cabin for just the six of us, co-ed, so that we can fuck whenever we want too!”

Mary knew that she had to give in and said, “Okay but the only cabin left is that old one with the leaky roof!”

In unison we said, “We’ll take it! And we’ll move in tonight!”

Cassandra finished by saying, “But first you have to take care of our boyfriends!”

Bill got on his back and Mary straddled him and lowered herself onto his hard cock. Bob simply thrust forward offering her his cock to suck. That left her asshole for me!

I wasn’t sure what to do but Mary did, “Slip your cock into my pussy and get it really wet before you shove it in my ass!”

Did she forget that Bill’s cock was already in there? Goddamn, it fit. I fucked right along Bill’s cock. It gave me a funny feeling because I had never touched another cock before. But I was in Mary’s pussy so it must be okay. Then I slid it into her asshole. I had to kind of force it into her and Mary didn’t seem to enjoy it either. It felt strangely like I still had it in her pussy. I was still rubbing up alongside Bill’s cock but we were in two different holes. Bob cum in Mary’s mouth, Bill cum in her pussy, and then I cum deep in her ass. It was great!

Cassandra said, “Okay that will keep us quiet for a whole day! We will expect you in our cabin after bed check every night! Is that clear?”

Mary said, “Yes it is clear!”

Desiree asked, “Do we still have to attend your Religious Instructions Class?”

Mary said, “I think the class will be better off without you! Perhaps you should be confined to your own cabin during that period to discuss anything you wish!”

I said, “Great! Let’s go get our stuff!”

Mary actually smiled at me and said, “See you tomorrow night!”

Desiree grabbed my arm and practically pulled me out of the restroom. We got our stuff quietly and went to our very own cabin.

At breakfast on Thursday the Camp Director announced, “Those six young people” looking directly at us “are being punished for being disruptive during classes! They have been moved to a different cabin by themselves and will not be participating in many of the group activities” there was a hush over the crowd as he continued “Mary will be their own personal Counselor! So please try not to associate with them! Any questions?”

No one said a thing. You could hear a pin drop as we ate breakfast. Mary got her breakfast and sat down at our table.

Mary asked, “Does that take care of your needs?”

Desiree said, “Yes it does! Last night was wonderful! We pushed the bunk beds together and slept in pairs in the nude!”

I added, “And we loved it!”

Mary said, “Well I guess I’ll be joining your elite group this evening too!”

Cassandra said, “You can invite your two boyfriends too if you like! Our cabin has loose rules! As you know!”

After breakfast we went to the old fishing dock for some privacy and went skinny-dipping together. Then we made love on the dock and headed to lunch. Mary sat with us and the food seemed to be better.

Mary asked, “So what’s up this afternoon?”

Cassandra said, “Well I’m thinking about trying that three boys three holes thing like you did!”

Mary said, “All right, but first get that tube of K-Y Jelly out of my suitcase and apply it to your butt hole and to the cock that you want in it! Believe me it’s the only way you want to try it for a while!”

Cassandra thanked her and then we all went to our cabin while Mary went about her work.

So after breakfast Cassandra tried the three of us all at the same time. She chose me as her anal probe and wanted Bob in her pussy while she sucked Bill. Surprisingly the K-Y Jelly made all the difference in the world. Cassandra said that at first my cock was uncomfortable but that she really got into it when she realized that she was fucking three boys at the same time, something that most girls will never even try. Cassandra managed three orgasms too before we unloaded our cum into her holes.

After lunch Desiree wanted to try it. She too wanted me in her ass. With her it was special since I had been the first boy in her pussy and in her mouth. Desiree also seemed to enjoy my anal probe after the initial intrusion. She only had two orgasms but we were all satisfied.

Then it was Tiffany’s turn after dinner. Yes once again I became the anal intruder. She wanted her boyfriend Bill in her pussy and Bob in her mouth. She never did get used to my cock up her ass but tolerated the pain until we finished using her body. She did not have an orgasm either. However Cassandra and Desiree made sure that she had three orgasms as they worked on her afterwards. They wanted her to remember it as a good time rather than as torture. She thanked all five of us for an interesting experience. Tiffany said that I might be the only boy to ever fuck her ass, so she hoped that I had enjoyed it. I told her that I had and that it was special because she didn’t stop me. Laughingly she said that she couldn’t with Bob trying to shove his cock down her throat every time she tried to call out. We laughed about that.

At bedtime Mary let Bill fuck her ass. I got her pussy and Bob got to shove his cock into Mary’s throat. For real! She actually deep throated him! Mary told us that she was a girl of many talents.

As we cuddled up for the night Mary told us of fucking her family dog, her cat licking peanut butter off her clit, and letting her little brother fuck her as often as he wanted too.

Friday morning was great, the weather was warm, and we could do whatever we wanted to do. Mary told us of a hill with a great view and suggested that we ask for a picnic lunch and go for a hike. So we ate breakfast and got our lunch. We hiked in the direction we were told for almost two hours then climbed to the top of the hill. Mary was right it was a great view. Desiree and Cassandra got very frisky and wanted to fuck so Bob and I were all for it. Tiffany seemed upset but Bill talked her into a quickie.

As we ate the girls managed to get Tiffany to open up. After all there was very little that we didn’t know about one another. That was the problem. Tiffany was concerned that her parents and friends would find out what happened here at camp. We assure her that we would cover for her and protect her. After all we were very intimate fiends now. She chuckled and started feeling better. We all made love on top of that hill one more time before heading back to camp. Tiffany was much more amorous that time. She even sucked our cocks and pussies clean as a way of saying thank you.

After dinner we needed a rest so we went back to the cabin. That walk, climb, and sex had been more work than we realized.

Mary was sure excited when she came in later and said, “I’ve got a great idea! How would you guys like to pop cherries tomorrow. It will be our last full day in camp and I think a bunch of the kids would like something special to remember about camp! I know that you three boys could fuck at least four girls each and maybe even six, so what if you girls let four to six boys fuck you too? That would keep it even!”

So we talked it out. Of course I wanted to fuck six more girls if I could but Desiree wasn’t sure that she wanted six boys fucking her just so that they could brag about it. Cassandra reminded her that she has let us three fuck her in every way imaginable. That helped. Tiffany was still worried about her reputation. Cassandra said that she could sit this one out and that she would be happy to let all twelve boys fuck her. Bob wasn’t very pleased about that but she pointed out that he would be fucking six girls for the first time. Soon Tiffany said that she would give it a try so we were all in agreement. Tomorrow would be “Sex Day at Bible Camp.”

Saturday morning at breakfast Mary said that it was all set. Eighteen girls and eighteen boys were ready. Each hour or so three of each would be sent to our cabin. Mary stressed the fact that these were virgins and that it would give them a memory that would last forever. Therefore it was to be a pleasant memory. Right!

Right after breakfast the first six followed us to our cabin. Mary had separated the bunk beds and put up blankets for some privacy. I got a cute sixteen-year-old and so did Desiree. They were brother and sister but not twins. They were ten months apart but just happened to be sixteen at the time. My girl would be seventeen in a couple of weeks. Desiree and I took them to our end of the cabin. Desiree took down the blanket so that we could watch one another. Desire undressed first, then us two guys, and finally the girl undressed. She was very pretty and kind of shy, especially about being nude in front of her brother.

I started out by kissing her, caressing her lovely body, and playing with her clit. I was becoming an expert and gave her an orgasm right away. That eased her tension. Then I sucked her nipples and went down to her virgin pussy. As I ate her out she had two more orgasms. I figured that she was wet enough for my cock and slipped it into her. She loved it, the feel of it, and the fullness that it gave her. She was immediately hooked on sex. I was pleased that I could hold out long enough to give her two more orgasms. This girl was a sex machine. She fucked back at me long after I was done.

Her brother next us didn’t seem to want to give up Desiree either. Desiree even asked him if he wanted her to suck his cock so that he could fuck her a second time.

He replied, “No! I don’t want to fuck you again! I want to fuck my sister! I’ve always wanted to fuck my sister!”

She said, “And I’ve always wanted you to fuck me! I just never had the nerve to ask you!”

He said, “Me neither!”

Desiree saw that his cock was hard and motioned for me to get in her bed so I did. Then we watched the brother and sister fuck their brains out. Not just once but all day long. They never left the cabin. Mary brought them lunch and dinner.

I did fuck my six virgins and Desiree allowed six virgin boys to fuck her too. We all did as well as Mary had wanted. The brother and sister spent the night in each other’s arms like Desire and I did. After lights out Desire was able to get me up for one last fuck. She didn’t want to be left out completely.

Sunday morning at breakfast when we said goodbye to Mary she laughed and took us over to the Camp Director.

He said, “You six young people have presented us with the most difficult problems yet that face a Bible Camp! However I would like to ask you to stay on as Special Counselors! Mary here says that you preformed a very valuable service to thirty-six of our other campers! Suppose Mary works with you throughout the rest of the summer and you educate more of our campers in your special manor! Be very careful to see to it that they get the special treatment that they deserve!”

We looked at one another and jumped for joy. Then of course we said yes!

As the campers were lined up to go home with their parents Mary said, “You might not know this but that brother and sister that you guys fucked first are the Camp Director’s kids!”

I said, “You’re kidding!”

Mary laughed and said, “No! I’m not kidding! They strongly recommended that their father keep you on at all costs! Besides she let daddy fuck her this morning to seal the deal! Her brother has his eye on his mother too! See! His sister will help him while daddy is at camp!”

That batch had hardly gotten out of sight when the new batch arrived.

I said out loud, “One week down and seven more to go!”

As everyone cheered Mary said, “You guys sure like your jobs! Maybe a little too much!”

Cassandra said, “Like you Mary! After all it was seeing you in the girl’s bathroom that started all of this!”

Mary said, “No it wasn’t! On Sunday it was Cassandra that started French kissing the boys on the old fishing dock! On Monday Cassandra showed the three boys her pussy on the swimming dock and later it was Desiree that first pulled down her shorts and panties! Tuesday you played Doctor! Then on Wednesday all six of you lost your virginity around the old fishing dock! So now, do you still think it was an accident that you heard me in the girl’s bathroom that night?”

Cassandra asked, “How could you know all this?”

Mary smiled and said, “Look! I’ve been coming to this camp every year since I was eight! That’s twelve summers! I know everything that goes on here!

The End
Bible Camp

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