Blood & Lust

Blood & Lust


Michael Clarke Duncan- Coach Clark Jackson

Eliza Dushku- Kelly Rayne

Me- Jamal Mitchell

Chloe Sevigny- Ashley Mitchell

Ja Rule- Spyder/Kenny

Bone Crusher- Jenkins/B.J.

Vin Diesel- Victor

Kristen Davis- Lara Rayne

Josey Scott- Lucas

Gerald Butler- Dracula

Fergie- Angie Baker

Ashanti- Krissy/Trix

Undertaker- Lord Ayres

James Marsters- Spike

Scott Wolf- Kurt Fuller

Started out with Nas' "Dance", then to the sex scene that had Usher's "Twork it out" and ended with Godsmack's "Awake"

The British Colonies, The 17th Century

A white man walked down an unpaved marble street rubbing his bald head. His straight face, muscular build, and other predominant feature shone somewhat thru his body language. It was late and he was hungry, hungry for blood that is. And his name was Victor.

Victor spotted his snack only a few feet away, a young man and woman in their teens were outside of the local tavern, standing there talking to each other. From the view Victor saw they seemed to be brother and sister.
“Ah two for one what a treat!” he said as he closed in on his prey.
“Oh sod it off Ashley I’m not in the mood!” said the brother to his sister. Ashley had a sweet, seductive looking face, ravishing strawberry hair, and a slender figure complete with luscious features. Ashley looked into her brother’s eyes with her green puppy dog eyes.
“Oh Jamal your piss drunk again whut will Gran say?” said Ashley. Jamal was six feet tall with a medium build, cocky, deep, brown eyes, lively face, and he spoke English when he felt like it cause Ashley never liked it.
That was when Victor made his move, his vampiric characteristics showing as he attacked, eyes turned from deep blue to fire red. First he knocked Jamal down to the ground hard. Then he held Ashley against his body, her head tilted back, fangs bared. Victor could feel her blood pumping and throbbing. Ignoring Ashley’s pleas for her life and Jamal’s he sunk his fangs into her neck. Victor drank deeply of Ashley’s blood then he dropped her limp form. Then Jamal and Victor fought each other, Victor clearly having the upper hand. Then he drank Jamal’s blood and he left them for dead. A few days later they were buried and they rose that night. Their Gran, Millie, had died tha day before. Victor sat upon a gravestone, perched waiting for his servants to rise, lantern in hand. First Jamal rose then five mins. later Ashley rose.
“Who’s hungry?” asked Victor smiling. They looked at each other and grinned. All three of them looked at the groundskeeper and Jamal with Ashley fed off the groundskeeper’s blood. together the trio wreaked havoc over the course of 300 yrs.

NYC, The Countryside, 2004

Victor had purchased a big house so we would have someplace to call home. One thing we could do that Vic couldn’t do was walk in the sunlight. Most vampires could but only if they were siblings. I noticed that Jamal he developed tha immunity sometime in ‘78. Naturally we had to attend school, the closest one was New Haven High School. We went to New Haven that Monday since we had to unpack over the weekend.

Jamal wore his custom Webs denim jacket, white shirt, black Webs jeans, & Harley Davidson boots. I simply wore a blue Hanes tee, blue L.E.I. jeans, and black DKNY shoes. He had mini dreds and I had my hair tied up in a bun. Everybody’s eyes fell on my brother, God it was embarrassing. After getting our class schedules set up, we set off to class. He had medieval history, computer works, gym, and art II. I had creative writing, art 1, gym with him, and poetry class. In computer works the teacher, Mr. Arentz, paired us together with another person. Jamal had been paired with the head varsity cheerleader, Angie Baker.
She had long bright blonde hair, a well-chiseled body, loving flirty face, and a cute smile. Angie had on a black long sleeve but it was cut up to her chest and her black Lee low rise jeans showed off her well defined pubic bone that made most girls blush. I was somewhat turned on by her appearance. Both of us had to take apart a Macintosh computer, something he was familiar with despite how old it was. After five mins. She had found the memory chips and pulled them out. “Ouch!” cried Angie as she cradled her hand that she cut on the inside of the hard drive. I stood there watching her wound bleed and for an instant I felt my animal side start to take hold. Then she went to the nurse and came back with a band-aid on it. Class was over ten minutes later and before I could go, Angie grabbed my arm. Handing me a folded piece of paper and said
“Next Friday night 8:00 be there” then she pinched my ass, smiling and walked off.

Walking to the gym I heard and saw a couple fighting. Classes were about fifty minutes apiece so it depends on how you used the time. The man was a football player and the girl was either a punk or a Goth I didn’t know.
“Go away Kurt leave me the Fuck alone!!!”she said. Kurt was about my height, half my size; he had wild hazel eyes, smart-looking face, and a voice that was persuading.
“Come on Kelly don’t be a stupid bitch!!!” he said. Then he grabbed her right arm and yanked her towards him. I intervened at that moment, shoving Kurt into a nearby locker I pinned him there with my left arm, breaking his grip on Kelly’s arm.
“If she wants left alone, then leave her alone!” Jamal said sharply. I turned to Kelly but she was gone. The hallway empty now and deafly quiet.
“I know what you are Jamal!” Kurt spat out. I smelled tha familiar scent of vampire on him.
“Son of a bitch you’re a daywalker! But how?” I exclaimed.
“Do you remember a master vampire called Lord Ayres from 1983?”
“Yea me and Victor killed him for fun so what?”
“He was my master” Kurt said simply.
“Whatever but if you touch or hurt Kelly again you’re a dead man permanently” warned Jamal then Kurt hastily left.

I went to gym and on my way I heard someone crying loudly, making a quick stop inside a classroom I grabbed a box of tissues. It was Kelly. Her dark brown dreadlock hair half covered her face. Kelly’s brown eyes were bloodshot red from crying. I could see her right arm was bruised from where he grabbed it. Handing her the box, she took it and dried her face off then I extended a hand down to her and she took it. Her black fingernails and lipstick really brought out her beautiful face.
“Are you all right Kelly?” I asked slowly.
“No” she replied and she began crying against my left shoulder.
“Hey now there’s no need to be all upset Kelly,” I said as I gently coaxed her back. So I stood there for awhile trying to make her feel better and all.

Then to my relief my sister came running up to me in a red and tan gym uniform.

“Well don’t you look sexy!” I said half smiling.

“Can it smartass Coach Clark wants you now!” Ashley said out of breath.
Looking down at Kelly I really didn’t wanna let go and leave her like this.
“Hey Kel I really don’t want to go but I gotta or Coach Clark will have my ass. But hey my sister, Ashley will take good care of you and so will the nurse allright?” I replied regrettably. Squeezing her tight one last time and giving her a kiss on the forehead, I let Ashley take her to the nurse. Then I quickly departed using my vampiric speed to get there fast. Arriving at the gym three minutes later the doors were wide open. Walking inside I could see that the gym teacher was extremely pissed off at me. Everybody was either in uniform or in their regular clothes sitting in the bleachers.
The gym teacher was a tall black man whom was bald, double my weight and strength, but he had a face like a happy 5 year old.
“Boy you are late where your fucking pass at son?” he said his nose touching mine.
His nametag read C.Jackson on the left side of his army uniform he wore.
“I don’t need one” replied Jamal coolly.
“Well Smartass you’ve just earned yourself some discipline!” Jackson said flatly.
"Jenkins! Spyder! get your asses over here now!!!" He barked. Jenkins and Spyder were both like Jackson but different sizes. Jenkins was double my weight and he had a big afro with a scary look on his face, he had on a black Fubu shirt and blue Wu Wear jeans with Timberland boots. Spyder was maybe 5'8, 135 lbs., long arms and fingers, bald with a small mustache and a look of pure attitude. Spyder had on the red shirt but had on blue Johnny Blaze pants and Nike shoes. "Now for your punishment you gotta beat all three of us!" replied Jackson laughing menacingly. I took off my jacket and tossed it to a nearby girl who caught it, next rhythmic clapping and stomping to "In Da Club" by 50 Cent started up. And so did the fight.

Jackson came at me unleashing a volley of punches and kicks, striking a blow to my lip cutting it. Then I let my vampiric strength take charge and by doing this I licked my lip, sucker punched Jackson, sending him mid air landing with a thud. Next Jenkins and Spyder did a two on one combo on me. My Hurley shirt was stretched and starting to rip in different places. I received a double punch to my gut which sent me into the wall. Coughing up blood, I did a roundhouse kick to Spyder but missed, he ducked and grabbed my leg slamming me into the mat. Jenkins seized me in a bear hug as Clark came running at me, I jumped up and Clark speared Jenkins, knocking him out. Then as Clark stood up I kicked his solar plexus and head, sending him into unconsciousness. Spyder was left to deal with. Ashley walked in and saw the mayhem.
"What's going on?" she inquired.
"New guy got challenged by Coach Clark plus Spyder and Jenkins were asked to join in!!" the boy exclaimed. "Fuck" she sighed. Spyder and Jamal jumped at each other, meeting mid air. Jamal kicked Spyder in his solar plexus sending him down to his knees on the mat, weakened. Just then a whistle blew.

"Enough welcome to gym class Jamal your damn good at fighting!" Coach Clark said panting.

"No Shit!" said Spyder and Jenkins in unison.

"Ya damn skippy I am." Jamal said also out of breath. Ashley then rushed to my side and helped me up. I had one arm exposed, shirt was stretched out, holes here and there, & driplets of blood lay on the front of my shirt. So I stopped, ripped off the other sleeve, and dropped it. Grabbing my coat on the way out, Ashley led me to the girls' bathroom.
"I cant go in there." Jamal said refusing to move.
"Tough shit." she replied and Ashley led him in, luckily it was empty.
"Now focus on healing yourself!" said Ashley firmly and so he did.

Fifteen minutes later Jamal was in art II working on clay sculptures, Kelly was working on her's across from him at the window her right arm was in a sling and wrapped in a bandage from earlier. Jamal had made an impression of her face with the clay. He went over to her and helped out with her clay pot that she had made.
"Ah damn it!" she swore.
"What's wrong?" I said.
"Whoa what the hell happened to you?" she said pointing at my shirt where there was blood. "Gym class initiation" he said flatly.
"Oh well sorry to hear bout that." Kelly apologized.
"Anyway these chinese symbols I've carved aren't turning out." complained Kelly.
"Here let me try something" I said looking around to see where the teacher was at I pulled out my butterfly knife. "Watch and learn my dear." I said smoothly.
I carved all the chinese symbols she had written down onto the clay pot, my plan worked out perfectly. Pocketing my knife she said
"Holy shit I wished I'd thought of that."
"Well an Exatco knife would've done the trick also but since your arm is in a bind I figured I'd give you a hand." I stated smiling.
That same clay pot that she made won first place three weeks. later.

After class I went home, changed, and went to Kelly's house, I had gotten her address from the school nurse. Victor grabbed my right arm from the right side of the shadowy doorway and said "You still have one weakness" When he finished, Jamal had left for Kelly's house. On the way over that phrase plagued his mind. "What is the one weakness that I have?" he said to himself. Walking down Cherry Lane wearing jacket, red muscle shirt, Gap jeans, Phat Farm sneakers, he came upon her house. It was an eight bedroom mansion that was painted in dark ocean blue and had vine growths in different places, walking up to the door Jamal noticed that it was wide open. So he walked in only to be knocked backwards by an unseen force.
"Fuck gotta be invited in. Dammit!!!" Jamal vented. Jamal called for Kelly and she answered. "Come on in I'll be down in a minute." Jamal walked in and looked around. Kelly's house was very spacious and each room had a theme. The living room had horses along with trophies, dining room was Treasure Trolls but the table and chairs were half covered with dust and white sheets. She came down wearing a blue denim jacket, matching jeans, and a white halter top. Her lips were scarlet red with Wet Diamonds lipstick by Revlon. Her hair was very cool, Kelly had put little one-inch blades on the end of each dredlock she had.
"Wow you look amazing with your hair that way." he said smiling.
"Thanks I appreciate it." Kelly replied. I noticed her arm wasn't in the sling anymore.
"Where's your sling at?" he asked.
"Upstairs" came her answer. We talked some more and then Kelly's mom came home.
She introduced her to me. Kelly's mom's name was Lara Rayne. Lara was two inches shorter than Kelly, but they had the same hair, build, eye color, and voice just about. The only difference was their faces. Jamal bowed in respect to Lara and kissed her hand.
"Oh a gentleman he's a keeper!" Lara said chuckling.
"God mom your embarrassing me." she said blushing.
"Old-tyme custom" said Jamal easily. Lara was wearing a Jaclyn Smith suit that was very deep in color.
"I've got something to show you upstairs." Kelly said.
“You two be good up there dinner'll be ready later on." Lara said to us. So they went upstairs to her room.

Kelly's room was pink all over her walls. Her bed was across from another bed and they were both vertically positioned. White shelves housed little figurines, jewelry, make up and what not. Beside her shelves was her closet, which was white but had a blue design in the middle of it, next to the closet in the corner sat a huge stuffed brown bear.
"Look at this." she said handing me a piece of paper with a drawing on it. It had a halo with "Angel Baby" written below it. She winced and rubbed her arm.
“Hey let me fix your arm it'll feel better but it'll hurt like a motherfucker for a while." I offered.
"Allrighty then do your worst" she said smiling and placing my left hand on her right shoulder, I gripped her right arm tightly and said
"You might want to bite down on something hard because you will probably scream like hell." Putting her left hand in her mouth she bit down hard and I pulled on her arm. A loud cracking snack sound resounded from her arm.
"There all better. now how do you feel?" I pondered.
"Well my hand hurt and my arm stings like a bitch but thank you" Kelly answered.
"No problem"
"Do you do tattoos?" she said as I sat on the bed.
"Yea sure but I don't use a needle." he replied.
"What do you use then?" she inquired further.
"It's a surprise" he told her.
"Do you want it or not?" he asked simply.
"Yes" Kelly said as she took off her coat.
"Well let's get started then." he said eagerly. I took off my jacket, cracked my knuckles and neck.

She turned her back to me and took her top off and she sat backwards in the chair she was in. The whole situation I was in was rather provocative. Moving her hair forward, I began with the halo. My index nail grew two inches long and I carved the halo on the back of her neck. She winced and tensed up. "Relax it stings at first but it'll go away" I said soothingly. "A'ight" she said softly. Then ten minutes later I started with the text, giving the A, G, L, B, B, and Y a curve that made it special. Fifteen minutes later I finished writing "Angel" across the top of her back underneath the halo. the top of her back had bled some but not real bad.
"Hey you got a towel?"
"Here" she said handing me one off her bed.
"Thanx." I said dabbing at the loose blood.
"Almost done sweets" I said happily. Then dabbing away loose blood, I finished up my masterpiece. Thirteen minutes later I had finished the tattoo up. As I wiped her back off she said "Thank you for stopping Kurt earlier today."
"No problem no lady should be treated like that." I said tossing the towel in her basket.

"Can I see it now?" she asked.
"Yep" I replied. Kelly got up and I looked away as she turned round, her chest to me.
"Ahh I love it!" she said shrieking.
"My first time doing a tattoo." Jamal admitted. Then she sat down in his lap, arms wrapped round the back of his head, stroking it.
"You’re a bashful, shy, little virgin!" exclaimed Kelly.
"Yep caught me dead" he admitted again. Then she grabbed my chin and pulled my face to hers and said "I think it's cute" and she kissed me.
Kelly had sweet tender lips and a mesmerizing tongue, next we made out but didn't have sex. Afterwards we lay on the bed, both shirtless, her head lay on my stomach, locks askew, Jamal stroking her hair absent-mindedly.
"Well that was fun but I gotta go Kel." he said affectionately.
"Allright I'll see you later." Kelly said sitting up holding her jacket against her chest.
Then he leaned over and kissed the "G" on her back and blew gently on it. Putting on his shirt and pulling on his jacket, he went downstairs. As I reached the door, I noticed her mom wasn't home. Kelly was standing right behind me, the door ajar.
"Your not leaving without giving me a goodnight kiss are you?" said Kelly grinning.
"No! I'd never do that to you" and so I did give her a goodnight kiss.
"Does this mean we're going out?" I said scratching the back of my head.
"Maybe if you want a girlfriend like me" she proposed.
Then a high-pitched scream broke the dead silence.
"Well my dear you'll have to find out tomorrow." kissing her soft lips and ruffling her hair one last time he dashed off towards the graveyard twenty minutes later he reached St. Lotus Cemetery which was surrounded by trees that formed a crescent moon shape around the gravestones.

The scene he saw surprised him, Lara had a stake in one hand, a vampire's throat in the other along with four vamps closing in on her.
"That's just great" he said half-smiling. Lara was a slayer. Throwing off his jacket, he joined the fight letting his vampiric features take over.
"Hey aren't you—" started Lara.
"No talk just fight" I said impaling a vamp onto a gravestone's cross. Then Victor showed up.
"Need some help homes?" he said, the moonlight glistening off his bald head, fangs bared.
"What do you think I'm doing? fucking around of course I need help!!" Jamal countered and minutes later all the vampires were dead.
"Thanks for the help but I want some answers now" Lara demanded. So I explained everything. "But this is my territory okay?" Victor said.
"Shut up Victor" I said.
"I don't care whose turf it belongs to I stake wherever vampires are at!" interjected Lara.
Victor was so pissed off his eyes turned black.
"Go home Vic don't start shit that'll get you killed” said Jamal warningly. So he left it was now 8:30 p.m. I walked Lara over to her Range Rover and asked unsure
"I need a favor from you" Jamal asked rubbing his neck.
"That depends on what it is" answered Lara.
"Don't tell Kelly what I am allright?"
"Yea sure but- then she grabbed my arm and hurled my against the left side of the Rover, stake pressed against my chest- "if I ever see you trying to make her drink your blood or anybody's blood or if I find teeth marks on her body anywhere your gonna be a dead man literally. You got that?" said Lara flatly.
"Yea I got that crystal clear" with that I walked home and she drove off.

Then I ran into Spyder who was walking around the area smoking a blunt.
"Hey Spyder what's up man?" I called to him. Then he turned round a look of raw fury on his face. "Fuck off Asshole don't talk to me!!!" Spyder shouted pulling out two chrome plated Colt .45's which he aimed at me.
"Easy man no need to get violent man!" I said calmly.
"Fuck You!" and he fired. Falling down to all four's I said
"Now I'm pissed!!!" lunging at Spyder I sank my fangs into his neck drinking his blood.

Then I went home where me and Victor argued over what happened. Fists and words flew so much that Ashley separated us both.
"Cut this fucking shit out now!!!" yelled Ashley.
"Fuck you Victor!" Jamal ejaculated.
"How dare you I raised you from my own blood and this the respect I get?" spat Victor as he picked up the 12 gauge and pumped it.
"Die you mangy bastard!!!" He roared and fired. I vanished and reappeared next to him, so I punched him in the face, taking the gun from him.
"How in the hell did you do that?" asked Ashley shocked.
"Don't know how it just happened." he answered mystified. Victor had disappeared.
"Man fuck this I'm outta here!" He said tossing the 12 gauge on the floor. Out back Jamal practiced self-defense against the tree til 1:00 a.m., then he showered and slept in the cottage.

Two days later on Wednesday school was the same, Spyder whose real name was Kenny and Jenkins whose real name was Benny warmed up to Jamal a little bit. Gym was fun since Jackson was afraid of Jamal.
"Yo you rollin at the party on Friday?" Benny said.
"Yep" answered Jamal.
"Of course he is" said Kenny smiling.
"Hey man sorry about last night" Kenny said to me in a low tone.
"Everything's cool man" I assured. After gym I went to art II. Kelly went in then I smacked her ass. "Hey!" she said looking me in the eyes and smiling.
"Today class we'll begin painting from the mind's eye" the teacher said addressing the whole class. Everyone had easels in front of them, all of the people had drawn something unique. A bowl of fruit, album covers, animals, nature, and what not. Kelly had painted a falcon perched on a branch. Jamal had sketched and painted her at work
"That is really extraordinary work Jamal" the teacher rounded on him. Then the bell rang and school was over. I went over to Kelly's house around 8:00 and it was dark out. Running into her mom she told me that Kelly went for a night stroll. So I went off in search of Kelly.
I found her all right but she was in a fight with Kurt.
"Come on Kel just go back out with me please?" pleaded Kurt.
"God just go away Kurt leave me be I don't like you anymore!" I screamed. Kelly had on black overalls and a yellow shirt that said "PHAT" on it in red lettering. That’s when I saw Jamal running at Kurt full speed. Two seconds later he plowed into Kurt knocking him down.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“Yea I’ll survive” I answered. Kurt and him fought hard and bloody, then he pinned Kurt on the ground, and I saw both their faces change, their teeth and eye color too. He looked at me and said, “Run!!!!” And I did run like hell screaming.
“What’s the matter pretty boy? think she’s scared of you” sneered Kurt and he kicked Jamal into a tree taking off after Kelly. Jamal recovered and went after Kurt. A minute later he dropkicked Kurt just as he caught ahold of Kelly’s shoulder, knocking him down to the ground. I got up fast and ran off, leaving them behind. Jamal and Kurt fought with sheer bruteness spilling blood on the wet grass. Then Ashley appeared, with the 12 gauge in hand and she fired, Kurt exploded splashing blood on Jamal’s brown shirt and coat.
“Go get her!” called Ashley and with that I went after Kelly. Catching up with her seven minutes later I grabbed her shoulder.
“WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!?!” shouted Kelly.
“It’s me Jamal what’s wrong?” I said.
“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!” she screeched. Then I reached out to caress her left cheek and she kneed me in the groin. Then she ran off crying. I started after her but, Ashley seized my arm firmly and said “Give her sometime.”

I ran and ran until I could run no more. Kelly ended up at her brother’s house, which was two streets over from the school. It was 12:30 a.m. and raining rather harshly outside. Ringing the doorbell and pounding on tha door he finally answered five minutes later.
“Who is it?” he replied groggily.
“It’s me” I said sobbing and rubbing my arms trying to stay warm.
“Come on in come here! Oh sis what’s wrong?” he asked bringing me inside from the rain. “Everything in my whole fuckin’ life has come crashing the fuck down!” I cried and panted. So I told him everything about the fight and Jamal turning into a vampire. Ryan was height, same build, except that he had a soother voice than mine.
“So your telling me that your new boyfriend, Jamal is a vampire and Kurt is one also?” he said to sum up everything I had said.
“Yes that’s right!” I said but I saw the skepticism in his eyes after all, he did just move back from Ohio State University six months ago and he doesn’t believe in vampires.
“Yeahhhhhhhhhhh sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Kelly now I have to get up in the morning for work so I bid you goodnight.” said Ryan as he ruffled my damp hair.
“Here ya go” he said tossing me some dry clothes, blankets, a towel, and cocoa to drink and cover up with.
“Thanks” I replied furiously drying my hair. And I fell asleep in his bed, which made Ryan a little upset, but he slept on the couch. She stayed at his until Thursday and didn’t go to school until the same day.

Angie kept on flirting with me until I had enough.
“Just stop it a’ight? I don’t like you like that!” he shouted at Angie.
“Well god I’m just trying to be friendly shit!” Angie shot back.
“A little too friendly for my taste.” Jamal countered, next was gym then art II, in the middle of art, I made my way over to Kelly. She wore a painter’s suit that was dark blue with her name on the right and the left side had a gas station logo on it.
“How are you?” I asked worried.
“I don’t even know what’s real anymore.” Kelly replied.
“I’m real” I said placing her hand over my heart I said
“Do you feel my heart beating same as yours that’s real.”
“What do you expect me to do just pretend nothing happened and everything’s all hunky-fucking-dory?” she spat.
“No I just want to talk to you later today.” He said pleadingly the bell rang and she dashed out the door. I grabbed her arm and pulled her round to face me.
“I’m gonna be late for work let me go!” she said.
“I wanna talk to you after work please” I said nicely.
“Fuck you I’m going!” she said as I released my grip on her and she left ponytail swinging, blades tinkling.
“Awwww can it be? My little bro is heartbroken?” Ashley sneered so I punched my locker in frustration, severely denting it.
“Don’t even start with me smartass!” I spat.
“Goddammit it just doesn’t make sense.” He said anger in his tone.
“Now, now let me talk to her give it a woman’s touch.” Ashley offered.
“I don’t care” he said exhausted.
“I’ll be home later Vic wants me I’ll be over at Spyder’s house.” Jamal informed his sister then he hopped in the back of Benny’s truck and they rode off. Ashley went home with Angie in her silver Honda Prelude. Angie’s Prelude had ten inch red and green rims, black flames on either side of the car, tricked out lights, Alpine sound system, and a racing spoiler. They made some small talk on the way to Ashley’s house.
“Thanks for the ride home.” She said.
“No problem. Hey are you going to my party tomorrow night?” inquired Angie.
“I’ll make an appearance.” She replied.
“Allright then.” and she drove off, T.I.’s “Rubberband Man” blaring.

The blue sky held the sun in high regard. A crisp, light breeze swept over the grass giving it a wave effect. She walked in the house and Victor stood in the doorway into the kitchen, a look of doubt on his face.
“What’s is it?” she asked.
“Ayres is back I don’t know how or why but I found out while I was drinking in my favorite bar last night. So now we gotta keep ourselves on the alert and in shape.” I said implying a sense of focus.
“What are you saying I’m fat?” Ashley questioned crossing her arms.
“No you stooge!” I said laughing.
“Allright then outback ten minutes then.” Outback of the house, Victor and she trained with every weapon they had.

Around 4:30 Ashley took Jamal’s 2004 Honda Accord which had various upgrades. The engine was replaced with a Porsche 911 turbo, fifteen inch chrome plated spinners by Dub City, Ultraviolet lens in the front and back, Sony cd player sound system with Kenwood subwoofers, hydraulics, spoiler, and it was colored black with green dragons on either side but on the hood of the car was a vampire drinking from a girl’s neck. Getting in she looked for the switches and finding them, Ashley hit the forth one and the car lowered to the ground, then she drove off to meet up with Kelly. She got 2 BFPE’s Xtra Plus gas station twenty minutes later.
“Hey Mac what time is it?” Kelly said from underneath a VW.
“Almost five.” Ashley said.
“What are you doing here?” asked Kelly.
“Just to talk is all.” she answered.
“Hand me that Phillips!” Kel asked.
“So about my brother……” Ashley started.
“Motherfucking son of a bitch!!” Kelly swore as she rolled out from under the VW, a small but rapidly puddle of oil followed her. Standing up and wiping the oil off of her face Kelly said, a look of disgust on her face
“Look I know your trying to help but please don’t.”
“Just leave and spare tha bullshit!” Kelly said firmly tossing the dirty oiled up towel onto a set of tools.
Fine then but my brother loves you just remember that.” Ashley said leaving. Kelly drew on that thought for awhile.
“I hate it when she’s right” she said getting back under the car. At seven she punched out and went to her brother’s house.

Meantime over at Spyder’s house, all three of them were talking and smoking cigarettes.
“Man why you sweating that trick for?” Kenny said.
“Don’t call her a trick. She’s my soulmate asswipe.” He shot back.
“Chill out man I thought she was going out with Kurt?” asked Benny. I finished my Newport and said, “I killed him last Wednesday.”
“Your shaking my dick aren’t you?” Spyder said smiling.
“I shake it not.” I countered snapping my fingers for a flame to get a fresh one from my thumb. “Damn homey what was used? Was he one of us?” Kenny asked.
“My sis shot him with a 12 gauge and yes he was.” Jamal replied coolly.
“What was Kurt anyway?” Benny asked curious.
“Vampire” said Kenny simply.
“Ya right” Benny said laughing.
“Oh really?” I said as my features shone upon my face.
“Do you want bit?” I inquired to Benny.
“Why not?” Benny said finishing his blunt. I started to get up and Benny said
“I want Ashley to do it.”
“It is kinda gay when a guy vamp bites a man’s neck.” Kenny laughed making a stupid gesture. “Yea Spyder that would be like Carson kissing Dracula!” Benny busted out laughing.
“I’m going to talk to Kelly.” I said leaving his house.
Arriving at her brother’s house forty-five minutes later on foot, I knocked. His house was a dark brick red that was small but tall.
“Who is it?” her brother asked, opening the door.
“I’m Jamal is Kelly around?” I asked.
“Yes and she doesn’t want to talk to you.”
“Let me hear her say that!” he barked.
“I don’t want to talk!!” she yelled from inside the house.
“Now go away you freak!” Ryan said as he started to close the door, but I stopped it halfway.
“You calling me a freak?”
“Yes I am now leave my sister alone!”
“I asked nicely if I could talk to her now I’m gonna asked again- I said letting my vampire face come out- let me talk to Kelly now!!!” Ryan slammed the door, screaming like a little girl and ran into the bathroom. Then two minutes later Kelly emerged in her uniform, black on her face, hair askew.
“You ignorant fucker what’d u do that for?” she blasted at me then she slapped his face.
“Well I guess he believes in vampires now” I chuckled.
“Your not funny!” she said trying to hold back a smile.
“I wanna talk to you please?” I said.
“No! Go home!” she rhetorted.
“You look stunning” I complimented.
“Now your trying to charm me” she said crossing her arms.
“And get into your pants go with me to the party tomorrow night.” I asked.
“If you want to talk be at my house in an hour.” she said spitting on the ground.
“So are you still mad at me?”
“If you don’t go I’ll beat your ass!”
“Try me” he said invitingly. Kelly threw a punch I grabbed her arm, twisted it behind her back and said giving her a dozen red and pink roses bouquet that was in my back pocket
“Your favorite.” She broke free and said
“You never take a hint do you?”
“Nope never could” I replied. Now she was biting her lower lip and stomping her left foot, a sign that she still liked me.
“You love me!” I announced.
“No I don’t!” she bellowed throwing the bunch of roses down and she went inside. Jamal jumped lightly on the roof and looked down, sure enough she reemerged and gathered up the roses. “Why do I luv that man?” she said to herself as she leaned against the door, smelling the roses.
“Is he gone?” called Ryan from the bathroom.
“Yea come on out you big baby!” she said laughing. “I know why you love him.” He said smiling a little bit.
“Why’s that?”
“Because he’s an all-nighter with you!!” Ryan said kissing a pillow and imitating Kelly. “Asshole!” I said gathering my stuff up. On the roof Jamal sighed and said “Sucker” He laughed and took off heading home.

Ashley did my hair into cornrows as I told her what Benny said. “Your kidding right?” she said.
“I kid you not.” He replied.
“If that’s what he wants Allright your done.” She said slapping my head. Over at Kelly’s house in the shower, she dwelled on her thoughts. After her shower, Kelly dried off and her mom walked in.
“Hey honey I’m going out for awhile.” Lara said.
“Allright” I said tiredly, straighten my robe.
“Hey where’d you get the tattoo from?” she asked curiously.
“Jamal did it” I said.
“Oh wow he did a great job on it.” Lara commented. Lara had on a sweater, blue Wranglers, and Payless boots. Soon after Lara departed. At 8:05 the doorbell rang and Kelly lay on her bed in her robe, damp hair laying long. Answering the door he said
“I hope your not talking to me wearing that.”
“Give me a minute.” I said quickly throwing on a blue Gremlins logo shirt, DKNY pants, and boots she went back down and so they walked around, Jamal telling her everything.
“Information overload” she said.
“You forgive me?” he asked.
“Maybe that depends on if you have anymore secrets.”
“Nope no secrets.” I replied. Then she kissed me. After that I said
Your mom knew my secret and I saw you pick up those roses!”
Bastard! See what happens when I forgive you, you go and lie to me!” she said and hit my shoulder.
“Well you caught me guilty as charged.” She said throwing her hands up in the air, laughing.
A few yards away I could see Victor and Lara fighting. Victor and Lara were trading punch after kick after block yelling and cursing at each under the midnight sun. Jamal and Kelly saw Victor get kicked onto his back then he sprung back up with a two punch combo right then left followed by a left sucker punch, so Lara took the sucker punch then folding her hands together she brought them up from her left hip and connected with his jaw knocking him back a couple steps then she pulled a stake out and that’s when I dashed off.
“What is it?” she said concerned.
“Victor and your mom fighting.” He said. I ran at Victor, Kelly catching up later.
“What the fuck is wrong with you man?” I barked at Victor.
“Just funnin’ around with the slayer.” He said smirking. They argued back and forth a long time. Then he went to hit Lara but I caught his fist in my hand.
“Don’t even think about it.” I warned him.
“Fuck this but if you ever do something like that again I will kill you!” Victor said running off. Lara was okay just shaken up a bit.

Friday we went to Angie’s house for her party. Everybody was either in the pool or in a bedroom getting freaky. There was alcohol and some weed but I stayed away from it. Strolling up in my Accord with Spyder riding on the roof, Jamal hit the second switch causing the front to bounce and Spyder busted out hooting and laughing. Angie’s whole front yard was covered with cars and herds of everyone from school. I parked the Accord next to Benny’s green Ford Ranger. I had on a white long sleeve Hurley shirt, Paco jeans, Independent hat on backwards, and G-Unit sneakers. Walking in the door I saw that Kelly was sitting with some of her friends, wearing an exquisite fire red Gucci dress, black stiletto’s with a matching Prada purse. Her hair was in dreds but without the blades, lips glistened with lipgloss and I knew was that she was absolutely spellbinding.
“Mmmmm-mmmmmm bitch!! Hey cutie!” I said walking up to her.
“Not looking bad yourself.” She said kindly. Kenny and Benny were there also wearing street clothes. Angie had on the same top from the first day but she wore a skirt with a unique floral design. After a couple of hours everybody was either drunk, passed out, or had gone home. Ashley stayed til 1:15 a.m. Saturday morning; she wore a pink lace dress made by Karl Kani, with matching lavender Sketchers sandals.
“Well I’m leaving see you later.” Ashley said exiting Angie’s house stepping over the passed out party people.

I looked at Kelly and she said
“I don’t feel right.” Picking up her cup I sniffed it, somebody had spiked her drink. Grabbing her and her things, I carried Kelly out to Benny’s truck and he took us home.
“Hurry there’s something wrong with her!!” I shouted to Spyder through the cab window. Her house was forty minutes away, we got there in twenty minutes time. Kelly began having short spasms and grunting. Running up the steps, Kelly in my arms, I kicked the front door open and Lara screamed.
“Long story short: spiked drink, Angie’s party, spasms, and your house.” I said quickly.
“Lay her on the couch hurry!” Lara said moving shit outta the way.
“What was in her drink?” Lara asked me. “Jack Daniels straight up”
“Shit! Kenny give me the needle in the kitchen drawer.” Lara said panicking.
“It’s not here!” shouted Kenny. Checking her purse I found the cover for the needle, but no needle.
“Ah that’s my girl she’s smart but where is it?” Lara said half- smiling and crying.
“What’s it for?” I asked unsure.
“Without that needle she’ll go into a coma and die.” Lara said breaking down.
“I’ll be back!” I said dashing out the door and back to Angie’s house.
Throwing her door wide open I said
“Where is it?” Angie sat there, cross-legged and smiling holding the needle.
“I don’t allow drugs much less heroin at any of my parties so I guess if you want it so bad come and get it.” She said starting to inject herself.
“NO!!!!” I said as I snatched the needle from her hand pocketing it I grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and slammed Angie up against the right side of the doorway, vampire features in full effect.
“You worthless slut!” and I took off with every stride that I took I could only think of how fast she was slipping away from my life. I jumped in tha doorway and yelled “HERE!!!” and tossed the needle. The needle seemed to move very slow as it flew into Lara’s outstretched hand. Kelly got the injection and she lay there with her head moving back and forth. I went through the stairs into the basement with a loud crash. Jamal emerged from where he went through with the help of Benny. He stood there dusty, cuts here and there, but otherwise all in one piece.
“Now I owe you one for saving her life.” Lara said running a hand through Kelly’s hair. Jamal stood there, tears swelling in his now black eyes.
“I gotta go home.” Jamal said rushing out the door.
“Wait up man!” called Benny.
“Go back inside man I mean it!” he warned. I felt him clasp my shoulder and I threw him onto the porch then he ran home.
“Yo Benny you ok man?” Kenny said helping him up.
“Yea just dandy.” He replied.

Running into the house, Jamal slammed into Victor.
“What’s wrong, son?” Victor said offering Jamal a hug they embraced and he told Vic what happened. The sight itself was beautiful: two common enemies acting as father and son.
Around three am he left his house and went to Kelly’s house. The anger and sadness had left him but the rage still remained, punching a nearby tree and severing it in half made Jamal feel better. He spotted her lamp and jumped up to her window, pushed it up and entered. Kelly lay there in her bed, sheet covered up to her chest, she looked so peacefully serene. Pulling up her chair he sat next to her, shedding tears and quiet sobs, holding her hand. One of his tears hit her hand and she squeezed his grip lightly. He looked up and smiled wiping his eyes.
“Hey” Kelly said weakly.
“You’re allright?” he said face liting up they talked some more until 3:45 and he fell asleep crying but the tears he shed weren’t of pain but of joy. Lara walked in Kelly’s room and covered up Jamal with a quilt and with that an almost tragic day passed.

In Nov. classes changed. Ashley had drama, English, History II with Spyder, and cultural arts with Kelly. Jamal had art III, theater II, animation with Kelly, and weight lifting with Benny. Benny and Spyder had literature and gym classes together at different times. Kelly had clothing design, floral design, animation, and weight lifting. Things were going steady with Kelly and Jamal. In mid November, Benny and Ashley went out for a date and she turned him. Come December the winter dance had come around. During animation one day in December Jamal and Kelly talked to each other.
“Take me to the dance this Saturday.” Kelly said using her puppy dog eyes.
“Maybe if you stop giving me that face!” I said grinning.
“Allright” she said bumping me into the computer.
“Hey look at this!” I said to her as I brought up an image on my screen of her getting humped by a dog.
“You little pervert! Get rid of it now!” she yelled at me. I got rid of it and she hit me in the face. “What was that for?” I shot back.
“Cause I love you that’s why!” Kelly said kissing me.
The winter dance was almost magical. Everybody I knew was there to talk, most of them were there to dance. Both Ashley and I had on the same dress but different colors; mine was pastel white and Ashley’s lavender with a red scarf.
“Won’t you get us some punch dear?” I said to Jamal.
“Yea sure.” He said with a half smile. Ashley came with Benny, I came with Jamal, and Spyder came with his girlfriend, Krissy but everyone called her Trix. Trix was black, about 5’6 with a sweet caring face, small lips, along with a sweet loving and affectionate voice. She had on a fuchsia dress with white dress shoes; the boys had tuxedos on. Five minutes later Jamal came back with drinks and Benny who had a hat on.
“Take off your hat silly!” Ashley said laughing.
“No please don’t!” but it was too late as Benny pleaded with Ashley.
“Awww you look so cute with cornrows. And a tux!! Let’s go dance!” she said dragging Benny onto the dance floor. Various artists were played from 50 cent to B2K.
“Glad I don’t have to dance.” I said looking at Kelly.
“Oh really?” she said pulling me to the floor.
“Who did spike my drink?” Kelly said resting her head on my right shoulder. My english accent cam on unexpectedly.
“That little tarty whore, Angie.” I said rubbing her back.
“Figures jealous bitch like her with nothing better to do.” She said matter-of-factly.
“Thank you.,” she said quietly.
“No problem.” I replied. At 10:50 p.m. the winter king and queen were announced. Ashley got queen and none other than Benny got king. Anastacia’s “I Dreamed of U” was playing. We watched those two dance it was kinda cute and funny, due to the fact that he was half watching his footing and half watching Ashley’s sweet smile and with that the dance was over.

On the way out we saw Angie in a white floral dress with the Quarterback in tow.
“Congrats on being king and queen you two.” Angie said all cheery.
“Thanx” Ashley said crossing her arms, lips pursed.
“I’m sorry bout spiking your drink Kelly if I had known—” Angie but was cut off by Kelly.
“You know what? Fuck off I don’t need your shit because you knew what Jack Daniels or any other beer does to me!” Kel said firmly.
“Tell me Angie where’d you get that dress at Goodwill or Sears?” Ashley said grinning.
“No a Versace catalog!” Angie shot back.
“Red Light District Goodwill catalog!” Spyder said laughing. Benny and Spyder high-fived on that note. The QB’s name was David Parker, he had a smug face, big build, and he was 6’1. He gave Kelly a dirty look.
“Come on let’s get away from those dykes and porch monkeys!” David sneered. I felt my vampiric side start to rise, a guttural growl issued from my throat then I looked at Kelly and she said
“No he isn’t worth it.” Then David said
“You three- he indicated Kenny, Benny, and Trix- you can go the fuck back to Africa!!”
“Okay now he’s worth it.” Kelly said. Spyder and I went after David but stopped and Angie said “That’s right you dirty, filthy, crazy—- aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!” A foot stuck out and she tripped on it, falling into the mud pulling David down with her.
“It’s not everyday you see a couple of pigs in the mud!” a familiar voice said blowing a puff of smoke into the air. Victor walked in and said
“That should keep her busy.” All of us said together at Angie and David
“Damnnnn You Got Knocked The Fuck Out!!” I doubled over laughing until I couldn’t breathe. Soon we were all laughing and falling over minutes later Spyder, Benny, and the girls went to the cars and Angie was cleaning herself up. David said to Jamal and Victor
“Lord Ayres will kill you all!” and he fell back down in the mud. Victor leaned against the door and laughed.
“That asshole is dead!” I walked over, my eyes had turned blood red, looking down at him I said “Here’s a message- then I kicked him hard in his face and finished with -“Tell him he can go and fuck himself!” Victor had a lit Newport in his mouth, still laughing. When we emerged the posse had left. My car was still there. He had on silk Wrangler shirt, black Lee jeans, with a black jacket and red Lugz. Snapping my fingers, my left thumb sprouted a flame and I used it to lit my Newport a little magic trick I picked up over the years.
“Thanks back there.” I said smiling.
“I got tired of her bitching!” he said mimicking Angie.
“You know in April we have to go the annual meeting in Transylvania and met Dracula at the same time.” Vic said.
“Yep I know Christ I almost forgot.” He said then as we made our way out two dorky kids a boy and a girl most likely freshmen both dressed for the dance. The boy had on black rimmed glasses stood about 5'7 and his girl had on red rimmed glasses stood three taller than him but was still pretty minus the freckles all over her face she was very nervous not to mention shaking.
“Hello Jamal my name is Penny and this is my date Chester”
“Hello” I said laughing slightly.
“I’ll be in the car” Victor said chuckling and shaking his head.
“Yea sure thing so what can I do for you two?”
“You mean what can we do for you?” Chester said smirking.
“Ah that would be?”
“We and the Math Club were left in charge of videotaping the dance….”
I shook my head and laughed.
“Let me guess you caught the whole argument on tape?”
“Oh yea” they both said rubbing their hands together.
“You gonna sell me a copy?”
“Yeppers for a small fee” Penny said smiling with her braces showing.
“How much?” I said fishing for my wallet.
“No money just a kiss” Penny said and I stopped and looked at her.
“Okay that works” and I leaned in pecking Penny softly on her lips causing her to flush red and giggle.
“Oh great now I’ll never hear the end of it” Chester said shaking his head.
“Be sure to play that Monday morning” I said winking and walked off.

We got to Kelly’s house a half hour later she sat on her porch steps, dangling her dress shoes in one hand, and a soda in the other. I got out and she ran up to me barefoot, her hair glistened in the pale moonlight.
“I’m gonna leave you two lovebirds alone.” Victor said taking off.
“Tell me a story.” She said wrapping her arms around my waist. I looked into his eyes, god I wanted him so bad but I contained my hormones for now.
“Well there once was a boy and girl who had a complicated relationship”
“Oh really?” she said smirking as we made our way over to the tire swing.
“It turned out that he was a vampire and she was scared of him because of that.”
“Sounds like she’s a coward!” she commented.
“But then she got into some deep shit and he saved her so they got back together.” I said as she swung on the tire.
“So how does it end?” Kelly asked me.
“That depends on you.” I said stopping the tire.
“Well happily ever after. How bout some skinny dipping?” Kelly inquired.
“What the hell!” he said. Kelly climbed out of the tire swing and ran towards the pool in back of her house. She pulled off her dress to reveal a Paco denim blue bikini two piece. I stripped down to my tiger stripped boxers and I jumped in. the water was warmish and a light had come on. “Don’t worry about the light it’s auto.” She reassured me. The pool was about six or seven feet deep.
“Okay” I said and dunked her head beneath the water she popped up and called me a bastard. Shaking her wet locks we met midway in the pool.
“Do you love me for real?” Kelly asked me.
“The tattoo I gave you connects us mentally and emotionally that’s how much you mean to me.” He said sincerely then I kissed her warm wet lips and she kissed me back. I broke the kiss, dove underneath her, untied her top and went to the other end of the pool near the house.
“You dickhead!” she echoed swimming towards me, and Kelly slapped my chest hard.
“Damn I feel like Liza Minelli’s husband!”
“If you don’t quit you will!” she said threatening me.
“Give me back my top!” she said so instead of giving it to her I tossed it back to the door.
“You son of a b—–“ and cutting her off I kissed her sweet lips again.

In school Monday, a mysterious tape was played throughout the whole morning showing Angie’s mud performance. In mid February classes changed again. I took all gym classes and everyone else had each other’s classes from the previous quarter. Benny joined me in gym also.
“You need a nickname Benny my man.” Jamal said while he lifted two cars up in reps, the whole class watching including the teacher in utter befuddlement.
“How about Bear?”
“Too original”
“BJ!” I said finally.
“Your initials!” Jamal added. So with a new name BJ was a happy man he and Ashley were going really good that they even had sex or so I heard. Spyder managed to turn Trix into a vampire and she didn’t even care. Then February ended and March came by on Saint Patrick’s Day we had off so I chose that day to tell Kelly. I went over to her house later that day. Ashley had given me a note from her telling me to come over.

Arriving at her house around 8:30 p.m. I knocked and the door swung open. I pulled my switchblade and entered, senses on full alert, then Kelly called to me from upstairs. Lara had been pulling long shifts at the office. I stood in her doorway clad in Jnco jeans, Lugz, white Converse muscle shirt, diamond bracelet, watch, and my leather jacket. Kelly had lit candles all round her room and a red rose lay on her bed. I also noticed that she had taking out the spare bed and some other things. Pocketing my switchblade, she finished writing something in her diary and stood up. She had a pink transparent nighty and blue Dani jeans; her hair was still in locks. She embraced me and kissed me then said,
“Stay the night with me please?” I started to talk but she put her finger to my lips and took off my jacket. Then I slid her nighty off and kissed her shoulder and moved down to her chest. I could feel my vampiric nature take hold of me. I started to sink my teeth into her left breast, but I stopped.
“It’s allright I want to know how it feels.” She said then I sank my fangs into Kelly’s left breast as she lay her back on the bed. It was like an unstoppable orgasm, I saw every victim Jamal had killed everything flashed so fast all I could see and hear was his victims’ pleas for help and their blood spray as he savagely fed from their necks. I could feel the tattoo bleeding a little but it didn’t matter and the next thing I knew we were having sex. Jamal took the rose and dragged it slowly down her chest, over her supple breasts, belly button, navel, backup to her nose and repeated it twice. He bit my breast again and this time I saw him and Victor fighting a much stronger vampire, Ashley laid against a building unconscious or dead I could not tell but they defeated this vampire with stakes and guns and then all at once it faded away to black. We went the whole nine yards minus oral sex. I looked at her face, it was so tired but full of energy. Stoking her cheek, Kelly moaned slightly and looked at me.
“Your eyes are turning hazel.” I informed her.
“I can feel it.” It was 2:07 Saturday morning.
“Is my back bleeding?” she said rolling to her side.
“A little bit but nothing serious.” I told her.
“I have to leave today at 5:00 this afternoon.” I said sadly.
“I know Ashley told me. But why you?” she asked.
“Because the council wants details on Lord Ayres’ death, and the fact that he’s back.” I said. We talked until 3:33 and fell asleep my head resting on her right breast. My dreams were calm and peaceful inside of bedlam and blood. Kelly had an unsettling dream that woke her up at noon. Jamal got up at 2:30 Saturday afternoon.

I was downstairs wearing Care Bears underwear and my blue robe drinking chocolate milk and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He came down with his pants on, shirt hanging on his right shoulder, jacket in his left hand. I walked up behind her and kissed her neck, hand on her shoulders.
“Good afternoon, dear.” Kelly said to me.
“How are you feeling?” I asked as she turn to face me.
“Well after six hours of sex you tell me!” she said laughing.
“I feel a little exhausted but at full strength.” she finished. Kelly handed me a bag of clothes that my sister dropped off.
“Why can’t I can with you?” Kelly asked.
“Only me and Victor can go because that’s what the council asked.” I explained.
“Why can’t you have alcohol?” I asked.
“When I was thirteen my doctor told me that I have an imbalance in my body chemistry or something like that.” She told him after that Jamal got dressed and had two Pepsi’s then Kelly walked over and sat in my lap.
“What is it my dear?” I inquired.
“Let’s cuddle for awhile.” She responded, rubbing my right ear lobe and resting her head on my left shoulder.
“A’ight we can do that for a little while I guess.” and so they did with her laying in his arms resting her head on his right shoulder.

Heading for the train station in her mom’s Range Rover, they talked. Victor was standing at the crossing with a black leather Armani trenchcoat, white Phat Farm shirt, blue jeans with black Timberlands. I had on my jacket, blue Fubu shirt, Phat Farm jeans, and black Nike’s. Ashley had on her outfit from the first day of school; everyone else was dressed in street clothes. Victor and I bid farewell to everyone then Spyder, BJ, Trix, and Ashley departed from the crossing. Kelly followed suit, but then turned on heel and ran back to me. I picked her up and kissed her like we would never see each other again. She jumped down, tears streaming.
“It’ll be only a couple of days I’ll be back before you know it.” I said wiping away her tears with my thumbs.
“The clock is ticking you know.” Victor said urging me to hurry up.
“Shut up!” both of them said.
“I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can.” I said kissing her forehead.
“I love you” she said choking back sobs.
“I love you too Angel Baby!” I said holding back my own wave of grief kissing her warm gentle lips and hugging her I got on the train and never looked back, something that he had never done before. Looking out his window he could see Kelly running with the train until the platform ended. Jamal sat down and wiped his eyes.
“I got something in my eye.” He said to Victor.
“Bullshit! You miss her I can tell.” Victor said.
“It’s allright I won’t tease you for it.” Victor said patting my back after the train ride they had to take a flight that lasted ten hours.

Staying a local inn, Victor fell asleep in the chair in his room. Jamal had his own room in which he wept. Then at 10:30 p.m. he went for a stroll on the streets.
“Wow this hasn’t changed that much since I last visited.” He thought to himself.
Transylvania had gone through a lot of changes over the years jamal then pulled out his Samsung N270 cell and said
“I wonder….” Turning it on the screen said “Signal found” he dialed Kelly’s number and to his luck she answered three rings later.
“Hello” she said lightly.
“Hey angel baby!” he said smiling.
“Jamal is it really you?!” she said voice breaking into sobs.
“Yea it’s me.” I said tears coming back into my eyes so I sat down on a barrel and we talked. After five minutes the phone cut abruptly.
“Kelly! Kelly are you there!!!!!?!?!?” I said panicking, she called his number and the got the same message “The number you have reached is no longer in service.”
“NO! NO! Not Again!!!” Kelly shouted and she ran into her room, fell on the bed, and cried.

After recovering from the cellphone mishap, Kelly was taken by Ashley to go on her first hunt. Ashley stalked after a bunny rabbit that was hopping around and Kelly frowned in dismay.
“But I don’t wanna kill the cute wittle rabbit” she pouted sadly.
“You gotta eat something or you’ll die and that’ll make Jamal very pissed and sad because he loves you”
“I know but it’s a rabbit he’s cute, fuzzy, cuddly—“
“And good for dinner” Ashley said laughing.
“It’s not funny” she grumbled pulling her denim jacket by JLO closer to her body then reluctantly pounced and bounded after the fleeing rabbit and caught it then face morphing she bit savagely into it’s neck bones snapping briskly in the cool silent night. Ashley kneeled beside her rubbing her back with her right hand as Kelly fed crying softly but then relinquished the rabbit to the ground wiping her lips clean along with Ashley’s help they buried the rabbit and went to her bedroom to sleep for the night.

The following night Jamal and Victor attended the meeting, Count Dracula himself held the meeting. Entering the abandoned cathedral which some cracks in the ceiling allowing moonlight to spill inside of the holy structure. There were decorated windows and paintings along the ancient walls and if someone were to make a documentary it would be titled: The Devil In God’s House. A male voice said in english tongue
“Who in the bloody hell invited your sorry ass here?” Stepping out of the shadows from the left side of the room which had an eight foot long table onyx in color with seating for all a handsome, gel- slick filled, blonde- haired man stepped up to Victor. His straight face and cocky grin made me worry about him.
“Hey Spike how ya doin’?” Vic said to him then without warning, Spike socked Vic in the nose. “That’s for almost getting me killed you son of a bitch!” Spike said.
“Ah still the same stubborn lame old asshole I remember.” Victor said holding his nose then the whole precession was there: all of the strongest vampires ever known and Dracula at the head of it. The meeting lasted for two hours afterwards Dracula met with Victor to talk about something.
“We have to take Spike home with us.” Victor informed me rolling his eyes.
“Well what are you nancy boys up to now?” Spike said smiling.
“Nothing that concerns a needle dick like yourself.” I said firmly.
“I’d be careful what you say or I might get a little giddy on your sorry ass!” Spike said to my face. “There is strength in numbers when there is no corruption.” Dracula said in his Transylvanian accent.
“With internal conflicts strength leaves the group we must stick together for with our power we shall prevail against Lord Ayres!” Dracula said putting his fist in the air, then on Tuesday we departed bringing Spike with us. The flight home sucked due to the fact that Spike never shut up. Finally on the train ride home, Victor got tired of hearing him talk and he slugged him in the jaw, Spike falling against the window unconscious. Arriving back at the station round 11:35 p.m. eastern time, departing from the train were about ninety people or so we were the last ones off. Looking at the bench, Jamal saw his sister Ashley sitting there half asleep and there eyes met. “Jamal, Victor is that you?” Ashley said running up into her brother’s arms and then into Victor’s. “Spike is that you?” Ashley said to me oddly.
“Pet?” I said then she kissed me and kneed my groin.
“Well isn’t this a bunch of bloody bollocks?” I said hands on my knees.
“You know this idiot?” Victor said.
“Yep don’t you remember you caught me and him in the backseat of your Caprice?” Ashley said a smile curving her lips.
“Like it was yesterday.” I said smirking. Thawp! Victor socked me in the jaw again.
“You know this is bloody bullshit!” I said my vampiric face showing.
“I oughta knock your ass down right here and now!” I said getting in Vic’s face. Then Vic’s eyes turned black and he bared his fangs.
“Try me, nancy boy.” Victor taunted.
“Come on now let’s go home we’re all tired.” Jamal said
“Fuckin’ A!!” both of them said and they went home.
“I got dibs on the cottage.” Spike said.
“I don’t care” he said.
“Well I’m off to bed you coming Ash?” Vic asked.
“Yea in a minute.” She said.
“You need to go see Kelly she really missed you.” Ashley offered.
“Allright then.” I said.
“Hey pet there’s plenty room in the cot for you.” Spike said then Ashley kicked his balls again. “What in bleeding hell is it with you people and kneeing a man’s balls?!?!!!?!?” Spike groaned I chuckled and ran over to Kelly’s house it was now 12:22 Wednesday morning. On the roof of her house, I crept towards her window and peered in. she lay on her right side, her hair was now straight long and she held her teddy bear, Binky close to her. A look of distress was on her face as she slept so I sat on the windowsill and watched her.
Her mom walked in and I startled her.
“Hi Jamal” she whispered pulling her baby blue robe close to her. Spike crept up on me and I choked him.
“Pain, hurt let go please!!!” Spike choked. So I let him go then he sat down beside me rubbing his neck.
“Who’s this?” Lara asked looking at Spike.
“This is Spike. Lara, Spike, Spike, Lara.” I said rolling my eyes he went to shake her hand but couldn’t.
“Bloody Hell!” Spike hissed.
“Invite me in please?” he asked nicely.
“Come in” Lara said shaking his hand, squeezing her hand but she broke his hand.
“Oh a slayer with a daughter!” Spike said licking his lips.
“She’s mine!” I hissed grabbing his collar on his black shirt.
“Sodding hell! Isn’t any gal in NYC not dating a vamp?” he said as I shoved him off the roof. “OHHH SHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!” he yelled.
Both of us stifled laughter then Kelly began to stir.
“I’m gone!” I whispered and got on the roof and I could hear Kelly crying as her mom rocked her back to sleep.
“What the hell was that for?” Spike moaned.
“Cause you never know when to shut up!” I said.
“That’s what Transylvania blood’ll do to ya.” Spike informed.
“No wonder I feel different.” I responded.
“You’d like Angie Baker.” I offered rubbing my neck as I looked at him and he was playing with two puppets and doing obscene things with them.
“I’m sorry what’d you say?” Spike asked, pocketing the toys.
“Angie Baker.”
“Who’s that?”
“Blonde, good build, sexy pubic bone, something you’d like but she almost killed Kelly awhile back.” He informed.
“Oh gotcha I’ll stay away from goldilocks then. One problem though: me and sunlight don’t mix” “Well ask my sister for some blood.”
“She bloody hates me and she’s got a big bloke for a boyfriend!” Spike whined.
“Why does Victor hate you?”
“Long story short: me and the bartender argued, told him to sod off then I told him Vic would beat his ass you know the rest but that was a long time ago.” Spike finished.
“Let’s go home.” I said flicking my thumb to light it.
“Hell yeah didn’t know you could do that!” he said astonished.
“Well I’m going to bed.” I said reaching the house.
“See ya tomorrow” Spike said smoking his cigarette and entering the cottage he threw off his leather duster, pulled off his shirt, emptied his pockets and got in bed.
“Well, well what do we have here?” he said finishing his cigarette.
“I got bored.” Ashley said.
“Bollocks! You wanted to get in the sack with me”
“Fine you caught me red-handed.” She said coming out from the corner.
“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” he said laughing.
“Shut up and bite me!” she said sitting in his lap and Spike did feed off of her and they made love.

In the morning Spike rode with Ashley and Jamal to school; the sunlight didn’t fry him.
“Bloody hell all kinds of tasty kiddies” Spike said sitting in the backseat bouncing around some as Metallica’s “Attitude” was playing while he smoked a cigarette.
“Just watch out how many you decide to bleed” Jamal said half turning to look at him.
“No shit last thing need to hear about is a bunch of mass murders” Ashley said half laughing as Jamal parked his car next to a maroon 2002 Ford Escort and a yellow 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck then entering the building’s double glass doors, Jamal spotted Kelly. Her hair was straight and fluffy on the ends, she wore a denim jacket, maroon shirt, and leather pants with DKNY boots.
“Angel Baby!” I called to her. She dropped her stuff and looked at me.
“Jamal?!?!?! Is it really you?” she said tears in her eyes running up into my arms and I caught her together we kissed each other, shed tears of joy, and embraced knocking me over onto the floor. Kelly laughed and cried then said
“God I missed you so much!!” I wiped away her tears and she wiped away mine.
“Sorry about the cellphone.” I apologized.
“That doesn’t matter all that matters is that you’re here with me right now!” she said crying and smiling the whole gang was there now so I introduced everyone to Spike. Angie walked by and sneered at us, but Spike smacked her ass she looked at him and said
“I know I was born that way!” he called to her even BJ was crying then he picked me up in a bear hug.
“I missed you too BJ!” I said choking then we all went to class.
In gym class Spike refused to wear the uniform.
“I’m not going to look like a nancy boy!” he said to Coach Jackson.
“Oh yes the fuck you will!!” Clark argued. Spike’s face changed from normal to vampire, luckily nobody saw it.
“And I said I don’t think so!” Spike said the coach stood there, mouth agape.
“Well nancy boy here done pissed his knickers!!!” Spike announced his face back to normal.
“Hey coach?”
“Wh-whu-whu-whut?” Clark stuttered, a thin wet stripe went down his left leg.
“Boooo!!!!!” he said and Coach Clark ran out screaming like a little girl.
“Well that’s that.” Spike said satisfied after gym, I cut third mod and met up with Kelly in the empty chemistry room.
“God I love you so much!” I said hands running through her lush brown hair.
“Promise me something?” she said looking me in the eyes.
“Anything” I said
“Don’t ever leave me alone again please?” Kelly said shivering.
“Yea what’s wrong?” I asked rubbing her arms.
“I just missed you so bad.” She cried and tried to smile.
“I’ll never leave your side again.” I assured her then we made out to until the bell rang for class to change later that night we had sex.

In May Spike started to fit in and Angie invited him over to talk at her house.
“So what brings you to NYC Spike?” she asked me.
“Beats the hell out of me.” I answered lighting a cigarette with my Zippo I blew a puff of smoke “Why did you smack my ass?” she asked crossing her legs and smirking.
“Oh sod this I don’t have time for 21 questions!” I responded hotly I went to the door and she blocked it.
“Move before I move you!” I threatened she placed one hand on my chest and said
“Try” face morphing I said
“You know I’m tired of being dicked round by blondes like you!!” Pinning her against the door I could smell and feel the blood in her neck throbbing then my face was normal again.
“I’m different than most blondes.” She said then she pushed me onto the couch and took off her blouse.
“Bloody Hell!” I said then she kissed me and everything was happening so bloody fast I took off her skirt and she had on Smurf’s underwear.
“Bollocks! What is it with you gals and cartoon knickers?” I asked.
“Their cute like you” Angie said beckoning me on the bed.
“Oh go sod off!” then we had sex and I drank fully of her blood.

The following Saturday all of them met on Kelly’s porch that afternoon. The sun was shining and Spike was last 2 arrive.
“Isn’t that Angie’s car?” Spyder questioned.
“Yea it is.” Ashley confirmed.
“So what’s the deal with those two?” BJ asked as Spike hopped out of her car, waved and approached the group.
“What’s the matter with you lot?” he asked.
“Angie’s for tea and crumpets I gave her tea and she gave me crumpets with some blood on the side.” He said grinning.
“You sack of shit!!” I said getting to my feet.
“What’d I do?” he barked.
“Everything!” I yelled, shoving him.
“Don’t get you’re knickers in a bunch!” Spike said.
“Ugh I’m gonna kill you!!!” Kelly roared and bared her fangs. Pouncing him, I pinned him on the ground; in a flash she punched me three times.
“English rule’s in bloody effect now!!!!” I roared, face morphing.
“Wait a minute! Kelly he didn’t mean too!” Jamal said catching her fist in his hand. Then her features went back to normal and she started to weep in Jamal’s arms.
“Honest to god it wasn’t my fault she seduced me!” I replied standing up.
“That’s a’ight I’ll explain it to you.” Jamal said and I heard the whole story beginning 2 end.
“I hate bloody blondes always a sucker for ‘em” I said liting my drag.
“I could’ve told you that.” Spyder replied.
“Will you forgive me?” I said getting on my knees.
“Your forgiven.” She said ruffling my hair.
“Watch the hair pet.” I said warningly and two hours later all of them trained, even Lara joined in.

Two weeks later prom came up. Kelly and Jamal went together, Trix and Spyder went as a couple, BJ and Ashley went as a couple, and I didn’t have a bloody date. I noticed that Trix and Spyder hadn’t showed up yet. Meanwhile over at Trix’s house she was ready to go. Spyder came in my room, wearing a Christian Dior suit with a tie.
“I’m ready to go how about you?” I asked my date.
“Yep I have everything I need.” She said.
“No you don’t turn around.” I replied pulling a medium long necklace box out of my pocket I opened it, a gold necklace with “Trix” inscribed on it lay inside. I put it on her neck and she said “Oh it’s beautiful!!”
“I had a man who owed me some favors and this is one of them.” I explained. She turned round and kissed me, rubbing my bald head.
“Let’s go.” Trix said smiling. Getting in my ’96 Ford F-150 we were off to the prom. Trix and I arrived fifteen minutes later. Making my way back to the punch bowl I caught some bloke trying to spike it. I grabbed his arm, face morphing I caught his gaze and said,
“You do that and you’ll be in a world of hurt mate.”
“And what do you plan to do about it?” he sneered. I broke his wrist and said
“Well for starters I’ll stick that flask up your ass!!” then he ran off tossing me the flask, whining. I took a swig and Lara said
“I just know Spike isn’t drinking alcohol at a public school?”
“No not at all, luv.” I said pocketing the flask coughing in surprise
“Or trying to spike the punch?”
“Nope took it from some nancy boy who tried to do the same thing.”
“Care 2 dance?” Lara asked me.
“Sure pet.” I answered escorting her to the floor.
“Awww look sweety!!” Kelly said pointing to her mom and Spike.
“Beauty and the beast.” I said to her grinning broadly.
“That’s not funny!!” she said smiling as I looked at Spike he gave me the finger. The girls had on the hottest dress: Ashley had on black with a white floral design, Trix had on eggplant, Lara had a deep magenta dress, and my girl had on her red Gucci dress.
After prom king and queen were announced, Kelly was pissed. Jamal was king and Angie was queen.
“You know I’m sorry.” Angie said.
“The fuck you are!” I shot back. After prom was over everybody went home but Jamal, Spyder, and Spike.
They went to the football stadium up to the bleachers for a bit of talking and smoking.
“Do you think it’s true?” Jamal asked.
“What, dat nigga Lord Ayres coming back? A little bit.” Spyder answered.
Bugger on him that bloke’s been dead for 100 yrs. He isn’t coming back.” Spike interjected. “’Member what Dracula said though “With internal conflicts strength leaves the group.” I refreshed Spike’s memory and after little more discussion they went home.

On May 30th all hell broke loose. At 4:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon Victor was walking downtown passed all of the strip mall stores. Liting a cigarette he walked on, it was a bit windy so he closed his jacket shut. The sky was cloudy and the sun shone through here and there. A voice called to him from a nearby alley
“Victor I’ve been waiting for you.” Victor looked in the alley and there stood Lord Ayres. Cigarette falling out of his mouth, he said
“Oh Shit!!!”
“Now I’m going to make you pay for killing me!!” Ayres declared.
Lord Ayres had bright white eyes, clad in oil black clothes, long greasy hair, petrifying face, and a voice that was deep and frightening not to mention the fact he was 6’10 and stronger than Dracula. BAM! Ayres slammed Victor into the brick wall, head first, breaking the foundation. Victor kicked him hard as he could in the gut and dashed out for a bigger area to move in. Ayres came running at me and I ran at him throwing my coat off. I jumped and gave him a scissors kick that sent him stumbling. My vampiric side came over me so quick I hardly noticed. Then he said,
“Meet my kids!!” and three football players outta nowhere appeared surrounding me in a semi circle
“Fuck!” and I fought them on top of getting hammered by Ayres. After a half hour passed he held me up by my throat and said
“Tell your friends I’ll be after them soon enough!!!!!” then he threw me down on the ground and pummel kicked me, leaving me for dead. After he departed, I left out to tell the others. Slowly but surely it took me forty-five minutes to get home. My shirt was torn, jeans ripped, gut slashed, face bruised, blood was painted all over me, I was bleeding to death. Approaching the house, Spike was hanging upside down from a tree. I fell to a knee and spat blood.
“What the bloody hell happened to you? Come on mate u need help!!” Half-walking and half-limping Victor made it to his porch where everybody was talking.
“What the fuck happened to you?” BJ asked.
“Jesus Christ! He’s bleeding like crazy!” Ashley said horrified.
“Ayres and he’s back for real!!!” I rasped and passed out.
“Fuck this! I’m leaving!!” Spike said walking off. Jamal went after him and grabbed his arm.
“You can’t I won’t let you!” Jamal said.
“I don’t care I’ll not end up like that bloke!!” he said so I hauled off and punched him in the face, setting him flat on his ass.
“That bloke is the closest thing to a father that I’ve ever had!!” I roared, tears shining in my eyes. Then Dracula appeared with three other vampires and said
“This I warned you all about and look at you all now”. From a male perspective, Dracula was in a way attractive, sharp, young, pale face, long chestnut hair, medium build, average height, and deep penetrating ice blue eyes.
“He needs to get on sacred ground now before Lord Ayres finds us.” Dracula said urgently. So Jamal and one of Drac’s vamps helped to carry Victor to Kelly’s house. After laying Victor on Lara’s bed, Dracula placed a pale splayed hand on his wound and healed it.
“Rest now you’ll need your strength later.” Dracula said peacefully.
“Ok” Victor mumbled and fell asleep.
“So kiddies what do we do now?” Spike said leaning in the doorway smoking a ciggy.
“Time for weapons gathering.” I said punching my hand.
It was now 6:45 and everyone was getting weapons from 12 gauge’s to bats and crosses. Kelly went for the door to go outside and I blocked it.
“No! I’m not sitting this one out!!” she argued.
“Room! Now!” I said firmly pointing to the stairs and we argued going to her room. She got to her door, opened it and slammed it shut. As I opened her door I saw her sitting on the bed, kneeling and holding her bear.
“This is for your own good.” I said going to her side.
“But why?” questioned Kelly.
“I can’t afford to lose you again that’s why!” I exasperated then she got up throwing her bear at me, went over to her desk grabbed up her lighter and a Marlboro and tried to light it, but couldn’t. “You’ll leave me and won’t come back again!”
“I will come back to you all in one piece!!” she was now standing there motionless, crying silently overcome by her own wave of grief so I went over to comfort her.
“Easy honey no need to fuss over all this.” I started crying but silently. Turning her round, she wiped her eyes and kissed me long and deeply. I didn’t want him to go but he went anyway. I grabbed his arm and kissed him one last time and he went out the window and he was gone.

“Where’d Spike go?” Jamal asked Ashley.
“Cottage” she answered and arriving at the cottage round 7:15 I heard him cursing and breaking shit.
“Spike I need you to go and baby-sit Kelly.” I urged him.
Bugger off Bender!” he shot back. After arguing for a time, Spike went to Kelly’s window. Spike crept up to her window and sat on her sill, a deck of cards in his hand.
“Up for a game of cards, luv?” he asked.
“Sure.” She said wiping her eyes. They played Gin, Blackjack, and Go Fish; she beat him at every game.
“Go Fish!” she said smiling.
“Oh Bloody Hell and that was the fixed deck!” he said throwing his hand down.
Then Kelly suggested they play Truth Or Dare which Spike won three out of ten rounds but then he grew frustrated with babysitting Jamal’s lover that just out of the blue went off on a much needed venting spree.
“You know what? Sod this! Spike said putting his head against the wall smoking a Newport.
“I should be on my way back to merry old England but noooooo! That bloke Jamal has me babysitting!!!” he vented which put Kelly into a crying fit again and she laid her head on Spike’s chest.
“Oh shit I gotta watch what I say sorry bout that. Now I might have some problems with Jamal but I didn’t mean to have you git upset bout it.” He apologized.
“He’s not coming back is he?”
“Of course he will.” I assured Kelly.
“Hey look your making Mr. Bear sad!” I said making her bear wipe it’s face. She snatched Mr. Bear from my grasp and hugged him then sliding her head down to my stomach, wrapped both her arms round my waist and squeezed tightly, moaning comfortably.
“Comfy pet?”
“I’m cold” she said pulling her legs close to her so I covered her with my duster and she moaned happily
“Hey Spike?”
“Yea pet?”
“Thanx for being a friend to me.”
“You’re welcome” Then Kelly fell asleep in Spike’s lap and Spike himself dozed off after he had a smoke then at 8:00 Ashley woke up Spike.
“Gang wants you”
“Allright then” Spike slid out from Kelly’s grip and Ashley took his place.
“Damn! I’ve got a crick in me back.” Stretching his back it cracked and he sighed.
“Hey you should be nice more often.” Ashley said as I approached the window, pulling my duster on and tossing a blanket to her.
“I have to admit I did feel a bit content being around Kelly and all but don’t you tell no one I said that” I warned pointing a finger at her.
“My lips are sealed”
“They better be”
“How about a good luck kiss?” then he got a good luck kiss and out the window he went.
“Softie!” she coughed.
“I heard that ginger!” he called up to her.

Out front all of them were conversing then at the stroke of 9:00 the ground began 2 shake violently and Lord Ayres rose outta the middle of the yard.
“Time for you all to die!!!!” he bellowed and blasted the porch with tendrils of black energy. Everyone leaped from the porch and turned to face Lord Ayres beside him the entire football team with Angie in the front leading.
“You know we all could’ve been friends and all that but no we can’t!!” Angie fired.
“And serve Lord Ayres? Fuck you! And Fuck all of you!” Spyder shot back.
“Have it your way then.” Angie surmised as a shotgun went off.
“Sorry pet I want it my way.” Spike said cradling a 12 gauge.
“But I loved—-“ another shotgun blast issued from Spike and Angie exploded into dust and blood. “Well I feel better now no more emotion.” He said.
“ATTACK!!!!” Lord Ayres bellowed and the fight began.

I had gotten out of bed and told Ashley to keep Kelly in bed, then I leaped out my window and into the mass of football jocks.
“Hello boys.” I said as I did a 360 spin kick to six of the jocks in front of me. Spyder and Trix were fighting four jocks; Spike was battling six of them with BJ.
“You bloody motherfucker!” Spike said as David kicked the shotgun from his grip. Jamal faced off against Ayres charged at him but Ayres caught his arm and threw him into the cottage window. I jumped at Ayres and vanished, reappearing arms wrapped round Ayres’ neck, knocking me to the ground with a back hand, Ayres picked me up and kicked me hard in my ribs. Lara ran to the porch with 3 in pursuit; grabbing the post she swung around twice and planted a firm boot into the leader sending him down with his crew and taking the flagstaff up she staked them spraying blood and dust everywhere.
“I luv being a slayer!” Lara said charging at Lord Ayres and as she kicked him hard in his solar plexus and my foot sunk in spilling out blood.
“You little shit!” Ayres shouted and threw Lara into the tree in front of the yard.
Jamal and Victor fought Ayres with vicious accuracy, blood and carnage being spilt for a long time.

Upstairs in Kelly’s room Ashley woke her up.
“Kelly I have to go and help Jamal out.” I said, vampire game face coming out.
“I’m coming too!” she said.
“No you can’t you have to stay here!”
“Tough shit! I’m coming!” and with that they both went downstairs, Kelly in the lead. I grabbed a vase and smashed it hard on her head catching her I sat her on a chair and said,
“It’s for your own good, kid” then I went and helped out my bro. I threw Jamal into Lara, Victor into the porch steps, and Spike into Ashley, laughing at my bruteness. About 28 jocks remained and Dracula along with his three vamps, Spyder, BJ, and Trix took them on.
“Hello ginger can’t keep your arms off me can ya?” chuckled Spike.
“Shut up and fight Spike!” All of the vampire jocks were dead except for David since he was firing at Jamal.
“Duck!” Spike shouted barely missing a shotgun blast. Then I leapt mid air and landed two feet away from him.
“Die you Fucker!!” and David pumped the shotgun and fired, I vanished and reappeared in front of David.
“Hey point that thing somewhere safe!” I flipped the shotgun round so that the barrel was pointing at David’s head and fired.
I turned round and dropped the weapon, mouth agape.
“Jamal?” Kelly said falling against the porch side on the ground, bleeding.
“Kelly!” I jumped to her side, tears welling in my eyes.
“NO! NO! Don’t you die on me!” I cried. Her “Rub Here 4 Good Luck” shirt was cut at the ends on her right side. I looked at her face and she was in pain, but smiling.
“Hold on don’t leave me now!” Then it started to rain after fifteen minutes of pulling the BB’s from her wound I asked
“Because I stand by my man no matter what.” I kissed her long and deep and said
“You’ll be allright.”
Standing up I heard Lord Ayres cackling, turning to face him he said swinging the shotgun
“What a pity that you’ve gone soft Jamal I thought Victor had taught his boy better.”
“Fuck you Ayres!” I shouted then in a flash he was in front of me grabbing my head and throwing me behind him onto the mud slick ground, then he picked her up by her wound, fingers digging deeply, blood gushing onto Ayres’ hand and the saturated ground.
“How much do you love her?” he said laughing and Lord Ayres hurled Kelly’s tear-filled, pain-stricken form through the house; she landed with a loud thump against the cottage doorway unconscious. Then I charged at Ayres yelling “MOTHERFUCKER!!” as I plowed him into the front door. Eight more vamps came out of nowhere and pounced the group.
“Oh this shit’s bloody ridiculous!!”

A new rage took over my senses and I unleashed it upon Ayres. Upstairs he smashed my head into the wall and sink, blood spilling fresh from my head. I flew into his midsection, taking him down the steps into the basement at the foot of the stairs we crashed through wood splitting into pieces and dust was everywhere. I pummeled him with everything I had to give then he kicked Jamal through the basement window, shattering it like little diamonds falling onto the floor; landing next to the tree winded. Ayres rose outta the ground and saw Dracula and said
“Now I’m gonna kill you Vladimir and then I’ll be the strongest, most feared vampire in the whole fucking world!!”
“Oh no you won’t!” BJ said grabbing his head and pulling it off with all of his might, blood squirting from his neck but BJ did not see was one of Ayres’ hands stabbing him in the chest, impaling him.
“Ashley!” he called to his soulmate and Ashley came running to his side, a look of disbelief on her dirt but pretty face.
“What happened to him?”
“He killed Ayres and saved my life.” I coughed and held my gut while she held him in her lap. “Did we do it?” I sputtered, blood trickling from my lips and mouth.
“Yes sweety we did.” My girl said.
“Your gonna be allright.” She said tears running down her face.
“I love you so much but don’t shed your tears till I’m gone.” I said coughing and caressing her left cheek as she kissed my smooth, cold, wet hand.
“Don’t you leave me alone like this BJ, I need you!” she wailed. But he couldn’t hear her because BJ was dead. The whole gang was there now; covering in blood, clothes torn here and there. Trix and Ashley were hugging each other and crying. I ran over to Kelly’s limp form.
“NO! Angel Baby you can’t be dead I almost lost you once your not leaving me again!!” I echoed. Holding her close to me I wept.
“Jamal—“ Lara started.
“Don’t even say it!” I turned my head to face her, my eyes black as night, teeth gritted. Her wet dreds brushing over my trembling hands. I rubbed her back, remembering everything we had done together, then my hand sizzled and Kelly’s body rose into the air spread-eagled and glowing a fluorescent white. Her eyes shot open bright white pupils staring out into the area and her voice was that of an angelic choir singing to a mourning dove. Next her wound healed and she landed on the ground feet first I was speechless and crying. She walked over to us look of distress on her face.
“What’s wrong?” she asked and I buried my face in her shirt and sobbed her warm hands rubbed my head and she said
“I’m alive don’t cry baby.” I stood up, wiped my face and said
“I don’t get it”
“The tattoo binds us together remember?” Kelly said.
“I, I don’t understand—“
“I’ll explain later. I grabbed her and turned her to face me, she gasped.
“Tell me I’m dreaming.” She kissed me deeply and said
“Was that a dream?”
“Nope” Her locks had streaks of cream in between them then Spike went to the cottage gathered his things and as he went to go and I said
“Don’t go yet please don’t leave me like this!” Ashley said sobbing.
“Look you lot can go and sod the bloody fuck off because I’ve done my work now I’m leaving!”
Spike said following Dracula and his group.

Graduation was three days later and the football players’ death’s were ruled as “dying under mysterious circumstances”. BJ’s funeral was held the following Sunday after the funeral I caught Spike looming round and we talked he gave me a note to give to Ashley which I put on her pillow. BJ was Trix and Spyder’s cousin’s friend, so they were pretty devastated. In the end all of us recovered. Victor and Lara got married; Kelly and I tied the knot two months later. Although come one Thursday in June Ashley went to a hotel called the Harbor Inn. She went to room 116 and knocked. Spike answered and said
“Oh it’s you”
“Are you going back home?” she asked shutting the door.
“What’s it 2 you?”
“I don’t want you to leave!!” she said tears swelling in her eyes. He sat on the bed, Newport in his mouth, looked at her and sighed. “I don’t care for you, I don’t luv you well maybe back then but not now pet and a fat lot of good that worked on BJ!!”
“But I do Goddammit!” she cried.
“Just leave and forget about me!” he shouted.
“Fuck you then at least BJ was a better man than you ever will be!!!!” and she stormed out crying. Five minutes later a black haired vamp with streaks of silver in between walked through the wall and into his room.
He was Victor’s height, little bit of a gut, beard, and a deep soft voice.
“You blew it man.”
Piss off Lucas.” Lucas had the face of a middle-aged man but moved like lightning and they talked and Lucas left out the way he came.

A week later Dracula, Spike, and his crew were at the train station, the others were there as well. “Hope to see you again.” Victor said to Dracula.
“Maybe in the future we’ll meet” replied Dracula.
“It was truly an honor to fight with a legend.” Lara said shaking Dracula’s hand.
“My pleasure.” He answered then Dracula and his crew boarded the train. Spike stood there wearing his trenchcoat, maroon shirt, leather pants, and black Timberlands; hands in his pockets. “Well I guess this is goodbye kiddies.” He responded.
“Come on mate stay here with us.” Victor insisted.
“Nope no can do. Got bender’s asses to kick, victims to feed.” Spike replied.
“Well I’ll miss you man your on my a-list dog!” Kenny said embracing Spike.
“I will too mate.” Spike said patting his back Trix hugged and kissed him on his cheek.
“I’ll miss you Krissy very much.”
“Hey nobody’s called me Krissy for a couple of years Thank you” Krissy said wiping her eyes. Kelly and I hugged spike and bid him farewell.
“Where will you go?” Kelly inquired.
“Transylvania and then some”
“Spike I’m gonna miss you ya son of a bitch!!” Victor said holding back tears.
“I’ll miss you too ya dumbass bloke!!” all of us departed leaving Spike alone.
“Bollocks!” he said and went to the john but the train didn’t leave for another five minutes so he had time and when he came out Ashley was standing there.

“Bloody Fucking Hell!!” he said as she approached him, tears streaming.
“Don’t go please I need you!” pleaded Ashley.
“Tough! I’m going and there isn’t a thing you can do about it!” then tears ran from his eyes. “Bloody lights!” he said wiping his eyes.
“Bullshit! You’re crying.” And she kissed me.
“Well I told ya you couldn’t keep your hands off me.” She laughed and wiped my tears away.
“See ya round, ginger!” and I got on board leaving her behind me.
“So long Spike” she cried and Ashley left the station heartbroken.

Two days later Ashley was still upset about Spike leaving her and while she getting her hair braided by Kelly, a lone figure stood on the hill of Kelly’s yard. It was Spike.
“Well any of you chaps happen to know where the nearest train is?” Spike announced with Ashley jumping up and running up into Spike’s embrace.
“Did you think I was really gonna go back home?”
“Yes I did!” she said voice breaking.
“Look pet I’m here to stay with you forever!” he exclaimed and figuratively she kicked my nuts and kissed me long, deep, and meaningfully.
“I’ll never stop loving that” I said groaning and she whispered in my ear that she wanted kids. “Little buggers runnin round the house?”
“Oh Sodding Hell!!” so Spike and Ashley had two little kids: BJ jr. and Kim, Kelly had a little boy named Cody, Trix and Kenny had a baby girl named Aisha, Vic and Lara had a son called Michael. And so ends this intriguing tale of blood and lust.

The End

Alternate Ending

Since the guidance counselor at New Haven had recently retired because he had been there for the better part of 27 years a new one was hired and his first patient was Coach Clark Jackson.
“Welcome Coach” the new guidance counselor said with his chair to Coach’s face.
“Uh thank you very much counselor”
“Well what brings you here today?” he asked tapping his fingers together a slow smile ripping across his mouth.
“Well last year there was a lot of weird things that went on”
“Like what?” he implied.
“Like this one guy who had fangs and scary eyes you do believe me don’t you?” Coach asked ringing his ballcap in his hands nervously.
“What did he look like?”
“Well he had blonde spiked hair and was very nasty to me”
The chair spun around and there sat Spike wearing a brown tailored suit by Armani.
“Did he looks like me?” Spike answered with a mischievous grin.

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