Her First Time_(3)

Her First Time_(3)

The girl looked so small and fragile just lying there. She was clearly nervous about the huge step into womanhood she was going to take. The boy lent forward and gently kissed her on the lips. He felt her tremble in his arms. “Don’t worry” he said “I’ll be gentle” he moved his hand under her shirt and felt her small, perfectly formed tits. She smiled for a second as she felt his warmth on her smooth chest.

He began unbuttoning her shirt taking great care as if she would break if he made one wrong move. She lay back and enjoyed the feeling of him undressing her. He moved her shirt off her body and lent forward and kissed her tits, he then moved up to her neck and then her lips again. She whispered “I love you” then closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of affection

He ran his hands down her body to where her jeans were fastened. He unbuttoned them and pulled them off the ends of her legs. He looked at the pair of panties she was wearing and noticed the wet patch showing him that she getting turned on. Her legs were so smooth. He ran his hands up from the back of her legs to her thigh, and then gently touched her small pussy, moist with anticipation, she moaned with pleasure.

He began to pull off her panties, gently moving them off her hips, and along her legs untill he pulled them off her feet and threw them to the floor, and again she smiled. She was enjoying this. At last her tight pussy was visible. She was neatly shaven and because of this he could see her juices glisten. He lightly touched her clit. She was so wet. He looked at her face; she was breathing heavily and moaning quietly.

He began to rub her pussy, slowly at first, up and down. She moved her body slightly as he touched her and let out small gasps of pleasure. He lent forwards and kissed her there. She closed her legs suddenly. “What’s wrong” he asked
“Sorry” she replied “it’s just… new” she opened her thighs and allowed him to go down on her again. She was enjoying these new experiences
He began to lick her in long strokes from the bottom of her pussy all the way up to her clit, at which time he flicked her clit with his tongue, making her moan a little louder. He put a finger into her pussy and moved it in and out stimulating her G-spot. She grabbed his hair and pushed his face into her snatch. By now she was getting really exited. Lifting her body off the bed and biting her lip to stop from screaming out loud. She came as quietly as she could. Unfortunately not quiet enough. After she came she heard the light switch from her parents bedroom

“quick” she said sharply “under the bed”
He did as he was told. As soon as he managed to hide himself, her father came into the room “you okay hun?” he said, whilst at the same time scanning her room with his eyes searching for intruders. Luckily he didn’t spot the half naked teen boy hiding under his daughters bed.
fine dad, just a bad dream” she replied.

With that he left the room, after a few minuets she could hear snoring coming from her parents bedroom indicating that they were asleep.

Her “soon to be” lover got up and fully undressed. “I want you inside of me” he heard her say. He climbed on top of her and rested his tool on the outside of her snatch. “you ready” he asked. And she nodded a yes to him. He bagan to push against her hymen.

“Ouch” she said. She sat up and pushed him off of her. “it hurts” she murmured.
“Sorry” he replied “do you want to stop”
“No let’s keep going, I want you”
She lay back again and this time raised her knees up higher and allowed him access to her pussy again. He went in slower this time; he touched her with his tool, circling her clit before starting to push into her. She flinched a little as it went in. he noticed the pain on her face and said “are you sure you don’t want to stop?”
“yes ,very sure” she replied
He began to move up and down. There was a small amount of blood on her private but the worst was over, she was beginning to get exited again.

She began to moan with pleasure, biting her lip again. The pleasure was beginning to build. He was getting close too. She was moaning louder, getting closer. “Cum with me, please” she said.

He just managed to let out a hum of agreement. They were getting so close. She put her hands up around his neck and pulled him towards her. he touched her face whilst still moving up and down. They kissed passionately, and as they came she pulled her head away and cried out in pleasure. His seed powered into her. She cried out again as she reached orgasm. Her juices flowed out of her pussy and soaked the bed sheets.

He pulled out and she smiled at him “I love you” she said tenderly
“I love you too” he replied
They lay back together, her head rested on his chest, one of her legs across his. She was enjoying the memory of her first time, and the smell of their act, it clung in the air. She breathed in the sweet scent and closed her eyes. She fell asleep with butterflies in her stomach thinking about the world of pleasure she had just discovered.

A few hours later they got up and got dressed. She walked him down to the front door and kissed him goodbye “lets do this again sometime” she said seductivly
“we shall” replied her new lover

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