For a Rainy Night

For a Rainy Night

It was a rainy night, nothing new in the bottom of Louisiana. I sat on the couch staring over at my wife, she ha been teasing me all day since either of us had work and our kids where out playing. Rubbing on me when I was doing something or making blowjob remarks that would make any mans dick swell. I could not wait till our three kids want to bed, I knew we could be loud tonight since the rain was going to becoming down hard. As I waited for the kids to fall asleep I noticed my oldest, Zeke, who was 12 had a tent forming in his pants. Wondering why I followed his eyes to the young of my children who was only 4. She was naked, nothing knew about that, she always loved being naked. Though right now as I looked to where my son was looking, I saw her little legs speard wide showing the pink of her little pussy. Now, I have never thought of any of my kids sexually, but as I stared in to that little pink V, I felt my lion starting to blow up. It made me wiggle a bit thinking about sinking my 8 inch long cock in to her. My other daughter, Tami, was laying with short, shorts on and a tank top. Looking over at her younger sister, Jade she just smiled. My family has always been closed, I loved that.

About a hour had passed and the moving was coming to a end, my wife gaze me those eyes that told me to get the kids off to bed and get in the bed room. She was still so beautiful after 13 years. Blonde hair that came down to her shoulders, bright blue eyes, she looked like a model. Watching her walk off shaking her hips at me got me smirking. Looking to my son and daughter who was still awake I told them. “You two, go to your room…its time for bed” Getting that “but dad…”I cut them off. “But nothing…go to your rooms and get to bed”hearing them mumble as they walked off a smiled. Looking down to the floor, my naked four year old was out. Walking over a picked her up gently and started towards her room, each kid had there own room. Walking in to the all pink room I laid my daughter down.

Grabbing a nighty to cover her I pulled it over her blonde hair and covered her body. I could not help noticed her pussy again though. Looking down at her before looking over my shoulder. Knowing my wife was in the room most likely getting ready for me, and my other two kids would not come out. I reached out, my left hand shaking as I ran it up her tiny thigh. Stopping to look over my shoulder again. What was I doing! This was my child! It seemed I losed the battle as my hand wondered up her thigh more. Slowly coming to the slit of her tiny pussy. Running my finger throw it, almost letting out a moan. It was so small and warm. Looking over her beautiful little face, she looked a lot like her mother all ready, I could not wait to see how she looked when she got older. That thought was in the back of my mind as my finger ran up and down her slit very lightly. I knew I could take my hardon out on my wife, but I knew I just had to get my cock in to this child on day soon. To my shook I saw her open her legs a little more. She could not know what I was doing could she? Or was it at even at this young age, her body knew what felt good. Looking her little body once more. I ran the very tip of my finger all the way down towards her butt hole. To my surprise I felt something wet as I move down. She was getting wet! Watching as I moved my finger in to her little pussy hole I could barely fit my fat index finger. Deciding to switch so that my pinking was not moving in and out of her, I was her little body twist. I had to tasted her.

Removing her nighty once more I moved her so I could easily tasted her pussy. Moving my face down I stuck my tongue out, licking all the way up her slit. “Daddy”I heard her whispered as she looked down at me. My heart must have been so loud she could hear it as I stood up looking down at her. “No daddy do it”she begged opening her legs wider. “I like”she said. “Okay baby…but you cant tell any one”I told her moving back down. Licking all the way up her slit from her ass. She tasted so good! So untouched, so sweet. Licking up and down her pussy still, she really seemed to like it when my tongue ran over her clit. Licking that spot for a while I looked up watching her groan and wiggle again my tongue. “Da…”she panted. I was wondering if she was going to cum, I didn’t think kids her age even got wet. Licking down I stuck my tongue in to her little whole. She let out a cry before she started shaking moving my mouth over her clit as her body shook leading her throw a orgasm. It shocked me when I felt something go in to my mouth, it was piss! I never been in to letting any one pee in my mouth but damn it tasted so good I drunk it all! My baby girl just looked down at me as I smiled at her. “You like that?”I asked. “yes daddy!”she said with a grin. “do it again?”she asked. “We can do it again but another time…its time for bed now”he said starting to get up. “Well dear, I see you like the young ones”I heard from behind me.
Stopping my eyes got big. Shit, what was I post to say?! My wife had caught me with my mouth on our four year old daughters pussy! swallowing not knowing what do to, my whole life seemed to flash before my eyes, I could just picture the bars closing in front of me. What shocked me was when I felt her slide her arms over my muslcer chest. Letting one slide down to my crotch, my cock had want down a bit being caught by my wife but still held a tent in my pants. “Mmm baby…maybe she should return the favor”she said pushing the jogging pants down so that my cock was free. “Come here baby girl”she said sweetly to our daughter who got up and sat on the end of her bed. “You like what daddy did you?”she asked with a smile. Jade nodded her head with a grin. “Well you know what daddy likes?”she asked. “no mommy”jade said so cutely. “He likes when a girl takes his cock in there mouth and suck on it like a blow pop.”my wife said.

Realizing my wife wanted our four year old daughter to put my cock in her mouth made me blow up to full staff again. I knew I was not in trouble but I could not believe this! Little did I know this was going to be the best night of my life!

Our daughter looked up at us before she moved so she was standing in front of us. Now im 6’3 and my wifes 5’6, our daughter was only about 3 and a half feet tall. There was no way she could get my cock in to her mouth like this. My wife saw this and picked her up. sitting on the bed with Jade on her lap making it easy for Jade to stare my one eye meat down. “Okay baby…put it in your mouth”My wife, Bailie said. Jade looked at my cock as if it would attack her before leaning for ward putting the head of my cock in her little mouth, her cheeks blown out now since it was so big. Let me tell you, in all my life the feeling I felt right now was blowing my mind. Her little mouth sucking on the head of my cock was not only a site to remember but it was a feeling to remember as well. Moaning as I moved my hand to the back of her head.

“that’s it baby girl suck daddies cock”I moaned. “Yeah jade suck it like that…”bailie said as she took our daughters hand and wrapped it around my staff. “Move your hands up and down baby”she said. Jade did right away starting to move her hands up and down my cock as she sucked on the head. “Fuck Jade…your such a little whore all ready…”I moaned as I shoved my daughters mouth down on my cock a little more. she let out a muffle cry but I didn’t care. “Fuck come on suck more of it in!”I snapped at her. she seemed scared and my wife rubbed her back. “Its okay baby daddy just likes it”she said before sliding her finger in to my daughters pussy. moving it in and out. “Suck daddies cock baby that’s it…”she cooed. “Keep doing it like that and when he comes drink it all”she smiled. hearing my daughter was going to drink my cum made me groan. “here it cums baby…Im going to cum all in your little cock sucking mouth!”I said as I pushed her head against me tight so she could not pull away, the tip of my cock down the back of her throat making her gag a bit but as the white cream shoot out in to her she moaned. She must have liked the tasted as I unloaded, I must have squirted at least four times before I pulled my still hard cock out. “okay baby”my wife said with a grin. “Now get on the floor between my legs”she said helping Jade there.

She used her right hand to speared her pussy lips open. “Now stick your tongue in it baby and lick mommies pussy real good”she said with a grin. Our daughter looked at the pussy before diving in. licking and even bitting some. “Oh my god!”my wife yelled as she pushed up to our daughters face. “That’s it you little bitch make mommy cum!”she yelled ordering now. I never seen my wife get horny so fast. “That’s it bite my fucking clit!”she order as our daughter want to town. “Fuck that’s it!”she yelled as she started to shake. I could not believe how much my wife cummed. When my daughter pulled her face away it had juice all over it, she must have squirted. “Go clean her up now Michael!”my wife order, knowing better I picked up my daughter and walked with her to the bathroom to clean her off.

Little did I know, this was only the being to a very long, very HARD night.

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