In Shame and Secrets 1

In Shame and Secrets 1

It was a cold November night in Los Angeles, and Maxine Devyn was sitting in front of a fire, cup cradled in her hands. The 16 year old blonde was home alone and very bored, waiting for either her father or her brother's return from their respective haunts. Jack Devyn, 43, was a business management teacher at Maxine's high school and often had to stay late for staff meetings and to prepare his lessons for the next day – Maxine expected it and always awaited a phone call before starting tea. Normally, her brother Robert, or Robbie as they all called him, was home by now, but he had no doubt been given detention by some teacher or another. Robbie was somewhat a bad apple, constantly in trouble with both the police and his high school; The 18-year old lived to cause drama and complications.

So while she was bored, Maxine was glad her brother wasn't home. Her mind wandered to the events of the previous day, when she had wandered into her brother's room to try and find clothes for washing. She had picked up a pair of his jeans and thrown them over her arm when a small white packet had fallen from them. Before she had a chance to pick it up, however, Robbie had burst into his room and caught her, grabbing her by the throat mid sprint and slamming her so forcefully against the wall she had seen stars surrounded by black spots. He had sworn at her, slapped her, and told her if she ever came into his room again she would be taught a lesson her father was incapable of teaching. She didn't understand it, but Maxine knew better than to tell her father anything.

Ever since Maxine's mother, Francis, had walked out on them, they had been the kind of dysfunctional family who pretended nothing had changed, and that Robbie's behavioural problems were simply down to stress at school [Every teenager goes through it, don't worry!] and hormones. They purposely forgot to mention the existence of Francis at all, and who could blame them? She had been a jumped up little crack whore who had abandoned her family because some sleaze in a suit told her she could make it big in the movies – Porn movies, that is. Maxine couldn't believe her mother could fall so low, but had been willing to forgive her until she had stolen most of her fathers money and taken off. Bitch.

The door slammed, and Maxine got to her feet, setting her cup down on the coffee table beside her and walking towards the hallway. "Hey, dad, you're home ear-" she began, but stopped short when she learned the true entrant of their home. "-Oh, hi, Robbie…" she said nervously, her hand reaching to brush the still-red marks around her throat which were barely hidden by her turtleneck. She looked at Robbie oddly – he looked messed up. His black hair was strewn everywhere, his face pallid and his eyes almost manic. The bags beneath them deepened the air of craziness around him and Maxine backed away almost impulsively.

"Bitch!" the 18-year old screamed at his sister. "You've been in my room again, haven't you!?" Robbie demanded answers with his tone, crossing the room in a few strides. Maxine all but jumped over the coffee table, trying to put some distance between them. "No, Robbie, I haven't, I swear!" her voice was instantly desperate; her brother didn't seem to be in his right frame of mind, whatever that was these days.

"I'm gonna fuck you up for messing with my stash, Maxi, you're gonna fuckin' pay!" he promised, starting to walk round the coffee table towards her. Maxine began to hyperventillate in fear and picked up the cup she had been cradling earlier, throwing the hot liquid at Robert. He yelped, but was so obviously out of his mind on drugs he barely noticed further than this. Reaching his sister, he grabbed her by the wrist and used his other hand to plant a brutal blow on her right cheek, causing her knees to buckle and her body to hit the floor, held up only by his hand gripping her wrist. Her free hand went to her assaulted flesh and tears sprang to her eyes as she looked up at her attacker, part of the group she was meant to trust most: her family.

"Doesn't end there little sis, I told you i'd teach you a lesson; you're gonna be a good lil pupil." he ordered, dropping her hand and straddling her waist, her hands pinned to her sides. "What are you doing?!" she asked, those eyes getting wider still. Robbie just cackled as he unfastened his jeans and pulled out 8-inches of cock, obviously thrilled by inflicting pain on his pretty blonde sister. "Suck it." he demanded.

"What?! No!! That's incest and…wrong!!" Maxine looked shocked and horrified. Robbie, however, was unfazed. "Fine. Bite it and I kill you…" Robbie promised, before grabbing his sisters jaw and forcing open her mouth, pushing the head of his cock into her mouth, closely followed by the rest. The heat of her mouth overwhelmed him and he closed his eyes, pushing it in as far as he could before pulling it out, repeating the motion over and over, getting faster until he could feel the breath slipping from his chest and a deep tingling which caused his jaw to lock as his pleasure spilled over into Maxine's mouth. He sat back on to her as she choked and gagged on his sperm, his cock surprisingly still hard. She spat the white, hot liquid from her mouth at him, catching him on his tshirt and causing anger to boil inside him once more. How dare she? He had been going to leave it at that, but oh no, she had to push it further – this was all her own fault, she needed to stop messing with him!!!!

"For that, the lesson continues.." he growled cruelly, then moved off of her, kneeling between her legs. She lay, frozen in fear, as her brain tried to reassure her he was not about to do what she thought he was. His hands moved under her short skirt to her hips, fingers hooking on to the band of her panties and pulling them down to her knees. She began to struggle rather violently, unwittingly aiding him in his removal of her underwear. He threw it over his shoulder then moved to press himself on top of her, stopping her struggles with his weight, his hands snaking around her wrists again and pressing them to the floor. His cock poised at the entrance of her pussy, enjoying the feeling of her soft lips as he waited for her to wear herself out. She managed to buck her hips in a futile attempt to get him off, failing in the worst kind of way as the movement forced his cock into her pussy slightly. She closed her eyes and ceased struggling in fear, realising it was getting her nowhere.

"Good girl." Robbie murmured, before pushing himself forcefully into her. He felt something spasm and break and Maxine screamed in pain. It took him a moment to realise what had just happened. "You're a virgin?" he asked her, genuinely surprised. "Well, you learn something new every day." the cruel smirk was back as Robbie began pounding into his sister's body, ignoring her whimpers and occasional yelps of pain as he thought only of himself, using her body to get himself off. It wasn't long before he felt those waves of pleasure again and he came deep within her pussy, pressed against her cervix. After a moment, he withdrew, getting up and stuffing his finally soft cock into his jeans once more and fastening himself up. "Don't make me fail you and have to send you back to resit the class, Maxi." he snapped, exiting the room with another forceful bang of the door.

Maxine lay for a moment, crying, before getting up painfully and starting to clean up the mess and, once again, her families shame.

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