Harry potters secret.

Harry potters secret.

It was my second week at Hogwarts and i already had a ton of homework to do. Ron who was further behind in his studies then i was attempted to help but just made thigs worse. It was just after potions and Snape gave us a twelve page essay on where you could find a bezoar and it use in potions. The common room was filled with people and it was like trying to work in a bee hive. " DAMN i cant concentrate with all this noise". Shouted Ron. I looked up at him an said. "lets go to the library it should be quiet in there".

We got to the library and sat a table in the back. We were half way done with our work when Hermione showed up and sat next to us. "Hi guys". she said. "Hey hows it going?" Asked Ron. I Wasn't paying atention to there conversation. I was too busy looking at her tits. Normaly you don't notice them cause she is always in her school robe but today she had on a tight sweat-shirt and the where clearly visable. I also took notice of here pants they where super tight and when she stood up her ass looked so good I just wanted to grab it. She saw me looking andblushed a deep shade of red. "Harry What are you looking at?" She asked. I quickly averted my gase but it was too late she had caught me. "Uh….n.nothing." I said. She didnt press the matter but Ron did.

On the way up back to the common room we fell back from Hermione so that we could talk. " Hey Harry are you seeing what i'm seeing?" Ron asked nodding towards Hermionies ass. " Yeah and im sure likeing it." I said. " You should ask her out Harry."
Said Ron. " mabye I should." I thought. We continued talking about how good Hermione looked until she turned around and glared at us. "what are you two wispering about back there. It better not be about me." She said. "Nothing!" We said. We got to the portriat hole and gave it the password. When we got in side ron said he was going to bed i told him i would stay up and finish some more homework. Hermione said she would as well.

As we sat down i noticed that Herminies nipples where hard and i could see them through her sweat-shirt. I began to think about what it would be like to fuck her. I thought about how her pussy would feel wraped around my cock as i pumped into her. I started to get a hard on and my pants where tenting out. I tryed to cover it but i saw her staring as if she never saw one before. she realised that i saw her looking and her face went scarlet. I thought about what Ron said earlier and decided to try it. But i was tired and i went to bed that could wait until tomorrow.

The next morning we had the day off an every one was outside on the grounds every one except Me and Hermione. As i entered the common room i saw her siting in a couch reading a book. I walked up to the armchiar opposite her and sat down. " Good morning Harry." She said. "good morning." I said. As I sat down i noticed she had a small skirt and no panties. " What slut." I thought. she saw me looking but this time she didn't blush. In fact she did somthing i would have never thought she would do. She moved her legs even further apart now i had a clear view to her pussy and it was nice and cleanly shaven. I looked up at her and she smiled at me and said. " Do you like what you see?" I was stunned to hear her say that but I recovered and gave her an answer. " Yeah." I said. " I like it alot." She stood up and walked over to me. " Would you like to see more?" She asked. " Yes." I said. She stradled me and leaned in to kiss me her tongue entered my mouth and mine entered hers. she unzipped my pants and i stood up to take them off. she got on her knees and pulled down my boxers and out poped my hard on. I was 6in not too big but not to small. she looked at it like it was gold she opened her mouth and i push my cock in to the hilt. she began to suck on it like it would go away but i wasnt about to stop her. Her mouth felt so good on my dick it was warm and wet and i knew if i let her keep going i wouldn't last much longer. " Stop i want to fuck you in your hot pussy." I said. " No." She said. " Fuck me in my ass." I said ok she got on her hands and knees in front of me and I positioned myself behind her. " Fuck my ass Harry Fuck my ass hard." She said. I was happy to obey her i placed my dick at her asshole and pushed in She let out a groan of pleasure.

I kept pushing until i was fully inside her. " your ass is so tight Hermione." I Moaned. she looked back and said. " loosen it up for me." I looked at her and smiled as i started to thrust my hips back and forth. " Harder FUCK ME HARDER." She screamed. I began to use all my strenght and started to pound her ass as hard as i could. She was tight and she was headed towards a orgasm i could feel her pussy juices flowing. I started to go faster and it pushed her over the edge her orgasm erupted and so did she. " OOHH GOD HARRY YOUR DICK FEELS SOOO GOOD INSIDE MY ASS. AHHH DONT STOP I WANT YOU TO CUM INSIDE MY ASS." She shouted. I began to feel that feeling only a man gets when he is just about done. " AHH IM CUMMING AHH OOHH!" I said as i exploded deep into her anal cavity. Feeling my warm cum shoot up inside of her pushed her to another orgasm. "OOOO AAA MMMMM THAT FEELS SOO GOOD." She yelled as her orgasm hit her sending her ass and pussy mucules spasming milking my dick for all of mi cum. My dick became flacid and isliped out of her now loose ass and turned to see Ron with a dumb struck look on his face…….( to be continued)

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