Bright, Amy, Ephram, and Hannah all attended Colorado A&M. Ephram and Amy are dating as are Bright and Hannah. Bright and Ephram are roommates, being best friends from high school it’s not hard for them to get along and stay out of each others way.

Ephram and Amy were in his room fucking like jackrabbits. They tended to have sex on a daily basis, this helped in their relationship. Bright came home early and didn’t make much noise when he came in. He walked to Ephram’s door and opened it (Amy was supposed to be at a study group or so he thought). He saw the object of many masturbation episodes naked in front of him riding his best friends cock. Amy had 34C breasts (larger than Hannah’s 32B) and a hard and tight ass. He noticed a very musky smell in the air. Bright was rock hard in seconds. Neither Amy nor Ephram heard bright enter, neither did they sense him. Bright just stood there rubbing his rock hard cock as he watched his gorgeous sister glide up and down on his best friend’s cock. As he was nearing an orgasm his cell phone began to vibrate, he quietly closed the door and went into his room to answer, it was Hannah.
“Hello” he said. “What did you do” Hannah knew when Bright did something he wasn’t supposed to (ever since that incident where he slept with the scrap booking girl, and confessed… he couldn’t hide anything from her). Knowing he couldn’t hide this from her, “I accidentally walked in on Ephram and Amy having sex”. He anticipated her yelling but after a minute she said, “how long did you watch”? He was stunned. He thought she was going to be pissed. “Just a few minutes”, not knowing when to shut up he continued, “I wasn’t able to cum because you called… I’m really hard right now too”. There was a silence over the phone. Was she as pissed as he thought she would be???

“Did it excite you” she finally asked after a long pause. Before he could answer Amy walked into his room wearing only a bathrobe. “Is that Hannah, ask her if she wants to come over. Ephram and I are making dinner and there will be plenty if she wants to join us”, he hated when his sister rambled so he handed the phone to Amy so she could just ask Hannah herself… evidently Hannah had said yes when Amy closed the phone and said “you need a shower you stink… oh and let me know when Hannah gets here I need to ask her something”.

Amy noticed Bright’s cock (that is why she made the shower comment) and turned quickly causing the short robe to expose her wonderfully hot ass.

Bright did what his sister had suggested and went into the shower and blew his load all over the shower wall. It was one if not the most powerful orgasms he remembered having.

As Amy went back into Ephram’s room she removed her robe (with nothing underneath it and said, “I think Bright saw us having sex, he is rock hard, are you excited by that?” Ephram ran his finger through his SEXXXXXXXXXY girlfriends slit, pinched her clit and replied “I think that excited you… your soaking wet… does it excite you to have your brother watch you having sex”?
Amy nodded and lowered her head onto Ephram’s eight inch rock hard cock and started to give him a blowjob. “Hey stop that if you want to do what we had planned”.

They had decided that if Bright and Hannah were ok with it they were going to try to get them into a foursome. They would seduce them into having a nice group sex experience.

Hannah got to the apartment just after Bright got out of the shower. Bright was just in his towel as he was walking to his room when Hannah knocked on the front door. Hannah was wearing a tube top and a short leather mini-skirt. It was obvious to Bright that she was not wearing a bra, he could not see if she was wearing panties, but he would soon find out. When they got into his room Hannah pulled the towel from Bright. “Not get the excitement out of your system of seeing your sister naked, or is this outfit making you hard) Bright was rock hard, as he was the second he saw the outline of her nipples in the tube top Hannah was wearing.

Before he could answer her question Hannah lifted the hem of her top and removed it letting him see her breasts for only the second time. (The previous time was when they took a shower together but never really did anything seeing as Hannah was still a virgin). Bright’s jaw dropped as Hannah removed her thong panties.

Ephram and Amy went into the kitchen to start dinner. Amy was put her bathrobe back on and Ephram put on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. After they had put the pizzas in the oven Ephram excused himself to the restroom as Amy was going to ask Bright a question. As she was going to open the door she heard Hannah scream. She did not knock on his door but just opened it (as Bright had done to them earlier) and he watched as her brother fucked the hell out of her best friend. Amy’s hand found the opening of her robe as she began to finger herself. As she was getting close to orgasm a hand came over her mouth as another hand cupped her wonderful left tit. “Shhhhh, let’s just enjoy this”, it was Ephram and he was rock hard behind her. Amy got off just as Bright and Hannah had simultaneous orgasms. Amy closed the door and let Ephram lick her hand and crotch clean. When he finished they went to set the table for dinner. Just as the timer went off Hannah and Bright came out of his room both were as red as could be.
Hannah was back in her tube top and mini-skirt, Amy was trying to see if she could tell weather Hannah had on her panties or not. Bright was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt just like Ephram.

While they were eating Amy’s robe opened a little to expose some cleavage. You couldn’t see her nipple but you could see most of her left breast. As she went to take a bite of pizza, some sauce dripped onto her breast. Instead of using a napkin, as everyone assumed she would, she took her breast into her hand and lowered her head to her tit and sucked on her tit till it was clean. Knowing that everyone had seen this she did not place her breast back in her robe but left it out to “dry”. As Amy went to take another bite she dropped some more sauce on her tit, this time it landed on her nipple, or that’s where it stopped. Bright staring at his sister (and hoping she would) asked her if she was going to suck that sauce off her tit.

“If it bothers you so much big brother why don’t you come over here and remove it”. Bright was wondering if she meant to use a napkin or his tongue as he had hoped for his entire life. Bright got up from the table walked over to his sister grabbed a napkin with his left hand grabbed her tit with his right and proceeded to suck her tit clean. Amy was in heaven, she had imagined being raped and fucked by her brother but knew he would never do anything so it was always a fantasy. When Bright was done sucking her tit he used the napkin to dry her breast.
As he was about to walk away she stopped him and said “Wait big brother I have to repay you”.
And with that she pulled his pants down wrapped his hard nine inch cock with her pizza and then sucked on it to clean it.

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