Don't get caught playing with markers

Don't get caught playing with markers

My name is Sarah, I have long auburn hair hazel green eyes I’m 5ft1 short and slim with pale white skin and freckles on my cheeks and arms. I was 9 when my life utterly changed. My family was moving to Toronto from Montreal, we were listening to led zeppelin of course my dad’s favorite band when the moving truck spun out of control and hit our car into a roll in the process causing my parents to die from a broken neck and spine. I was found curled up into my mother’s lap crying trying to wake her up when the ambulance came. Since that day I was given to my grandfather’s care living with him and taking care of him as grandma would. Grandpa always said I was too mature for my age but I didn’t know what he meant by that. He was a handsome man with gray hair in his sixties and the older even the younger women thought so. One day coming home from school with my friend Jillian, she asked me if I had ever seen him naked, giggling “No! I wouldn’t want to see him all sagging”. I answered. She giggled too but said “I would love to see what he looks like down there”. Since that day I had had a tiny crush on him curiosity pushing me to see what his penis looked like and then afterwards wanting to have him in my kitty.

At my 10th birthday my grandfather had given me a box of markers and there was a free gigantic marker in the box about 8 cm wide and 25 cm long. As I building a tower with my smaller markers, I accidentally fell on one and drove it into my kitty hard and breaking my cherry in the process. I screamed hard wiggling trying to take it out since it had gone a bit too far and my fingers couldn’t take it out. As I lay teared up my kitty began to get all warm and I got all wet inside it started to feel good! As it was still out of reach for my fingers I slept with it in my kitty that night moaning as I lay sleeping. The next day I had found it in my covers wet and I picked it up all sticky and icky. I whiffed it and thought it smelled good; I held my tongue out and licked it feeling the sticky stuff on my tongue I began to suck it and cleaned it off entirely. Giggling to myself I put it back in my kitty and put on a small pair of pink panties to make sure it wouldn’t fall out I put on a long white T-shirt that barely covered my bum and walked out into the kitchen where my grandpa was sitting drinking his coffee I walked over to him awkwardly feeling the marker spin around in my kitty and gave him a good morning kiss. I climbed up on the counter to get myself a bowl from the cupboard not knowing I was giving my grandfather the view of the marker pressing against a wet spot on my panties. When I climbed down I gasped as the marker had slid up farther into my kitty and when I turned to face my grandpa his face was a mixed expression of confusion and chock. He turned red and just walked out of the room. I was confused and just sat down to eat my breakfast expecting him to come back. He didn’t.

In the next two weeks or so I only saw him leaving and coming from his office and the basement, he barely said anything to me and it made me extremely depressed at one point I noticed things from my room missing, such as several small dolls my giant marker my favorite panties and several necklaces. After one week had gone by construction men started coming into the house and disappearing into the basement.

Coming home from school one day I found one of them around 42 years old in my bedroom my panties in his hand moving up and down his penis. I think I made a noise because the next thing I remembered is him looking at me with an evil expression and when I woke up he had gagged me with the same panties he had shot his white juices in and he was forcing his 6 inch cock into my small tight pussy. I tried to scream but I couldn’t he kept banging away at my kitty grunting and moaning, I began to feel my usual warmth in my belly and felt completely ashamed as I was taking pleasure from this violation of my innocent body, it seemed like hours had gone by when I finally felt him shoot his load into my pussy. He pulled out and smirked at me looking around and found one of spoons in my kitchen set. I didn’t want to move I was so scared then I realized to my horror that I had wet and shat myself. My excrements covering my pink cat shaped covers. The old man smiled and whispered in my ear “ I will take out our panties if you promise you will do exactly as I say, or else I will beat you so hard you won’t be able to scream for a week. His breath was disgusting and I noticed some of his teeth were rotten black. I nodded and he took out the gag. He smiled at me and kissed me hard probing my young mouth with his tongue as he took the small spoon and scooped out his white juice and mixed it up with my pee and poo. He grinned at me and said, “open wide my little angel”. He forced the spoon in my mouth and told me to swallow. As I felt the mixture go down my throat I gagged almost vomiting when he said “ If you spit out one milligram of that I will burry your face in you shit you little slut”. He smile at me as I swallow my own vomit and then he took the spoon and this time he didn’t put the mixture to my mouth but to my pussy instead. He filled my kitty to the brim with ma mixture of my excrements. He smelled my horrid pussy and licked a piece of my poo sticking out and pushed it in my kitty making sure it didn’t stick out. I thought my pussy was going to explode it was so full but it wasn’t enough for him he took one of my bottle caps for my glue sticks and pushed it into my pussy, “ he whispered in my face, his breath smelling of shit, “ I’m coming back tomorrow and If I see you cleaned out anything out of your beautiful shitfilled cunt you will regret the day you were born my little angel. He left then and I thought looked at myself in the mirror hating myself for being so weak and I cried myself to sleep wondering where was my knight in shining armor.

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