Carol Can’t Decide

Carol Can’t Decide

Carol Can’t Decide

Story about Carol before she becomes a slut. Her adventures over the course of the summer into the fall where she learns about sex from her lover Charles and his best friend Rob. She must decide who she loves and who will take her virginity from her

I can’t believe I was such a slut in my senior year of high school. I’d hop any dick that was sticking up. I wasn’t always like that; actually I was quite reserved until I turned sixteen, always the good girl when it came to boys. That was until I met and fell in love with Charles.

But it was his best friend Rob who stole my virginity. What a slim ball he was. Behind Charles’ back he would come around. Stupid me. I resisted him again and again but he wore me down to the point I gave in. It was a sin that I regret to this day.

Shortly after Charles started playing around with my tits Rob invited himself into my house after school on the presumption of getting extra help for an algebra test. It wasn’t math figures he was interested in.

After we went over the homework he took my hand into his, grasping it, intertwining our fingers, and then wrapping his arms around me forcing kisses on me. I tried my best to fend him off but he persisted until I opened my mouth letting him slip his tongue past my lips. It was gross feeling it swirling around mine; I felt like biting it off. An hour I finally convinced him to leave.

About a week later we met while I was walking home. It was dark and he promised to get me home safely. Going around the back of the Magee’s garage he pushed me up against the back of it making me kiss him again. Unfortunately he wasn’t satisfied with the kissing.

His hands groped my tits until my shirt and bra ended up around my chin with the cold night air chilling his salvia as it evaporated from my nipples. I began to feel this strange sensation take over my body. It was then that I had doubts about who I was in love with, Charles or Rob

My heart still held Charles; there was something exciting when Rob and I connected. Was it the thrill of someone new, or the chance we might get caught? My head was fucked up over it.

Charles never caught on. My allegiance was still with my first love. That was until that fateful day shortly after school recessed for summer vacation.

No one was at home, Charles was over, and we were in my bed. We had two hours before my mom got home from work. Just the routine kissing and stuff with my shirt and bra stripped from me. I was getting off on his nipple sucking while he maneuvered his hand towards the forbidden zone. His fingers worked magic on my pussy. Something inside me yielded release but at the time I didn’t know what it was. Hell I didn’t know shit back then. You didn’t get any sex education in school other that a film explaining menstruation. And your mom wasn’t about to tell you much more.

Heated as we rolled around on the bed Charles ended up on top of me. Looking into my eyes he began a soft grinding motion with his hips. Instinctively I widened my legs as he fell between them. I had no clue when he started to grind a little faster, mumbling then groaning. He creamed his pants and I hadn’t any idea what had happened. Embarrassed he quickly replaced his shirt and left me there on the bed half naked and more than frustrated.

In a matter of minutes after he exited Rob enters my room, I never heard him, there he was standing in the doorway with that shit eating grin on his face and a large bulge in his pants. He knew I was vulnerable and he took full advantage. His demeanor was different; his kisses were much gentler, taking his time working my body into a feverous pitch as my emotions see-sawed back and forth.

Caught up again with that inner feeling I found my nylon pants being pulled down as Rob played his tongue around my belly button. There was a lot of skin showing on that bed. I really became nervous when his shorts came off. Now both of us only had thin cotton fabric of underwear to protect us. I cautiously spread my legs, but this time Rob slipped between them.

Rob was so shrewd; my yellow cotton panties were coiled around my ankles without me ever noticing it. The glowing heat radiating from his body onto mine, his underpants bunched on his thighs, a lump being pressed against my mound, that feeling of release reappearing, my mind a mess of mangled thoughts.

I felt the end of his dick approaching the dampness of my cunt as I pushed at his mid-section to prevent losing my virginity. I noticed his movements began to mimic Charles. His dick head rode across the span of my cunt lips slipping past my entrance up onto my fuzz. Then like Charles he started going faster as he mumbled and groaned keeping his eyes shut tight. Whatever had happened to Charles thirty minutes ago was happening to Rob.

With a loud grunt he abruptly jerked upwards kneeling between my legs. Looking along the length of his muscular body my eyes became fixated on the sight of my first dick. About six inches long and fat it started to quiver just prior to pulsating.

Never had I seen anything so dramatic. As it palpitated a small bead of white fluid appeared on the small slit turning into a large drop before a long stream flew through the air landing directly on my tit. Than to my amazement another squirt as he leaned forward. One last surge turned into a small stream that oozed out puddling on my tummy.

There was no time for relaxing; my mother was due home any minute. Then we heard it, the car door shutting. We both dressed in a flash, Rob ran out the back door leaving me with a sticky mess under my clothes. I still remember mom asking what that odd smell was.

I was hooked. The very next day I had Charles over as soon as mom left for work. To his surprise I had him buck naked examining every inch of his dick. Charles showed me how to jerk it up and down and once again I was rewarded when he climaxed onto his stomach. For the next three days I jerked him off at least twice a day. By the end of the week I was an expert.

Although I knew we were doing wrong I still wasn’t sure why. Charles was happy with his hand jobs, I would get naked for him but he didn’t press on fucking me. Sometimes I would allow his finger to play with my cunt bringing back that release feeling again.

The next week Charles was away on vacation. Missing him terribly hesitantly I invited Rob over. I didn’t enlighten him about pleasuring Charles. Between the two boys I found Rob was better. He could shoot further and there was more volume to it. He was a happy camper that afternoon when I stroked him to orgasm a second time.

I was well on my way to being a cum queen

Wednesday was whole new day. We were both in heat; I could tell from his movements that he was getting ready to cum. I thought about maybe letting him slip “accidentally” inside me but thought better of it. He began the routine, but he was slow in moving away, he was forcing his dick against my slit when I felt it begin to pump out its fluid. Only after he expelled a mighty spurt did he finish unloading onto my stomach. But stupid me didn’t understand when he apologized. Although messy I have to admit it did feel good having that first stream squish against us.

I broke off with Rob for a few weeks instead focusing on Charles and his dick. I never wanted to surrender my hymen even though I thought about it. I would let him between my legs and he would never let a drop go near my pussy, for good reason too, even if I didn’t understand the consequences he did.

School had restarted that fall when I found myself alone again; Charles had band practice several times a week. Rob rode the bus with me that day, walked me home and persuaded his way in the house. I knew before he followed me into the bedroom that we would mess around, but today was different; I couldn’t get totally naked with him as I was having my period.

Long story short, Rob’s clothes were in a pile on top of mine. It must have been uncomfortable for him grinding against me; I had on one of those dreadful pads of the sixties, a huge thick piece of paper fiber attached with a nylon belt. He couldn’t not have cared less. Then I felt his finger pulling aside my panties. At first I didn’t comprehend what he had in mind. Most guys wouldn’t have the courage to go near a bloody pussy but he did.

There had to be a lot of lube from the leaking blood. I felt pressure on my cunt lips as his dick head swam around in my bloody flow. I thought for sure he would puncture my cherry, so close but yet so far. I wished he would have pierced it. I wanted it bad that day, all of it, his dick wedged inside my cunt, like Moses parting the Red Sea sliding in and out. But he didn’t and I wasn’t about to ask him. With the head of his fat dick lodged where it was he started to fill me with his cream.

Laying still with Rob comfortably enclosed between my broadly spread legs, neither of us moved with the exception of his dick having it’s seizure spewing seed into me. Damn that felt good having sperm ejected into my cunt hole, the force of it combined with the warmness it spread throughout me. I wanted more, I wanted to feel his length inside me, my insides were screeching fuck me, fuck me now you moron, reaching for the cheeks of his ass I pulled him downward but he didn't take the hint instead rolling off me leaving me frustrated as hell

I don’t know how he explained to his mother the blood stains on his underwear but they were there. It wasn’t until after he left I arose to pee. It was gross. My bloody pad had remnants of his sperm on it but after I peed I forced my muscles to expel the contents inside my cunt. Out plopped thick curds of mixed cum and clots. I watched sick to my stomach when I flushed as they swirled in the vortex disappearing from sight.

My mind began to race; I had come close to getting fucked. When Rob’s dick was comfortably adjacent to my cunt I wanted it bad, but after thinking about it I became nervous. Did I really want my cherry busted? And by someone other than my boyfriend? I concluded that if I was to go through with it Charles should have the honor.

My blood flow dwindled down by Saturday leaving only spots. Charles had to play trumpet in the band for the football team. I have no idea how Rob knew my mom had to work that day. I slept in that morning awakening to the tapping sound on my window. Reluctantly I let him in on the notion I had decided to break it off. Regrettably it didn’t go the way I expected. My self-control was easily eroded with the sight of his tanned muscular body. With only a flimsy nightgown on his hands effortlessly meandered over my skin. My downfall was when our lips parted and his kisses went under my hairline onto my neck. It was too much to take.

I never remember him stripping but he was totally naked. We rotate until my head was on his chest staring at his dick. I never resisted when he pushed my head towards it. In unexplored waters my lips kissed the head of it. Rob wasn’t satisfied urging me further until the bulbous tip was lodged inside my mouth. I instinctively sucked on it while my tongue danced. His ass rose upwards again and again until I was attempting my first blow job. It didn’t take very long when I felt it.

I wasn’t sure of what to do; I knew it would be spilling warm cum any moment. Rob answered for me. With fingers sliding up and down it slightly ballooned as I felt the large tube in front swell as it filled with cum as Rob forced my head down further holding it in place while he erupted.

My ears were ringing, my mind was spinning, I tried to back off but couldn’t. My mouth was filled with his repulsive fluid nauseating my stomach. There in the back of mind there was this knocking noise that grew louder. He finished his deed leaving my mouth full. Not knowing if I should attempt swallowing it or spitting it out I realized the knocking sound was coming from the door.

Terror hit us; by this time Rob was peeking out from behind the window curtain with his stiff prick still standing at attention. Scrambling for his clothes he announced Charles was coming in before running for the closet. I straighten my nightgown as he burst into my bedroom. It was too late to think about spitting, he would have wanted answers. Like a savage I grudgingly swallowed the acidic tasting crap holding back the urge to vomit. Before I could say anything Charles grabbed me tightly in his clasp telling me he stopped by to express his love for me. With that said be began to kiss me, softly at first before going open mouth.

Charles tongue ran across, over and under mine. After several tense minutes he backed away wanting to know what that foul taste was. Was I to tell him it was his best friend’s spunk or lie? He didn’t wait for an answer instead telling me he would miss the game if he didn’t go but would return afterward. I was more than pissed off. Sheepishly Rob exited the closet, his fat hog now semi-soft swaying back and forth still glistening from the wet cum and spit. He needed the treatment that Charles endured.

I wanted payback. I was right in assuming there was some cum left. Grasping the base of it tightly I forced out a nice glob of cum which I swiped up on my tongue. He deserved this, we kissed, and when his mouth opened I nonchalantly spit the glob into his. To my surprise he sucked in taking it all swirling our tongues around each others. One sick bastard now that I look back.

With the house empty for several hours we both dozed off. I awoke to find Rob pestering me for more. Working his usual charm we went at it hot and heavy. Inquiring about my period I foolishly replied it wouldn’t be a problem knowing only a few droplets would appear. Promptly I had my underpants, the belt and the pad removed leaving us both naked. He left a trail of kisses all over my body working me to a fiery zeal. We rolled around in the bed as we kissed. I landed on top feeling his dick nudging at my cunt. Teasing him I lifted up slightly so the tip of his dick was at my entrance, he pushed upwards I pushed downwards then abruptly rolled off him leaving him frustrated. This went on for awhile, both us laughing, teasing and having a good old time.

Then as we twisted and turned he ended up between my legs, there was no escaping him this time. Looking directly into my eyes before kissing me ever so softly on the lips I spread my legs those last few inches knowing what was about to happen. My pussy was wet, I mean it was wet. My juices were running heavy in anticipation of what was about to come, for sure there had to be some remnants of my period mixed in as well. At first I felt the tip of his dick extending my outer cunt lips letting resting it there momentarily.

Hunched up on his elbows, my arms surrounding his back he tenderly nudged downward descending further into my cunt. Now with the head about to disappear into me it reached my hymen. Several attempts of pushing past it failed. Struggling, the final effort shattered the membrane as he slid past the tight ring of flesh into my depths not stopping until his nut bag was resting against my poop hole. I shrieked in pain as he laid stagnant still looking intently into my eyes. I tasted blood on my tongue from biting on my lip. Still on his elbows he raised up and we both peered down to where we were connected.

It took a moment for him to react; my knees bent, my legs riding high against his upper thighs he gradually withdrew his dick as we both watched it come out only to vanish once again. After several more thrusts a pink wetness materialized on his dick. I knew then he had made me a woman. Together we made love; we became one, not two. The pain of a few minutes ago dwindled replaced with bliss. He sawed into me for more than a few minutes, and then would take breather prolonging the unavoidable.

What seemed like an hour was probably ten minutes at most. I give him credit for his endurance that day.

A cunt, especially a teenage cunt is designed to do one thing, entice a willing male to deposit his sperm into it. Smoothly in and out it went as my body rose to aura not felt before, that feeling of release I had so many times before was coming to a head. A strange sensation started as my stomach muscles began to ripple, my cunt tightened and I uncontrollably liberated my very first orgasm.

My legs flew frantically in the air as I tried unsuccessfully to subdue my cries of pleasure as my cunt constricted so tightly I felt his dick expand as he too went past the point of no return. Rob made a final effort to push into me. I could feel his dick spewing out baby making seed past my cervix splashing into my uterus. My muscles constricted so securely during my orgasm it prevented the largest part his cum from leaking out, and then as I came down from my high I began to leak. As Rob diminished in size I felt a slow trickle escape me running down past my pooper collecting on the bed.

Together we laid there enjoying the moment. Then horror registered, it was one o’clock and Charles would be showing up from the football game. I wanted it to last longer but it wouldn’t happen today. As Rob dressed I decided something had to be done with the sheets. A slight red tinged stain from his cum splattered the middle of them. I wasn’t sure if it was my mutilated cherry or leftovers from my period.

Not wanting to part from my lover we said or adieus. Just as I was about to shower Charles knocks on the door, not a minute too soon, Rob couldn’t have been gone three minutes. It was quite apparent what his intentions were when he saw me with only a bathrobe on. As he was kissing me a bad case of a guilt complex arose. Here I had fucked his best friend’s minutes ago. My cunt still full as it dripped his friend’s seed. He was my boyfriend not Rob; it was he who should have had my cherry. How could I have done this to him?

As we stood next to the bed I felt his dick rubbing up and down my leg though the rough fabric of his band uniform. Pushing me backward while removing the robe I stretched out on my back. His clothes came off before climbing onto me. I could not deny him the pleasure. What he expected was a hand job but that wouldn’t happen today, I would let him fuck me as Rob had. But first I wanted to make amends in my own mind. He wasn’t sure what had taken over me but a smile came quickly as I took his dick deep into my mouth swirling my tongue around it as I sucked.

Whispering in his ear he thought he died and gone to heaven when I told him to mount me. I figured he would never know the difference if I pretended to be in pain when he ripped through my hymen just as I had before. Kissing my body was more than getting me ready; thoughts of my orgasm and the possibilty of another one took control. My mind was adrift with thoughts of lust as his head was heading in the direction of my cunt. Looking back I was a self centered pig wanting to care of myself before him.

My legs were already spread allowing him admittance. I tried to close them but the supple kisses on my legs wouldn’t allow it. His tongue traced its way to my cunt, I begged him not to but his demand to satisfy me like I had him convinced me. First gentle kisses turned into his tongue locating my slit. Looking down on him his face went blank when he got his first taste. His best friends cum once again revolted his taste buds, but this time left over blood polluted the flavor.

The feeling of his tongue nibbling at my cunt was growing too intense. Several times it bumped into my clit sending minor shockwaves up my spine. The pig I was I held his head there as he lapped up Robs cum not knowing the difference. After a few minutes he crawled up onto my used body positioning his dick before sinking into me. I forgot to cry out in pain but instead welcomed his dick. Not understanding much of what was happening on that Saturday afternoon he plunged into me for only a minute before unloading a massive orgasm. As it had before the warm goo escaped my cunt this time collecting on the bare mattress.

I had the unwanted feeling he knew he wasn’t the first to fuck me; he made reference several times about being my first. I comforted him into believing that he was the first but deep inside I think he knew. But he never knew that Rob was first and that he ate Rob’s cum greedily. I’m not proud of those days in high school. For the next year I let Rob and Charles fuck me sore. Rob kept his secret from Charles for good reason. Sometimes I would let them eat me out after the other had fucked me earlier, without their knowledge. Then I moved on to other boys. They both sensed they weren’t the only one fucking me. Soon after they dropped me. I was never sure why I didn’t get knocked up but as time went on I began to insist on the boys using rubbers or at the very least spraying their cum on my body.

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