Birthday Present_(4)

Birthday Present_(4)

It was my 18th birthday. It was Thursday, and my big bash wasn’t until Saturday. My parents were visiting my aunt in Utah, so that night it was just me and some masturbatory goodies I bought myself. Aside from the basics of Love Lube and some porn mags, my special treat was a slim, 8-inch vibrator for anal play. In the past, I’ve used things like carrots and the sort.

I was getting ready for a night of self love: Playgirl open to erotic stories, lube on the night stand, jack rag at the ready, and my new vibrator, now with fresh batteries. I had already given myself an enema to keep from getting my new toy dirty. I plopped down on the bed, naked and ready to go. Suddenly, there came a knock at my door.

I pulled on a pair of boxers and a robe and ran downstairs to greet my inconvenient visitor. It was my best friend, Tommy.

Tom and I had been best friends since I was in 3rd grade. He was a year older and got lots of pussy. The most sexual experience I had was hand jobs from old girlfriends. It’s not easy to find hot guy sex when you’re a closet bi in a conservative small town like me.

“What’s up?” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t take too long. He came in and we went into the living room. He had a small book bag.

“I wanted give you your birthday present,” he said.

“My party’s not until Saturday.”

“I wanna give it to you now.” He opened up his bag and took out a small wrapped gift. It was obviously a DVD.

I ripped off the gift wrap. On the cover, two twinks stood with hands on each others’ crotches and the title read White and Experienced #2.

“This is a gay porno,” I said, thinking he was playing a joke.

“Come on. You think I don’t see the way you look at guys in the locker room?” He pulled me in for a hard, sloppy kiss. “Wanna go jack off together?”

“My bedroom.”

Tom grabbed his bag and we hauled ass upstairs.

“Gonna start without me?” he asked as he looked around my room.

“Shut up and put in the movie.”
Tom inserted the disc into my DVD player. “I’m gonna piss real quick. Go ahead and get started,” he told me.

I stripped off my clothes and got on the bed. I pressed play on the remote and two young twinks came on the screen. They started to strip each other slowly to cheesy porn music. Suddenly I realized who one of them was.

“I see you’ve seen my film debut,” said Tom, standing in my doorway holding a bottle of KY and a box of condoms.

“Not only are you gay too but you do porn?” I was totally shocked. Here stood my best friend, the most stereotypical straight you’ve ever met, ready to fuck out my brains. “How much experience do you have?”

“I get around. I’m good enough for porn, so that says something, right?”

“I’ve never done anything with another guy. You seem like a pro. Wanna teach me?”

“I figured you’d ask me to.” He came over to the bed and lifted me to my feet for a long, sloppy kiss. I fumbled to undo his belt and the button of his jeans. As I pulled down his pants, he worked on removing his shirt. Finally his jeans were off and I petted the bulge in his boxer briefs. I took them off with my mouth and a thick, seven and half inch monster jumped out at me.

“Lay down,” he instructed.

He got on top of me on the bed and kissed hard on the lips, then advanced to my neck and on down. He stopped to tongue my pointy nipples then kept going to my groin. My own cock was now at attention seven inches in the air. Tom licked my thighs as he reached for the vibrator on the nightstand. He put it on full blast and caressed my body. A low moan escaped my lips.

He took my cock in his hand and jacked me off quickly. Then he licked it up and down before taking my entire dick. My cock was engulfed in the warm, wet darkness of his hungry mouth. My dick started to twitch. With one last good suck, he let go as I spewed my warm love goo all over his tan torso.

“My bad,” I said after I was done cumming. “Let me get that for you.”

I sensually licked my salty man juice off his broad, muscular bare chest.

“Now I want you to fuck me in the ass,” I said, wasting no time.

“You sure you’re ready?”

“Just be gentle.”

I got on all fours as Tom put KY on my new vibrator. He rimmed me at first and put more and more in, faster and faster. We were both still hard.

The vibrator was now fully up my ass. I gasped as I felt electricity pulse through my throbbing prostate. In and out, I gasped from the intense stimulation.

“Now your cock,” I muttered.

I turned around and grabbed a bottle of Love Lube and greased his thick cock. I turned back around, ready to be reamed.

I screamed as my friend’s throbbing member parted my tight virgin manhole. In the past I’ve used my fingers, carrots and stuff for anal play. Nothing compares to a warm fleshy penis.

Tom was moving in and out of me vigorously. I gripped the bed as hard as I could. I reached for the remote and turned on the gay porno in my DVD player. On it, Tom and the twink were now jacking each other off. I reached between my hot friend’s legs and stuck my sleek, orange vibrator into his veteran ass.

The sensations of my tight butt on his cock, the vibrations in his ass, and seeing himself getting blown on the TV was too much. Tom sprayed hot spunk into me. I shoved my toy up him further and another burst of cum. When he was done, he cleaned up his semen by sticking his tongue in my ass.

He rolled off me and we lay down together, side by side. He hit pause on my remote. I turned over and gave him a long, French kiss. I could taste the cum he ate out of my ass. I put my hand on his thigh. Both are cocks were losing blood.

“You are a much better fuck than that guy. Maybe my best,” he gasped.

“Well, now that you know I’m good at receiving, wanna see how well I pitch?”

I grabbed the remote and pressed play. The twink and Tom were now rubbing their dicks together. My cock was instantly hard as titanium.

Tom got in position as I slathered my dick with KY. First, I licked his hole, sticking my tongue into him, swirling it around as he moaned. I plunged my entire seven inches into his tight ass. Tom gasped and grasped the bed as I went ball deep into his ass. I grabbed his shoulder and moved in and out of him. On the screen, the twink was doing the same.

“Oh man; I’m gonna nut!” he screamed.

“Want it harder?” I asked. It was hard to talk with his steamy hole surrounding my cock.


I picked up my vibrator off the nightstand. I lubed it up and stuck right up his ass, under my cock.

The pulse of the toy on my cock was wonderful, especially while my cock was in his ass. I reached around and jerked Tom’s purple headed fuck stick. Tom moaned in ecstasy.

“Gonna…cum…” he groaned.

He turned around. I grabbed his dick and swallowed it whole. He pulled me down closer to him and took all of my seven inches.

I glanced at the TV. Tom and the twink were also doing it 69. Tom stuck a finger in my ass. I clenched his waist and pulled toward me, causing his dick to go even deeper down my throat. I feverishly licked his balls. He was quivering, about to explode. I was too. I returned the favor, putting half my hand in his ass.

His cock exploded, drowning me with salty goodness. The taste of his cum was my breaking point. I unleashed mouthfuls of sperm between his lips. He stuck my vibrator up my ass once more; making me send out another splurt of jizz all over him. He was still jizzing on my chest and torso.

We were both panting as we were done. On screen, Tom and the twink were also finished. We licked the leftover cum off each other.

I kissed him and laid my head on his chest. I inhaled the deep musk of the sweat glistening on his body.

“Now I’m ready for some hot gay sex from anyone. You’re staying over, right?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah. I got lots more to teach you.”

I smiled as I laid my head back on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. I slept like a baby.

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