I could not help myself

I could not help myself

I was in my late thirties and my step daughter Cas was 11 at the time.She had long blonde hair ,a nice round ass,little knobs for tits and she was soo sexy.cas would walk around the house in her t-shirt and panties all the time.She would constantly flash herself to me and let me veiw her little virgin mound.God did it look so good.she once got out of the shower in a towel and it fell down in front of me.She just gogled and bent over with het round ass pointing at me.I thought i was going to pop right there.Shewas driving me crazy and she knew it.You see her mom died several years ago and it was just her and I.I made a vow to myself that i was going to get her Ijust didnt know how yet.

one summer afternoon she came up to me in her skimpy 2 piece bathing suit and asked me to rub her down with some sun tan oil.Boy did that sound good.She was asking me to rub her down.As I put the lotoin in my hand she laughed andsaid NO DADDY NOT THAT WAY SQUIRT IT ON ME THEN RUB IT DOWN.So thats is what I did.First I went to her back and squirted some on and rubbed it in.God she had soft skin and her little ass looked so good.I said we got to make sure we get around the stap on her top becausei will move up and down and we dont want you to burn.As I said that she mumbled softly OK.she untied her top and held it up with the other arm.Boy did I rub her back down and getting as close to her little knobs as I could.She was enjoying this and it realy showed.Her little ass would wiggle every time I squirted with oil and she would let out a little moan.But then the fun was over.Her back was done.I put the cap back on and she scolded WHAT ARE YOU DOING,WE HAVENT DONE MY LEGGS,ARMS OR TUMMY.Oh shit I thought to myself.I am going to rub her entire body down.I felt a rise in my shorts at the thought of rubbing her tummy and legs down.I was so excited that I fumbled with the cap to the oil and dropped it.Cas bent over and when she did she brushed my hard cock with her ass.I didnt think she would ever get it.It seemed like minutes as she raised up and gave it back to me with a develish smile.She knew what she was doing to me and she loved it.She was teasing me to see how far she could go.Let me tell you not much further.She then said do my legs first and she turned to face me.I told her she was going to have to sit down for me to get her legs and she said HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THE FRONT AND BACK IF I SIT DOWN…YOU SQUAT DOWN AND YOU CAN GET ALL THE WAY AROUND.As I squated down her mound was inches from my face.I wanted to then reach up and rub it.It looked soo nice.Isquirted ,as she instructed before,some oil on her legs and began working it in slowly.Iasked her to spread her legs i little so I could get thereand she again snickered as she complied.Imade sure I worked it in on her inner thighs good and managed to brosh her pussy with my thumb.I could swear she squated down one of those times.

OK WE ARE DONE DOWN THERE.NOW ALL WE HAVE LEFT IS MY TUMMY. Whith that she moved her arm that was holding her top and exposed her undeveloped tits.She giggled and said YOU DONT WANT ME TO BURN DO YOU?I squirted some oil on her tinny tits and down her tummyand began rubbing it in paying alot of attention to her tinny but hard nipples.I could tell she was as horney as I was and I was going to get it today.

I had to get into her pants.She was driving me crazy.I could not take it anymore so I lanched my hand into her tinny swim suit bottom and she pulled away.DADDY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?YOU DONT NEED TO OIL DOWN MY PRIVATE SPOT.I didnt say a word I just grabbed her and pulled her to me and put my hand back in her bottoms.She wimpered as I tried to slide a finger in.Damn she was tight.My oily fingers were at an advantage though.She was also wet.I began rubbing her abnormaly large clit and she had well defined pussy lips,especialy at her age.It wasnt long and i had her bottoms off and exposed her tight tinny body.She was not wimpering as bad now.As a matter of fact I think she was enjoying it.

I asked her to go to the bedroom with me and she led the way.Her long legs and that beautiful round ass were leading me I know to total submission.She sat on my bed and I pushed her backwards.She was mine and now I am going to take her.I slid my finger back into her and had to hold her pussy lips apart with my other hand.I could feal that membrain deep inside her that made her a virgin.She was realy getting wet now.The more I fingered her the wetter she got.She was even quitly moaning now which completely turned me on.Her legs were spread wide and she would buck every once and a while.Her juices were flowing down her ass and she was making a small puddle on the bed. I raised up and positioned myself between her oily legs and slipped the head of my 8 inch very thick cock into her.She moaned and said STOP DADDY THAT REALY HURTS BAD.She then began to wimper because she knew it was too late to stop.She was going to get fucked and she knew it.With another thrust Idrove a little deeper and Cas screamed in pain.I then pushed again and I felt the membrain that proved she was a virgin tore and Cas tried to pull away as she screamed again and cried uncontrollable.I did not stop though.All that teasing she had done had driven me mad.I have her naked in my bed and I am going to fuck her until I shoot my huge load in her.

I noticed her crying had stoped and it was beind replaced with muffled groans.I think she is beginning to realy enjoy it now.I noticed her hips rising to join mine and her mouth was open as her breathing got more intense.I whispered to her that I loved her and I knew it would hurt at first but after a while it wont be as bad.She said DADDY YOU DONT KNOW HOW BAD IT HURT .YOU ARE SOOOOOO BIG AND IWAS SOOOOOOO SMALL.BUT ITS BETTER NOW.Boy was I releived.

As I was fucking her she began realy bucking and wanting me to go faster and deeper with longer strokes.She began realy moaning now and screaming OOOOHHHH DADDY FUCK ME. OOHHHH YES FUCK ME.DEEPER DADDY DEEPER.PULL OUT AND SHOVE IT BACK IN.YES YES YES.Just then my dick popped out of her pussy and found its way into her ass.Whith one hard firm stroke I just shoved my cock into her ass.God did she scream.OHHHH DADDY YOU ARE IN MY BUTT.STOP DADDY.STOP.STOP.STOP.I couldnt it was even tighter than her pussy and I alwayswondered what that would feal like.I also realised that I was going to cum soon and I realy wanted t cum deep in her pussy.I stopped and slowly pulled out of her ass and slowly entered her pussy.Cas was releived and she picked up where we left off.She began sceaming loudly and bucking wildly.I was going to cum.I could feal a huge load getting to explode deep inside of her.I hollered IM GOING TO CUM SWEETIE IM GOINT TO CUM DEEP INSIDE YOU.And she said something that completely caught me off gaurd.OHHH YES DADDY.YES DADDY CUM DEEP IN ME.I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY.YES,YES,YES.As I blew inside her like never before with anyone else.

We cleaned up and took a shower togeather.Then we went back to bed and fucked ourselves to sleep.

We fuck every day at least once.She is 14 now and yes she is pregnant.We are both happy and she will start home schooling next year.She is the love of my life and she still has the tigeest round ass I have ever seen.

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